Jan Cox Talk 0260

Information as Energy


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Jan Cox Talk #260 **May 14, 1987** – 1:40
Notes by TK

Everything would be changed if only you could remember: all is alive and growing. Information = energy; Man = form. All activity is energy flowing –energy transfer and it is not self destructive. But the only ultimately important info for the consciousness of The Few is new, original, self-generated info. Consider: where does it come from? Action or thinking-of-action (theory)? Does Life have an ‘information factory’?

Does new info arise out of the stretching of growth? Those of ‘beard’-power use apparent plurality of info as a technique of control: consider the internal application of this: the multiplicity of I/opinions; freedom of choices. This is the nature of neuro-genetic consciousness. Life always strives for a non-regional, unitary state or condition. The horizontal 3-D world views this activity of non-individuation to be destructive (a plot!) whilst unknowingly working toward such an end at all times anyway.

Everyone’s consciousness seems to be a series of filters, censors, suppressors, since everyone “knows more than they know” at the molecular level; info gets filtered out progressively. The Few must be exceptionally able in this so as to recognize, gather New Info. New Info is always a kind of ‘insult’ to all foregoing knowledge. ‘Dead bodies are not insulting’ –not dangerous, merely annoying. Knowledge in This Thing is insulting: it says ‘everything you know is wrong’. New Info is viewed as seemingly ‘miraculous’ (the non-understood) whereas The Few see what they understand as miraculous. Another of Life’s low level, dastardly tricks: the constant presentation to man of possible multiplicity of reactions.

The Few must be superb pollsters; gather info unconditionally–without hostility–to have an in-depth knowledge of the opinions and prejudices of the partnership in order to gain control. You cannot fight or attempt to convert any aspect of the partnership. To do so is the futile attempt to establish a tyranny, which is the most inefficient way of keeping control –it never endures.

Consciousness as a multiplicity of circuits, sufficiently numerous and adequately structured for one of the circuits to temporarily override and dominate the others. This is the whole basis of sensations of free will and conscious purpose: the structuring of energy circuits for constant shifting of dominations. Example of domestication of animals (e.g., dog) where Blue Circuit can temporarily control the Red Circuit. This results in a kind of consciousness—a relative one.

1:40: epilogue informing of Atlanta intention of publishing a fiction magazine and soliciting material for same.


Re: emotions. What are they? How different are humans’ emotions from animals’? What more are emotions than the marking off of: territory, sexual mate, and position in the hormonal hierarchy (social scale)?
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