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AMV12 and the Bell Curve


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Tape 220, Aug 7, 1986,runtime 1:17
Notes by TK

AMV12 and Cultures of man: mainstream (“normal”) and non-mainstream (anti-social, criminal) of cultures/timezones. AMV12 is spread throughout the totality of blood circulation but primarily in the mainstream/center. Non-mainstream has either too little or (rarely) too much AMV12. Mainstream continually attempts to rehabilitate and/or explain the non-mainstream.

Social critics constitute the non-mainstream and are the weakest, most dilute and unbalanced part of Life’s bloodstream –have the least AMV12. Life attempts to prevent dilution/spread of AMV12 to peripheral areas. Prayer as a direct attempt to enrich AMV12 concentration in one’s bloodstream. This thing as attempt to enrich the blood; blood thickens, biochemistry literally changes.”

There is no truth in words” –but the other half is: All truth exists in words but only as applied to the words themselves and he who speaks the words. Words reveal where a speaker is in Life’s bloodstream. Each human mouth spouting words is like a pinhole outlet in Life’s artery spouting blood –a capillary transfer. All men are captured by words. Consider the action of The Few in not responding to verbal abuse; comprehending their true import and reality.”

There is something in everything!”: punchline for health food obsession. Relation to words suggesting that an absolute purity –ambrosia–exists: that which has no internal foe. Pursuit of purification.

You have got to learn to properly scoff at all “dead book ideas”. Example of breathing exercises now moot and useless –“like taking dancing lessons from a corpse”.

“The other side of kindness” as related to “blues-farm sharecropper” :no one is a priceless, fragile piece of china. The Few should develop into “crackpots”.

You need to develop a very real respect for inanimates –everything that exists. It is all Life’s body and you should remember this or you reduce your possibilities. There is no garbage.


1:14 – TASK: New game: “bombs away”. Fill the blank: “Murder is to insults as____ is to self-confession.”



Document:  220,  August 7, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

The reality of the substance in the blood has been understood for thousands of years in a way that would surprise you, but it was never before named.  My name for it, AMv12, has some significance but it’s of no great importance to tell you, literally, what that is.

Despite the diversity of cultures on the planet each one has its own mainstream and each has what could be labeled its non-mainstream.  Life’s own blood has a version of AMv12 that has a spread similar to a bell curve; one side of the curve has too little AMv12, the other too much.  The bulk of the curve and its appropriate level of AMv12 represents the mainstream of a particular time and locale.

When the amount of AMv12 in an individual nervous system is insufficient, is less than the norm of that mainstream’s, you have the emotionally crippled, the antisocial, people who are continually at loggerheads with the prevailing forces of their time zone and locale.  I’m not speaking of people born with only half a brain or some mental deficit; I’m referring to those people irresistibly drawn to behavior which would be termed psychologically difficult or aberrant.  In ancient times these persons were called possessed.  Today they would be deemed unable to cope with life; perhaps they are continually heartbroken or they are so inflamed by being alive that they’re forever in trouble with their society’s authorities.  Mankind has attempted to explain these behaviors in countless ways, from the reading of bumps on peoples’ heads all the way to detailed sociological theories about the negative affects of a deprived upbringing.  I’m telling you just what it is:  that person has an insufficient amount of AMv12, the specific blood nutrient that keeps Life growing.

Remember that everything alive is based on a triad; the mainstream requires the non-mainstream.  The mainstream, the great semi-washed bourgeoisie, those herds of well-dressed lemmings, has always been a sitting duck for the non-streamers:  artists, anarchists, social observers.  Artists of repute were never in the mainstream.  They never dressed like others, they had odd sexual practices, they didn’t eat the way others did, they even slept at strange hours.  Part of their job was ridiculing the mainstream; they were always outside of it.

It is the middle class, the mainstream of a particular time and place, that has always been the sitting duck for satire, ridicule, even physical attack.  And the attack is from those outside the mainstream.  Critics and their criticisms are necessary to Life, but in you and Life it is the most diluted part of the blood, the weakest part, that is the critic.

Just as you swallow aspirins and apply cold compresses to your head, Life, too, attempts to treat its passing maladies.  It attempts to treat people whose behavior is non-mainstream: those who go spouting non-coherent statements, or the chronically depressed, the hysterical, criminals, etc.  They may be pulled out of the mainstream to live in special facilities, but the hue and cry issuing forth from the bulk of the bell curve is to help these people to progress to, “Find ways to make them functional in society, keep them from being a threat to themselves or others.”

Every society has a set of absolute laws, not suggestions, but laws in  “the interest of all” , meaning in the interest of the mainstream.  It’s Life’s blood talking, speaking from the heart of the bell curve.  Outside the parameters of acceptable conduct are behaviors — stealing another’s hard earned belongings, pushing people around, etc. — “That will not be tolerated.”  This is the middle of the AMv12 spread in Life’s blood talking, setting parameters by which to pull the fringes in toward the center.  Criminals do not picket the state capitol urging their legislators to propose more stringent laws.  Nor do they write letters to the editor bemoaning the decay of civilization.  (You’re going to miss it if you think this is obvious.  Yes, it’s obvious, but shadows are obvious.)  Via the mainstream’s efforts to define and treat aberrant and antisocial behavior, Life is attempting to treat its own spread of AMv12.  It is trying to bring the imbalanced edges of the bell curve to the center, struggling to enrich the weakest aspects of its own blood.  It is attempting to make every one of its molecules  (humans) as evolved as its very best.  That should not strike you as strange, because what else are you up to every time the partnership argues over all those minor, little personal shortcomings?  You’re trying to treat all those little details that you’re convinced keep you just a hair’s breadth from perfection.

Life has used obvious physical means of treating people.  Historically it has locked people up, not just criminals but those who were psychologically disturbed, and beaten them silly (it was worth a try, plus, if you beat a man long enough he’ll stop being weird and bothering the neighbors).  Even the church tried to cure those who acted “ungodly” by removing them to the dungeons and beating them.  Was it not surprising how many people finally “saw the light”?  Put a sword to a man’s throat and he very suddenly becomes a believer.

Besides these direct physical means of religious conversion, you might then reconsider a question I posed before:  “What might be the possible use of prayer?  Why did Life place this notion in man?”  Can you see that one of the purposes of prayer is to  attempt to cure the AMv12 imbalance?  Or if you want to look at it more positively: to enrich the blood of those praying.  The tales of enlightenment through meditation and chanting signified a physical change in the nervous system.  This is not to take away from the singularity of those experiences, but rather to show you that what was once called spiritual or psychological is physical.

And one place it is physically based is the blood.  If I am telling you the truth, which I am, then why, you might wonder, can’t a scientist examine the blood of an unordinary man or woman and find that special substance?  They can’t.  And it’s not a limitation of technology.  It’s a limitation of consciousness.  The substance is there; no one can see it because no one can see beyond their own level.  It’s been called by every name in the spectrum of human experience — it’s been called religious, it’s been called heathen, it’s been called being a decent person, it’s been called being an outsider.  It’s in the blood.

A man or woman attempting to willfully activate new neural territory is attempting to enrich his or her blood.  This can’t be done without the basic wiring to make it possible.  Can you see how it all fits far beyond the 2-D and 3-D world?  You would not have the desire to enrich the blood if you did not have the possibility to do it.  And, if you did not have the possibility of doing it you would not have the desire to do it.

In all those cases of accidental mystical experience you’ve read and heard about, and even in those cases where everyday people believe the gods have spoken to them (that they’ve personally benefited and do no particular harm) — the AMv12 in their blood was enriched.  Their biochemical system was temporarily altered, and the broadcast schedule of channel WDNA was changed.  You’ve felt it in yourself; it doesn’t have to be dramatic: “My station’s always played the top 40 and now it’s playing stuff I never heard before.  I knew these songs existed but I never heard them before.”  It’s Life attempting to enrich all the parts of its blood.

Let’s jump far afield, and then jump back.  You have heard me mention in different ways that there is no truth in words.  Many of you, not incorrectly, tasted the reality behind this, but now I’ll unfold the map further.  There is no truth in words, yet, there is all truth in words.  But the truth is in the words themselves and the person who spoke them.  If there was truth in words, as is ordinarily believed, if words were a stand-in for experience, then all this would be simple; you’d understand everything you ever heard.  And it isn’t that way.  However, there is all truth in words, from the viewpoint that the words are saying what the words are saying and they are also conveying the wiring of the person who spoke them.  The words are telling you that person’s AMv12 balance, where he or she is in the bell curve — the words reveal what he is.  For you to listen to someone espousing his philosophical views and cavalierly dismiss it with a pat statement that whatever is being said is garbage, is hasty.  There is no truth in words, in the way you once believed, and that does indeed render your search for ancient knowledge moot.  Yet there is all truth in words; they are not a waste of time.  Ordinary life is not a salami sandwich spoiling out in the sun.  It is something, a something you can learn from.  You can learn from Life speaking through the mainstream. And if you are properly wired to do This Thing, you can learn, although it’s less profitable, from the fringes. Nothing should be foreign to your system.  You have a piece of everything from mad dog killer to the person who would  roll around in glass shards if it would help his fellow man — as well as all that lies between these two extremes.  Quantitatively speaking, there is more activity, hence more to learn, in the mainstream of Life, but the fringes are as necessary for growth — and you can learn from that very fact itself.

Every time someone speaks, the balance of AMv12 is spurting out small messages through the walls of Life’s circulatory system.  Each human mouth acts as a pinhole through which little droplets of blood spurt out in the form of words.  You could even predict, although this is of no great importance, the ways in which the mainstream is about to further enrich itself.  When “everybody” in Life’s mainstream is suddenly doing something new,  you can almost predict how long it might last, whether it’ll be a one-month fad or long-lived.  In this sense, can you see, there is all truth in words.  The words represent themselves and they represent the wiring of their spokesman.  You needn’t attend seances or gaze into crystal balls to foresee where Life might be moving — just sit on a park bench, hang around a street corner, listen to the radio, or watch t.v.  You can hear all you need to hear.

If you could do what I’m describing then you would not be captured by what people say.  Ordinarily, of course, you and everyone else is captured.  It’s part of the dynamics of Life moving energy through its system.  Words have a power, they have an affect without any physical action necessarily validating them. A woman in a movie tells her husband she’s leaving and suddenly you feel, “That could happen to me.  My old lady might be home right now packing her bags.”  You get tears in your eyes almost as if has happened to you.  No one notices that the words are saying something about themselves.

If you enriched your blood, you could see that what people said to you was one thing, but the way your partnership wants to react is quite another.  You could see, if your system was altered to enable you see, that it’s of no consequence whether you were told to, “get lost” or, “I’ve always liked you.  You’re a mind among minds.”  There are two ways you can deal with the matter of whether there is truth in words: Remember there is no truth in words; and Remember, there is all truth in words — that the words speak in reference to themselves and the person uttering them.  Only once you See that there is all truth in words can you begin to see their real limits.

Onto the sermon for this evening with its proper preface (have you noticed that preachers always begin their sermons with, “Last week I heard such and such.”)  So…last week I was in the grocery store and happened over to the health food section.  A man and woman were looking at different products and kept holding up different cans and she’d say,  “No, put that back — it has sugar in it.” — or eggs or lard or whatever.  What you do or don’t eat is not the point of this example or anything I’m about to say.  These two people were obviously interested in avoiding certain foods.  He kept looking at different labels and finally he was perplexed and looked like a child, as men often do in the face of the logic of women, and he picked up a few things and asked,  “You mean there’s something in this and in this too?”  And she turned to him and said,  “Dear, there’s something in everything.”  She was telling the truth:  there is something in everything.  On the most basic level, as I’ve told you before, there is no ambrosia.  Yet the words would have it otherwise, that there is a “purity” available to Man.

When Life, speaking through the men of ancient cultures, referred to ambrosia, it was considered a food that was eaten by the gods  or was once a part of the gods.  The implication was that it was a food that did not have any negative “something” in it, a food that was in no way opposed to itself.  If such an abrosia could be found and eaten, it follows, that the person would become equally pure.  If you move up the stretch of human existence this desire for purity manifests in other ways:  “If I could unerringly adhere to the 600 dictates of my forefather’s religion then… I could purify myself.”  Then, it is assumed, that no one, including the internal partnership, could turn  and say,  “There’s something else there.”  Surely after such purification, partnership could not say:  “O.K. you got rid of white sugar, and animal fat.  You got rid of eggs and dairy products.  But look — what’s that funny word at the bottom of the label that’s you — Aha! It’s some kind of preservative!”

The drive for purity comes out in human existence, in the theories of men.  What cannot be explained correctly in words, is what the purity consists of, because it changes from locale to locale, and it changes, as it should, from one time zone to another.   If you think this is strange, because you would have thought “purity” to be an absolute, how many of you have tried to adhere to a strict diet?   When you try it at times, you find you feel much better.  You do it for awhile and then what happens?  After two weeks you come home one day and what happens?  You eat all the chocolate bars you’d hidden under the bed.  There is no difference between that and Life’s grand scale attempts.

Try and expand your perception of the possibilities of what Life, beyond and behind the two-dimensional existence of men, is trying to do by instilling the belief in humanity that there is a perceivable and achievable noble purity; a state that men could approach if they strive for it through religious, political and economic means.  Let me remind you, though, that the woman at the grocery store told the truth:  there is something in everything.  Yet Life insists through man, that a certain purity is possible — a purity of action, a purity of thought, a purity of existence — in which no one, not even your own internal partnership, could point to the label that is you and say:  “Sure enough, there’s white sugar in your pockets, eggs in your pant cuffs and lustful thoughts lurking under your lapels.”  What is Life up to?

I continue to receive queries about whether there’s validity in learning ancient breathing methods or chants?  Firstly, you must learn to properly scoff at all dead-book ideas.  I don’t mean this theoretically; eventually you must see for yourself that scoffing is all that dead-book ideas deserve.  Dealing with dead book ideas is like taking dancing lessons from a corpse.  On the level of individual practices — breathing methods, staring at one’s fingernails, chanting — if they were ever of any practical use, they are no longer. The only way to squeeze any profit from them would be through a living source who understood what was involved, and that situation is virtually nonexistent.  Because those teaching dead book ideas in the mainstream of Life’s mystical activities have no understanding.

All these pseudo-mystical cults and sects serve a fringe purpose.  Life would have disposed of them if they were a waste of time.  They do not, however, feed Life’s mainstream; they don’t enrich its blood. That’s why they’re cults.  The beautiful justice of it all is that those people whose blood structure imbalance lands them in a fringe group, consider the middle class opposition to their activities, as further proof that they are on the right track:  “The middle class hates us.  That proves we’re outside the mainstream.”

It’s easy and ordinary to make certain types of jokes at the expense of the mainstream churches.  For example, to derisively comment upon how they tortured and beat people while saying,  “We’re here to help you, to uplift you.”  From one viewpoint missionaries demanding that natives clothe themselves and go to church makes you want to shout,  “Just give the world a break.  You made these perfectly happy people worry about money and drink alcohol.  You even gave half the tribe V.D.”  But that’s not a proper viewpoint.  The mainstream of Life is enriching itself and it’s not an either/or situation; it’s always a win/win situation with Life.  Those ugly American Evangelicals with IQ’s of a slop bucket and the perceptivity of a gnat, who go to foreign countries and just turn them upside down (on a two-dimensional basis), are enriching Life’s blood more than the most attractive, the most laid-back, the most colorful guru with his small band of followers.  You would think, as you always have, that the exotic guru is doing “more good” than those hordes of “mindless dogmatic missionaries” — but you are incorrect.  The mainstream of Life is enriching itself.

Of a more practical thrust, we’ll call the topic of this paragraph: the other side of kindness.  I have mentioned before the need for a tolerance, a kind of non-lateral kindness, between those attempting This. Not some sham behavior of hugging everyone constantly, but an attempt to transcend the ordinary tensions that generally hold people together in Life.

You must also realize that no one involved with these activities is a priceless piece of china.  Some people whose blood is weak grew up believing they were very fragile.  You need to develop into is a good, sturdy crock pot, the kind that cooks food for 2 1/2 weeks at a time, the kind that, if dropped, rolls and bounces on the floor, completely intact.  If you believe you’re a priceless piece of china, then you’ll always imagine people are mishandling you, or that Life is going to bump into the cabinet and knock you off your shelf.  Or someone might be washing you and their little hands might slip….

Let me conclude by mentioning something that is far removed from two-dimensional mainstream religious attitudes.  It happens when the right kind of shift occurs in your nervous system.  You must clearly develop a specific respect for non-animates —  like your styrofoam cup, or the newspaper you’re about to throw away — they are all part of Life’s body.  All that stuff seems absolutely dispensable.  It’s not that you need to perform a secret ritual every time you throw away a styrofoam cup, but you should have a very specific respect for everything.  Man is not wired up to give any thought to these non-animate objects. Look at how little regard most people give each other, and to any living creatures on the planet.  Who, after all, has ever heard of having respect for a styrofoam cup?

You could look at it this way:  by being totally unaware of these parts of Life’s body, you’re diminishing your own possibilities.  Obviously you have to throw away garbage,  but you’re making a mistake if you remain continually unaware of the non-animates, and treat that which does not move and has no feeling as if it doesn’t even exist.