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Conservatives and Liberals


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Tape 204,  Apr 17, 1986, runtime 1:25
Notes by TK

Life’s two great “time zones”: Liberal and Conservative. Prime divisions since history began. Liberal = left wing, progressive, change oriented. Conservative = right wing, reactionary, regressive, concerned with preserving status quo. Ref: Diagram (stick figure w/ 3 circuits drawn and horizontal dividing line mid-figure): present, current time is above the dividing line; below the line is “one time zone to the west”–i.e., behind time.

Grandfather clock metaphor–hand movement mechanism = current time while pendulum counterweight provides momentum and counterbalance w/o which the time mechanism couldn’t function. When you pass into middle age you pass into a new time zone–behind time; a zone to the west. Voices of the new time zone become audible for the first time. You develop your own “body politic”: liberal and conservative wing with a dividing aisle between. The conservative wing can now elect a Prime Minister; your center of gravity shifts into the time zone to the west. The Few need to discover a third party/wing.

There’s no such thing as an individual perception/experience. All experience is a general molecular shift of the prevailing structure which dictates what an individual man calls his experience. ][There has never been an “expansion of knowledge”–rather, an expansion of “knowledge receptors” to sense what was already existing.

Example of Newton’s “discovery” of gravity; gravity always existed, Newton was just the first to “see” it and describe it for his fellows. Then everybody could see/describe it and hence it is supposed to be “new knowledge”. The problem of the Few in This Thing is that the neural system is not equipped to remember and describe what you have learned. Thus the neural system must be expanded.

The ordinary believe in “new” knowledge and therefore a store or fund of “secret knowledge” must exist somewhere for the new knowledge to come from. Consider the wholesale belief and fascination with such secret knowledge and adepts of same. Recapitulation of phenomena of discoveries of science and relation to messiahs-from-god with “the word”.

There is no intrinsic truth/value in past systems–only in the developer/originator’s Understanding. The Understanding of the mapmaker is the truth–all systems are “a time zone behind”. When the mapmaker is gone…forget it.

Consider the worldwide constant and continuing failure of “diets”. Man cannot be told he has no freedom. The closest approach is detailing of a “minimal slack”.

Stereotyping is a very scientific basis for Life’s mechanical structure–for the lower circuits to function optimally. But it is unprofitable for the upper circuit(s) to operate on this basis–too crude. Note the overall positive acceptance by the ordinary that it is basically wrong to stereotype: “thou shalt not stereotype”.

A good slogan for the fake church, a good jingle/advertisement: “When all is said and done…Stop!”


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Document:  204,  April 17, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986                                  

     For people to begin to see the living continuum of Life necessitates their first having something mapped out for them on a smaller, more manageable scale, a toe hold for the feet of their little mind.  Tonight I will recover an area I’ve previously mapped out for you.

 Diagram # 76 photo

Diagram # 76 photo

     Picture again my drawing out the circuitry of humanity into the Red, Blue and Yellow Circuits.  From bottom to top, these circuits represent what would normally be thought of as the basic life and health of the body, the emotions, and the area of the intellect.  This is of course a limited and simplified treatment of that map; I remind you again, no one circuit exists in isolation from the others.  They should not even be referred to as the Red, Blue or Yellow Circuit, but rather as the Red Circuits, the Blue Circuits, and the Yellow Circuits.  Imagine a line drawn right through the middle of all three circuits.  While I realize you do not meet people with this line drawn through them, the reality of it exists.  If I were being closer to the truth, this picture would be drawn with the Red and Blue Circuits below the Line and the Yellow above.  But to keep you self described emotional types from being even more uncomfortable than you normally are I have drawn it this way.  I could also point out, in reference to my mapping of the time zones, that at the Line or above, is the current time zone, while that which is below the Line can be described as a time zone to the “west,” or an hour behind.

     Now, I am going to map out a certain area, a specific mechanism within Life itself.  This mechanism is reflected in parts of Life’s body such as politics and sociology, and since such everyday topics “make sense” to ordinary consciousness we will start from there.  Remember that while these descriptions apparently focus on the political arena they cover much, much more territory.

     Life, speaking through man, divides up the body politic into the conservatives and the liberals, the right wing and the left.  According to the liberal viewpoint, which we’ll call the voice of the present time zone, right wingers are regressive, defenders and upholders of the past.  In many cases they apparently even attempt to take a current situation and try to force it back into outdated modes and structures.  From the liberal viewpoint, the conservatives stand in the way of progress, since “new” problems need “new” solutions.  People operating below the Line, in a western time zone, find the liberals, on the other hand, to be starry-eyed dreamers.  They regard them as malcontents seeking change merely for the sake of change.  As far as the conservatives are concerned the liberals are full of crackpot ideas about how things should be fixed which, to them, aren’t even broken.  Conservatives believe everything is fine, except, of course, for those liberals who stir up problems with their strange notions about how things need to be changed.

     I dearly hope each of you will have the wherewithal to hold onto yourselves and not take sides — there are no sides to take.  Life needs both conservatives and liberals; neither group is at fault and neither group is right.  What I am speaking of has nothing to do with political philosophy; I am speaking of physical realities.  I could liken it to an antique pendulum clock:  in the top part of the clock is the mechanism which keeps time and displays the time changing, but you must have the weight at the bottom of the clock for the entire unit to function at all.

     Within the “liberal” rhetoric of the progressives (that is, the general group representing the present time) you will find real indications of what is about to take place in that locale of Life’s body; while the conservative verbiage (reflecting the areas below the Line) is always based upon the attempt to re-establish the validity of that which has gone before.  But note:  everything that Life says through the present time people is not necessarily going to come to pass, and everything the counterbalancing voices from below say is not absolute stupidity.  Both voices are absolutely necessary.

     Do not limit your use of these examples to politics, for such divisions exist in everything from literature to music; from your grandfather’s opinions about what is wrong with the world today to your parent’s comments about your generation.  Internally as well:  those of you who are long enough in the tooth have but to listen to the voices within you making disparaging comments about the teenagers of today.

     The movement of Life is observable over an extended time frame.  For example, what was deemed shockingly liberal a century ago may be viewed as reactionary today.  You can see the same movement and progression within your own nervous system, albeit within a different time frame.  A decade ago you might have been just as liberal as possible and now, let us say, you’ve picked up a mortgage, a station wagon, and 2.5 children and suddenly — if you don’t watch it — you’re hearing voices, not just within you but coming out of your mouth, speaking about how you fear for your children growing up in a world where such strange things happen in the schools, in the nation, around the globe.  It’s as if your clock hit forty o’clock and suddenly you now have a conservative party in you.  Your own body politic has been divided; the formerly solidly liberal “you” now has a right wing.

     At Line level, within every individual nervous system, the general scheme of things is that the conservative voice will eventually take over.  That’s just the way things are arranged.  No matter your origins or the circumstances of your childhood, the right wing voice will take over at some point, and it will condemn what your own liberal side did in the past.  “Yeah, I used to go around playing the social activist, but boy was I naive.  I was an idiot.  Back when I was twenty I wanted to redistribute the wealth.  But, hell, I was living on food stamps.  I didn’t care.  But now it’s my wealth they want to redistribute.”

     Look around at the once wild-eyed liberals you grew up with.  You won’t find any of them out picketing for their former causes.  They may be out there picketing for higher pay, or filing a law suit somewhere against a brokerage firm about to turn belly up.  This is the way time zones continue to run in and through the body of Life.  You must also see that these time zones aren’t three-dimensionally fixed and finite like the time zones on the globe, wherein you start at Greenwich, head east and eventually end back at Greenwich.  Life keeps adding on zones with every generation.  It does not stop and repeat itself.

     Can you glimpse the beautiful necessity of all this?  It is necessary for large numbers of people to live in the present time zone in their younger days.  Their clock is running at the present time and they’re out in the streets marching against everything, throwing rocks, and screaming for revolution, and from a certain view it is all quite proper.  But it is just as necessary that when they hit forty (that age is getting younger but we’ll use it anyway) they go into another time zone and develop the conservative part of their body politic.  Life finds no profit in a large group, much less a majority, of sixty year old radicals.  Of course, there are sixty year old radicals, because there are always exceptions.  But once you begin to See it, exceptions aren’t exceptions.  Exceptions are just like the rule.  Notice that no sixty year old radical, with wrinkled hair and a double hernia, dressing as he did 30 years before in his radical days, frightens anybody.  Nobody takes him seriously.  People just look and think, “Hey, you’re a neat old codger, but you know, you missed out somewhere.”

     This is not intellectual theory.  As always, you can find the physical basis of it present in your own nervous system if you would but look.  For example, you should be able to feel within you the expectation that everyone over forty will be reactionary to whatever is going on in the present time.  If they are not it strikes you as strange.  This is not a psychological reaction:  it is your genes telling you that something is out of place.

     The transition of time zones, the movement of liberal to conservative, is wired into the genetic structure.  You can see it out in Life and you can observe it in yourself.  At any given time there are two generations, two time zones, alive.  By the time you reach forty a new generation always comes along and establishes a new time zone pushing you one behind.  At Line level everyone’s center of gravity will move to the conservative camp just like fat moves to your rear end.  It’s like you take a snooze and when you wake up you’ve been moved from the present, avant garde time zone to another zone wherein you must defend what was once the present.  You wake up a dunderhead, a regressive conservative.  If you live long enough you would eventually add on another time zone and be two behind.

     I remind you again, there is no fault to be found with the conservative party.  The existence of regressive voices is not some “problem” for which a cure is needed.  Liberals believe that more education will eliminate the “regressive, narrow minded nature of the uneducated and poor.”  A conservative voice speaking through someone has nothing to do with their economic or educational level.  It is simply that everything in Life must grow at a certain tempo and in a controlled fashion.  Radical voices cannot simply take off unchecked or Life would fly apart.  The conservative voice also could not reign supreme or Life would not move forward.  Both are needed for controlled growth.

     What I am pointing toward cannot be adequately described, and there is no formal “proof” that can be spelled out, but the keys to these maps I give you are everywhere.  All it takes to see what I am describing is the ability to See it.  The signs aren’t hidden in some book — they’re all around you.  Everyone, from your neighbors to political and social commentators, talks about what appears to be a running, entrenched battle between conservatives and liberals.  The names of the players change as they die out, but the battle stays the same.  Absolutely no middle ground seems to exist between the two camps and I ask you:  Why is this?  Some of you might now expect that there is a third area.  But, at the binary level, where you can only see two sides, there is no end to this apparent conflict.  You cannot take someone from one camp and prove to them that the other camp has any validity.  You’re not supposed to be able to.  Not only is it not possible, but at Line level, no one can even hear it in theory, because to whatever time zone you’re living in, everything else is non-time.  Everything else is time which is anachronistic — people who are out of step and they’re either going to trip or kick their feet up so high that they’ll kick someone else in the shins or privates.  The feeling is, of course, that something must be done about these other people.  The only thing that needs to be done is that things be kept moving, that Life keeps moving, and that’s exactly what is being done.

     Everyone takes everything in Life as an individual, personal experience and nobody can see that whatever happens is simply some part of the general, molecular scheme.  Individual consciousness, to be charitable, is misnamed.  Individual experience, to be as charitable, is misnamed.  You cannot have an individual experience.  There is nothing to experience individually.  At Line level this cannot be perceived.  Everyone speaks of their individual experiences — that what they are, what they know and feel, their philosophy of life, is all based on their own personal and individual perceptions.  And there is no such thing as an individual perception.  What are you going to perceive?  Set aside several hours and actually try to have an individual experience.  No matter what comes to your mind, there is nothing that qualifies as an individual experience.  Your nervous system is genetically, molecularly connected to Life itself.  The movement and flow of Life courses through “you” and you take it personally, as if you were somehow separate.  You are not; you are part of Life.  All movement, from the apparently individual level to the larger scale as in wars and social upheavals, is part of Life’s movement.  These flows appear to be unconnected, but they are not.  You can apparently say with conviction, “This is my personal experience,” and that is the way it should be.  But that ain’t the way it is.

     Once you see how this general, molecular flow moves everyone at Line level, you will have the answers to all questions except for the real question of why there is always one shoe on the side of the highway.  Other than that one unanswerable question, I assure you, everything else will be answered.

     Everyone believes they are interested in new knowledge, but most of you should be able to see by now that it is not so much a matter of new knowledge, but of expanded knowledge receptors.  Careful now:  as I speak of new knowledge receptors, you cannot see your ordinary receptors and you think you know what I’m talking about.  So, again:  expanded knowledge has never been what people needed.  What they required were expanded knowledge receptors.  Grab onto your own non-ordinary receptors as I ask you:  Did Sir Isaac Newton suddenly discover gravity?  Before Newton’s time millions of people lived and died, and every one of them knew that an apple falls from the branch to the ground not the other way around.  Newton didn’t discover gravity.  In a sense, he just discovered new brain areas that could perceive gravity at work; areas that could not only perceive gravity, but that could perceive a description, a measurement, a mapping, of gravity.  This thing called gravity didn’t just start existing when Newton perceived it.  Gravity was around at least a month before then, maybe longer…

     At Line level man is left with the idea that new knowledge is the key to his progress.  He believes that he must continue to explore the unknown and discover new things.  But whatever man discovers was always there, just as gravity was always there.  What people really discover are previously unused areas of the brain capable of seeing and describing something never before perceived.  In this sense, Life doesn’t create new things, but has new neural areas activated in man so that he can see things he’s never seen before.

     There is no progression of knowledge; there is a progression of the nervous system.  But out in Life you hear otherwise.  You hear how it is only now with the latest scientific equipment that the wonderful world of particle physics can be explored.  But, it is not the equipment that makes it possible.  Scientific technology is not what makes it possible to see smaller and smaller particles — it is man’s changing perception.  It is man’s changing perception that invented the new technology after all.  It is simply not a matter of the progression of knowledge, but rather is a progression of knowledge receptors.

     It’s safe to assume that anyone hearing this either finds it self-evident or dismisses it completely.  Both positions are incorrect.  At Line level you must see that you cannot hold onto these descriptions.  In the ordinary world people must believe in the need for new knowledge, and yet there is no such thing.  Even if there were, what good is it going to do you to hear new information if you can’t perceive it or recognize it as new knowledge?  If I told you something you had never heard and said, “Here is the rule to activate unused portions of your nervous system,” it would have to be something that your current nervous system could handle or you wouldn’t even be able to hear it.  It just would not make any sense at all.  And if I told you something that your present system could perceive, it too would be useless because you’d have already heard it before.  It wouldn’t be new.  Can you see how tricky this is?

     I casually tell you that I see things in four dimensions, that I see everything tied together, and see everything alive.  Are you sure I’m joking?  I have told you that spirits don’t whisper to me, and I don’t use auras, etc.  Now I’m further telling you that what I see and understand did not come about through expanded knowledge.  You must be able to expand the way your receptors pick up whatever is already going on.  The answer to every question is not up in the heavens, nor is it hidden in a cave in Tibet.  The answer is not in my back pocket.  The answer is both all around you and in your little head.  But as long as you live solely at Line level and continue to take your own nervous system as being individual, as long as you live exclusively in the present time zone, you will forever believe that what you need is more knowledge crammed into your skull and then things will change.  You’ll wonder why I don’t quit fooling around and just give you the secret, when the secret is to get free from the belief that there is a secret someone else can just give you.  Nobody taught Newton to see gravity.  He simply saw it.

     If you go past the world of physics and enter the apparent world of religious and spiritual phenomena and reflect upon the past mystical and spiritual heroes, what was it they did?  What was it that the Abrahams and Confuciuses and Moseses came up with?  Their expanded understanding is historically attributed to some kind of force outside speaking to them.  And, for their time and place, their stories are not only delightful, they’re clever.  For someone to explain that they know what they know because a bush caught fire and talked to them, or to proclaim that they are the only legitimate son of the gods makes for a splendid story.  But their so-called religious discoveries are not so far removed from Newton and the proverbial apple.  Their discoveries, rather than coming out as a new scientific law, came out as a new mystical system or religion.

     The difference between so-called scientific discoveries and so-called spiritual ones is this:  When a scientific discovery is made it ripples out and other people believe they too can observe what the person has described.  But, when you move into areas that seem nonscientific, into areas that appear to uniquely deal with the inner workings of Man, what can anyone observe?  Recall, I still ask you week after week, what are you going to say next?

     I will now address some of the questions I’ve been getting lately.  Someone asked me if there is anything useful to be done with astrology.  Rather than use astrology specifically, let me point out something in general about any system of knowledge that has any history to it, whether it be astrology or Bugs Bunny cartoons.  The person asked if there could be any “use” to astrology, and I take it they mean could it have potential for expanding their knowledge receptors in the way I pointed out earlier.  What you must see is that for anyone attempting to do something extraordinary in their lifetime, anything from a system with a history is from another time zone.  Anything that has already been thought of is now conservative.  It is reactionary and it is now a counterbalance to the clock’s forward movement.  What I am doing now will become conservative after I die.  There is no intrinsic or secret knowledge to be found in astrology, buddhism, christianity, yoga, in anything already thought of.  At one time there was the understanding of the person who originated the map — and that’s it.  Such systems are always a time zone behind.  If someone or a group of people tried to put together a system based upon my teaching after I died, there would be nothing to what that system offered.  Once the time zone moves ahead, This Thing will become yesterday’s news.  It’ll be a counterweight, and anyone following the teachings of an older time zone is a regressive yokel on the farm, doing just what he or she is supposed to do.  Anyone who believes there is a secret to be distilled from former teachings is dead on their feet.  The only value in astrology was in the understanding of the son of a gun who made it up and when he went, so went the value.

     Another question many of you wonder about is if eating certain foods will have a beneficial effect on you.  As I mentioned earlier, after a certain point in This, you will begin to see things that were always there but that you were unable to perceive before.  In this case you will see that it almost doesn’t matter what you eat.  The idea of healthful diets is in the same ballpark as astrology.  What better explanation/evidence could I give you than the almost worldwide, continuing failure of diets.  The population of the world, or the population of any given country loses 24 million pounds on diets and later 24 million pounds are gained back.  If diets mattered, if diets worked, they would work.  I am telling you (and there is more to it than this) that what you eat hardly matters at all.  And yet, at Line level, that can’t be true.  Everything in you, everything in Life cries, “No, that ain’t so.”

     You should not be surprised when I say that Man can’t be told the exact truth.  I can’t tell you everything I see.  Not because of come cosmic clause in my contract, but because your knowledge receptors are not sufficiently operational to hear the exact truth.  For example, Man cannot be told, by someone who understands it, that there is no freedom.  Out of work politicians and philosophers who can’t get tenure may tell you that people are nothing but robots, but that doesn’t count.  They don’t Understand what they’re saying.  Assuming there was validity to such ideas as, “There is no freedom,” can you see that Man simply cannot hear the reality behind the words?  Again, it is a matter of having the receptors to perceive something that is all around you.

     The exact truth can never be told.  At the ordinary level there must always be a gray area, a kind of “minimal slack.”  You’ll notice that even though I mentioned the notion of freedom/lack of freedom, I never conclusively stated “the truth” of the matter.  It is not because I am reserving judgement or am in some way unsure.  It is simply that there must be that minimal slack, a kind of safety valve.  You may ponder some of the things I say, and come to the dark conclusion that, “Nothing’s possible.  There is no freedom; we’re all locked in.”  But such thoughts are always just a passing shower and then you’re over it.  Man can’t hear that he has no freedom.  I will take it, from many different directions, almost up to the point where there is nowhere else to go.  And you think, “If he finally does proclaim there is no freedom, well I don’t want to think about what’s after that…”  And, sure enough, you don’t have to think about it because it’s gone; you can’t really hear it.  So, you too, keep taking it right up to that point of no return, but just then you cut yourself the minimal slack.  Notice how religions paint man as completely helpless, if not hapless.  And yet they still offer the minimal slack — to throw yourself on the mercy of the gods:  “Swear allegiance, put up with this crap and don’t curse the gods and when this is all over we’ll be talking about a different ball game, then you’ll be in heaven.”  It is all quite necessary for Line-level consciousness.

     One more:  Life has always had humanity condemn the act of stereotyping on the basis of humane, religious or moralistic grounds.  This widespread condemnation is a prime example of Life talking to itself and struggling, through humanity, to rise above its own present time zone, it’s own present level of consciousness.  Stereotyping has a very scientific reality in the body of Life.  Mechanical behaviors are the basis of Life’s day to day existence, and stereotyping is a mechanical behavior.  But, the kind of mechanical behavior suitable for running Life’s lower circuits is inadequate for quantum growth to occur in Life’s higher circuitry.  Life struggles to elevate itself and it comes out through the voices of man in the form of a large part of humanity responding positively to the sentiment that “you should not stereotype.”

     As I mentioned, such sentiments are attributed to moralistic reasons.  But, if you can begin to see the divisions I mentioned earlier tonight of conservatives and this larger molecular scheme, then you’ll see that Life is simply announcing to itself, through man, that behaviors such as stereotyping are not profitable for growth in its own nervous system.  All the day to day affairs in the body of Life, from the movements of the heavens and the earths plates shifting to the behaviors of individual people, run quite well mechanically.  This is as it should be, not only in Life’s body but in your own as well.  Of course, your potential in This Thing is another matter since it concerns the unnecessary possibility of nonmechanical growth.

     Using stereotyping as a mechanical action, you must realize that the act of stereotyping cuts off potential nourishment.  When you operate mechanically in the Yellow Circuit, there is nothing left to feed your potential higher levels.  Life itself cannot abide thinking the same thing twice in its higher systems, and stereotyping is thinking the same thing twice (at the very least).  There is, of course, nothing morally wrong with stereotyping; it is still necessary in the body of Life at Line level.  But, if you engage in stereotyping (as with any mechanical behavior) you cut down on potential ways you can expand your perception of knowledge; you limit your ability to perceive what is actually going on.  When you stereotype you are trying to feed your higher circuits the crude food sufficient to fuel the operations of your liver and spleen.  This Thing cannot live on a diet of crude food.

     I’ll leave you with another slogan everyone should take to heart:  When all is said and done, shut up and stop.