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The Power Flow


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#248 ** Feb 19, 1987 ** – 1:40
Notes by TK

More, related to the unrecognized purpose of man as related to everyone’s felt Achilles heel flaw which prevents spiritual attainment –the supposed primary weakness acquired in life. But everyone IS their weakness; it is NOT acquired. There are two basic camps of human response to the felt-flaw: ignore the weakness or the continuing attempt to overcome it. Such responses are within the mainstream of Life’s flow –grist for the mill. Consider: what is Life doing by forcing people to say –“I’m not that kind of person”, where by the actual saying they are proven to be ‘that kind of person’? Such saying never arises with those who truly aren’t ‘that kind of person’.

There is a power flow to Life. Related to the arrangement of dominant vs. submissive types –a power flow, energy transfer,from one to the other. Examples of this never considered as such before: doctor and patient; teacher and student; guru/follower; parents and children; ruler and ruled. The power flow is a necessary organic arrangement –a drive to exert dominance. In order for this power flow to operate properly, seriousness is absolutely required.

The obvious fact that violence, as a means of power transfer, is inefficient and cannot be a real problem in life; cannot exist at a large level for long periods. Violence in everyday life has overwhelming impact on the individual concerned –but not in the greater scheme. Examples such as Lebanon are not destructive spreading deteriorations, rather is a healthy process generating a healthy glow to the rest of Life’s body that might otherwise have degraded health and growth at large.

Now consider the power flow internally, within the partnership arrangement –a dominant part over a submissive part. There is a great potential value in being able to see and use the power flow in everyday activity, especially internally. Remember, seriousness is required for the ordinary flow, and its lack disrupts that ordinary flow of who you are.

The dominant partner has a very real fear of and moves to suppress creativity. Suppose everyone’s DNA fingerprint contains a fear of C force? Fear is the prime requirement, also, for submission. The dominant and submissive aspects must always have conflicting aims/purposes although there is always an apparent outward concordance of aims (example of entertainer and audience). The conflict of aims is not harmful; it is necessary and beneficial. Each has a different purpose/direction working together as in breathing.

Return to the seeming lack of/need for affection in men vs. women. Remember, this difference is a hormonal, organically based one, and whereas there is an apparent change in the sexes going on, it is not psychological. It is chemical and it is proceeding at the slow horizontal, mechanical pace; it is no proof of modern psychological influences as being relevant/real. The Few must see this fact and not allow such differences to disrupt their attempted relationships with each other.

One of Life’s great little ‘dirty tricks’: forcing artists to ask: “well, what does it mean?”



Document:  248,  February 19, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

Let’s begin with what ordinary people would call weakness, including what people on so-called spiritual quests see as their primary flaw, the stumbling block between themselves and some great cosmic breakthrough.

Let me warn you that when I talk about weakness it can easily appear to you that I am discussing a dichotomy; for instance, your ordinary voices may think I am saying that either you are alright, or you are not alright.  I am not referring to dichotomies.  Ordinary consciousness predictably views any statement as a dichotomy.  Ordinary consciousness must immediately verify, deny, or chew on whatever it hears based on a reflection of an apparent opposite.

But you should not side with either end of an apparent dichotomy if you are pursuing This Thing.  One end of the dichotomy would be the voices that hear my words as “A.”  The other end of the dichotomy hears “B.”  But limited to those two possibilities, let me point out that neither one is correct.  Try to keep all that in mind as we proceed.

For the sake of verbal map drawing, let us start with the statement, “Everybody has an apparent weakness.”  (But you should realize that “weakness” is an inaccurate and improper term — there is no proper term.)

This so-called weakness that everyone has is not something you acquire, it is something you ARE.  Ordinary consciousness believes weaknesses are acquired, and cannot see the fallacy in its view because it puts itself in the center of everything.  Ordinary consciousness radiates electrically, chemically from the mechanical sense of “I,” a sense of individuality, from each person’s undeveloped, mechanically wired DNA patterns.

What ordinary consciousness calls weakness is not something you acquired, it is what you are.  If, for example, you believed you were lazy, your ordinary mentation would believe that laziness is a weakness that you picked up.  This belief would be fortified by stories about how your younger brother or sister was always the one to clean out the chicken coop or mow the yard.  You might say, “I heard all my life, ‘Why can’t you be more like your brother.  You are lazy.'”  Such would seem to be proof that laziness was something that was defined for you after birth.

There has to be something against which to judge it.  In order for you to believe that you are lazy you also have to have a sensation of non-laziness.  Your voices might tell you, “There are other people who are less lazy than me.  They hold down two jobs.  They seem to have more interests.  There has to be some reality to the sensation that I picked up laziness.  There are people who seem to have more energy and will do more than they are required to.  But I seem to rebel against it.  It’s got to be a weakness.  It’s got to be something I picked up.  Therefore, it has to be something that can be cured, that should be cured.  It should be worked with!”

The ordinary dichotomy is for people to believe either that they are okay or not okay.  One group would hear me talking and immediately believe this is a would-be mystical system that says, “Everybody has their weaknesses, and we’re only human so you can’t worry about it.  We need to get on with other mystical matters such as learning how to read minds, and how to read the cards.  You should just forget about your weakness because, hell, everybody’s weak.”  Then there’s the group who would side with the other end of the dichotomy; who would take me to be saying people are not okay.  They would hear me say, “We’re all weak and that is what this is for.  This is to build strength, character, to make you steely, to give you mystical strength.  We’re all either lazy, deluded, jealous, or greedy — all those bad things that the gods don’t want us to be.  Ordinarily people do not have the opportunity, impetus or companionship to work on themselves, and by god, so you came to the right place because we are here to work on ourselves.”  All religions tell you that you should clean up your act and that the religion will help you hone down all the sharp edges, clean up all the ragged pieces where you were stitched together, all the places that you have been kicked and pummeled.  They tell you, “We’ll make it better.  We’ll put some mystical Ben Gay on you and pretty soon you will be a much better person.”  There seem to only be those two possibilities, but it is not so.  If it was one of those two possibilities, hell, I would be a Fuller Brush mystic.

What appears to be weakness is not something you have acquired.  Referring back to my map of everyone having a place where their foot is nailed to the floor, people apparently move about freely when all they can do is shake their arms, move one foot backward or forward, turn this way or that way.  That which passes for change, everything from relief of minor irritations to major cosmic breakthroughs has always happened to you within a radius of three or four feet.  You can turn around or wave your arms, but no matter what you do, you end up standing right where you were to begin with, because your foot is nailed to the floor.  You may have shifted your weight temporarily or waved your arms in an unusual manner; maybe you even made a face one time.  But, you look down and your foot is right where it is and you can’t move from that floor, let alone get out of the room.  That is an apt description of everyone’s ordinary situation.  But to call it a weakness, and for you to believe that, “This is something I have acquired and I need to work on,” is a terrible mistake.

To side with either end of the dichotomy, to believe either that, “Everyone’s weak, so let’s forget about it and get on with life,” or, “I’m weak and I should work on it,” is to rely on the sensation that so-called weaknesses are acquired.  It is the belief that the weakness has been acquired and can therefore be undone like moldy twine that’s been wound up since you were born and now needs to be unwound and cleaned off.  “I’ve got to cut loose this moldy tail on my kite.”  Such beliefs are part of the hobby of being alive.

These ordinary beliefs aid Man’s purpose in serving Life by transferring energy.  Humanity must be agitated in order to function.  Although it is ultimately sophistic, yet for the sake of what we’re talking about, there is a kind of continual organic irritation caused by the two camps of this dichotomy expressing their views.  Either one of these camps in which a person might find himself fuels agitation.  It fuels Life.  It fuels consciousness to feel as though you have acquired weaknesses.  There is always something.  Therefore, people stay alive, people move energy about.

In This, you begin to see that the idea of working on a weakness is one of Life’s great little witticisms.  As long as you are attempting to work on something on the basis that, “I have acquired this wart.  It is an irritating, discolored scab on my psyche and I need to clean it up, work on it and polish it down,” — as long as you look at things that way, you keep functioning, because — it can’t be done.  Being driven to do what can’t be done will keep you in the mainstream just as much as the other but an equally mechanical, valid and necessary view is, “Don’t tell me that I am weak and warty and discolored.  Just look at yourself.  The whole damn world is that way — so give me a drink.”  But for those attempting to do This Strange Thing, it takes better than binary sight.  You have to get past View Master consciousness.  You have to see that what I have described amounts to two legs of the necessary triad.  You must see on your own that there is no such thing as environment, no something that “made me do it.”  To use ordinary consciousness’ terminology, the best that you can say about the so-called environment is that if there were an environment, it is simply everyone else’s genes.

It is the same with the question of tension.  Where does tension come from?  You ask yourself, “Why am I tense?”  And the answer is always, “Something has caused me to be tense.”  But where is tension? Where does it come from?  A black hole?  Or is there a pandora’s box from which tension periodically flows?  Are some people carriers of tension and you are subject to it?  It seems to be absolute proof that there is an environment.  Of course, ordinary consciousness really needs no proof.  In my great equation of “I + Not I = Everything,” ordinary I feels that, “I am being put upon, I’m pushed around, I am subject to the Not-I part of the equation — subject to other peoples’ whims and attitudes, and therefore there is an environment.”  That is an absolutely beautiful example of binary sight.  It does not take into account the fact that it can’t be that way or else ordinary consciousness would have to be able to turn the situation over and ask, “If everybody else has the same kind of equation then all these other people cannot be my Not-I and at the same time be their own I?”

Anyone who could shake their own organic molecular system in this life to such a degree that internally they are no longer what they were when they were born — to actually change the DNA pattern that they were born with would be in a very select club.  Don’t wait for an autographed invitation and don’t wait to be handed a little yachting cap or a jacket to identify you.  Everyone is born already wired up to feel incomplete and to feel as though they have a weakness.  They may divide up into two camps, the one saying that, “Everyone is weak, so what?” and the other saying that, “Everyone is weak and we all have to work on it.”  That’s the same thing; just different organs, different parts of Life’s body serving different purposes.  They are both passing energy, and both are valid.  But insofar as trying to do This Thing, both are ludicrous and useless.  As long as you are involved with either of those camps you are not doing This.  If you ever wonder, “Am I doing This?”  As long as you feel, “To hell with my weaknesses,” or, “Boy, I’ve got to work harder on my weaknesses,” you’re not.  Both camps go to the same place, and it’s not Petticoat Junction.  Your weakness, as it is called, being greedy, being angry, etc., your weakness is you.  It’s not something you acquired.  The weakness is your DNA fingerprint.

They can now chemically map the DNA pattern in a person, and everyone has a unique one.  In that pattern is not only what you believe to be you, but also what you believe to be the weaknesses, the shortcomings that you have acquired in some way.  What everyone’s DNA consciousness thinks of as weakness is himself.  As long as you are curious about your “weakness,” as long as you are trying to “work on it,” as long as you think you have to “forgive yourself,” you are doing nothing; there are no such things.

Here’s an example.  I once knew a person who never ever got up at the time he set the alarm clock for, at the time of day he said he would.  Never.  For some period of time he was always late and angry about it.  And god forbid if you got in his way, or said anything like, “Could you hand me a biscuit?”  He’d look at you as if to say, “You idiot, don’t you know I am late?  You’re the one that came in and told me I was late. Just mad as hell.  He was treating it as if the Not-I part of Life in some way had set him up and made him late.  Now, ordinarily you could call that a weakness.  You could say, “To begin with he must be lazy.  It must have been something in his childhood, but he should know better by now.”  But here is what you miss:  It’s not some weakness; it’s not something he picked up.  It’s not like a piece of baggage he is carrying around.  That is him.  And god forbid if you tried to tell him.  If you tried to say, “Let me point out something weird to you that you don’t seem to know.  We’re good friends are we not?”  And he says “OK.”  You say, “Do you realize we’ve been sharing this house now for X number of months, I’ve known you for X number of years, are you aware of the fact that every day you oversleep and you’re mad as hell?  You’re late every day.”  Now, if you think the person is going to go slap his forehead and go, “Oh my god!  I see the light” — you’re wrong.  He does not feel like he is in the dark.

There is no point to it because it’s him.  He cannot separate from it.  He might say, “You’re right, I’m lazy.  I’ve been lazy all my life.  All the way back to when I was a kid I can remember being late.  It must be low blood sugar,” etc.  But if you said, “None of that is true — that’s you,” he’d say, “Huh.  What’s the point?”

Of course, you’d be a fool to even try and tell an ordinary person that.  For an ordinary person that goes nowhere.  But you people have got to see the four-dimensional folly of this.  Oversleeping is not something to work on; it’s something to see that, “That’s me.  I oversleep and I’m pissed about it.”  But, if you take the description any further than that, ordinary consciousness starts cutting it up into whose fault it is and why you do it.  There is no why.  There is no who.  There is no reason for it.  It is you.

You have to begin to see this on your own, not just listen to me talk about it.  It’s no longer just a sensation, an appendage to you, an addendum to your personality that you feel you have picked up traits of laziness, traits of hostility.  Balderdash!  It is part of the beautiful master strokettes of Life.  As long as you believe there is some hope, that there is something to be done, you believe it is not entirely your fault. As long as you believe that something can be done you remain blinded to the fact, as humanity historically has been, that nobody can do anything about it.  Nobody changes.  People who oversleep all the time get fired all the time.  They do not change — but, they can always explain it away.  All the drunks can explain why they are a drunk.

The only kind of real drunk would be someone who didn’t even bother trying to explain it away.  A four-dimensional drinker wouldn’t have any story about their hangover.  They’d just say “That was me at the time.”  There would be nothing to work on, nowhere else to look.

There is no story whatsoever.  If you understood what so-called weakness is you would understand that, “At Line-level consciousness, with the DNA fingerprint with which I was born, with the mechanical, electrical, chemical flow of what makes up my sense of me, everything that seems to be a weakness is not an appendage to me.  It are me.  There is no Not-I, no person, no pressures of life that made me do this.” There is nowhere to look.  There is no excuse to make.  There is no separation.  There is no equation of I + Not-I.

Here’s another tidbit:  Why, do you suppose, Life drives people to make statements such as, “I am not that kind of person,” when indeed, everyone is?  Anyone who is driven to say, “I am not that kind of person,” is.  That’s the only reason they would make such a statement.  The only organic motivation that makes humanity and individuals say, “I am not that kind of person,” is the fact that they are.  Those who are not that kind of person never claim they are not.

If there’s a group of people standing around talking about so and so being that kind of person and a few of them say, “Well, I’m not,” the person who actually isn’t doesn’t even hear what they’re saying.  It’s just noise.  There is neither a positive or negative attraction to them; he is not involved in the energy transfer.  If you’re caught up in a conversation about being “that kind of person,” it doesn’t matter whether or not you try and defend yourself, or claim that you’re not — if you’re caught up in it, you ARE.

Now to the main course:  Right at the breastbone of humanity’s active organic purpose in being alive is the fact that there is a power flow.  As I describe this power flow for you, realize that you can do a lot with this information.  I’m giving you a description that Life has not talked about before, that has not been available before.  If you can swallow it, it can be like a good roman candle, even before summertime.

Let me give you a shorthand reminder that all of humanity can be divided into those who apparently seek to be dominant, and those who apparently seek to be submissive.  Any time two people are apparently engaged in any kind of relationship there is a power flow going on.  Without exception.  It doesn’t matter if the people have known each other for years or if they’re strangers, whether it’s two people, two hundred people or two million people — in any kind of human interaction there is a power flow going on.  Once you begin to see this, much of what strikes ordinary consciousness as being useless, inexplicable, superfluous and ridiculous is not so.

Look, for example, at the power flow between doctors and patients.  The doctor is the dominant one, the patient is the submissive one.  That doctor might have all kinds of reasons as to why he or she went into the medical profession.  Maybe he says “My father was a doctor,” or, “I was scared to death by old re-runs of Ben Casey in black and white on TV and I decided to overcome it.”  However, the only reason they became doctors was to exert control over patients.  It’s that simple.

But remember, we’re talking about shadows and you have to find the reality behind it.  Forget ideas about, “I want to make at least $100,000 a year.”  Forget the idea that, “I want to be respected in the community.”  Doctors want to be dominant, and in the power dance between doctor and patient, the patient has to be submissive.  In the power dance between teachers and students the teacher is dominant and the students are submissive.  Why do people become teachers?  Is it because, “I’d like to improve the world, I enjoy working with young tykes and nippers, to see them blossom and bloom”?  That’s only true in the ordinary world, but so what?

You’ve had that information all your life and it hasn’t opened your eyes to anything.  People become teachers in order to exert dominance.  Part of the power flow is that there have to be students.  You might have a teaching degree, but unless you have students you can’t really call yourself a teacher.

Another example:  the village shaman, medicine men, rabbis, priests, ministers, they’re all dominant.  All mystics and gurus of any stripe seek to be dominant.  Their followers are people seeking to be submissive to someone.  If both gurus and followers sought to be dominant they wouldn’t be able to dance together. Parents dominate their children.  The Caesars dominate the populace.  The aims of the ruling powers and the governed, the aims of teachers and students are always in conflict.  There’s the dominant and the submissive.  It is a necessary organic arrangement within Life’s body.

There’s a power flow going on everywhere, and if you have to think about it, you’ve already fallen into the submissive role.  If you meet someone at a party and simply strike up a conversation with him, there is a power flow going on.  There you are talking and then he says, “Let me get you another drink.” Psychologically you’d explain it away by saying you have something in common, but it’s a flow of power, and the two of you are playing a specific role in it at that given time and place.  It is a necessary organic arrangement.

Everything that goes on in Life fits this scenario — you cannot find anything that does not.  You and your parents, you and one of your siblings, you and your boss, you and people you supervise at work.  It can be you giving directions, it can be you standing back in the 7-11 store minding your own business and someone standing ahead in line asks, “How do you get to Chestnut Street from here?”  And you say, “I know where Chestnut street is.”  It is the power flow going on.  There is nothing wrong with it.  You go, “I’ll tell you where Chestnut Street is, just let me pay my bill.”  And you go outside, and the person is always submissive.  You give them the directions and they go, “Yeah, yuh, yuh.”

The peculiar fact is that for this power flow to operate properly in Life’s body, people have to be serious.  The power flow will not work without the reality behind the word serious.  Teachers cannot dominate children unless they are serious.  Mystics cannot reveal great truths if their followers do not take it seriously.  Terrible tyrants cannot impose the rules of the week if they are not taken seriously.  If someone laughs at a tyrant, he can shoot them, but the proper flow is not taking place for the tyrant to be laughed at.

Although people decry the appalling level of violence in the world, there is really very little violence.  Ordinary violence is not a big problem.  It is not the most efficient way for Life to handle things.  If some tyrant gives his speech from the balcony and there are people snickering he can have them shot.  This will surely discourage others from laughing, and certainly the people who got shot will never laugh again, but as far as such violence being a potential explosive blight upon humanity, you are missing the obvious:  It is not the most efficient way.  Life does not operate on the basis of large scale violence for any length of time.

Violence is not as widespread as ordinary consciousness and even history leads you to believe.  On your own, you can Neuralize why violence seems so important.  Well, I’ll tell you:  violence seems so important because it is inefficient.  Life keeps pondering to itself, “I ought to quit this,” like old alcoholic Uncle Fred thinking every Sunday morning:  “Well I’ve got to quit drinking like this,” and he goes ahead and does it again next week, next month.

How about the inner situation?  There is a power flow in everybody.  Within everyone there is the governing body and the governed, the dominant and the submissive, the Partnership.  And there cannot be such a thing as an equal partnership.  If there were, you would be the world’s great eraser head — as far as people were concerned you would be devoid of any personality.

The Partnership is made up of the dominant and the submissive and of course it shifts all the time.  It is a beautiful arrangement.  If this arrangement does not exist in a person, he is deemed insane and unreasonable, put away and maybe killed, a mutant in the mainstream of Life’s body.

You need to see this power flow between the dominant and submissive in you.  Ordinary people refer to it is a kind of conflicting, uncomfortable dichotomy, an ambivalence of never knowing exactly what to do. Forget all that.  Just look inside of you and see how it is the same as it is out in Life.

Any situation you can conjure up can be seen in light of the dominant/submissive power flow.  The rabbi who says he’s going to help you and give you spiritual information is not here to do that.  He’s here for one thing — to be dominant.  And if you study with him, read his words, take down notes, all you’re doing is seeking to be submissive.  That situation is not only true in every situation apparently out there, but in here as well.  That which passes as your personality in all of its parts, all of its apparent warts and shadings is the Partnership of the dominant and the submissive in you.  And remember, that for all this to happen properly out there and in you, seriousness is a must.

I know it sometimes seems that I jump around faster and faster from one subject to another and that I go through all kinds of curlicues and french curves, but before I leave this, let me mention again that there is a lot for you to get and enjoy from this information.  Don’t worry about apparent psychological or personal depths in the relationships between people, just start out with occupations.  Why do people become news- people?  Why do they go into the media?  Why do the people from the news channel go around sticking a microphone in someone’s face who has just lost their house in a fire and had half their children wiped out?  They’re sticking the microphone in someone’s face because they are becoming dominant.

And you might look at that and think, “That’s a terrible thing to do to someone who just lost their family in a fire.  Why doesn’t someone punch that reporter in the nose?”  If someone did, you would have something that doesn’t want to be submissive.  Of course, that does not make the news; it’s like running over a pothole or turning your ankle when you’re out running.  It’s just one of those little things in Life that happens; you go on and forget about it.

Suppose you are on the street corner and there’s a big wreck.  Some reporter sticks a mike in your face and says, “Tell us what happened.”  You’ll be submissive.  It’s like the doctor saying, “Take off your clothes,” or the dentist saying, “Open up.”  You don’t say, “I got an earache, why do I have to take my clothes off?” you just take off your clothes and you sit and wait.  Or the teacher tells you to read Chapter 7.  If you answer, “Why should we read it?  It’s a bunch of garbage,” the power flow is not flowing correctly and you will probably get kicked out of the class.

Just look around.  You go in for a photograph and what happens?  The man says, “Sit right there.”  You sit down and he works on the lights, then it’s, “Turn your head to the right.”  So you do. “Now, smile.”  Or, your car’s not running correctly and you pull into a service station and the mechanic says, “Tell me what it’s doing,” and you go, “Well, it kind of chugs and makes weird noises.” And he says, “Like what?”  You say, “The kind that goes achuga kachuga.”  “Do it again.”  “Kachuga.”  “Alright, leave it here.”

It’s everywhere, and as always, there is a personal, individual use to this.  First you need to see that my description covers everybody, every situation.  There are no exemptions.  Part of the purpose of Life doing This, in Life bringing together someone like me with some people like you, is to come up with descriptions that are completely beyond the realm of contemporary reason.  It is not a description that you can explain or associate with things you have already heard.  This description is not meant to be funny or clever. There has to be a power flow going on or there will be no relationship, there will be no dance, there will be no triad.  There must be someone dominant and someone that puts up with being submissive.  The doctor says, “Take off your clothes,” and you don’t say, “Take off your own damned clothes,” or you take them off and then follow him down the hall nude.  If anything like that happens, the power flow, the necessary and proper power flow has broken down and the situation of doctor/patient, teacher/student, parent/child, has ceased.

There is a potential purpose that you can use this for.  That was my hint.  That is why I led you down that little primrose path of pointing out that there has to be seriousness involved for the power flow to take place.  If, for some strange reason, you ever decide that it might be beneficial to try to upset the normal power flow within the apparent Partnership in you, you can use that as a kind of backhanded hint.

Another field, close to the power flow and the role of the dominant/submissive, is the governing powers and their great mistrust of so-called artists.  The power flow also goes on between artists and audience.  You pay your money to go to a concert and they say, “Here he is, the great so and so.”  .paEveryone applauds and goes, “Oooh.”  You’re submissive to it.  You’re supposed to enjoy it.

Any time you go to an art gallery and look at a painting you are being submissive.  There is a power flow going on, unless you just walk right by — that is, it means nothing to you.  But if you look at it, you stand there and look and there seems to be some relationship, you are being submissive to a dominant force.  It is a fact.  There is a power flow going on, and I am not talking in some spiritual, metaphysical way. There is a power flow of molecules in you being effected through your senses.  You stand there and look at the painting, even if it seems to be totally nonrepresentational, abstract, you stand there and something is happening, and you’re enjoying it.  You don’t know what it means, who painted it, how much it might cost, you just look.  There is a flow of power going on and you are being submissive to it.

Consider that internally, to varying degrees, even those of you who are artistic, there is a power flow of the dominant and the submissive in you, or that which apparently at any time is constituted by the governing body, the governing force in you, and that which is governed.  There is a fear in you, the same way there is a fear in every society — the governing forces, the dominant ones, always fear creativity.

It seems funny on the surface.  How could a tyrant, the man with all of the force, all of the armies, be concerned over this one guy who’s been writing this novel, which, if you read it a certain way could be regarded as an allegory poking fun at him, or tyrannical situations in general?  One little guy, not popular, who publishes his stuff on a mimeograph machine, or just writes it out by hand and passes it around.  And the tyrant governing millions of people spends large amounts of money trying to track this guy down to kill him.

Forget the notion that the writer might start an uprising, or that he is putting his finger on the pulse of the downtrodden and it could really blossom into a rebellion.  That may be, but you’ve got to see how the tyrant who is in control, has an iron fist of fear and military domination, is still afraid of the written word of one man.  Or, maybe he arrests an artist who has been painting pictures and threatens, “If you paint any more like that I’m going to cut your hands off and then I’ll kill you if you try to paint with your feet.”  The other variation is that he tries to get the artist to support his tyranny.  He tells him, “Alright, you have talent.  Paint pictures of me, of our victories over our enemies.  Paint pictures that inspire us.”  In other words, “Paint what I tell you to paint.”

This all has to do with the power flow and it has to do with transferring energy, and inside of you there is that same kind of fear.  There is a fear of creativity in you and there is a part that is wired up to suppress the creative parts, to make them submissive.  You might as well have a tyrant in you that says, “Listen, you cannot paint non-representative paintings like that, you cannot write discordant music.”  There’s a voice that says, “As far as I’m concerned, music stopped for the western world about 1880.  You’re not going to be writing that awful serial music, and I don’t want to hear anything that sounds like Hindemith and Schoenberg.”

I am asking you, what might be going on?  Why have you never noticed it and it is in you?  The Partnership would describe it as, “I know what it is, it is a kind of laziness.  I’ve had creative thoughts. When I was back in school, I used to dream of being a cartoonist, or being a ballerina, but geez, I’m so lazy I never did anything about it.”  Someone else might point out, “But I’ve even see you read the funnies.  I’ve been to your house and I’ve never seen one collection of cartoons, I never see you go to the ballet.  In fact, I’ve heard you make fun of the ballet.  What happened?”  “Oh, I just got over it.  Maybe I’m just jealous I didn’t do it, I’m so lazy.”  Ordinary consciousness would pass it off as weakness, but it is the energy flow.  It is exemplary of the mechanical fear of creativity that is in everyone.

Let me ask you this:  Is it possible that everyone’s DNA fingerprint is wired up to have a fear of C force?  Creativity, remember the word is not the reality of it, but what if this covers up the responsibility, individually, of someone attempting to help Life grow?  They apparently would be attempting to help themselves grow, to expand their horizons and interests (as it is called in the ordinary world).  Out in the ordinary world (which is of no consequence), it is called:  “I’ve got something to say, I want to express myself.”  And you could ask, “Then why don’t you?”  The answer would be something like, “Oh, I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I don’t have any talent, I think I’ll watch TV,” or, “I’ll take a nap then I can dream of writing music.  I can dream of being creative, of being responsible.  I can dream of doing that which would be closer to the C force.”

There is a fear built in, an abhorrence, in many cases, of what seems to be the creative.  This is one of the prime necessities to be submissive.  “Think for me, do for me, paint for me, have fun for me, be emotional for me, dance for me — if you do, I’ll submit to it.  I can just watch you dance, play, preach a sermon and I love it.  It sounds good, I enjoy it, it makes me tingle and I don’t have to do anything.  All I’ve got to do is sit here.  All I have to do is ‘pay my money’ and take it all in.  I’ll submit to it.”

Let me remind you that there are always conflicting aims between the dominant force and the submissive force.  I have pointed out to you previously that the primary aim of anyone in power is to stay in power.  It doesn’t matter whether they took over by force or they were freely elected.  Once someone is in power, the aim to stay there overrides everything.  It is genetic — it is Life at work through humanity.

You should see that the aim to stay in power is always, to varying degrees, in conflict with the aims of the governed.  The governed say, “We want such and such and we’ll overthrow the government if we don’t get it.”  The ruler can either kill them or say he’ll think about it.  Under other apparent conditions the people can say, “Here’s what we want and if you don’t help us we’ll vote you out of office.”  And the person says, “Fine, let’s sit down and discuss it and I’ll see what I can do.”  Their aims are always in conflict.  The aims of the student and the teacher are always in conflict.  The aims of the rabbi and the congregation, parents and children, are always in conflict.  The dominant and the submissive have conflicting aims from a human viewpoint, once you see the obvious.  It is like the blood pressure, the blood flow.  It is like the breathing in and the breathing out in the human organism.  That which is in apparent conflict works together.  There has to be the apparent force and the apparent resistance to the force for any movement to take place, for anything to appear to take place in a 3-D world seen with 2-D sight.

When people say they have “ambivalent feelings” or “unconscious motivations” they are making a gross understatement.  What you are harboring within you amounts to two people, two forces with conflicting aims.  Always.  There is the dominant and it has the aim to stay dominant.  Let’s say that inhalation is dominant.  It takes effort, you have got to get in fresh oxygen, get the blood going and keep the brain alive.  Then the submissive part is exhalation where the forces of gravity, the forces of physics will make you finally exhale.  You have to understand that both of them are needed.  You can’t inhale forever, you would die.  You can’t exhale forever, you would die.  You have to have both.  But, they are in conflict.  You cannot inhale and exhale at the same time.  If you were foolish enough to really try, you would die.

In a 3-D world with View Master Vision, in a sense, everything is in conflict and the dominant seeks to stay dominant, not because of some ill-based plan on its part, but because that is the nature of the dominant.  The submissive seeks to stay in a position of submission, not because it is weak, not because it has psychological problems, but because there must be the submissive, and if its dominant force shifts, it dies or goes away to find a new place to be submissive.  There is an organic necessity based on the conflicting purposes, always, between the governed and the governing, between the speakers and the listeners, between the dominant and the submissive.

As long as you have two, you are going to have conflicting views.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s two people, two aspects of personality, or two aspects of social consciousness in large groups of people.  If there is stability long enough for you to get a sense of two then there is a triad at work, of which you only see 2/3.

If you have two, you have conflicting views.  They have conflicting aims, conflicting purposes, although it appears to be otherwise.  The teacher says, “I must teach you what you paid to learn.”  The shaman says, “I have been blessed by the gods and given secret teachings, and the gods want me to give them to you, to tell you everything.”  The people agree that is what they are there for.  It appears to be a beautiful combination — the ultimate tango for two.  They have different needs, different potentials, and the two aims seem to converge.  The teacher is the expert in medieval history and you are there to learn it.  What could be better?

But the aims are conflicting.  They are conflicting forces at work.  The teacher is there to be dominant.  The students are there to be submissive.  That is the name of the dance.  That is .pathe name of that organic function.  That is the relationship between people(s).

Can you begin to see the conflict?  It’s not that they are harmful to one another — inhalation does not attack exhalation.  They are not in combat.  Students and teachers, by and large, do not go around harming each other.  This conflict is a boon.  It is healthy.  It is Life growing.  It is rosy cheeks.  Teachers and students have different purposes and they are in conflict.  The tyrant and the governed have different purposes.  The elected legislature and the voters have different purposes.  Parents and children have different purposes.

Once you See this then all your notions of Life being a pain in the neck and people not getting along begin to make sense.  Everyone is getting along splendidly.  You better believe it, or you wouldn’t be alive.

If it were not for some group of people killing each other somewhere you might be there.  If it were not for that conflict, Life could be dying in that locale.  Life might be developing its own form of (at least) 4-D gangrene.  There is an operation going on, but you cannot see the scalpel — all you see is the turmoil. You could say, “Good grief!  If there is any exemplary proof of the insanity of humanity during these last few years, it has got to be Beirut, Lebanon.”  But, then again, you don’t know that.  That could be a catharsis on Life’s part.  It could be something being cut out.  It could be extremely healthy.  If it were not going on, large areas of Life’s body might be sick.

Someone was asking me why, according to their observation, men seem to need and give less affection than women.  Women are very aware of this, and some men are now becoming aware of it through horizontal forces.  Women have always realized that men are not living, walking around proteges of St. Valentine.  You should be aware of this.  You should see that there are absolute hormonal differences between men and women.  That’s as precise as I can describe it in horizontal language, ordinary terminology.  It’s obvious.  There are molecular differences.  It seems that now men are being made more aware of affection and the like.  Men are beginning to understand that, “We are no longer cast in the role of Rambo and we don’t have to hide our feelings.  We can cry, arrange flowers, care for children and vacuum the floor.  We can be more affectionate with women and we don’t always have to put up a hard front.”

There are organic changes taking place.  That is a fact.  These changes normally happen over an apparently slow period of time.  But it is not something psychological happening.  If you are looking for something curious about this, how about looking at why Life deals with humanity, human consciousness, on the level that all this has been some kind of mistake in the past and now it is being rectified?  It is no such thing, but that is the way it comes out.  Life is ultimately responsible.  Life’s the one thinking this somewhere and then having humans think it.

But, you should be able to see in a cold, calculating, precise manner that approaches that nebulous world of objectivity, that there are absolute hormonal difference between men and women, even though we live in a changing time.  Forget psychological, I’m talking DNA.  I’m talking genes.  I’m talking an electrochemical need for affection that differs in men and women.  The differing need for affection is not that much different than the fact that men, as a rule, need more calories each day than women.  Men’s bodies must create certain kinds of hormones to keep them functioning as men, and women likewise.

You must be able to see all Three Forces at work in every situation, in a cold, scientific approach.  Once you see it, though, you can’t let this hormonal difference distort and wreck a relationship.  You and your partner may finally drift apart, the power play may stop, the flow of energy that Life needed may weaken to the point where you both lose interest and wander away.  But, you are making a mistake if you do not see what is happening and learn from it.

When the two of you bicker, it is not psychological, it is hormonal.  If you let that wreck a relationship, you are just as normal as you can be.  You are ordinary and you have learned nothing from it.  Once you are in a relationship with someone involved in This Thing, you should not be too ready to break it up.  In most cases you break up because you think, “We’re just not getting along,” or, “He’s not affectionate enough,” or, “She’s too demanding.”  If you respond on that basis you have missed learning something. Sometimes people write me and tell me how they’ve had seven different relationships this year, and ten the year before and ask if it’s a weakness.  I should introduce you to the person that always oversleeps and is mad about it.  You deserve each other.  To think, “Perhaps I’m weak and I should look into it, maybe learn something,” — give me a break!