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“There Is No Such Division!”


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Jan Cox Talk  0225   – Sep 11, 1986   – runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

Holographic timbre: the part identifies the whole. The symbol of the Star of David (interpenetrating equilateral triangles)–notice that it reflects a division of gods and man, above and below. But there is no division–rather, there is a living nexus and you are part of something a live. Each piece has the timbre of Life; signifies, identifies the timbre of Life whether it be the face of a child, a fallen leaf or garbage on the highway.

The ordinary hear only the individual timbre of things, e.g., bassoon or flute in symphony orchestra vs. the holographic signature of the whole orchestra. This is the direct result of the natural limits of the ordinary Yellow Circuit functioning–which nevertheless feels as though unlimited. The purview of the mind fits in the space of an index card–no, a stamp! To see this for yourself is a great shock and relief.

There is no form of sequential data (information) that will ever explain a holographic continuum; no usable (fostering understanding) model of reality. Sequential data DOES produce an evolution of technology (as opposed to technology of evolution). Yellow Circuit can only operate via sequential data–therefore automatically precluded from true understanding.

Relation to “there is no truth in words”–all truth is in words, but localized to, valid for  word-source only; the words themselves. There is no truth in words because: sound is sequential; linear. Whereas reality is omnitaneous. Sequential detailing of reality is like trying to describe a sphere to a blind man by putting his hands on a railroad track and talking analogy, i.e., sequentially.

Questions/observations from Group. Perceived improvement of a problematic situation: sequential essence = no real improvement. not good enough. ][If people really were what they ate (rather than vice versa) or consciousness really were unlimited–how would such fit into an enclosed universe model? Example of society where lack of colon cancer relates to use of olive oil according to modern science, but reality is men and olive trees in that particular area of Life’s Body are raised, produced the same–simultaneously; i.e., non-sequentially.

The given tasks of walking and observing your Yellow Circuit functioning highlight its limitation. What you remember in words is just what impressed you most at the instant of the event vocally. Where picture memories are primary, it was the visual action that most impressed at the memory’s creation.

Example of jogging when there is a sudden shift to D-based Yellow Circuit activity from a previously neutral condition having an effect at the Red Circuit level instantly (and Blue Circuit level)–felt literally and affecting your physical ability (e.g., trip and turn ankle). A total biochemical, molecular change takes place when some negative event transpires, and nobody sees this is true.

Why do all religions speak of the necessity of “Love”? Why is there the “monk/ monastery” syndrome–retreat from life? There is the attempt to isolate from negative, D-based influences, which have the unprofitable molecular change described in the example above of jogging. D-based activity reinforces repetitive, sequential functioning limits. “Love” too is this attempt to somehow circumvent 0-based activity. Neuralize: why is Life so voluble in the D mode?


1:38 TASK: When jogging, start in a happy mood. Run 5 minutes to build a rhythm, then willfully be negative at some predetermined spot. Watch closely.



Document:  225,  September 11, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

Previously I gave you the term “Holographic Timbre.”  Timbre, in the realm of music, is that which absolutely identifies a particular instrument.  A piano and violin can play the same note, but the timbre of the sound produced by each instrument sets it apart from the other.

I have told you that each little piece of something speaks for the whole.  This is not a new idea.  As with everything, certain aspects or viewpoints of this idea have been around ever since Man began to develop a Yellow Circuit.  Life itself has been thinking about this.  I mentioned the star of David symbol which is composed of two triangles, one pointing up and the other down.  Within certain areas of Life’s religious or would-be mystical activities, it has been pointed out that perhaps one of the purposes of that symbol is to show that “as above, so below.”

This idea has existed in one form or the other throughout the history of Man.  It can be seen in many parts of Life’s body.  Ordinary religions, through Life’s commentaries to Man, have attempted to say that whatever is going on in the great realm of the gods, in the supernatural areas, is in some way reflected in the everyday world of Man.

At first glance that might sound true.  It may sound as if they are on the right track.  Except notice this:  all such ideas are based upon the assumption, which is taken as fact, that there is a division between the upper spiritual levels and the lower domain of man.  The two triangles in the star of David are separate, even though they are interlocked.  It is noted that there is a distinction between the two.  These areas of would-be mystical thoughts say that everything beyond the realm of Man’s consciousness and experience is in some way reflected in Man.  In some way the gods let things trickle down.  Man sees only a reflected, distorted image of the great cosmic truths.

However, all such thoughts are based on the premise that there is a distinct division between the above, the supernatural, the greater sphere of the gods, and our world.  That division is at the heart of all religions.  And there is always an intermediary between the gods and man.  Man and the gods are connected to each other through the church.  They are connected through the religion or system itself, or by the guru himself.  “Listen, you people may be interested in great things,” says the turbaned one, “but it’s a long way from here to the gods.  It’s a good thing that you’ve got me.”

But I am telling you that there is no such division.  All of Life is a living nexus.  It is a dynamic continuum.  Religion and general philosophical thought has always, right up until now, operated with the belief that there is a distinct division between the higher forces and Man himself.  Your forefathers had beliefs that the gods lived high up on mountains or in the clouds.  They tried to get closer to their gods through their religions.  The belief that there is a distinct “up there” and “down here,” has never before been questioned or analyzed.

My invention and use of the term “holographic timbre” was in part to try and get you to See that there is a living nexus.  It’s not theoretical.  Some of you have begun to have your own insights into the fact that there is no such thing as an “out there.”  Remember my old equation, “I + not-I = everything.”  One reason I was always so delighted with that equation is that you can make anything out of it you wish.  You can turn it upside down or inside out; you can take it in absolutely the wrong way, and wonder upon wonders, it still makes sense.  It’s very profitable.  The equation can be turned around to explain the exact opposite of what I may be speaking about at any given time.  It’s a great equation.

Some of you have begun to See that there is really no “out there.”  I’m going to turn a right angle from this line of thought.  There is a living nexus, and everything is a part of it.  The theoretical belief that “the gods made us, and if we’re good, someday the gods may let us back into their presence,” is not true. You’re in the middle of something that is alive, and the only division between you and this living organism is that which the Yellow Circuit has invented.  Life has made the Yellow Circuit create this division for a very good reason, else we would not be struggling against the spurious illusion that there is an “out there” separate from us.  If mankind were not operating under the assumption that there is such a division, we would not have air conditioning.  We would not have electric lights or television.  We would not have fountain pens or polyester.  Polly probably wouldn’t have a job.

We would have none of these great inventions unless this assumption, this truth on the binary level, that there is a distinction between “me” and everything else existed.  If there was no such division, no one would attempt to do anything.  There would apparently be no resistance to our efforts.  There would be nothing to work against, nothing to overcome.  There would be no way to judge success or failure.

Each little piece identifies the whole.  I’m not speaking poetically or in a pseudo-metaphysical manner. Some of you are now having your own experiences and you’re finding out that I have not exaggerated. You may have been sitting in traffic by yourself, about to pick your nose, and suddenly, “Wow,” something struck you about the nature of parenthood.  If you tried to analyze this experience from an ordinary viewpoint, you would have to give credit to either me or the gods.  But that’s not it.  You had the experience because humanity moves in a multidimensional world, and the circuits of man operate in all dimensions.

There is an absolute, living nexus between you and everything else.  That is why people inexplicably have these moments of Seeing.  I’m not speaking of ordinary people who accidentally See something, but those who apparently have sought out such experiences; those who apparently worked to have a mystical experience.  Such experiences are inexplicable through ordinary means of thought.  But now I’m trying to make it a little more “explicable.”  Each little piece, not just poetically or allegorically, contains the timbre of Life.  There is a reality to this.  You can look into a dog’s face, a child’s eyes, or a fallen leaf and See something.  Perhaps that sounds too poetic.  You can look at a quart of spilled buttermilk on the highway, or a plastic bag of dirty diapers that someone threw out of a car and See that each piece has the timbre of Life.

Let me wrap this picturization up for the time being.  It’s as though you are confronted with a symphony composed of a hundred people and twenty different instruments.  Each instrument has its own particular sound.  There is the flute, the bassoon, and the tympani.  Each one has its own recognizable timbre. When the whole symphony plays, you are aware of the fact that the sound is produced by all the instruments.  First the violins are in the forefront, and then the brass.  In Life every little thing, perhaps a bag of dirty diapers, a fallen leaf, or the face of a child, seems to say something.  They speak of the trash on the highway.  They speak of the innocent look in the eyes of a child.  The face of a child is as the sound of the flute in the symphony.  It has it’s own timbre, but it also identifies the timbre of Life itself.  But ordinary people see only the face.  They only see trash on the highway.  They may say poetically, “The innocent beauty of a child is surely reflective of the tenderness and depth of the gods own feelings.”  Or, “Trash on the highway, trash on the highway, what is Life but these few moments of hurling along, tripping, stepping in trash on the highway?”

Even ordinary people can believe that there are unplumbed depths to be discovered and written about within the small pieces of life, but that is not what I am talking about.  You may not think that poets, musicians, and painters are ordinary, but they are.  What they don’t see beyond their ordinary poetic reflections is that everything contains the timbre of Life.  Every small piece contains all the characteristics of Life itself.  That is where you separate the small time bush league mystics from the big time.  That’s where you go from class AAA mysticism up to the Padres and Mets.

It has been opined; it has been written that each little speck of the universe, within its own little soulful atoms, in some way contains a small piece of the gods.  And that is a fact.  Except that it contains more than a piece.

You don’t have to wonder, “What might be the purpose of the gods letting me get a glimpse of something when I look down at trash on the highway.”  You don’t have to worry that this is some sort of inexplicable, spiritual miracle.  Those experiences are as chemical and molecular as anything else.

The “holographic” part of my term “holographic timbre,” as most of you know, refers to holographic images.  With such images, one small piece out of the entire image contains the same data and information as does the whole image when it is broken down.  And I would say that it was fortuitously right for that to occur within our lifetime, if for no other reason than that it gave me a term to use.  I would have had to make up something else, but there it is.  And I can use the term “holographic” to make it appear that This Endeavor is connected with scientific progress, which is also the truth.  When you turn around and see a fly on the wall, spit on the floor, blood on the highway, or dust on the holy words of the gods, you can See the indescribable.  But from any reasonable, logical viewpoint, the small piece had no connection with what you suddenly Saw.  What you were looking at, what you took in through your senses, seems to have no apparent connection with your new understanding.

Life is a continuum.  There is no “trickle down” from the gods.  There is no poor reflection of a greater reality on humanity’s level.  We are just fulfilling Life’s needs and operating with senses that have a limited spectrum.  The Yellow Circuit, our crowning glory, operates in the same limited fashion as do our other senses.  To the Yellow Circuit there always has to be a beginning, a sequential progression, and an end. There must be a conclusion, or we would not have such miracles as the electric light and air conditioning.

Let’s say that Dave Lenox just invented the air conditioner.  He has one or two models working, but they are not put on the market.  He keeps thinking about them, “Should I paint it black instead of gray?  Should I make it out of wood instead of metal?”  There is no conclusion.

The Yellow Circuit is limited because of the feeling that there is a distinction or division between “I” and “you.”  It sees a division between “I” and all the things it doesn’t like or is not interested in.  There is a division between “I” and the gods, or perhaps, a more “new ageish” phrase, between “I” and higher states of consciousness.

That is not what a nexus is.  That is not what a continuum is.  There is no such division.  The spectrums in which we hear, see, feel, live, and think are limited.  All our senses, including the brain, operate within quite specific limits.  And by and large, educated people, ordinary consciousness, now accepts this as fact. It can be proven by empirical tests that there are existing light and sound waves that cannot be detected by the human eyes and ears.  That is just an accepted fact.  But what is not accepted is that you have the same kind of limitations in the brain.  The Yellow Circuit cannot see its own limits.

Compared to the other senses, the Yellow Circuit seems limitless.  It is aware of the fact that the eyes can see only within a limited range of the complete light spectrum, and can invent instruments that, in a sense, allow it to see what the eyes cannot see.  It can apparently extend the senses.  I have pointed out to you before, all you have to do is ask yourself, “Does my mind have any limits?”  Your mind will truthfully and sincerely reply, “No, I’ve looked everywhere and found absolutely no limits.”  Hard wired Yellow Circuit people may admit to the need for further education or data in certain areas, but as far as absolute limits such as the visible light spectrum, they would see none.

Seeing the limitations of the Yellow Circuit for the first time produces surprise, joy, and fear.  One day while sitting in traffic, you get a flash, “This thing I call my mind has limits about the size of a wet matchbox.”  And this applies to almost everyone on this planet.  When you first See this, it’s like walking into a Mobius-strip fun house.  First you’re scared to death, and then you’re laughing like an idiot, and then you’re scared to death again.  You pull off the road and think, “Boy, I’ll never pick my nose in traffic again.”

It is a real shock.  Your mind cannot accept the fact that it is limited.  You, and everyone else believes they are limited only by the lack of education or available data.  You may be able to consider such exotic ideas as other dimensions, time reversal, and black holes.  You may have thoughts that even you’re not sure what they mean.  That proves that the mind is limitless.  In the binary world of ordinary consciousness, all of that is apparently true.  When you See that since a very early age, almost as far back as you can remember, every new thing your mind has thought would fit onto an index card.  And yet, that just can’t be, can it?

Try and sit down and write everything that you know.  See how much room it takes.  See if you’ve got to use both sides of the index card.  The only rule is that you can’t repeat or use variations of what you have written.  You have to put down only things that you know for a fact.

Seeing the limitations of the Yellow Circuit produces one of the early great shocks, fears, and delights.  There is a certain release when you see it.  To be able to See and Understand (this is not a good term) how dumb we all are originally, produces a great release.  Everyone is just stupid.  Everything you know is just untrue.  Some of you know what a relief it is to suddenly See for yourself that, “Good god, what I know, an index card is being charitable.  Mine would fit on the back of a postage stamp.”  And that’s the end of it. Just simply saying, “Hey, I am the world’s dumbest person,” doesn’t even begin to cover it.  You’re not really that much dumber than anybody else, you just suddenly realize that everything you know would fit on the back of a postage stamp.  What you know will get you across the street or to your job.  It can get you into sexual positions without throwing your back into a spasm.  But that’s about it.

You don’t know what a relief this is.  It is like finding out that you have a non-terminal, incurable dumb disease.  You make an instant, incontrovertible diagnosis, and you’re relieved because up until then you thought it was something serious.  You worried about it under many guises.  You pondered, “What made me this way?  What influence did my parents have?  Is there any way that I can straighten this out?  Could I go into analysis?  Would drugs help?”  It is a great relief to See that it is an affliction all of humanity possesses while operating on the ordinary level.  You look around and suddenly see all these bodies with postage stamps instead of heads.  You see, “Yes, there is a common bond between all men.  We’re all stamp heads.”

At least there is a moment where you experience a great feeling of equality with your fellow man.  “We are all dunderheads.  Nobody knows anything.  I don’t know much more than a duck jumping in water or an elephant trying to get a date on Saturday night.  I have learned nothing of any consequence since I was very young.  I have not thought anything new.”

No matter what happens to you, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding you, be it a calamity, a life threatening situation, or a highly pleasant experience, you need only whip out the stamp and there it is, you react the same way over and over again.  But nobody notices this.

Let me take you down several other side streets in this neighborhood.  There is no form of sequential data that will ever explain a holographic continuum.  None!  You cannot construct a profitable, usable model from any amount of sequential information.  Never!  What comes about through sequential data is the apparent evolution of technology with which we are surrounded and attribute to ourselves.  It is evolution of technology, not the technology of evolution.  Ordinary people could never see the truth in these words.  They are, in a sense, so insane, so sequentially illogical, that if you could catch an ordinary person’s attention, they would just dismiss it out of hand.

Sequential data will not explain a universe with more dimensions than that of the sequential data.  What happens when the ordinary mind, the Yellow Circuit, begins to try and deal with that?  It can only deal with these words on the basis of sequential information.  How are you going to explain this sequentially?  How are you going to disprove it?  And the real question:  How are you going to Understand it?

As long as I’m here, let’s go into a more dangerous part of town.  Consider the statement, “There is no truth in words.”  The truth of words is contained both within the words themselves and the source of the words.  But beyond that, in the particular part of town where I am now, to say that there is no truth in words is correct.  This is why:  it is because sound is lineal.  I have pointed out to you that no sequential, lineal data will explain anything, and sound is sequential.  One sound follows another, the same way one letter follows another, and one word follows another.  Some of you, however, suspect that one thing does not follow another.

A sequential model is absolutely useless.  That is the kind of information that is available anywhere and none of you were satisfied with it.  There can be no truth in words because sound is sequential.  When you can perceive a universe that is not limited to a sequential line of events, then you understand that one thing does not follow another.  Many things happen all at the same time.  They happen all at once (of course, you have to Understand what “all at once” means).  When many things are happening at once, how can they profitably be described by data that is sequential?  It would be like trying to describe a sphere to a blind man by letting him get down on his hands and knees to feel a railroad track.  While he is feeling the tracks you describe them to him.  You tell him about the steel and spikes.  Then you take your best shot at giving him a useable, profitable perception of what a sphere would be based on your description of the tracks.

All sound is sequential.  Whatever can be described in sound makes it appear as though one thing follows another.  It doesn’t matter that the sentence says, “One thing does not follow another.”  It still conveys the message that one thing does follow another.  It conveys that message because the sounds are sequential.  I say, “I’m going to have to talk about railroad tracks, but I am really talking about a sphere.  I’m really talking about a track that goes in an infinite number of directions simultaneously, so I’m not speaking sequentially.  Do you hear me?”  Your sequential hearing says, “Yes, got it.”  But you don’t have it.  Sounds are sequential and as such are not a pertinent reflection of a greater dimensional reality.

This is as close as you can come to a real Fact.  No sequential data will produce Understanding.  No sequential data will construct a useful model of reality.  It will not!  It will construct light bulbs, internal combustion engines, and rockets, but it will not produce a useable model of Life.

You can discuss and debate the question whether there is truth in words all you want.  There is truth in words on the sequential level.  It will keep you from sticking your finger in an electrical socket.  It will help you learn how to do work on an assembly line so automobile engines can be built.  But it will never produce any Understanding of, as us mystics like to say, what in the hell is going on.  So if there was such a thing as a secret book of knowledge; if there was an old man with great secret knowledge, and you were able to reach his condo (I mean cave), and ask him, “Tell me master, what is the secret of Life?”  And he replies, “I’ll tell you,” then you’re in trouble.  Whatever he could say, or whatever you could read would be sequential.  And if it is sequential, it will not produce an Understanding of reality.  Not the kind you are looking for.  Not the kind of Understanding that goes at right angles to the limitations of your senses.

Sequential knowledge will serve every purpose necessary for all of mankind except to produce a useful model of the true universe; a universe of at least one more dimension than you can now perceive.  You must expand the limits of the senses at least a few millimeters past what you can now see, hear, think, feel, and smell (if you consider smelling important).

Let’s change the subject.  Someone told me that a problem they once had, because of my help, had improved.  I want you all to understand something, and remember, I am speaking in a sequential language so you’ll have to try to see beyond my words.  There was a situation that, over a period of time, this person took to be a problem.  Then through their own volition, or perhaps with the help of some ideas I had given them, this problem seemed to improve.

Now this is not an attack on anyone, but I want to point out that for a problem to improve is nothing.  That happens to everybody.  Saying that a problem improved is Line-level consciousness speaking in a sequential manner.  For those of you correctly drawn here, for those of you who without knowing it are sick and tired of a sequential universe, let me point out that for a problem to simply “improve” is not very much indeed.  Real improvement exists in a place that is beyond even the concept of such sequential matters. Forget “some improvement.”  “Some improvement” is really no improvement.

As long as we’re having to deal in sequential sounds, I’ll give you a variation on this idea.  Perhaps this will prove a better explanation for some of you.  It is not that “some improvement” is a lack of improvement, it is just totally inadequate.  Even if, in the sequential world, I agree that the situation has improved, for people correctly drawn to This, “some improvement” just will not do.  It is meaningless.  It might as well be no improvement.  “Doctor, I didn’t come here for a prescription, I came here for a cure.”  That is how you should treat a doctor.  And of course, there is only one good doctor, and that is you.

Some improvements might as well be no improvement.  The only real improvement of a problem would be if the doctor asks, “How is the problem?” and you respond, “What problem?”  Or, you respond, “What do you mean by improvement, could you please define that for me?”  You may find this amusing but it is very important.  I am speaking of the very heart of This kind of Activity.  But there is no place to start from is there?  You cannot start from your current, internal position because you think if there is going to be an improvement, there obviously must be a sequential run of events.  How else could you judge that something has improved?  How else could you tell if a banana has become spoiled?  You must see it go from one condition to another.

If that is what you think, then you’re still reading the travel section of the Sunday times.  To think there may be improvement at a later date is living down in Dullsville, in ordinary town.  That is where everybody lives.  But please note, that even if there is some improvement in Ordinaryville, it never works out.  Even if there is an improvement in one problem, it is soon replaced by another.  And the new problem always seems to dwarf the old problem.  There is only one place where there can be Real Improvement, and it is in a direction that is beyond any concept of ordinary Man.  Any degree of improvement is meaningless. Real improvement is something else entirely.

My sequential sounds have made some of you feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall, or perhaps that you are running on a mobius strip.  I once knew a man who was a professional convict.  He used to have only one response to everyone.  Somebody would do something and he’d say, “Hey, that is going to help you the way you’re going.”  No matter what it was they were doing.  If a cell mate told him, “I decided when I get out I’ll never drink again.  I’m going back to church.”  He would say, “That’s going to help you the way you’re going.”  If another cell mate told him, “Boy, I can’t wait to get out, I’m going to make up for all the booze and women I’ve missed.”  He’d say, “That’s going to help you the way you’re going.”

So, to try to help you the way you’re going, consider this:  If the universe is indeed a closed system, then how do such notions as “you are what you eat” and “consciousness has no limitations” fit within that system?  How does belief that Man’s awareness, his true Yellow Circuit activity, can continue to expand beyond any limits, fit within the context of what appears to be a closed system?

Here’s an example.  There has been apparently documented data and statistics proving that the male population of a certain area near the Mediterranean Sea has absolutely no occurrence of colon cancer.  It has also been noted that this culture uses only olive oil as a cooking medium.  They do not use animal fats or any vegetable oil other than olive oil.  So what is the obvious, sequential connection?

Except, what ordinary consciousness cannot perceive, what sequential knowledge can never expose is that Life has raised in that particular area of its body men without colon cancer.  It raised them in the same way it raised olive trees.  One did not follow the other.  Several, to many things, happened all at once.  And the ordinary workings of consciousness cannot perceive that.  It perceives only obvious, discernible, statistical connections.  Ordinary man says, “Perhaps we don’t have a full understanding of why, but we have enough statistical data to show that this unique group has almost no incidence of colon cancer because of their use of olive oil.  We have made an extensive study and found that the use of olive oil is the only variable that separates this group from other cultures.

There are people in Life’s body who are wired up to be “Monday morning philosophers,” that might put forth the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  Or, “Which came first, heredity or the environment?”  That little part of Life’s body which passes for being a cut-rate philosopher would also say, “Well, we will never know.”  And for them that is the truth.  But that is not an option open to you people or you would not be here.  It is possible to know, but not based on sequential sounds or data.  Based on sequential knowledge, you will never know the answer to the question, “Is the exclusive use of olive oil as a cooking medium the reason that these men have no statistical incidence of colon cancer?”  You will never know because within the universe, or even that small area by the Mediterranean, many things happen all at once.  And remember, you have to know what “all at once” means.  It doesn’t mean right now.  “All at once” could mean over the last five thousand years.  There was no sequence of one thing causing another.  However, the crack intellectual teams that gathered the data in that Mediterranean area must believe in sequential events.

I assure you that somewhere in the many thoughts that Life has had has been the thought. “Boy, I wish some of those cells, some of those people in me didn’t get colon cancer.  It gets to be a drag sometimes.”  It has thought that at least once or I wouldn’t have said it.  It has thought, “If I ever have time, I’ll do something about that.”  So the little cells, the little men in this area are suddenly surrounded by olive trees.  And remember, on Life’s scale suddenly could have taken many thousands of years.

Perhaps the history of these people relates, “When our forefathers first came to this land, they saw the olive trees and the great Erg the First said, “Let’s stay here.  Olive trees are a good sign.”  And all the people thought, “Why not, it’s too far to Encino.”  Those who were studying these people would have come up with other, sequential theories as to what took place:  the olive trees were abundant and provided easy, inexpensive food.  These people did not come from a herding culture so they had no cattle to supply animal fats.  And these experts would point out, “Even if there is the minute possibility that this statistical information is correct, then everyone should consider switching to olive oil as a cooking medium.  Until we prove otherwise, it is definitely worth a try.  It is obvious that this is one of the variables separating this group of people’s eating habits from that of contemporary Americans.  And look how high the incidence of colon cancer is in America.”

They might even go so far as to emphatically state, “There is no doubt.  We have enough statistical information now to state that olive oil is a truly meaningful variable in these people’s diet.  We can now say with no conditions that you would all benefit by giving up animal fats and other vegetable oils as a cooking medium.  Statistical data has proven that there is a definite connection between the use of olive oil and the lack of colon cancer.”

All of that is necessary on the sequential level in the horizontal world.  And the data may apparently lead to a diminishing incidence of colon cancer.  But to the Few, it explains nothing.  Or, to put it another way, whatever this may explain is like a bus leaving in the year 2270.  I haven’t got the time or patience to wait.

No matter how useful sequential information is in day to day life, it is not going to explain anything.  Let’s say that over the next two hundred years 70% of the American people switch to olive oil, and the number of incidents of colon cancer dropped proportionally.  Listen, and you have to listen quick, if you lived through that, would you Understand any more about the workings of Life?  It seems to be a useful expansion of knowledge.  There has been progress.  The rate of colon cancer dropped by almost 70%.  Based on this information, would you Understand any more?  What could be the possible connection between olive oil and colon cancer?  How large is the universe?  Why is my second toe longer than my big toe?  What the hell’s going on?  There is no understanding because all the new knowledge is based on sequential information.

If that kind of knowledge satisfies you, then you belong in the bus station.  You believe that they are finally going to call out your bus.  They have to, right?  You went to all the trouble of going there.  You’ll be on guard.  You know what it is you are looking for.  You are going to listen for your bus and make no mistakes.  You’re not going to get on the wrong bus.  Of course, you do suspect that the bus isn’t going to get you to where you want to go.  I didn’t get any of this riding the bus.  Life does not talk to people riding on buses.  Well, Life will talk to you on a bus, but all it will say is, “Don’t sit next to the guy with that brown paper bag in his lap.”  That’s it.  If you are waiting for something else, forget it.

I want to point something else out.  I have tried in the past to get you people to be aware of what is going on inside your own heads.  To be aware of what seems to be you; not just your gestures, stance, or overt behavior, but what is happening in your so-called mind.  I’ve told you to notice the mind working in both words and pictures, and the kind of combinations that they produce.  Many of you will find this interesting; for some, this will be the prize in the cracker jacks.  No one knows this or has ever had the occasion to see it.  It is not something you would find in a psychology book.  A great fact for free:  What you remember in words are those instances that were verbally most impressive at the time, and likewise for what you remember in pictures.

Say you have a memory at Line-level consciousness of the time your father was drunk and missed your birthday party.  He came in late, and began arguing with your mother.  You were in the hallway watching and listening when he suddenly said, “Hey, he’s a little brat, you know I didn’t want any children anyway.”  After all this time, you remember his exact words.  If you tried real hard, you might be able to conjure up a foggy picture of the incident, but the words stuck with you.  The verbal aspect of the incident was simply more impressive to you.

And then there are other memories where you can’t piece the words together, but you have a very clear picture of the event.  Let’s take a similar situation at a different party.  Your father was drunk and arguing with your mother.  You could hear them speaking.  Your mother was attacking him for letting you down by not being at the party.  You’re standing in the hallway looking in when suddenly, your father turns and slaps your mother with the back of his hand.  He knocks your mother down.  At certain times, this chemical and electrical energy flows back through your Yellow Circuit and you have a very clear picture of that event.  But even if you were pressed, you would not be able to remember the words they spoke.  You could remember the anger in the words, but not the actual words.  You can see the picture because what impressed you at the time was the visual message, not the vocal aspect.

Let me point out something else that is not common knowledge.  When something, for whatever reason, seems to trigger such a memory in your Yellow Circuit, an immediate chemical change takes place affecting your total being.  This can more readily be observed while attempting a physical activity such as jogging.  You can feel it.  When you see the picture of your father slapping your mother, an immediate molecular change occurs within you.  You drop a step.  Something happens to you physically.  The rhythm changes.  It affects your feelings, and it affects your abilities.  You can feel it all the way down to the most basic level.  The rhythm and grace of the Red Circuit are affected.  This is never seen or taken into account.  There is literally an immediate, discernible, chemical change that affects the entire circuitry, not just the Yellow.  This is a known medical fact, but it can not be seen by the individual to which it is occurring.

I am trying to get you to See, through my sequential descriptions, that what seems to be a negative response in the Yellow Circuit, through words or pictures, has an immediate, molecular affect on you.  You can feel it in toto.  Let’s say you were out running down the road when someone drives past you in a pickup truck and throws a bag out the window hitting you.  You were just running along, perhaps feeling good and enjoying the exercise when the bag hit you.  The negative thoughts begin to flow and a chemical, molecular change takes place within you.  Within a few seconds or minutes you may trip.  You may turn your ankle.  Someone dealing with sequential logic might say, “That is what you get for responding.  That is what you get for letting him get to you.  You got all involved psychologically.  You started thinking of what you should do or say instead of paying attention to what you were doing.”  If you are one of the many, that is right.

You have got to become aware that what takes place in the Yellow Circuit has an immediate, total affect on you molecularly.  And exercise offers a great opportunity to observe this.  When you are involved with a fairly routine physical activity such as jogging, the blood is being taken away from the brain.  It’s being used in other parts of the body.  That is why you don’t have many great thoughts while you are running. That is why great men of the cloth do not run.  The blood is feeding other parts of the body, enriching them with oxygen.  You get into a certain rhythm and it is almost fun.  And then the paper bag hits your leg. Something changes inside you.  You may actually trip and hurt yourself.  Something has affected your ability.  It may affect your ability the rest of the day.  But you have missed everything if you believe that this has some kind of psychological basis.

Some of you still take all of this as too simplistic.  Those of you, however, who are wondering what you are missing are getting closer to the “Big Leagues.”  Consider this:  all religions and would-be mystical systems speak about the need for love.  Why?  Don’t get tangled up in any sequential meanings of the word “love.”  But why do they stress that you should feel love for your fellow man; that you should feel a certain kinship with everyone?  What are the religions attempting to say?  What are they attempting through such activities as ritual and prayer?  Without your knowing it, I have already told you the answer to these questions.

And what about another aspect of religion:  why has it been so popular in many parts of Life’s body, in many different time zones, for someone attempting their own salvation to retreat from the ordinary activities of life?  I am speaking about the “monk syndrome,” whether it be Zen or Catholic monastery or a new age commune.  What are they attempting to do?  What is Life making them attempt to do?

The answer to all these questions is the same.  The people involved in these activities may have many sequential reasons, but I am going to tell you the Real reason.  They are attempting to limit the external negative influences of Life.

The monastic people are trying to put themselves in the position where the possibility of external, negative stimuli is apparently reduced.  Their Yellow Circuits may say that there is less distraction.  They can read the holy writings in peace.  They can think holy thoughts and sing holy songs.  They are removed from the chaotic world of commerce, war and political intrigue.  They say, “Only here can we devote our entire energies to spiritual matters.”  That is their explanation, and it sounds fine.  But it is not true.  It’s true only on a sequential level.  It’s true for the many.  It is true for Life’s general purpose man, but for the Few, it is meaningless.  These explanations do not tell you anything.  Sequentially, they may make sense, but they do not explain what is really going on.  They do not produce any real Understanding.

These people are attempting to put themselves in the position where there is less likelihood of somebody throwing a paper bag at them.  If you are inside a walled commune or in a mountain top monastery, there is less chance of experiencing negativity.  The monks seem to abide by a set of rules and regulations.  There is not a great deal of trouble.  You won’t find a monk with a Soupy Sales attitude dressing up like a chicken.  While you are doing your six hours of daily meditation, you will not find another monk who wads up a paper bag and throws it at you.  This simply will not happen.

The Yellow Circuit in such people will say, “We are in a place more conducive to spiritual and religious activity.”  But I am telling you that these people are removing themselves from the external circumstances that might produce negative responses within them.  Circumstances that will change them molecularly. They think they only have to deal with their own partnership, or to use a more suitable phrase, with the evil spirits within themselves.  They do not have to deal with such occurrences as their father slapping their mother.  But they cannot forget the past.  They may say, “I have harsh memories of my father and want to hit him for what he did to me and my mother.  But I shouldn’t do that.  I shouldn’t even think that.  I should forgive him.”  They take such thoughts as a spiritual, religious activity, but it is not.  It is not psychological.  It is a physical activity.  Such activities change them chemically.

Removing oneself from the external world is ultimately unprofitable.  It cuts down on your ability to feel. It cuts down on your abilities, period.  Under such conditions, you can only think and feel that which you have always thought and felt; the possibilities for more is drastically reduced.

So, in a sense, you have two completely different approaches to the same end.  Those who are apparently trying to remove themselves from the potential causes of negative responses, and those who would appear to be more involved with the positive aspects of religion and philosophy.  The positive people say, “Love is the only answer.  You have to love your enemies.  You must love people who throw bags at you or laugh at you.”  They are really saying that you cannot entertain negative responses because they create a detrimental chemical change within you.  Your abilities become diminished.  Your basic limitations are reinforced and as such, you cannot do anything right.

Of course, if they could get outside of their sequential awareness, they would see that not only can they do nothing right while entertaining negative thoughts, but they can do nothing right any time.  They can do nothing, period.  Try to See this:  they can do nothing because one thing does not follow another. They are not feeling negative because of a discernible, sequential line of events.  Thinking that one thing leads to another, or that one event causes another explains nothing.  And without Understanding there is nothing you can do.  You are stuck with thinking the same thoughts over and over.  What does that leave you with, the index card or the stamp?

I’ll leave that up to you.  You people know yourselves better than I do.  Maybe you are an index person — maybe not.  Only you and the gods know.  But you are limited to a certain amount of information.  You are limited to sequential knowledge.  And there is no way out.

Am I ending on a negative thought?  Why is it that Life seems to be most vocal in the “D” area?  And why is it that this seems doubly true within the apparent disciplines of religion and philosophy?  What church, synagogue, temple, or commune can you attend expecting an encouraging word?  Doesn’t that seem strange?

But what if week after week all you heard from me was encouraging words?  How much could I say?  Everything I could say would have been said in one night.  In a certain way, everything I say apparently has a negative timbre.  I don’t like it.  But the only other way is to tell you the Real Secret:  Stop it.  Just stop it.