Jan Cox Talk 0206

The Truth Is a Noise That People Make.


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Tape 206, May 1, 1986, runtime 1:47
Notes by TK

J. speaks from basis of solicited-for-the-evening Group questions of exotic and personal nature.    The strangeness of This Thing: Why aren’t questions ever answered outright? ]

What aid is writing in This Thing–clarification, pleasure etc.? Neuralize writing as temporary concrete disproof of: nobody knows what they are going to say next. Also, writing as proof of having Yellow Circuit pretensions. The Few all have a stage of this desire to write–set down–their experience/understanding in This Thing. You are encouraged to write at the least whim.

Morality and taking “the easy way out” for The Few: ordinary guilt over telling a “white lie” vs. the “truth”. Remember: the “truth” is only a noise people make; no different than their height or hair color–genetically arranged. People have almost no room to maneuver in this. The Few who understand this must treat everyone “gingerly”. Example of complimenting your mother–taking the initiative in changing the relationship: shows how little room people have to change, and sets up potential conditions for them to experience something extraordinary.

The Few in their relationships with the ordinary are absolutely unnatural, and with those of close ties such as family, a “fearful respect” is engendered surrounding all your dealings. Aside: what use does Life make of the great concern for “the truth”; the genetic feeling-base that the truth should be told, that the truth is extraordinary. The Few must not interfere as D-force spokesman in any life activity: do no harm–take the “easy way out”.

The truth and social relations between Group members; how to gain maximum profit in your relationship w/ another here: play out the 1940’s movies “cutesy couple”. Neuralize: what purpose does Life make of the great idea of “Love”? Part of the Masterstroke and Regal Collusion to furnish the illusion that “love knows no boundaries”–is extra-genetic, that there is room to maneuver between people; that more than mere preprogramming of circuitry with sexual urge is the basis.

The Few must treat their partner in a relationship as “god almighty”–one who can do no wrong. ]

Old men have always ruled the world. The only exception, the only truly revolutionary leaders are the anomalously, and temporarily-young. Relation to your own development of “body politic”–old men–your aging Nervous System–are taking you over: you move into a new time zone in Life’s body–increasingly work for D-force.