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The Infinite Comment


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Jan Cox Talk 0230  – Oct 16, 1986  –  runtime 1:32
Notes by TK

Molecules: Reality is molecular. Each person’s conscious awareness of existence is nothing more than their nervous system’s molecular reaction to their present position/location in Life’s infinite comment. The reality behind Neuralizing: the personal attempt to refrain from punctuating the infinite comment of Life to make sequential sentences. Another definition of Neuralizing: a non-sequential discipline of study.

Ordinary religion contains the idea of “paradise lost”; an expulsion from a higher state of existence, and this feels just right to everybody, that such must be true. But Life has never ever gone downhill as a whole. The idea of ‘awakening’ always involves an assumption of access to new information in ordinary understanding, but in reality it is not new information involved, rather it is the development of new processing facilities.

It is an accepted fact that humans indisputably are impacted, affected by ‘psychological’ factors, non-material influences, such as directed hatred, love etc–to the point of being made physically ill. It is also an accepted fact that the same building blocks, atoms/molecules make up everything everywhere from stars to brain cells. So the question arises: how is it that man is unique, special, when he’s made of the same stuff as concrete? Disregard all ideas of ‘chosen people’ etc.

Man is unique quite simply in that he is capable of being affected by so-called non-material influences. His nervous system stuff is so organized that it can be impacted by ‘psychological’ factors. Another term for this unique quality is ‘personality’. Personality is nothing more than a receptor organization possessed by no other creature on this planet. In primitive time zones psychological influences are called voodoo, demons, evil spirits etc. Example of rat experiments involving operant conditioning to avoid a naturally attractive aroma.

There is no ‘rat personality’ learning/alteration. Rather, there is a reprogramming of their molecules, temporary or permanent. All learning is just such rearrangement of molecular status. But consciousness cannot maintain an awareness of this fact: there is no ‘me’/personality to learn/change; no I, unique individuality to learn something. There is just the re-routing of molecules. Caveat: this is not pessimism, negativity or fatalism; merely a blatant description of what’s going on.

Everything has got to have a “pickle”–a characterizing gimmick, a place to hang one’s hat –in order to be alive. A pickle for Catholicism: confession or the Pope as direct line to god. For Sufism: the activity of remembering the name of god with every breath. Note that there is no pickle for This thing; note that a common complaint among the newly/tentatively attracted to This thing is: “something seems to be missing –give me something to do”. This thing apparently has no pickle, but everything has to have one. How can this be? Even Neuralizing has been carefully withheld from pickledom.

Time conception is unique to man’s functioning –no other creature is aware of time passing. It is the ability to process ‘non-physical’ information that makes man so useful/important to Life when the stuff of his makeup is shared in common with all things. The unique possibility for agitation that man exhibits is taken personally by him; considered as learning and knowledge.

Nobody except The Few can hear: “I am molecular reactions”.


1:30: TASK: Neuralize the question: why has Life come up with the 2 ideas of immoral and illegal –why not just illegal? What purpose does Life have in making man conceive of such a distinction immoral to illegal?



Document:  230,  October 16, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

I would like to direct your attention to molecules of all sorts tonight, but first let’s consider the term “infinite comment.”  An infinite comment is without beginning or end; there is no punctuation.  Life itself is actually an infinite comment.  Yet no one can See it, because ordinary consciousness must break up, punctualize, tear a piece out from this infinite comment in order for anyone to have a sense of “I + Not-I” — for anyone to have a sense of individuality.  And more specifically, for each person’s consciousness of their own existence is nothing more than their own molecular reactions to the present positions and conditions of the infinite comment.  You cannot perceive yourself or existence outside of those reactions.  That’s it.

I am going to try and get you to see several other aspects of attempting to Neuralize, to remember things without thinking about them.  As much time and effort as you have all spent trying to decipher and practice Neuralizing, probably one of two things has happened:  either the partnership now believes that you understand it, and so now you hear the word and it’s just another sound, like kumquat or trolley car; or it is just so hard to grasp or so unreasonable that you have given up on it.  In either case, it is bad news. So listen to another fact:  the reality behind my term Neuralizing is like the personal attempt to keep from shredding and punctuating the infinite comment into sequential sentences.  That is exactly what it is — a continual attempt to keep from taking this infinite comment and imposing a temporary, personal beginning and end to it by putting it in the form of a sequential sentence.  Here’s another possibility:  you could call Neuralizing a non-sequential discipline of study and could use that as a working definition.  What people have meant historically about moments of some kind of awakening or extreme bliss were preceded by what would amount to a non-sequential study of something.

Everyone is a sitting duck for all humanity’s notions about “awakening from the sleep of a lower state of consciousness,” that Man was sentenced for some original sin, or previous transgression.  People naturally vibrate in agreement to the idea that Man is trying to regroup and regain some previous higher consciousness.  Such notions are not true.  If you are indeed a student of genetic archaeology, you will recall that such notions sounded just right the first time you heard them and until you got involved here. There have certainly been parts of Life’s body that have gone into decay, and there are what is normally referred to as cultural cycles, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about the general level of consciousness, the general level of development of all of Humanity.  A willful, individual development of new processing facilities (above the Line) is required for you to see that Man has not fallen into a pit of regression.

I guess I can safely say that all of this is leading up to a trick, because if it’s a real trick, nobody will notice anyway.  The next place I want to draw your attention is to the phenomenon exemplified by the growing number of dentists who have psychological problems, who take to alcoholism and drug dependency because of the unspoken negative feelings most dental patients have about going to see the dentist.  It is an accepted fact that humans can in some way be made psychologically ill by the emotional activities of other people, i.e., if you hate somebody badly enough, under the right conditions, they’ll begin to feel it.  And when something is an accepted fact at Line-level consciousness, it is a fact.  Now let me remind everyone of another accepted fact in another field of science:  the physical sciences, searching the whole known universe, find that the things making up stars, comets, mountains, whales and worms — atoms — are the same things that make up good old you and me.  Same stuff.  Even the atoms in the brain cell of a slug are the same atoms that are in you from top to bottom.  So forgetting all notions about you being a chosen people, or humanity being chosen by the gods for something special, what makes Man unique?

What makes him unique is this:  his nervous system has an area that can be affected by what are normally referred to as “psychological causes.”  Or, if you want to take a slightly different step sideways verbally, you could say that Man seems to be the only creature that has a personality.  You may get down on the floor and roll around with your dog and believe it has some kind of personality, but it does not. Stars don’t have it, or if they do it’s either at the “too large and fast” or the “too small and slow” end of the spectrum, or vice versa.

You can’t see things the same way as atoms may or may not see them, but I’m not going into the matter of tempo and size right now.  Suffice it to say anything that can be seen through the faculties that Man now possesses has no personality.  What seems to be one’s personality or individuality — referred to in religions as “a reflection of a person’s divine spark” — can truly be seen as nothing more than a unique receptive mechanism.  It simply operates as a verb.  As a noun it cannot be described any more than the mind can describe itself as a noun.

If you could see beyond two dimensions of a higher-sided reality, the very things that seem to be flaws would be found in that unique aspect of Man which other humans can apparently direct:  the emotions. Emotional energies traveling between people are so invisible that there can’t be laws against them like there can be against bullets or fists.  You can look at somebody with hatred day after day and before long, the person will be affected by it.  You cannot do that with any other creature.

You can effect a kind of genetic reprogramming of some of the molecular reactions of an animal, but you’ve got to do it on the Red Circuit level with a stick or with electric shocks.  For example, experiments have been conducted with rats where they have been shocked each time they approach a certain kind of cheese.  Sooner or later all the rats in the group will “learn” to avoid that cheese.  Psychologists believe it is an experiment in psychology, but in fact the rats’ molecules have actually been rearranged.  And the same is true with what humans apparently learn:  the social lessons of their lives as well as the multiplication tables.  Consciousness cannot handle the fact that there is nothing unique in you; that you don’t learn lessons, but are simply being constantly rearranged molecularly according to the impact of energies on your particular system.  And your molecules are the same ones found in a table, a rock, a sponge.  The functions of these atoms are governed by the same electrical, chemical processes that control the fermenting of wine, the making of bronze from copper; they are all regular chemical processes. Psychological influences are no more than a molecular rerouting activity.

The molecular activity at the very highest end of a rat can neither comprehend nor describe what is taking place when its feet get shocked upon following the aroma of food.  If the rat had consciousness, the molecular activity would be saying, “This is happening to me; this injustice is happening to me,” and it would all be on the basis that there is a “me” inside that will learn from this event.  An ordinary person cannot be aware of the fact that all sensation of having “figured something out” or learning something is simply sensory energy molecularly rerouted.  If they could be forced to see that, it would feel to them as if they looked in the dictionary under the word “drab” they would see their picture.

If we were going to say that someone had learned something, which we aren’t, it would be in the upper areas of the brain.  But there is no “you” that has learned something.  All you have to do is get a little lobotomy (breaking up the molecular patterns in your brain) and your days of so-called learning would be over instantaneously.  What you “learned” in the past would be gone, too.  Does that give you a big hint or what?  And yet in all but a few people, consciousness continues operating, as it should, on the basis that there is a “learning” taking place in a “me.”  You think, “There are reactions going on in me, and they are reacting to this experience.”  Tut tut.  It is molecules reacting, and you call it me, or I, or personality or soul. You can call it anything you want to as long as the higher end of your nervous system is operating in its usual way.  But in reality there is no question about how learning occurs.  Those rats did not learn anything.  There is no rat-creature in their brain to learn anything, or to say, “Well wait, going towards that cheese equals pain, so I’ll go in the opposite direction.”  There is no rat-person that says, “Ha, ha, now I’ve tricked them.  I got shocked four or five times, but now I know better.”

A man can be shocked and have his molecules rearranged from encounters with words and emotions but it is always a matter of a molecular rearrangement.  It has nothing to do with a person in there learning something.  Sound waves go into certain molecular runways in the brain and alter other molecules.  People can literally die from bad news — that’s a fact as much as anything is a fact.  Humanity believes such things show some great spiritual bond between people.  It is only sound waves.  It is the same as the rat smelling cheese.  You all know examples of a person smelling something and being reminded of something else.  Let’s say some smell makes Mary relax, for instance:  it is not that some little person inside Mary said, “I think I’ll relax now that I smelled that smell.”

For those of you new to This activity, don’t let this information appear pessimistic or fatalistic.  You simply need to see that changes in moods, beliefs and behaviors do not occur in you in any way quantitatively or qualitatively different from a rat.  If you can begin to look at right angles to ordinary binary reality you will find new possibilities for “learning” that just aren’t perceptible at Line level.  You would then be using the expanded processing facilities I mentioned and could begin to glimpse the purpose being served by the way the nervous system of man and rat alike is structured.

In order for any human activity — be it a religious sermon, real estate seminar, or the plot in a play — to be carried on, there has got be a “pickle.”  A “pickle” is the heart of the gimmick of the entertainer.  It’s the one guy in the juggling act who acts like he’s drunk, or dresses like a clown.  Everything has got to have a pickle if it is alive and attracting attention.  Take religion, for example.  In catholicism we could say one great pickle is confession, and another is having an uninterrupted line from the popes to a god.  For sufi groups it is the notion of continual self-observation, or remembering a divine being with every breath.  The pickle is that it is impossible to do so.  The pickle always serves as a place to hang your hat.  It is the feature used to describe an activity, whether it be a religion or a juggling act.  Someone says, “Listen, I’ve had it with religions.  You just hear the same old stuff.”  Someone else responds, “Nah, listen, in this one you go into a little room by yourself and nobody can see you and you talk in this hole and tell them everything you’ve done wrong.” And a guy says, “Uh, alright, go pick up the trash outside the church and leave five dollars in the box,” and that’s it!  You’re good until next time!”  There’s the pickle.

Consider how I have encouraged you to develop your ability to Neuralize about anything and everything.  I have hinted that it has great potential profit.  Part of what makes it elusive is the fact that I’ve not made it into a pickle.  I point out to you again that at the ordinary level, everything needs a pickle to live.  There has got to apparently be a continual substantial unchanging gimmick.  I don’t mean gimmick in a pejorative sense.  But confession is a gimmick.  Dietary laws in Judaism are a gimmick.  It’s a pickle.  For those who try to utter the name of God with every breath, it would serve the same purpose if they tried to utter the word pickle with every breath!  It is the same thing because nobody can do it.  (That’s not the only reason, but it’s good enough for our purposes right now.)  Nobody ever runs out of confession if they want to be a good catholic.  They don’t run out of them simply because there is always something wrong.

Now notice that feeling you have about your involvement with This — that there is something as yet unsaid, or something everyone else knows but “me.”  You are looking for a pickle.

Try and hold an awareness of our new definition of Neuralizing:  of considering something without tearing, renting, stabilizing, sequencing the infinite comment.  We are the sounds inside the infinite comment.  Life is talking, and part of what it is saying is you and me.

We are the only creatures with a nervous system working at such a level that we can conceive of time.  Part of having a concept of time is to extract from the infinite comment what seem to be seventy two years, and call it a lifetime.  When it is over, we’re gone.  The concept of time has got to make some kind of sense in the scheme of our associative mind.  “Look at how much I’ve learned.  Look at how qualified I am.  And here it’s the last decade of my life!  How could Life snuff me out when I know so much and could learn so much more?  And I was just getting a handle on my temper, too.  If I just had 70 more years to work on things, I’d really get somewhere.”

All of this is as it should be, with ordinary people.  You could see Neuralizing as a kind of stairway, a side-door opening into new neural experiences through the attempt to not tear, stabilize, isolate, or punctuate the infinite comment.  Or, more specifically, you could define it as a non-sequential discipline of study.  It is a direct study in a disciplined, non-sequential manner, and it only takes a few seconds on a given subject.  Soon you will actually begin to smell the rotting aroma of a logical sequence taking place in your brain, and that is your cue to take it in other directions.