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What You Eat Are You


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Tape 208, May 18, 1986, runtime 0:58
Notes by TK

“Something ‘fishy’ is going on”.

More on the two types of people: approval seekers and disapproval avoiders–and the energy transfer between the two as related to Task of transfer reversal. Expansion necessary below the Line for The Few–an interference with the ordinary transfer permitted by Life.

Question: why does the transfer reversal method work? The current “psychological” explanation: unknowing confession that “hostility” pushes my buttons; makes me function–therefore it must work so for all others and I employ hostility to get my way. This Thing explanation: simple reversal of the usual transfer/biochemical flow which thus renders the flow neutralized-useless for ordinary needs of Life.

The great ACBI (apparently correct, but impossible): “You are what you eat”. Should be “what you eat becomes you”! Example of words/books: you didn’t become what you read.



Document:  208,  May 18, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

I am going to try and turn your attention again to the difference between what man seems to be made to believe regarding change, and my peculiar descriptions of the real, physical change possible within the nervous system.  That is the reality behind all the dreams of being reborn, although as you have seen, I am not presenting This information in a spiritual context.  All those dreams and descriptions have a physical basis.  I’ll save discussing one of Life’s greatest ACBI’s (my acronym for Apparently Correct But Impossible) for the dramatic climax of this talk, and work up to it a bit first.

I have previously described a method of dealing with people in situations you find unsettling or uncomfortable or wish to change for whatever reason.  That method is the act of giving people back what they put out — of reversing that current that ordinarily flows from them to you.  If, for example, you are wired up in such a manner that you’re totally overwhelmed by someone who consistently treats you in an aggressive manner, you can act just as they do, reverse the current, and radically alter their future behavior towards you.  You can go to someone you find altogether overbearing, do an exact imitation of him, and the whole situation is blown apart.  They never treat you that way again.  This is not theory; anyone can find it out, although ordinary people, of course, cannot find it out because they can’t do it. They might hear me say it or read about it, but they can never do it.  And they’re not supposed to.  After all, everything would fall apart if Life had those who ordinarily respond to someone yelling, “HEY, YOU. Yeah I mean you,” with “Okay, I give up,” aggress on the aggressor.  There is, of course, nothing wrong with those who say, “Okay, I give up.”, and there is nothing wrong with those people feeling there is something wrong with being that way.

But the Few have to be able to expand their nervous system into unused areas:  into the behavior and opinions that were once foreign to them.  This very method of reversing the current is one of those things that can give some of you your first brush with lifestyles of the rich and free (er…famous).

This phenomenon is not only useful for dealing with hostility.  How about overbearing enthusiasm?  You may be the type who is just floored by the salesman who slaps you on the back every time he sees you, after bounding through the door yelling, “Hi! Hi! How are ya!!”  Simply give it back (but more so) and you will not be bothered again.  Next time you see him, before he gets one foot in the door, run up to him, slap him on the back, and say, “Golly Gee times two.  How the heck are ya!!!!!”  You are interfering on a scale so small that Life will accept it.  It will not get you killed; on the contrary, it will get that person off your back. Of course, if you expand this far enough into the range of your ordinary acquaintances, you might find yourself “two or three bricks” shy of a full load of acquaintances.  Because no one will want to fool with you — and they won’t know why.

If you’re hearing this for the first time, it does work exactly as I have described it.  But now I want to show you how Life is presently explaining such things, and then I’ll give you a different view of it from a different time zone.

First, let me pretend to give you a contemporary psychological lecture on why reversing the current works as it does:

“If you are the sort who is psychologically paralyzed by hostility directed your way, then somewhere in your past you were faced with continuing disapproval from you parents, or role models, or peers.  So now your primary modus operandi is to avoid disapproval.  You father never readily gave you approval, so life will not give you approval.  It’s a classic case, and many people have some variation of it.”

“So why does this reversing the current work?  There is a simple psychological explanation.  Why will an overtly hostile person avoid you like the plague once you imitated their own behavior?  It’s a variation on their past traumas.  This overbearing person is unknowingly giving the whole world a confession that hostility is the prime mover in his life.  Perhaps the only time his father was pleased with him was when he responded to his father’s hostility.  He’s letting the world know that hostility can make him jump through hoops, and therefore, he causes it on other people.  It is the only tool he knows.  So, when you reverse the current and use the tool on him, he backs off.”

“Similarly, the overbearingly enthusiastic person is giving out the message that in her childhood her role models controlled her with overwhelming affection, and as far as she knows it works on everybody. These people are giving you the key to them.  When you use this trick of returning their behavior, you are simply using their own medicine on them, and, of course, they respond.”

End of psychological lecture.  It would have no trouble going over well at a seminar somewhere, especially with updated terminology.  Nevertheless, it is a childish, almost dysfunctional, explanation of anything.

 Diagram #080 video grab

Diagram #080 video grab

Neuralize the matter in light of the fact that everything you experience, from your so-called thoughts to reflexively jerking your hand from a hot stove, is based on biochemical, molecular activity.  Every message you apparently get from the outside world — the aggressiveness of people, the clap of a thunderbolt — is coming in through the five senses, and is having a biochemical effect on your nervous system.  The product is your particular “personality”, your patterns of behaviors and reactions.  But, can you see, that in the light of this information that everything is physical, all psychological descriptions are rendered moot. They served a purpose once, but if you are to develop further in this time and place, they are absolutely useless, kindergarten talk.

Reversing the current is an interaction of a strictly physical, present tense nature.  Everything referred to as human emotion could be delineated, by someone who could See it, into a set of precise chemical formula.  When someone is aggressive or overbearingly enthusiastic toward you, it is a biochemical flow from them to you.  It can also said to be electromagnetic.  So, when you reverse the current, the result is that the energy transfer between you and that other so-called person comes to a halt.  Whatever Life had originally put you two together for is stopped.  And the other person, the other organism, is left with the crude knowledge that, “there is nothing further to do here.”

The ACBI (Apparently Correct But Impossible) I want to present to you has been around for a long time, but I’ll give you the most contemporary version:  “You are what you eat.”  On the surface it seems to be undeniably true, physically and allegorically.  But it is not.  One the contrary, what we eat are us.  Or for the linguistically concerned:  “What we eat becomes us.”

You do not become what you eat; you do not become broccoli.  Whatever the internal tiger eats becomes part of the tiger.  If the tiger can’t use it, it goes the way of the septic tank.  This is so simple, it should almost scare you at first.  Long before you met me, almost all of you read several, if not hundreds, of great spiritual books, in the hope they would change you, that they’d lead you to something extraordinary.  Did they?  No.  You did not become what you ate.  If you did become what you ate, you’d be a walking saint by now.  Whatever goes into your system must fit that which it is already wired-up to digest, and becomes part of what you already are.

We don’t become what we eat, and the truth is in front of everyone.  The health food trends that pop up again and again are quite vocal with regard to the necessity to eat certain foods and not others.  The same goes for many of the spiritual movements when they renounce hostile emotions.  They say that if you eat anger or jealousy, you become anger or jealousy.  It’s a favorite theme of past and present religions, but it’s simply not true.  What we eat becomes us.

(Once you reach a certain point in pursuing This, it does not matter what you intake.  You understand that whatever you have put into your body in the past has had no particular affect.  You can further reach a certain point, after which, exposure to almost any kind of ordinary hostility or aggression produces no ordinary digestion process in you.  You hear it and see it just like everyone else, but it does not become you.  In the ordinary world, of course, that is not the case.)

As I’ve mentioned before, given the two choices of heredity and environment, there is no environment. Consider the view currently accepted by sociologists observing a heinous crime committed by a group of teenagers in the projects:  “This behavior is to be expected.  Just look at their background:  poverty, fatherless households, peer pressure.”  Ordinary consciousness cannot dwell on the fact that there were 2,344 poor teenagers in those projects, and only 12 were involved in the incident.  Because then, something is fishy, right?  Or what about the case of the mass murderer?  “Well, you know his father beat him.”  But his father also beat his brother who’s now a law abiding accountant.

There is now some debate in scientific circles as to whether genetics might play some part in the cases just mentioned.  Life is just beginning to have it come out — but environment still holds the heaviest sway, by far, in that debate.  If we were what we ate, the debate would be settled, because everything would be attributable to environmental causes.  What is additionally overlooked by ordinary consciousness is that your environment is everyone else’s genetics.  And your genetics are someone else’s environment.

The nervous system is an energy intake machine, a transformer, and an output source.  When something enters your system that does not fit its processing capabilities, it is ignored.  It’s not seen or thought about, as if it didn’t even happen.  The food (of all types) taken into the system, is rearranged — amplified, diminished, augmented, altered — in some manner, and then passed on.  We are all part of Life’s circulatory system, and we do not become what we eat.  If you begin to See this, it is astoundingly obvious.  There is a purpose for Life to have men believe they are what they eat.  Without it, people would get the terminal blues and give up.  Life’s circulatory system would collapse.  (That is not the truth — but I say it to construct a step for you to place your foot for the time being.)

At the ordinary level, people have no control over what they eat — including physical food, ideas, feelings and perceptions.  Without giving you the blues, you should see that over the course of your life, you never once made the choice over what things you would “like and dislike henceforth”.  Once you See that, you will get a handle on what I’m talking about here.  You are not what you eat:  the opposite is true, because you have been eating the same things over and over and over, without ever having had any input as to what those things would be.  At the very least, the ACBI, “You are what you eat” is redundant.  Since redundancy is of no significance, the ACBI is ridiculous.  And ridiculous herein is synonymous with useless.

It is a beautiful ACBI that Life has placed upon us; it apparently explains everything.  Something happens and it’s always, “No wonder I reacted as I did.  After the environment treated me that way?  The experiences I have been force-fed!”  If any of that were ultimately satisfying, if it explained anything, you would not be here listening to This.

You are not what you eat; what you eat are you.  Once you begin to Understand this, you can affect it.  What two things could you begin to change in this situation, if, “What you eat are you?”