Jan Cox Talk 0219

Escaping Good and Evil


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Jan Cox Talk  0219  –  Jul 31, 1986  – runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

Life periodically ponders (thru man) ideas that are so bizarre, self-revealing, and inflammable that only Life’s most ingenious cells can make use of or even tolerate them. Consider what This Thing is. You must be able to comprehend that Life is a whole being to escape the ordinary conceptions of good vs. evil, that people are doing harmful things to other people–the equivalent of believing that your own liver could decide on and carry out an attack on the lungs. The ideas of This thing are revealing to those who can hear them. Life is revealing itself–talking, daydreaming to itself. Only a very Few can benefit from this.

The need for a foe–continued. Everyone requires an enemy.Consider The Partnership: the ultimate, most reliable foe; always available.

Life has found its voice thru man. Man’s genetic code has found its voice thru The Partnership. Man has no voice without the partnership. Relation to “god talked to me”: The Partnership talks to everyone. Time zones –the further west,the more based on pure action and less on Thinking Of Action.

The Partnership as radio station WDNA (KDNA on west coast). Constantly broadcasting from time of your earliest consciousness. One part of broadcast is station programming, other part is equivalent of FCC agency controlling the parameters of broadcast, e.g., frequency, range etc. Ways to attempt to control/dampen/censor the station broadcast: physically redirecting/reflecting the broadcast, i.e., turning on it, facing it head on (canceling it out). 2nd way, try to affect by external change (“I’ll buy a car”) which has temporary palliative action. 3rd way, hold up station in comparison to an external standard–in judgment.

Prime example of this activity: Life’s use of religion. Without external standard The Partnership would accelerate into a self consuming maelstrom.

Other than “red union men” (men of pure action –“eat, sleep, sex”) everyone has only one overriding rewarding, meaningful, activity/desire/goal: attempts at change. This is all that Life is about. The 2 primary modes of attempted change: external (buy a new car) and internal –spiritual seekers.

Don’t fight your genes, but work with your awareness of them. The attempt to change is nothing other than fighting your own genes. The Man of La Mancha is the ordinary man–forced to fight windmills– The Few must see this is not even a fight. When winning is impossible, the foe is not unbeatable –it is unfightable. The Few must have a continuing personal awareness of their genetic code. They must turn their attention to a worthwhile foe –not The Partnership. This thing is the closest thing to an exception of escape from fighting your own genes.

“Blues farm” revisited: You can’t be a sharecropper on a blues farm.

Fighting of your genes compared to body building –for Life’s strength and expansion. But is useless for a man since the timescale lies outside his lifetime–which is all The Few are interested in.


1:28 – TASK for New People: For a week, > 1 x day, ask, in a totally inapt place: “do you make keys here?” Be alert.