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Flying Pigs and Uneven Flows


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Diagram #046


Jan Cox Talk 0226   – Sep 18, 1986    –  Runtime 1:55
Notes by TK

Clarification of all is change, and binary functioning. Consciousness is binary—only 2-dimensionally functional through  material furnished by the senses –i.e., physically. Consciousness cannot function with the “irrelevant”, which forms a third dimension. The Yellow Circuit can’t think of anything new, although it is competent to create “flying pigs” and take same for a truly new created thought.

Consider “side effects” of miracle drugs: everything has side effects. How can ‘good’ side effects be adjudged from ‘bad’? Everybody has a prescription/product for sale –but they all have side effects; undesirable and non pertinent. Who decides which is undesirable?

Why is it that parts of Life’s body are so concerned about the other parts’ “motivations”? Example of President Reagan’s “War on Drugs” where critics accuse of political motivation. But what difference does it make? Why are things set up in this way? Consider that The Foe (impure motivation) must be produced in an otherwise foe-less cause. How can one oppose the war on drugs?

It is a necessary, profitable direction for Life’s growth–but a foe is necessary: “immoral motivation”. When the, to-you, detestable is nevertheless successful in life, you are upset. But success is success; undeniable proof of its need and sufficiency. Your upset is nothing more than slavery in the salt mines –you do just what you were wired to do: being ordinary.

Foes make the blood flow at a proper pressure. Example of serious rock ‘n roll critics making it a real, vital,accepted art form instead of a feckless fad, a laughable flash in the pan. Example of homeless and indigent people having virtually no foes as opposed to the Mellons and Rockefellers. No sense of individuality when the blood flow/pressure is below proper pressure for growth.

Reference to diagram of 3 circuits, Red Circuit, Blue Circuit and Yellow Circuit. Interconnected and sequential to a degree –but this is untrue, except a fair description in order to talk about them –to avoid a totally jazz improvisation of This thing. Red Circuit (in this true/untrue sequential development) is directly connected to the Primal Flow, and gives rise to the Blue Circuit, then Yellow Circuit.

Energy does not flow evenly, consistently, constantly thru the circuits. The quirky inexplicability of behavior in humans is based on this. Relation to action/thinking of action alternative. Relation to where does energy come from in a closed system? Example of strangers bumping in street–Red Circuit reaction carried on into Blue Circuit then Yellow Circuit: this is an “unpressurized” flow of energy.

Change: diet and health popularity; body sculpturing. Popularity due to its visible nature; obvious, seen-change. Red Circuit is only place where change can be actually seen. New “muscles” of Yellow Circuit are not visible, consequently you want to ‘tell’ somebody about it right away before it recedes. This is why education must be continually sold to public as real and beneficial, because it doesn’t really produce change. Your Ph.D. doesn’t make you different. Blue Circuit change = voluble repentant, the self-confessed ‘born-again’ whatever.

The Few should be “topographically curious” Always; interested in Life’s structures.E.g., why are there only 4 directions (N,S,E,W)? Why is there both ‘illegal’ and ‘immoral’? etc.


TASK: Find some of your own topographical curiosities. Why 4 cardinal directions, etc.?


Flying Pigs and Uneven Flows

Document:  226,  September 18, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

It should be clear by now that the Yellow Circuit, which everyone calls “the mind,” functions only in two dimensions, although consciousness correctly recognizes that we live in a 3-D existence.

Anything the Yellow Circuit perceives, anything that catches it’s attention, has to have its own foe and opposition.  There is a nonfunctional awareness of a third dimension, which includes everything that is irrelevant to what you are examining.

Ordinary consciousness perceives the existence of a 3-D universe with width, breadth and height.  The Red Circuit has no problem with that, while the Blue has no interest.  However, the Yellow Circuit, which coined the term “three dimensional universe,” functionally operates in binary fashion taking two dimensions into account.  It does not take into account the third dimension, which includes everything that seems to be irrelevant to whatever problem it is working on.

The Yellow Circuit cannot see how the irrelevant operates.  It would strangle on it.  It has no choice but to operate from the perception of a binary situation — pro or con, right or wrong, true or false.  If you tried to bring in a third dimension or possibility, the Yellow Circuit would have to replace one of these.  It’s fairly simple to see, if you belong here.  The mind will switch over, drop one, and take the formerly irrelevant as one of the two.  Now one of the original binary pro or con positions falls into the realm of the irrelevant.

Remember my original picturization of one’s consciousness as a fence.  You ask the fence about the limits of the area it is circumnavigating and it will tell you there are no limits, no fence.  And it is the fence talking.

Ordinary mentation only operates on material provided by the senses.  You all now know the limits of the senses, yet the mind never thinks of this.  The Yellow Circuit never perceives or analyzes the material it has to “think with.”  Everything in the mind seems to the mind to be of a rather nebulous heritage.  You could have the Yellow Circuit point out that the Blue Circuit has certain limits, but it almost cannot respond when the question is turned back on itself.  You can get a self description of your physique and physical life, but try and get the Yellow Circuit to look at itself and say, “What is going on in there?  Are there a bunch of facts in there?  A bunch of tiny librarians running around pulling information off the shelves?” The Yellow Circuit can’t really deal with the question.  Remember, it is the fence who’s talking.

You must see the simplicity; see that it’s the simple things that strain the Yellow Circuit, causing you to miss again.  Whatever material is in there, came through the senses.  The sources of the mind are not magic, psychic or psychological, even if the material seems to be supernatural, metaphysical or nonphysical — you still got it physically.  You either saw it, heard it, smelled it, touched it or tasted it.  This does not fit the normally unanalyzed concept of what the brain or intellect consists of.  The ordinary intellect can’t deal with or remember it.  Your Yellow Circuit wants to say that there is more to it and there’s not.  If you didn’t get it physically, you didn’t get it and you can’t think about it.

This is the basis of the Yellow Circuit not being able to think of anything new:  the “flying pig syndrome.”  All the mind can do is take things it has already picked up through the senses and add wings to a pig.  “What if pigs could fly?”  The Yellow Circuit could believe that is a new thought.  “Surely no one else has ever thought of that.”  Even if that were true, that is not new.  The Yellow Circuit took two things it knew through the senses — pigs and flying — and put them together.  That is the way Life seems to progress at an ordinary level.  The Yellow Circuit does its job in an acceptable manner.  No one suddenly invents the light bulb or steam engine or rockets.  It was all information that was known and sensually stored in one or more Yellow Circuits on this planet.  Over a period of horizontal time, known things (not new things) were put together.  Regardless of how history records the scenario, there is always an apparent sequential line of occurrences, which is not real information, only the illusion in a 3-D world that one thing follows another. This is the Yellow Circuit operating in a binary manner.

If you are ever going to see beyond this veil, you need to understand that nothing happens sequentially.  Nothing occurs when ordinary consciousness says it did.  But without this mechanism, no one would be able to keep track of whom to give credit to.  There have never been original inventors — just makers of flying pigs.  They took what was known and put it together, in a way that had not occurred before.

Now peruse something else in a strange neurological fashion.  All of you have heard of side effects.  Everything has sides effects, from medication to pizza.  Now, how do you tell the desirable effect from the undesirable side effect of anything?  Everything from a wonder drug to a tomato sandwich, to a fast for holy reasons, to a fast for non-holy reasons, to overeating for holy reasons to overeating for non-holy reasons has a side effect.  The side effects would seem to be sequential, but it’s much more than that. Consider a drug that is designed to keep you from throwing up — if that was your problem.  It cures the affliction, but let’s say its side effect is killing your appetite.  You could say that was an undesirable side effect.  But could not that same drug be used for someone who is overweight and then the undesirable side effect might be stated by a doctor as fostering an inability to regurgitate if one was choking on rancid food.  Remember, we are not talking about pharmaceuticals here.  What is Life up to?  What part of Life decides what is the desired effect of anything?

Everyone from physicians to priests to salesmen have prescriptions.  Everyone has something for sale. Everybody is in show business and attempting to sell something from their pack of wares.  And all somethings have undesirable effects to some part of Life.

All of you should be able to see through whatever horizontal example I use.  We are not talking about anything that approaches objectivity, which would be going into another dimension.  We’re talking about the cast of shadows that everyone calls reality.  Everyone in every relationship, whether it be a physician-patient, attorney-client, two potential lovers, a minister and would be convert, a salesman and potential client, is participating in a trade where one apparently has a product or service available and the other says, “I might want that.”  Whatever it is, be it sex or salvation, it’s all part of a prescription that has a unrelated, non-pertinent, undesirable side effect.  Once again, what part of Life decides is which?

Another area close by in Life’s big old body is this observation:  Why are some parts of Life’s body so concerned over other parts’ “motivations”?  This is a continuing problem to the horizontal world since the Yellow Circuit began to talk and write.  For example, let us say the mayor of a city announces a war on drug use.  Within hours after their proclamation, a reporter asks the mayor, “Well, it all sounds fine, but what about your critics, who are going to say that there are obvious political motivations behind this?”  This seems like a serious question to your Line-level consciousness.  What is Life up to?  If Life means to cut down on drug use, why would some other part pop up and ask, “That sounds fine, but what is the real reason?”  What difference does it make?  Why are things arranged this way?  You all know I’m not talking in some three dimensional way as to whether this is good or bad or indifferent.  But what is Life up to, by creating movements that question the “motivation” of other movements, when it makes no difference what the motivation is?  You must look at it in a way that escapes the flying pig syndrome or you won’t see anything.  This allows you to run right up to a 4-D problem with a 3-D mind.  And if you can’t get past a 3-D mind, the problem either disappears and you can’t quite remember the words, or the problem becomes the lips around the mouth of your own head and eats you up — which results in the same end.

Why does Life seem to be operating in such a potentially conflicting manner?  No one is going to stand up and validly oppose the government’s war on drugs.  It has no direct foe.  But suddenly a foe shows up in the guise of a questioner of motivations.  Consider the possibility that this is not as circuitous as it seems.  Your awareness is simply limited.  You just didn’t hear or see the rest of it.  For those who continue to desire little tricks, here’s a semipermanent tattoo:  If your ordinary Line-level consciousness is upset by the apparent success of a person or cause you find disagreeable, then let it be known that you are still an unpaid slave laborer of a very low level employer.

For example, you happen to see one of those conservative, racist ministers, prejudiced against all kinds of people, right there on prime time TV with an audience of thousands, raking in millions of dollars and everything in you rebels at all his comments.  What I want you to see is that you are upset at his success.  Now the tongue of your own Yellow Circuit may say, “Well, what upsets me is the realization that there are still thousands of people in this day and time who will fall for that kind of foolishness.”  You are upset at his success.  You found the cause disagreeable, and from a higher dimensional view, what he’s up to may have a long-term detrimental effect on Life.  But you don’t know that.  You are just operating on the basis that, “You’ve heard all that crap before about taking the vote away from women and banning every other magazine on the news stands.”  You are upset at his millions, but all you are proving is this: You are as limited in your consciousness and understanding as he is.

Success IS success.  It needs no defense or support.  Success by any definition is proof of its need in Life.  Success is the true just proof of success in the short term of your lifetime, which is as far as you can think.  As long as you find any success disagreeable, you are slaving in the mines of the lower circuits.

Foes make the blood flow.  Foes grease the pumping mechanism of the ordinary blood of all individuals, of Life itself, and the part we play on Life’s blood flow.  I want to encourage you to see that there are instances where ordinary consciousness could say it is aware of no apparent foes.  There is always a foe.  Farmers versus the weather.  The bored versus the unpredictable.  The fearful versus the pushy.  No form, no thing, no person, no cause, no question of any kind is ever vital unless it has spawned a serious form of criticism of itself.  Rock and roll music was just a passing offensive fad — noises from the lower classes — until there were “serious rock critics.”  When faced with serious opposition, rock music became an art form.

Who feels less like real people in Life than the homeless, the winos and street people, compared to wealthy scions of society?  Who has the least foes?  Everyone has a complaint over the rich, but who notices the street bums?  The fewer foes you have, the less you seem to be an individual to yourself, because less blood is flowing at the proper pressure.  This happens to groups of people, tribes, and whole communities.

Notice my diagram of the red, blue and yellow interconnected rings, representing the three primary circuits in Man.  I remind you that the circuits are not structured in that way.  They are not sequential, but the map has validity in showing the connections where energy flows within Man.  And there is some validity in the Red Circuit being the oldest in Man, the Blue Circuit next, and the Yellow Circuit the youngest.  Here is something which affects every question you ever thought you had.  It affects all the sorts of apparent quasi-answers, temporary solutions and unfinished sketches I describe for you, while reminding you I know the rest (it simply cannot be put into words in the 3-D world).  Energy does not flow in an even and constant fashion throughout those circuits, in the sense of it coming up from the Red to the Blue, into the Yellow Circuit.  The pressure, the flow itself, is not even and constant.  Most of the unanswerable questions about so-called human behavior lies behind this information.  The unevenness, the unequalized pressure of the flow varying from person to person, explains much if not most of what you, and everyone else, finds to be the inexplicable nature of the individual and his ofttimes seemingly self destructive behavior.

Within this, lies the reality behind my explanation of there only being two possible responses for humanity in a 3-D world.  One either acts in response to what seems to be stimuli/motivations, or one thinks about acting.  This uneven flow of the energy through the circuits is the 4-D explanation for why some people seem to act and some think about acting.  It gets very close, if you can carry it off on your own, to the question of where does energy come from, in an apparently closed system.  “What is the source of my motivations?”  You forefathers would answer, “the gods.”  “And what motivates the gods? The Big Bang?  And before that?”  At the 3-D level such questions can’t be answered.  If you think that no one on this planet has ever looked further back than the Big Bang, you are wrong.  And if you think they never told you, you are right.  It’s not that they didn’t want to tell you, but all the material you have to think with is limited to the senses, while your nervous system has to be conscious literally in another dimension to handle 4-D questions.

To delve a bit more specifically into this inconsistent flow of energy, let us say that all your circuits function fairly well.  Let’s say, one day while walking along, someone aggressively bumps into you and offers no apologies.  If you had a proper awareness, you would recognize the instantaneous angry response of your Red Circuit defending itself.  Yet both you and the other person just walk away from each other.  If we could divide and isolate the operations of the circuits, the Red Circuit within a couple of seconds, gets over the urge to fight.  The energy we could call hostile, defensive, aggressive is no longer feeding the Red Circuit directly.  The blood is flowing, but the Red Circuit is no longer responding to it, no longer taking nourishment from that kind of aggression.  But if you had a 4-D awareness of what I am talking about, you might notice, for the next several hours or even the next day, your remembering the picture of that original sequence.  The Yellow Circuit continues to remember the anger.  There is an uneven, inequitable, inconstant flow of energy which seems to collect under the umbrella of “psychological situations” and “problems.”  The behavior seems so quirky and unpredictable — “I can’t seem to act when I should…I make plans and don’t fulfill them.”  This uneven pressure in everyone is the pattern of so-called individuality — why people seem to be different.  This uneven flow keeps you chewing on stimuli; which, from This viewpoint, is no longer pertinent.  But it is pertinent for Life because humans necessarily operate on memory.  It keeps the energy transfer activated, but it’s no more than little packets of used food.

Life has arranged, let us say, that there should be X amount of pressure per cubic centimeter of blood in you.  If there were gauges in each circuit, you would find the pressure uneven.  As it changes in one, the pressure is affected in the others continually.  If you could see into another dimension to where you could actually See this, you would observe these variations to be very limited and very repetitive.  “Yeah, this is me and I never can understand why something seems to affect me so, and why other things just leave me cold.”  The pressure is uneven plus inequitably distributed.  The closer one comes to constant pressure throughout the system, the closer one would come to being what everyone believes to be a perfect person, a real Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Republican, Kiwanian.

Another note about change.  In less developed areas of the world, people who are more Red Circuit driven are not likely to jog, diet or workout.  Notice the activities of our good-old-boy bricklayer, the walking stomach.  He is not interested in health kicks, while the middle class are in the midst of exercising more, eating and drinking less, and so forth.  There is a non-sequential reality behind such activity.  This kind of working on oneself physically is popular, because, from a 4-D view, you can SEE the change.  The statistics say, “three out of five Americans are on diets, but three and a half out of four will gain back all the weight lost and soon return to another diet.  What a useless treadmill!”  Are you sure?

Is it likewise possible to see change in the other circuits?  You can’t see new information stored in the Yellow Circuit.  I suggest to you, that is why people who have a great thought or learn something new, feel compelled to talk about it.  “Look at my brain right quick!  I just had an unbelievable idea that added on new muscles.”  All of you should have an awareness that so-called new information, data or education will not produce real change.

There are certain similarities with the Blue Circuit.  First of all, under ordinary conditions, no real change or resculpturing of one’s “feelings” are possible.  People are made to try it — to attempt to suppress unprofitable emotions — but that does not happen.  Three-dimensionally, the struggle to change is the result that is necessary to Life.  You can’t resculpture the Blue Circuit any more than you can develop a talent in art or music that is not native to you.

A final glancing blow to all of you:  Everyone should be continually, topographically curious about Life’s movements, which are in fact the structure of it’s verbs as opposed to it’s nouns.  Why are there only four directions — north, south, east and west?  What is Life up to?  Nobody questions it.  There is no historical, sequential answer, but even if there were, that is not the point.  Life created this division, not an individual. Why aren’t there three or five?  Notice that your nervous system vibrates in agreement to four directions. It appears self evident that four is just right.  What is Life up to?  Why do we have things that are immoral and also things that are illegal?  That is not the complete question, but it’s the only way I can describe it while you remain limited to 3-D sensory input.  Life is up to something and the answers are not available in a 3-D world.  The Big surprises are saved for those topographically curious.