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Silent Hero


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Jan Cox Talk  0223  – Aug 28, 1986   – runtime 1:38
Notes by TK

More on efficiency –the surrendering of freedom for increased efficiency. What kind of efficiency is there in a tyrannical situation vs. a chaotic one? NY vs. Moscow? Is there C-type and D-type efficiency? Ordinary consciousness cannot see that “inhumane”,disruptive activity serves a purpose just as vultures, maggots and jackals do in nature. The carrion-eaters are accepted as necessary in nature –but not in the affairs of man. Life’s efficiency.

Your molecular structure is your consciousness. The firing pattern of your brain’s electricity is absolutely what you sense and understand as “yourself”. Memory helps to keep your molecular structure suitably agitated –the evoked memories of “fears,hurts and blunders”. The Few must forget their past, whereas this is not Life’s ordinary plan and function thru man. Memory: the constant reminder of  “who you are” and where you come from/belong.

“Talking to yourself” is also molecular reinforcement of your ordinary structure. Neuralize Life’s use of the “silent hero”–silence is heroic to the ordinary; the hero doesn’t need to constantly establish and reinforce who he is; he seems solid, stable and real to a degree superhuman. Neuralize the use and success of “talking therapy”–an acceptable, even beneficial process of self improvement, to break thru to change. Also same for catholic “confession of sins”: a release of repetitive molecular agitation patterns which serve to refresh, invigorate the same old molecular structure of who you are, thus perpetuating it–increasing its efficiency for Life’s purposes. The Few must not talk about themselves–or at least when it’s unavoidable, lie!

Re: the past. Ordinary repentants must denounce their past as part of their molecular reinforcement pattern: the new sense of self gained through repenting, i.e.,reformed alcoholics in AA meetings. The Few have in a sense “repented” their hardwired self–but they can’t then talk about it, denounce their past,or they perforce re-become it. All ordinary change must be continually reinforced at the molecular level.

Everybody should become a poet, a rhymester—feel a kind of poetic joy and wonder of existence and express it in offbeat terms. Cannot verbally state the obvious: “God, what a beautiful day!” Being a poet for The Few is to become a private form of re-injection of chaos/insanity/entropy to the universe. Rhyming is a kind of interference and interruption of the ordinary sequential flow involving tempo, meter and rhyme.

There is an improvement on the “Jesus Saves” formula–one word only. Neuralize what it might be.


1:35 TASK: Next two wks, in your head, now once each waking hour, write a short throw-away poem –especially useful where an ordinary reaction would be most evoked by the ordinary flow of who you are.