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Biochemical Change in Three Dimensions


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Tape 211, Jun 5, 1986, runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

More on “Flatville”. Man exists in a 2 dimensional “attitude”/world where 3 dimensional possibility is the rule. But the 3rd dimension appears as irrelevant to ordinary man and thus can’t be remembered.

“Vices, the Equation and ‘Life is a contact sport'”–sermon topic. Vices can be seen as the attempt to minimize the “contact” of Life-sport, either quantitatively (e.g., masturbation reducing population) or qualitatively (e.g., alcohol degrading quality of contact/consciousness) reduces contact of I with Not-I. “Lateral thinking” limits perception–prevents its movement outside lateral (Flatville, binary) constraints: it is 2-D information–info from external sources.

Not-I is always the past; the external source of information. 2-D info in truth doesn’t exist–is useless for The Few. Must be able to circumvent–take a right angle; Neuralize. Lateral thinking is the lineal flow–it is time.

Must see Life not as 2-D but as a multidimensional realm of possibilities capable of harboring every apparent possible 2-D opposite and conflict. The “big guy” anthropomorphic concept is lateral thinking–just another version of “god”. Remember: T.I.N.O.T. But consciousness is based upon “out there”–separation from and surroundment by an inorganic environment. In reality we are in the midst of a multi-D living form harboring all possibilities for apparent 2-0 opposites.

Action and thinking of action: the biochemical perception of the possibility of new behavior must precede the actual altered behavior. The Few need to do this for themselves, not as ordinary life, from “friction nourishment” out of Life’s contacts–from external sources. There is a perception biochemical alteration preceding the biochemical alteration of action.

Example of perception of first person running a sub-4 minute mile exploding the accepted “fact” that it was physically impossible for men, followed by “everybody’s grandmother” now running a mile in under 4 minutes. 3 turns into 2 constantly right before your eyes.

Example of a person in favor of idea that sports is good for your spiritual development admitting that in addition to those (fools) who oppose this idea, there are those to whom the whole question is meaningless which constitute a third possibility. But note that it instantly turns into Flat City, into the binary process of “you either do or you don’t” agree with the entire proposition of pro v. con v. indifferent possibilities.


TASK: for newer people–take two 40-minute walks. Attempt to remove your vocal self from the daydreaming process.

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Document:  211,  June 5, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

Although Man believes his existence to be three-dimensional you should see for yourself, that his perception, his consciousness, and his individuality, is based upon a two-dimensional attitude.  Everything Man thinks, and everything Man apparently feels, excluding the most basic physical sensations, is two-dimensional.  But, I remind you, nothing exists unless it operates on the basis of a triad:  there are three legs to everything.

In an undefined, non-understood way, Man knows that his life is a two-dimensional existence within a three-dimensional possibility.  Religions, unknowingly, have been a reflection of this undefined knowledge. Whenever ordinary men speak for Life, about such things as gods, expanded awareness, mystical states, and being born again into a new kind of spirit, what they are saying is, “I was living in a 2-D world, but I’ve seen the light.”  On the ordinary level, recognition of the three-dimensional is equated with a “mystical experience,” and is always inexplicable.

Ordinary people have a nonfunctional awareness that they are operating with 2-D perception within a 3-D possibility.  The ordinary perception of irrelevancy is the extent of Man’s awareness of the three-dimensional!  It is the extent of Life’s need for man to see the three-dimensional.  If you could somehow make humanity confront this they would agree, “Yes, everything can be divided up into two camps.  I see what you’re implying about a 2-D existence.”  But if you pushed them further, the most you would get would be the low-level admission:  “Yes, I suppose there might be some people who would find my personal divisions of good and evil, or right and wrong, to be entirely irrelevant.”

You might say to an ordinary person, “Alright, your opinion is that sports are worthwhile in the spiritual character development of humanity.  But, you surely know that there are people who say that sports are a waste of time, and believe it has nothing to do with a man’s spiritual life.”  The person would reply, “Yeah, I’m aware that there are people like that — they’re wrong — but there are people like that.”  Then, if you said, “There are also people in the world who believe the entire sports argument is spurious and meaningless,” the person might agree, if you grabbed him by the throat, “Yeah, you’re right.  There are such people.  I see that there are three possibilities instead of two.”  But, those attempting to do This, have got to expand that; they have got to be able to do that to themselves.  Witnessing a third possibility is like seeing through a crack, like seeing the third side to a coin.

It is possible to perceive things, not as a confrontation between your thoughts and feelings and that which opposes them, but as a continual triaxial dance.  You will suddenly realize, “There have been three of us dancing.  There’s been a battle going on with three people, and I always thought it was between me and this other person or group.”  To see that there are three factors involved stops the illusory battle, and turns loose shackles that cannot be described verbally.  Once you are free from the illusory battle, you see that all descriptions are useless.

When you realize there are always three possibilities going on simultaneously instead of two, your relationship to everything changes — not theoretically, not in some would-be spiritual way, and not just in the mind.  Your whole dance with what was going on changes including what seems to be you internally. Everything changes, immediately.

Man’s perception, his consciousness, his individuality, is a two-dimensional creature, but it exists within a three-dimensional pool.  It exists and you can be conscious of it on the background of 3-D possibilities. If things were not of a triaxial nature, you’d be locked into good versus evil, black versus white, up versus down, and nothing could move.  Life could not grow.

Let me direct your attention back to my equation, “I plus not-I equals everything.”  This equation seems, at least at the basic level, to be noncontroversial.  The ordinary wiring in everyone has the feeling, “There is me and there is everything that is not me.  There are the limits of “I”:  my feelings, my thoughts, my wisdom and my ingratitude.  Beyond the limits of me exists everything and everybody else.”  But put all of that together and it spells everything; there is no way out of the equation.  Your forefathers believed in the ideas of gods and forces who lived outside this system, but this equation swallows everything.

Particularly, Consider that what Life has had Man describing as vices, are actually attempts to further separate “I” and “not I” in the equation.

I have described Life as a contact sport, and everything that can be referred to as vices could be seen as attempts to minimize an individual’s sporting contact with Life — to minimize contact with what seems to be outside the limits of “I.”  They are attempts to limit contact either on the basis of quantity, or of quality. For example:  masturbation.  Throughout history, Life has continually been making announcements that masturbation is a vice.  Of course, there is a real basis for Life making such announcements:  for example, if someone became fanatical about masturbating, to the point of never having contact with the opposite sex, it would adversely affect the necessary process which keeps the race going and keeps Life’s body populated.  If that vice became an overriding concern with a large portion of humanity, we could all be done for.  Quite simply, it would cut down on the quantity and quality of contact between opposite sexes.

The intake of alcohol is a prime example of a vice limiting the quality of contact.  Life continually makes announcements that drinking is a vice not to be overindulged.  Once again, there is a real basis for these announcements.  If there is alcohol in one’s system on a continuing basis, it cuts down on the quality of the contact between “I” and “not-I.”  That is a simple fact and you only need a modicum of perception above Line level to realize that it is true.  Even humanity in general recognizes that a few drinks can loosen up a person, and can even make them more personable; but overall, it cuts down on the quality of contact.

If you take a motion picture of some process, such as blood flowing through the system, the movie would be two-dimensional; yet that would be adequate for your own perception to understand the process represented.  Perception is based, quite adequately, on a two-dimensional presentation of a three dimensional world.  Lateral thinking operates within those same limits and is the automatic, hard wired operation, in everyone, of the Yellow and Blue Circuits.  If your own consciousness is limited to two dimensional awareness, then perception can never get outside of lateral thinking.

On a 2-D level, consciousness — thoughts, perception, knowledge — must operate in a lineal, sequential fashion.  Little thought molecules are all lined up, like little cells, and they move in a straight line, one following another.  They follow one another as predictably as each blood cell follows it’s preceding cell within the blood system.  As long as all of your human perceptions are 2-D in nature, you are left with thought molecules trailing one after the other.

This condition brings about another phenomenon:  an absolute reliance on external sources.  If you listen to someone who is considered to be the world’s leading expert in their field, the more everyone assumes that what that person has to say is cogent, the more his or her speech would be peppered with continual references to external sources.  That is a part of Life:  there is nothing wrong, and this is not an attack.  But you are so accustomed to hearing the constant references to external sources, you don’t listen to them, you don’t find them curious.

You should wonder why you would pay good money to go to a conference to hear some guy, some expert, and all he does for two hours is quote external sources.  What is going on?  It is not simply that people have to rely on somebody else:  what is going on is ordinary knowledge in its natural form.

Everything must have resistance to live.  Arts, for instance, would not exist were it not for critics.  Prophets could not exist without their persecutors.  Man’s gods could not exist without devils.  What seems to be the expansion of ordinary knowledge, ordinary wisdom, all the way from technology to apparent spirituality, is based upon a continual reference to the past.  It can appear to be contemporaneous, but it is still a reference to the past for someone to say, “As Professor so and so told me just yesterday…”  The reference is always to the past.  I am not pointing out some shortcoming in people’s intelligence; but it is unnoticed that no one has anything to say without referring to the past.

If you listen in a certain way, you can almost hear that, without such external reference:  a book, a Professor so and so, other guys’ works for the last ten years; the speaker would be left standing there, nude, intellectually (if not some other way).  They cover themselves with bulletproof fig leaves — not only over their genital areas, but over their little brains.  They are saying, “Wait a minute, I heard you people laugh.  You’d better watch it.  That wasn’t just me talking.  That was Professor so and so.  Don’t sell me cheap.  I am in good company.”

Below Line-level consciousness, no one can think of anything unless they’ve already thought of it.  That is the nature of lateral thought.  You may put two things together in a new way, if enough heat and pressure are supplied, or if you have a few drinks or tokes; otherwise it never occurs.  There is only a limited amount of maneuverability, and that gives the illusion of freedom.

Lateral consciousness is what you have already thought.  It is, for all intents and purposes, the limits of what you will ever perceive under ordinary conditions.  Lateral consciousness is the common level of everyone:  it is the level that Life demands here and now; and it is the only level that is necessary.

But if that is the level of your own perception, you are left with a two-dimensional base of consciousness.  Even though you can perceive three dimensions spatially, your consciousness, as far as it has been developed ordinarily, remains two-dimensional.  Your consciousness operates in “flat land,” where the biochemical reality of thought is that one thought molecule follows another, along the same paths, over and over.  This is a part of the reason ordinary consciousness continually must refer to external, past sources.  But I am telling you — for those involved with This, there is no past:  the past is absolutely useless to anyone attempting to do This, regardless of what the past was.

You must play the internal contact sport, because you were drafted onto this all-universal team; and the contact goes from “I” to “not-I.”  So, for Line-level consciousness, there must be external sources.  “There must be someone who knows more than I do.  There must be information written down.  If it was written down a thousand years ago, better yet.”

If left with lateral perception, you and all of humanity must refer to external sources, to holy books, to quotations or to what someone else said.  That is a fact.  You should be able to see it.  The continual reference to external sources is a part of the energy transfer system of Life’s body.  (Part of the purpose of Man’s memory is to be able to reuse energy that has already been chewed up and used once.)  Some ideas seem to have lasted three or four thousand years and you can still chew on them although millions of people before you did the same — they chewed on the ideas, said, “Wow!” and discarded them.  The point is that there is, perforce, a continual reference and dependence upon external sources, a dependence on “not-I” in the past.

Let me remind you that “not-I” is always the past.  Whatever you’re seeing, whatever you’re hearing, is already in the past.  You must wait for the sound and light to reach your senses, so “not-I” is always the past.  This is where the need comes in to refer to “not-I,” to external sources, for apparent direction and wisdom.

Of course, you might object, “We can’t reinvent the whole damn world.  Look at all the people who have gone before me.  Look at all the wisdom stored in books.  Even if we could start all over, why should we?  Would it not be more efficient to take advantage of all this past wisdom?”  But I could then ask you that super-dirty question, “If all of that amounted to anything, what are you doing here?  If your forefather’s religion, and all of the great books that you’ve read could get you anywhere, why are you listening to This?”

In the understanding of a triaxial world, there is actually no such thing as 2-D information.  There are no lineal facts.  There is no such thing as a continuing reality of cause and effect, of things being learned and then built upon.  There is no such thing as a linear series of so-called knowledge.  In the ordinary world, belief in such knowledge is quite sufficient; but for someone attempting to do This, the truth is, there is no such thing as two-dimensional information.  Anything that is part of your perception now, anything you think you know — whether it be theoretical or from so-called experience — is two dimensional.

If your perception of something is based upon your past experience — something you have learned, something you have read, something you have “figured out” — then it is linear information, and useless. From the view of someone attempting to do This, if your perception is two-dimensional information, it is no information at all.  You have got to be able to move at a right angle to linear information.  The information normally flowing through your own system is useless in attempting to do This.

For ordinary consciousness, everything progresses linearly.  Apparently, one fact follows another, one impact of an experience you’ve had follows the thoughts you’ve had about the experience.  At Line level, it is indisputable to you that some action you’ve taken was followed by thinking about that action, which later was followed by some additional action.  “I have built upon my experience.  I have built upon what I have read.  I have built and expanded upon what I have pondered.”  But you have not:  you don’t know anything more than you did before the Yellow Circuit really got cranked up.  You have got to be able to go at right angles to everything that is already a part of your lateral thinking.  Nothing else will take one beyond the limits of lateral thought.  This also applies to one’s apparent feelings.  They are all lateral; they are all linear.

Everything seems to have a cause.  Everything that one can feel something about, that one can have thoughts about, is two-dimensional/linear/lateral:  it is one biochemical molecule running right after the other one, just as surely as the blood flows in one direction.

Blood does not flow backwards in the venous system:  there are valves within the blood system that prevent the blood from ever reversing its direction of flow.  The same thing happens with your ordinary perceptions.  People have cried out for ages, “I want to be changed.  I need some supernatural force to put me on the right track, so I will not continue to hate this group of people, or hate myself, or my parents.  Somebody has got to stop this process and back me up.”  But you cannot back up, there are valves there.

One of the ordinary conceptions of time runs in a very predictable, very sane, very confined, lateral course.  All religions, all mystical systems, are a reflection of the attempt to back up.  The systems can sound as if they’re talking about the future:  “How I’ll become a better person.  How I’ll be rewarded after this veil of sin and sorrow.”  But what they are really talking about is, “I wish there were no valves in the linear flow, so I could go back.  If I could go back, I would not be this disreputable person.  I would not be this thing, this perception of myself, which makes me discomforted.”

The only possibilities of change at the ordinary level are of a lateral nature, and the course of lateral change has been run for many thousands of years.  The history of lateral change is in your own nervous system, in your own spine.  No matter which way you turn in the 2-D world, the information available is no information at all; because it never goes anywhere else, it never changes behavior and never changes your own understanding.

Attempt to move beyond any simple, two-dimensional, anthropomorphic ideas you may have about the nature of Life.  A very apropos verbal paradigm for Life would be:  a multi-dimensionally complex form, capable of containing and nurturing every apparent 2-D conflict and opposite.

There have been ideas throughout history that, “You’re actually just a part of another being just like yourself but a whole lot bigger, a whole lot wider.  Some great sky god is sitting somewhere, and we are all just part of his cells.”  But the idea of classical anthropomorphism, like everything else, is a two-dimensional concept, and tells you nothing.  You might as well go back to your forefather’s religion. You’d be in the same position.  You’d be in the same useless, lateral flow.  You have got to be able to see that Life could not be limited to some simple two-dimensional, linear idea.  We are not, “living inside the huge body of this real intelligent guy.”  That idea tells you nothing, and explains nothing.  Such ideas are another description of “God” with a capital “G.”  If we place ourselves inside the body of some “god,” some large entity, we essentially place that entity outside the system.  We would be back to my equation, “I plus not-I equals everything.”  “The gods, higher forces, superior intelligence, extraordinary understanding are foreign to me.  They are outside of me.  They are something I’ve got to gain.  Me and this larger, encompassing god, equal everything.”  But that is still a lateral concept, and useless.

We are a part of an organic, living form, but it is not a big old guy’s body.  You are not surrounded by this “not-I,” because there is no “out there.”  On the ordinary level, you have an undeniable sensation that, “There is a difference between me and you.  There is a difference between my good ideas and my humane feelings, and some group over here who are obviously anti-humane and anti-decent,” but that sensation is spurious, to say the least.


There is no out there.  There is no plus sign in my equation, “I plus not-I equals everything.”  The plus sign is an illusion created by lateral thought:  it is a real illusion created by Life.  There is no dead space between you and everyone else.  The sensation that, “There is a difference between my experience, knowledge and feelings, and yours,” gives rise to the feeling that there is inorganic reality.

Ordinary consciousness sees the plus sign in my equation as an inorganic quantity.  Without the inorganic plus sign, there could be no sensation of a linear reality.  Nothing would follow anything else.

At the ordinary level of consciousness, it seems that we are surrounded by “out there,” by not-I:  it appears we are surrounded, universally, by inorganic existence.  But that is not true.  If that were true, no one would be wired up to seek understanding of This.  Life would be dying, and it is not.  You are not surrounded by “out there,” because there is no “out there.”  You are not separated form anything by “inorganic reality,” because there is no “inorganic reality.”  You are in the midst of a complex, higher-dimensional form of Life, capable of containing and nurturing every apparent 2-D opposite that consciousness may conjure.

2-D consciousness cannot deal with opposites.  On the ordinary level, there is no understanding of how apparent good and apparent evil can exist side by side.  Consciousness cannot see that forms of destruction are just as valid and necessary as forms of creation:  it cannot explain lateral existence.

2-D theories cannot explain a 2-D world:  you have to be able to get above the water, to give any kind of reasonable description to fish, concerning their existence.  The fish believe “I plus not-I equals everything”:  the fish believe, “I’m separate from the water.”  A fish must get outside the water to see the situation, and no amount of fish talk or fish theories will help him do so.  You must move at right angles. You must see that you were born into the midst of a higher-dimensional, complex living form, with the power and necessity to contain and nurture every two-dimensional conflict and opposite.

Consider that any kind of perception is absolutely, inescapably dependent upon a biochemical, molecular reaction within one’s nervous system.  Tied to that, is a fact which goes unseen by Line-level consciousness:  there must be a biochemical change in ordinary perception before any sort of alteration of behavior can occur.  For example, it used to be an accepted fact that it was impossible for the human physique to run a measured mile in less than four minutes.  It was an accepted fact that four minutes was the final barrier.  “Our life span has doubled in the last four decades.  We’re taller and healthier in every way, but no matter what we do, nobody can get past that four minute barrier.”  Yet, when someone finally broke that barrier, what happened?  People’s grandmothers began to run miles in less than four minutes. There was not some sort of Red Circuit metamorphosis that suddenly occurred in humanity.  That change was not behavioral, but a change in man’s perceptions.  Once man was allowed to believe that the four minute mile was possible, then behavior could catch up.

You’ve got to see that, under all ordinary conditions, there has to be a biochemical change in your perception of what is possible, before there is any question of changing your behavior.  That is true for everything, whether you are trying to quit smoking, trying to run an extra mile every day, or trying to lose weight.  Yet, 2-D consciousness sees only a linear process.  It wants to say, “There’s something in my past that keeps me the way I am — that keeps me from changing.  Undeniably, there is a linear chain of events which has caused me to be like this.”

Even in everyday, ordinary life, there must be a change in the biochemical mechanism of perception before one’s behavior will change.  For example:  a man comes home and tells his wife, “Honey, I’ve seen the light; I’ve stopped drinking.  Clean out the liquor cabinet, I’m through with it for good.”  He appears to have made a change in behavior, but the man had just been to the doctor, who told him, “You’re going to die very quickly if you continue to drink.  To have any chance of recovery you must stop drinking immediately.”  The sound waves traveled through the air and vibrated in the man’s ear, causing impulses to be sent to his brain.  A molecular rearrangement took place biochemically, and the man suddenly understood, “Alcohol will never pass these lips again.”  His perception was changed biochemically, before any question of behavioral alteration arose.  This biochemical perceptual alteration occurs on the ordinary, everyday level, every time someone has a so-called “change of mind,” every time any ordinary person “comes to their senses,” or “takes on a new trek in life.”

Those attempting to do This are left with the reality that there must be a biochemical change in their perception of anything and everything before there is any possibility of altering the way they behave.  In other words, there must be a change in the way you think about action before there is a change in your action.  For a long time many see no way out.  There is still this dependence on “not-I”:  you keep looking to some other source for some sort of direction.  But I suggest to you, most strongly, Neuralize all this, and ask yourself the musical question, “How might I use this if I had no recourse to external stimuli?”  Or, you might Neuralize the following:  “For my behavior to change, I must first create a biochemical alteration in my perception of my behavior.  How can I use that if I were left to my own devices?”

In weak moments, you look at yourself and see a closed system.  But I ask you, “Where does such a system get it’s nourishment?”  The nourishment comes from the friction of lateral perception.  Friction energy keeps a closed system alive.

If this is a closed system, and there must be a biochemical change in perception before any other change can occur, how is one to escape this conundrum?  I’ll give you one hint — the reality behind my term “Neuralizing.”  Can you understand that Neuralizing is, in a sense, an attempt to go at a right angle to lateral thinking?  It is a right angle to lateral thinking.  It is a right angle attack upon thinking in two dimensions, an attack upon the automatic notion, “I either see something correctly, or I don’t.  Everything that I do is either proper or not.  Everything I daydream about doing I should probably not do, or maybe someday I will do it.”  When there are only two possibilities to everything, you are done for.