Jan Cox Talk 0235

Cutting Up the InfiniteComment


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Tape 235, Nov 20, 1986, runtime 1:58
Notes by TK

It is absolutely necessary that Yellow Circuit cut up the ‘InfiniteComment’. But for The Few, such destroys its secrets. Humanity as part of Life’s infinite comment regarding itself. AMV12 as reflection of the Infinite Comment.The Primal Flow as the Infinite Comment–refined thru man. Those who ardently clutch a piece of the ‘InfiniteComment’ understand the least. Anything you are certain of at the ordinary level, in an ordinary sense, is absolutely worthless, is incorrect, insanity.

The only ‘secret truth’ is the undisturbed ‘InfiniteComment’ itself. Photographic memory is a reflection of undivided perception of the ‘InfiniteComment’. Seeing without talking, analyzing, judging; gulping down whole.

“Medevesqo”: cure by inquiry; improvement/adjustment by investigation. Example of repair of electronic device by merely examining same; taking to repair shop where mechanic inspects, finds and verifies problem, but hasn’t time or equipment to fix immediately, so you return home, plug it in to find that it now works. This is “medevesqo” — an unrecognized, significant, all pervasive phenomenon; a concrete reality nobody takes seriously as real.

Relation to possibility of examining your own malfunctions and effecting similar kind of cure. The ordinary must always seek for someone to fix up their failings. But remember: no such thing as a cure, and nothing is broken. More on the near statistical impossibility to become rich and famous. This fact is not noticed by humanity: Life has a very limited need for rich and famous people. But the payoff for rich and famous is enormous for this reason.

The Few should cherish their hobbies; doing what needs no audience to be enjoyable. Example of TV critics as irrelevant since TV is not for entertainment –is for profit; commercial purpose. Ditto for newspapers; not for news –for advertising; a specialized way to advertise. This cannot be of general awareness in humanity; cannot be a subject of ordinary consciousness.

City lovers vs. ruralists –contemporarily as well as historic division in Life’s body. True in your own body. Neuralize why this arrangement?

Everything arrives via the senses. Molecular activity. You cannot maintain a continuing consciousness of this; always revert to attribution of responsibility and personal qualities in your everyday interactions. You always operate as if there are specially exempt persons from the glaring truth of: All is molecular. This is a huge waste of time for The Few.

“New revelations” of evidence/proof to “shake the foundations ” of an established orthodoxy such as Christianity: impossibility. Established body of Christian church –its historic extent and presence cannot be affected by any kind of now-type proofs. The time to shake the foundations was when they were being formed. “Now” proof vs. “then” proof.

Life will not attack its own necessary and important structures. Affecting reality must work in a timely manner–isochronic. When was the last time anything was proven or disproven to you? Ex post facto proof is ineffectual. The Partnership hungers after ex post facto knowledge/proof–cosmic truth, to dispel, shake the foundations of your accumulated ignorance. What happens to isochronism when time ceases?

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