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You Are the Conspiracy


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255 ** Apr 9, 1987 ** – 1:55
Notes by TK

Subject for next few weeks:”Power, conspiracy and rebellion”. Written on board: “Whatever can be said about ‘Reality’ (out there) is also true for consciousness (inhere)” Fact: Reality and consciousness are molecularly one, literally, not metaphorically. Examples of this: the events of reality reported–i.e., news–is always disjointed,encapsulated in columns as in newspaper; separate ‘stories’ on news programs.

Consciousness is this way too; it is consciousness of this, then that; consciousness comes in quanta. 3-D consciousness cannot deal with cause/effect dilemma because it cannot see the continuum/context of E (everything else), which is an energy flow thru a 4-D loop system. It is unending, thus unsatisfying to binary consciousness—inexplicable. Consciousness cannot see that the 3 forces are ad hoc!–temporarily of one persuasion then another.

Therefore the great ‘conspiracy theories’ abound, ‘conspiracy consciousness’ since the beginning of time. Conspiracy theories are widespread and constantly available. Question: do conspiracies really exist? Does reality produce conspiracy or does man’s belief in same create their reality? It can be seen that conspiracy theories cast a sort of shadow of 4-D loop system workings, both internally and externally. External aspect of conspiracy: ordinary consciousness is wired to believe that it needs/wants an abundance of diversity of ideas and opinions–but this is really unnecessary for man.

Life offers the likeness of pluralism; the impression of choices–diversity unnecessary for man. But (written on board)”True” choices would equal some kind of freedom. Example of news programs of apparent diversity and choice of viewing but they all report the same news. This is unrecognized–if it were, it would be another conspiracy for consciousness’ ordinary functioning. The actual purpose of the appearance of diversity, of pluralistic choice, is to support the status quo(here is the real conspiracy); a diversity of sources but the essence of the content is the same.

Even in apparently less pluralistic countries, e.g., USSR. In reality man does not need diversity to serve Life–but in advanced areas of Life’s body the appearance of diversity is necessary.You should be able to see that people don’t want choices; the Partnership is not wired to use conflicting views, doesn’t want a confusing pluralism of perspectives. Thus the overpowering desire for the ‘bad’ to overcome the’ good’; the desire for the expected, controlled, homogenized. The increasing up-to-the-minute eyewitness-type news reporting shows the need for common experience in man masquerading as a competitive diversity.

[Conspiratorial consciousness and power. Everything on the planet(horizontal line of extended, 3-D world, crossed by vertical line of consciousness) exists in 2 camps: the powerful and the powerless. The horizontal powerful has hereditary aspects. The need for a monarchy in located in the genetic makeup. Look at the unending popularity of an impotent aristocracy or royalty. This is a fascination with identifiable seat of the powerful. The Few can appreciate a brotherhood with the powerless–93% of humanity–as part of Life’s DNA, for you are equally powerless. Only the born-powerful are ever powerful, in spite of pervasive belief that sudden riches, or given-authority (i.e., police) makes a difference. But such only gives the impression of gained power: the powerless can never become powerful. There is an illusion that money and fame will convey power; the illusion that anyone can beat the system–become the exception–serve as proof of the reality of diversity. “Newsworthy” items focus on these exceptions to support the illusion, yet they are actually of no consequence per se, and this is the essence of ‘newsworthiness’: irrelevancy. Actually exceptions prove the reverse: the powerless can only remain powerless. (Written on board) “If you’re not against something, you can’t be for anything” Consciousness cannot describe what it is for without describing what it is against. The powerless feel like they’re against the powerful whereas the powerful feel as though they’re against becoming part of the powerless. ]
[ Preview of next weeks: Life is the conspiracy. There is no peace in the land of the living; rebellion required.


TASK: 1:45 Neuralize: if I/We were to present This Thing as public philosophy/religion, what could we say we are against?
Also: on mornings of meeting days, spend 1 hr. reading from collection of books of your choice on physics, history, literature, etc.



Document:  255,   April 7, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

It is my general intention to discuss conspiracy and power, as always from the perspective that whatever can be said about reality — that which seems to be out there — is also true for consciousness — that which seems to be interior.  Ordinary consciousness is unable to take this perspective.  Ordinary consciousness will then bring up apparent questions like, “Are nationalistic divisions “out there” responsible for different experiences of reality?  Are, for instance, Argentines conscious in a different way from Tibetans?”  Then, if you answer, “Yes,” apparent questions arise such as; “Do different nationalities see things differently because they are wired up differently, or, are there differences in perception which derive from different external experiences.”  Such questions cannot be answered at a 3-D level.

 Diagram 110

Diagram 110

     This discussion of power, conspiracy, and, if I get to it, rebellion, is part of my ongoing attempt to bring some of you to the point where you grasp the simple molecular reality that, whatever can be said about reality is also true of consciousness.  This reality is what makes all so-called “parallels” and “metaphors” true.  I speak of two princes at war, who are actually great friends, and then I ask you to consider that this situation also exists internally in you.  Whether you find this or any of my stories significant, the stories work because whatever can be said about “out there” is also true “in here.”  This is the reason parables are valid, at least if they are in fifth gear, and built by Italians.  Any comment in the guise of sociological or religious observations about what is going on out in Life is, likewise, true of consciousness.

     Ordinary consciousness cannot see this; there is no need in Life for this reality to be seen.  Nevertheless, as many people have suspected, reality and consciousness are one.  Their suspicions however are digested by ordinary consciousness as allegorical statements, since this is the only sense 3-D consciousness can make of statements that whatever is true “out there” is true internally as well.  It remains a fact:  reality and consciousness are one.  This cannot be proved, or even described, at the 3-D level.  Reality and consciousness are one, not metaphorically; they are one literally, molecularly.

     As a bridge, let’s look at several examples.  The question of whether there is an objective reality or whether reality is everyone’s subjective consciousness is off in some metaphysical orbit for most people, since it not necessary for ordinary people to derive real food from such questions.  With ordinary consciousness the events of reality, news, or information, appear to be disjointed.  News is presented in little columns, with story headings; one story may be about economics, and on the next page, there is another story about the same part of the world that is presented as politics.  Maybe a third story deals with the health of a premier in this region, but all the articles are presented as separate stories.  Dare I hope in my little heart of hearts that all of you know that in some way all the “stories” are connected?  But whether it is in the newspaper, or the television news, the events are reported as neat little, disjointed, packets.

     In the same way, as I have stressed before, consciousness in ordinary people operates in what appears to be a fragmented fashion.  This fragmentation is almost tied to the breath, although this is not my point now.  Back to my earlier question as to which causes which.  Is external reality a cause, or an effect, of consciousness?  An ordinary person sees no connection between the way he treats people at his place of employment, and the way he treats his wife.  He has no interest, no ability, to conceive how the economic situation in Bulgaria affects his job, much less how Bulgaria affects his relations with his wife.  An ordinary person could say his consciousness reflects the disjointed world out there, the fitful flow of nature.  Actually, it is the fragmentation of his consciousness that renders man unable to deal with questions of cause and effect.  And the news commentator might, in the unlikely event we had dragged his consciousness this far, say, “We may never resolve which came first, external reality, or consciousness, just like the chicken and egg dilemma.”

     At this point ordinary consciousness is simply dealing at the level of cliches because it cannot deal with, or find an end to so-called cause and effect questions.  At most it can keep in mind two forces, the pro and con, of a situation.  Because 3-D consciousness sees no value in the irrelevant, it cannot grasp the continuum, the connectedness of everything which makes questions of cause and effect an aspect of the fragmentation of 3-D consciousness.  The trickier part, the response to questions of priority, is to see that 3-D consciousness cannot deal with cause and effect because the answer lies in what amounts to a four dimensional loop system.

     You have to have enough lateral consciousness to see the triaxial dance going on.  Remember though, even when you are seeing the third, irrelevant flow, which is one more than ordinary consciousness notices, you are still short one bit, one byte, one curlicue, one corner — because all energy is flowing through a four loop system.

     Whatever can be said about reality is also true about consciousness.  This whole introduction serves as a reminder that when I apparently am discussing something “out there,” in this case conspiracy theories, I am not actually discussing conspiracy theories; I am using them as a fragmented reflection of something else.

     You should be curious, and neuralize this:  why are conspiracy theories so popular?  They have been around as long as man has been recording his thoughts, which is almost as long as man has had thoughts, that is, as long as the Yellow Systems have been in operation.  Now ordinary consciousness, that is three dimensional consciousness, dealing in binary possibilities could say, “The reason is obvious, you idiots!  The reason conspiracy theories are popular is that they are true.”  Then we are back to asking, are they true because consciousness thinks they are true, because consciousness has a formative influence on external reality, or, does the external existence of conspiracy theories affect consciousness?  Since ordinary consciousness cannot answer that, we will press on, flaming dare devils that we are.

     Almost everything that’s ever happened, that was of enough horizontal significance to be recorded and remembered several hundred years later, has been explained by somebody as a conspiracy.  For example some will say, “Do you mean to tell me that the Dark Ages of western Europe happened because everyone suddenly said, ‘Wow, its hard trying to be intelligent!  Why don’t we take a few hundred years off and go back to squatting in the woods and beating up on each other?’  No!  There was a conspiracy!  The church was trying to consolidate its power.”  I assure you that somebody, somebody with an audience, has explained almost every event of historical significance as some kind of conspiracy.  In other words, they have said that things are not simply as they appear.

     These conspiratorial theories cast a quite real shadow of 4-D systems at work.  No one before has ever seen these theories for what they are.  Again, don’t choke on what you may have been wired up to believe about the reality of these theories.  If you really put credence in conspiracy theories as an explanation of external reality, you are back at your own smelly Line level of consciousness.  I am pointing to a beautiful map, but you’re going to have to learn to dance on two feet, three feet or even no feet, on a tight wire.  You cannot take my comments as referring to either external apparent reality, or consciousness.  The places on the map I am going into now are about both of these and then point toward a third and fourth dimension, outside the ordinary view.

     Ordinary consciousness is wired up to applaud an apparent abundance of ideas and opinions.  Yet ordinary humanity does not need this abundance.  (Make that need/want.  In this area of the map, need is the appearance of necessity.  Need is what people call that which Life requires of them.  The idea of freedom of choice, is a questionable impression placed upon man’s consciousness.  I am using an understatement here, to keep you from some binary negative reaction to my words.)  Man is surrounded by an appearance of choices, and diversity.  A hard copy example would be the many sources of news reports on the external world, reports on Not-I.

     Let’s look at the United States first.  This country is still the prime example of the direction in which Life is moving.  Apparently this country is the place of greatest freedom, of the most diversity.  Many people throughout the globe would agree with this.  You can sit at home in the evening, with a beer and pizza, and choose from three different networks — or more, if you have cable.  You can switch channels, and there seems to be no doubt that you have a diversity from which to choose.  Yet there is no diversity; they are all reporting the very same news.  You can choose from weekly news magazines, but — you should know this — they all report the same stories.  Other than an occasional human interest story, which is of no consequence in supporting the status quo of human consciousness, all three or four networks pick out, from the diverse number of people and social outlooks all over the world, the same stories to fill up twenty seven minutes.

     What seems to be the abundance of apparent sources of news does not give an abundance, a pluralistic view, of reality.  There is no ordinary conspiracy at work here.  But the news is serving a purpose; it reports on and supports the immediate status quo of human consciousness.

     No one notices that, although the style and presentation vary slightly, the essence of the content does not vary despite an apparent abundance of sources.  Those of you who are well travelled, or well read, might point out that although I can cast some doubt on the pluralism of the news reporting of reality available in the United States, “At least there is a little plurality here, compared to some poor countries where the newspaper, radios, and television are run by the government.”  But it is all the same news even in the U.S.A.  The limitations of 3-D consciousness make a patriot say, “It is very important to have an open market of opinions and information, so that an informed citizenry can make educated decisions and preserve their freedoms.”

 Diagram # 111 illustration

Diagram # 111 illustration

     Apparently this country was founded upon the need for a pluralism of choices.  There is a reality to this view of America, although I am not going into that right now; this reality is (if there were such a thing as cause and effect) what made this country the cutting edge.  But those people who wonder how citizens of other countries can put up with living under dictatorships ignore the obvious.  Neither these citizens or ordinary Americans want a choice.  Diversity is not needed.  In certain parts of Life’s body the appearance of diversity is necessary for growth in a certain direction.  The appearance of, the applause for, and belief in, diversity has made this society a leader in science and technology, warfare and the arts.

     Has any prune brain forgotten that this is not a discussion of politics?  The truth of what I say can be judged if you look internally.  The collusion of the two princes within you does not want, does not need, diversity.  It cannot use conflicting opinions.  Yet inside your own partnership it feels as though one side has got to win, “My good side has got to overcome my bad, my active side has got to overcome the side of inertia and sloth.”  And it’s not true.  You should be able to see this.  People are not wired up for choices.  There are people in mental hospitals who, if they could describe it, would say that they feel they are coming apart because there seem to be so many choices in life.  You, at the ordinary level, do not want choices.  This is not a psychological comment, it is a molecular comment.  The reality of it is running up and down your nerve endings.

     Of course there is some dissent in any dictatorship, externally and internally.  Everybody has to some degree a little spark that says, “What I need is freedom of choice.”  The dissent never has a strong enough voice to create real diversity.  The dissent is not heard because it is not needed.  If the dissent should get strong enough to create real diversity, then you have a real rebellion, and some part of Life’s body is about to undergo a dramatic change, and go off in a slightly different direction.  What people really want is the expected, the homogenized, the controlled.  This need for things to be homogenized is part of the purpose of the growing immediacy of the reporting of the news.  More and more across the planet more and more people are getting closer to everybody else, and this feeling of sharing a common reality is only possible with an increasing immediacy of the reporting of the Out There, the Not-I.  This increasing feeling of a shared reality demands a growing amount of a controlled, homogeneous context.

     The news is just an obvious example of the presentation of reality.  The news is a nice example because it purports to be brand new, every day.  What if it is true that in this country you have the freedom to read or write anything?  I assume all of you have been in a library.  The thousands of books would seem to present an abundance of sources.  But there is the same old stuff in each book.  What is there to write about that’s different.

     You can find translations of Greek ideas about reality, Farsi, Muslim, or Chinese texts that present views of reality that are surely different because they come from different times and places.  But with some account taken for these differences you still only find the expected.  It seems that more and more ordinary consciousness will take credit for whatever is found from such sources.  “We are becoming more sophisticated.”  Increasingly the ideas inherent in a foreign source have already been digested; they do not seem as far removed from your immediate heritage.  A Buddhist text does not seem as far removed from your religion as it did from your grandmother’s faith.  Plus, these sources seem to be controlled.  You do not pick up a book from the library, about a strange religion, or some obscure government, go home, open up the book and go “Ahhhhhhhh!”  It is not that a new energy, an unexpected, uncontrolled demon leaps out of the pages and scares the hell out of you.  The book can purport to be about the unexpected, but before you look at it you know this is not true.

     So what if you pick up a book called, “The UFO and I.”  That’s not unexpected, even though it is not part of the general reality.  That kind of book is more likely to be available in an area of Life’s body that apparently is less open to diversity, and such books are not going to affect anything.  Such books are like the last few minutes of the news show, when you may find different little human interest blurbs.  One network may have an item about a little boy finding his cat, while another plays a bit about the world’s largest snowman.  Such books, stories, are irrelevant; they are neither pro nor con the status quo of reality.

     Now we’re going to talk about power and what appears to be two distinct camps.  You’re just going to have to face up to it:  on this planet we humans are inside of an entirely living system, what I call Life, and the body of Life.  We are here for a purpose, a purpose that can be seen if you get outside of three-dimensional consciousness.  Humanity is divided up into the powerful and the powerless, and all of us fit into the latter category.  You can look at it as a division between the prosperous and the deprived, management and labor, the controlled and the controllers, or you might connect this with previous discussions of the dominant and submissive.  While I am speaking about the significance of conspiratorial awareness, I am going to use the terms the powerful and the powerless.  You’ve got to keep in mind simultaneously that whatever can be said of reality is also true of consciousness.

     Right now I am going to be talking about apparently Out There and on that level there is indeed the horizontally powerful, and it has absolutely hereditary aspects.  Don’t stop yet, don’t stop at the ordinary level of democracy versus monarchy.  You’ll miss it, because there is a need for monarchy.  This need is inside your molecules; it goes by different names.  At the level of the apparently “out there,” there is a material, hereditary, molecular basis for monarchy in Life’s own DNA.  You can’t explain, on the 3-D level, the love exhibited for the monarchy in countries which are very close to us in terms of their development.  How could you explain the enormous sums in taxes paid to support these “impotent, useless” monarchical institutions in western Europe.  As you can tell from the gossip columns, every pretender to every throne, or previous throne, is a small time celebrity.

     The powerful serve a need.  Remember we are talking about the horizontal world, and this is no cause for alarm, no reason for negativity.  Especially in America, consciousness finds monarchy repellent — it seems to be the anathema of diversity, pluralism, and individual freedom.  This view is wrong.

     You desire an identifiable seat of the powerful.  If you can see this you can find a certain brotherhood.  All of you at the ordinary level have a sense of superiority, a feeling of isolation.  “It is me and these other guys here on the planet, some of them are not too bad, but I could do without most of them.”  If you begin to see the horizontal world is divided into the powerful and the powerless, then you can immediately begin to feel a brotherhood with at least 98% of the suckers on this planet.  You’re driving down the road and some guys digging ditches holler at you, “Hey, momma, come grab this.”  They seem very crude and you have a feeling of being superior.  You’ve got to see that horizontally speaking you are just as powerless as the most uneducated person on this planet.  You may respond that you do not feel that you are, intrinsically superior to a ditch digger.  Everyone, though is wired up with this division.  And the perception of the brotherhood of the ninety-eight percent is liberating.

     By “conspiracy” I don’t mean some Mickey Mouse idea that Leopold the 14th is plotting to bring back the Austro-Hungarian empire.  But monarchies are a reflection of a reality within Life’s DNA.  The 98% who are powerless cannot move.  No amount of money can buy power if you were not born into the powerful 2%.  The belief that if a waitress or a carpenter won a million dollar lottery they would become one of the haves, the powerful, is also built into your own molecules.  The belief serves a purpose but it is not informative.

     Things are arranged so that apparently Out There certain professions seem to give an ephemeral illusion of power — for example, the police.  Looked at from a 3-D view, why would someone, for a modest amount of money, run the risk of being shot, and live with the reality that almost everyone would like to say to him, “Sit on it.”  I met a cop once, who in his cups, finally admitted he was a cop so “I can push people around.”  The man told the truth.  Why do families struggle to send a child to college so that he can become an attorney or a doctor?  Why do people want to become famous?  From one viewpoint this energy is spent for the appearance of gaining power.  In this division which has always existed, which you are in without seeing it, becoming a doctor, or winning a lottery has no effect.  The powerful may give a celebrity a temporary platform from which he can speak out against drunk driving, or brain damage, but celebrities have no power.  You can only be born into the ranks of the powerful.  You can never move into them.

     To varying degrees throughout Life’s body, there is the illusion that the powerless can become powerful.  It varies from almost none to our impression in this part of the world that there is a freedom to move about.  “Thank goodness I live where any child can grow up to become president.”  You keep waiting for the Easter bunny to show up.  You believe that god loves you.  By the way, being president is not by any, any, means a powerful position.  All the U.S. presidents have been in the same club as you are in.  Otherwise why do the surviving ex-presidents look like dazed little chipmunks or mice?

     Only very rarely do you hear Life speak about becoming “rich and famous and powerful.”  You hear the phrase “rich and famous.”  The illusion that it is possible to become rich or famous is useful.  This happens just often enough so that the reality seems to present itself to the general consciousness of some area in such a way that you believe it is possible to become rich or famous.  You read about a woman with no literary background who sits down at a kitchen table and at the age of fifty writes a best-seller.  She sells the movie rights for three million dollars, and you think, “I could do that.”  Then there is also the feeling that these events would give you power, because, “There is no doubt that money is power.”

     Why are the human interest stories about a little old lady who stops a highway from taking away her farm given air time at the tail of the news.  Here is where 3-D consciousness breaks down.  Such items are newsworthy for just one reason — they are isolated exceptions.  You don’t hear about the 99% of the time when, if the state wants your land, it gets it.  Human consciousness is not wired up to perceive that such exceptions are newsworthy because such is not the way things happen, internally or externally.  Such stories, about lottery winners or little old ladies, make the news because they are irrelevant, meaningless to the status quo.  If it was “possible for almost anything to happen” these incidents would not be newsworthy.  The networks do not break into your television shows to report that the rainfall for the year is normal.  And of course these human interest stories continue the illusion that becoming rich or famous or powerful are possibilities for the brotherhood.  And 3-D consciousness just keeps swimming through this swamp, taking as proof of the possible the evidence of the impossible.  Notice though, that even granting this, you almost never hear Life speak about being “rich and famous and — powerful.”  That is going too far.

 Diagram # 112 illustration

Diagram # 112 illustration

If you are not against something, you can’t be for anything.  This is functionally, fully correct in the 3-D world.  This applies to any field, internally or externally.  Consciousness cannot express itself without being also against something.  Religion must have evil to be against, or it could not exist.  You cannot like a particular school of painting without disliking some other kind of painting.  You can see this reflected vis a vis the powerful and the powerless in a particular way which cannot be seen three-dimensionally.  The powerless feel like they are against the powerful.  The powerful are against, not the powerless, but against becoming powerless, losers.

You might consider this:  why is it that the powerful never wind up Here?  And what would many of the powerless, in so-called religions and philosophies, prefer more than anything, more even than an enlightening experience.  That would be to have somebody powerful come see them.  “What if Frank Sinatra would say he loved my book about flying saucers and fast food.  Then surely I would be on the way to becoming rich and famous myself.”

Some people are wired up to ignore the tire bumps in this discussion of power and conspiracy.  There is no mortal living conspiracy on the part of the two (or seven) per cent of Humanity born into the horizontally powerful ranks.  The belief that it is possible for the ninety-eight (ninety-three) percent to become rich, or famous, or powerful, is necessary to keep energy flowing.  You have missed the point of my commentary unless you see that you are the conspiracy.