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Don’t Ever Talk About Yourself


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Tape 203, Apr 11, 1986, runtime 1:55
Notes by TK

Recap for new people: responses to questions and suggestions for arranging for the most conducive circumstances or conditions to do This Thing and Understand.

Injunctions: never talk about: 1. your health 2. your age 3. your appearance 4. your limitations/abilities. ][Cease all biographical advertisement of yourself. Talking about yourself reinforces/re-routes/gouges anew your old ordinary preordained circuitry. Talking about yourself affects you at a molecular level–keeps you at your ordinary status quo biochemical condition; this cannot be a practice for The Few.

Never think/say the same thing twice. Don’t indulge in mechanical/hostile-based humor; don’t make or laugh at jokes at another’s expense (including yourself)i.e., religious, racial, sexual jokes. If your partner laughs and you take him to be you, you’re doomed. Must not allow such to reach the screen of consciousness. Stereotyping, while necessary in Life is detrimental, limiting to Life’s overall growth, and especially limiting to yours in This Thing we do. Don’t indulge in same.

Jealousy: a natural biochemical condition. Note that all “thou shalt” commandments proscribe the natural molecular condition of man. Jealousy is the YC reflection/amplification of Red Circuit (RC) territorial possessiveness; a further refinement. But the Few must recognize its (Yellow Circuit (YC) amplification) self-defeating, detrimental nature for lateral expansion and growth vertically in This Thing. The Few cannot be concerned with Yellow Circuit babbling/dreams, although they are appropriate for the ordinary.

Astrology. Originally used by One-who-Understands somewhere, somewhen as a legitimate map/teaching method. It is absolutely useless for The Few however because no one doing it now has any true Understanding, or any connection to one such. For now, go ahead with such hobbies…but you’re wasting your time.

Things to do to assist in This Thing: First thing you do in the morning is walk into the bathroom and really smile into the mirror–work at it until it’s not forced. This will work wonders. Don’t take yourself seriously; be humorous about The Partnership.

Ignore the belief/notion of “life after death”. This is a biochemical state to be avoided by The Few. However, you also cannot scoff at this faith/belief in others: for them it is necessary and proper.

Consider: what is the value/purpose/use of any mapping in light of quantum physics’ discovery that observation alters/distorts the observed/measured. Gangplank metaphor where (in This Thing) instead of you falling–the ship sinks!

The two great possibilities in living life: go with the river’s flow, or attempt to struggle, find footing and resist the flow. What is not recognized is that even the attempt to resist is motivated by the flow of the river. Therefore: What is to be done? (Remember the gangplank?).

All explanations/analyzations of your individual likes/dislikes are all ultimately meaningless (for The Few). All is a biochemical alteration, which, in the final consideration is either pleasant or unpleasant to the alteree. All the depth and supposed complexity of your likes/dislikes, moods, etc. (“I dislike that painting and I’ll tell you why…”) are just molecular swooshing and swirling. All measurement-analysis-explanation-mapping = embellishment of the obvious into the complex…for the overall benefit and growth of Life. So, what is to be done???



Be aware for 15 min. a day for the next week of the commentary of The Partnership. Remember that it is all biochemical stew; utter simplicity; the depth of one molecule.



Document:  203,  April 11, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

I am going to speak now on several matters that would appear to be at the heart of your psychological life.  (If indeed any of you people have a psychological life.  If you do, I will try to disavow you of that as quickly as possible.)  To start with, you need to understand the importance of ceasing all biographical handouts — ceasing to talk about yourself.  Please notice that teenagers, especially after their sexual awakening, have an almost irrepressible need to talk about themselves.  This serves a real purpose within Life’s overall growth.

I could give a “psychological commentary” on the need for one to talk about oneself and how this operates within the general framework of ordinary maturity — to help establish what one is, to help establish some sense of self-esteem, to try and create a foundation for one’s sense of worth, and so on. But you can hear that on television several times a month.  A child psychologist (or even an adult psychologist) will mention these things.  It is Life talking over the general scheme of its own growth — about what is necessary.  “It is good for one’s physical and mental health,” they say.  “To try and not talk about oneself could create all sorts of problems ranging from migraines to ulcers.  But especially, it could create potentially dangerous psychological consequences.”

But I am telling you, cease giving out continual biographical handouts.  There are four things that you should NEVER, EVER talk about and these are:  your health, your age, your appearance, and your limitations.

The age part, for many of you, does not yet apply.  Nowadays, in their late thirties, men and women begin to have a feeling that life is half over, that they are “over the hill.”  I am fully aware that studies and movies written about “mid-life crises” treat it as a psychological phenomenon.  It is not psychological — it is a biochemical reality.  But like everything else in the ordinary world, it gets into the Yellow Circuit, as it must, and people take it as being themselves.  It gets measured, mapped into words, and it becomes that which is identifiable:  it takes on a different tinge.  It is that kind of tinge, that kind of coloring, that you can outrun.  You cannot get past the aging process or escape death, but what you can do is refuse to accept the measurement and the mapping of it that comes out of the Yellow Circuit.  The primary way to do that is to cease engaging in a continual living biography of yourself coming from your head.

So even if presently age means nothing to you, I will tell you now, in case I die before you hit forty, something worth the price of admission:  Don’t ever talk about age — never.  And you are going to find that everything in you, by the time you hit your late thirties, is going to start doing just that.  Conversation will be going on and you will say, “Well that ain’t bad for a forty year old guy.”  You do not have to talk about your age and it is magic.  It is magic that would almost be anti-magic for the ordinary world.  They’ve got to talk about it — just listen.  Those of you who are already into your forties, just listen to how much you have been doing it.  I am telling you to refuse — don’t ever say a word about your age.

Neither should you ever mention your health.  For those properly attracted to This Thing, there is a kind of intrinsic standard of health that you need to recognize and then forget about.  Right now, in our part of the world, health is as faddish as anything, but let me go back to my old story about the fellow who, after working fifty years nonstop as a bricklayer, was suddenly laid off.  After a few weeks he seemed to have given up and considered himself retired.  He sat around and tried to fish for a couple of months.  But soon he was out, at the age of 73, running five miles a day.  He quit smoking after fifty years.  During the first few months, when he didn’t work, he turned into a vegetable sitting at home; he put on weight and looked terrible.  But even at his age, once he started running — his health improved, his blood pressure came down — all sorts of things happened.  The conclusion would seem to be that exercise will make this old man live longer.

My question to you is, are you sure?  Is it because such an old man is a certain type, and he has no choice but to get out and run once he quits working?  (Hint, hint.)  I know how hard this is to see, but the truth is, even with ordinary people, it does not matter what they eat, smoke, drink, or whether they get exercise or not.  Certain people are going to live a certain length of time and certain ones are not.  Those that live longer get out and run; they seem to eat a certain thing.  But running and eating a certain thing does not make them live longer.  They could eat nothing but kumquats all day, and their health would stay the same.  And yet they say otherwise.

If you can recognize a certain intrinsic standard of health, you can get to a certain point and then it doesn’t matter what you do.  That can’t be true, but it is a fact.  It is not true on one level because it’s not true for everybody.  Out in the world there are certain people who have to be “sick,” there are people out in the world that have to be “underweight” or “overweight.”  Nevertheless, I am telling you a fact — it does not matter much what you do about health.  I, of course, do not mean you can drink a fifth of vodka every day.  But the general scheme of trying to keep the body alive is of almost no consequence.  If you’ve got a job that gives you enough exercise so that the Red Circuits get their workout, you can eat the same thing over and over for months.  You should never mention health.  Never under any conditions talk about what you eat or how you feel.

Those two should be plain enough.  Just never mention your health or age in any way whatsoever.  Of course, then you find out you can do it nonverbally.  I mean it takes a genius in This to finally See that.  Stop it verbally, and if you belong in This, you immediately notice that it feels right, it feels correct.  You will find that the circuits still have one or two complaints which will be voiced internally — stop that also.  But start off with what can be done and seen immediately:  don’t ever talk about age or health.

A third aspect of this automatic verbal biography is appearance.  Almost everybody is subject to that and up until this dawning new-age masculinity, it has been more of a women’s phenomenon.  You should never talk about your appearance.  If you are wired up such that, according to the standards of contemporary beauty, you consider yourself overweight or that you have a good nose or big ears, don’t ever say anything.  I want you to understand that I mean this also in jokes about yourself.  If there is anything you can do about your appearance and if between you and the partnership it is just killing you, by god, take a second job and go get a nose job, but don’t talk about it.  Don’t ever say a word.  Don’t make any joke about your appearance, your weight, the size of your nose, breasts, or — for you men — well, pick your own variation.  Don’t mention a word about your appearance.  If your hair is falling out and you can’t stand it, by god, go get a hair transplant.  But don’t say anything.

The fourth one is:  don’t ever mention your limitations.  Now I could say, “don’t ever mention your abilities/limitations,” but your abilities are no great problem.  Please notice, most of your talk about your abilities is followed by “BUT” — “Well, yes, I have played a little accordion in my time, but of course that has been a few years ago…but of course, I never really took lessons.”  It becomes a commentary about your limitations.  Forget it.

This is all part of a running, living biography.  If you are going to be an ordinary person, there is not only nothing wrong with it, it is necessary.  Just look.  Just listen.  Everyone is engaged in continually handing out a biographical sheet.  And they are continually discussing their age, health, appearance, and their limitations.  When you engage in that, you are reinforcing the mechanical routing of your circuitry.  If you are trying to go beyond Ordinaryville, the last thing in the world you need is to continually shoot yourself in the foot (or shoot off your mouth — which is the same thing.)  It appears perhaps, to be psychological, but that’s child’s play.  To continually talk about your age does something to you molecularly.  I could make it appear to be potentially harmful in a psychological way, that you shouldn’t talk about such things because you will just give yourself the blues.  Well, the blues are a real, molecular, biochemical condition.  (If not, how do you explain that you can go out and get a pill from a doctor and in ten minutes you don’t have the blues?  You don’t need a psychiatrist, or a priest.  All you’ve got to do is take a drink.)  Engaging in this running commentary on yourself props up the very biochemical condition you are trying to struggle against.  If you are trying to pursue This, that is what you are doing, without knowing it.  That is what This is all about.  There is something else you should do.  You should never think the same thing twice.  Since you can’t start off doing that, do not ever say the same thing twice.

I’m also going to talk about laughter.  Ordinary laughter is not something that you can pursue doing This.  There is a difference between that which is funny and that which is humorous.  I am just arbitrarily going to use those two words to try and get you to See what I am talking about.  That which mechanically occurs in Life, let’s call that “funny.”  It is always, in part, hostile.  It is always a form of laughing at the fat man slipping on a banana peel.  There is another kind of humor, but it is not directed at people, individuals, or humanity in general.  It is based upon an understanding that everyone only sees two/thirds of reality at best, and many people only see half.

This is an absolute, semiofficial rule; don’t just accept it, but try and Neuralize it yourself:  do not ever make jokes about other people.  And let me be very specific — don’t ever make a joke religiously, racially or sexually.  (There is no exception to that.  If you are Jewish, you can’t make Jewish jokes and claim exemption.  You would still be engaging in that mechanical biography.  You would be talking about limitations of yourself.)  You are hurting yourself, if you are attempting to do This, to ever laugh at, much less tell, a joke that is religious, racial, or sexual.  That about covers it; the rest are just jokes about people being hurt.  It’s funny, but it’s hostile.

I hope you realize that I am not adverse to humor.  Even with my rather general deadpan delivery, I can assure you that I am the most laugh-filled person in the world.  It’s strange but true.  I have more laughs than anybody.  The reality of ordinary humor is that it hurts you in the chemistry of your own body to make a joke or to even laugh at one that somebody else tells — I mean to actually enjoy it.  What you are doing is direct opposition to This.  You may be quick to laugh at some group of people, but it is as though you have just taken a small dagger to your heart.  You have reinforced the same wiring, the same chemical structure that you were before you ever got into This.

To create any Real change in you, biochemical change that becomes permanent, you’ve got to have an understanding of what’s involved with ordinary humor.  It is always hostile.  It is always hurtful — not to the butt of the joke, but to you.  When you lock yourself into the most stagnant, minimal degree of being conscious, you are slowly killing yourself.  You are not slowly killing yourself if you are ordinary; then you will simply live as long as you were going to live anyway.  But if you believe at the same time that you are attempting something extraordinary, you are very mistaken.

Your Partner is wired up to laugh at almost everything because the partnership is, in a sense, in a state of continual tension relative to everybody else.  Hostility helps humanity to hold together in continual tension.  Your voices may tell you that you should be ashamed for laughing, but you must understand, that is just noise.  If you refuse to join in with the partnership, refuse to take that as being you, you can begin to operate in a different time zone.  You become aware of hostility, but it also becomes irrelevant.  It is no longer of any consequence that you are even wired up to respond to it.  You can operate ahead of it.  I know a lot of this, in the beginning, sounds very difficult.  It sounds like some kind of spiritual or psychological magic trick.

You can come to understand that there is a piece of you that is not wired up to respond in an automatic predictable way; and that piece of you is witnessed by your involvement with This.  That piece of you can begin to move.  It begins to move into a different time frame; then your old wiring is no longer the basis of what you are consciously.  Life continually puts out the message that people should not be hostile, that they should not stereotype other people, because it limits Life’s growth.  Hostility’s potential for limiting Life’s growth is not great enough that it has stopped, as you should note.  But for a Few people — those attempting to do This — it has to stop.  It is not simply that you are limiting Life’s potential growth in some area, you are limiting your own growth.

I’m going to talk now about jealousy.  I am sure that by now there must be whole tomes and papers written, in the area of psychology, on jealousy.  It seems to be, of course, a psychological flaw.  It is a biochemical state — it is natural to be jealous.  I am referring to sexual jealousy.  Why else is it badmouthed?  (Don’t forget — only that which is natural is forbidden.  Look at the ten commandments. Everything that they forbid is something that somewhere in you, you are wired up to want to do.  Imagine you are sitting on the beach, if you are a man, and you see a beautiful woman go by in the world’s smallest bikini.  You lust, you covet, and then you realize your wife’s back there and you think, “Oh god damn it.” There went three right there.  Then perhaps she goes over and sits down next to a 19 year old guy that looks like he spends about ten hours a day in the gym.  And you’re forty and going bald and you think, “That bastard.”  So, you have killed him.  You’re up to four.  Only that which is natural is forbidden.  You will not find a religious commandment:  “Thou shalt not suck on other people’s combs.”)

Jealousy is not something that you picked up; it is biochemical reality.  But that is no excuse for you to put up with it.  You have to go ahead and take note of it, to use that dreaded word, “objectively.”  You have simply got to See, “The reality of jealousy is in me.”  Where you begin to notice it is up here, in your head. A man begins to notice that every time his girlfriend is two minutes late, he has pictures of her driving down the free way on the way home and suddenly up next to her comes a truck load of bricklayers just off from work.  In his daydream, she thinks, “Well, I’ve got a few minutes.”  And she looks at them and points toward an alleyway behind a billboard, and that’s where she is.

If you believe that in some way you acquired jealousy from reading dirty books as a kid, or from your mother leaving home, you are mistaken.  You were born with it.  (I will point out, it is not that far removed from having a new car; you walk outside and some kid is leaning against it with his foot propped up on the fender.  It is quite strong because now we are dealing with sex.)  It is a kind of possessiveness; it is a biochemical reality.  But notice, out in the ordinary world they have to go ahead with these dreams and kill each other.  I’m sorry, it is just necessary.  However, for you in this Thing, once it changes from the real hard-wired biochemical basis and becomes a thought, it becomes not only useless, it becomes self defeating.  You cannot deal with dreams.  They are real enough for everyone else, but you cannot tolerate your own partnership, your own imagination imagining jealously.  Now, if you do come home and find your girlfriend in bed with a class B baseball team that was passing through town, I’d understand if you wanted out of the relationship.  But until that happens, what ordinary people call jealousy is a self defeating, Yellow Circuit translation of what was originally a quite useful and necessary biochemical condition which does not drive one crazy.  It’s the thinking about jealousy that will drive you nuts.  It drives people further down the road to Ordinaryville.  It is what keeps you thinking and feeling the same thing not only twice, but in many instances, even four or five times.  (I should have said, four or five thousand times, I guess.)

All apparent renegade or negative emotions — hatred, anger, jealousy, desire for revenge — all of those have a biochemical basis.  As far as taking overt action on them in our day and time, there is very little need to ever have to take overt action on the basis of jealousy.  For anyone involved with This, back to my apparently facetious scenario of you finding your mate in bed with fifteen strangers, to get up and leave is one thing — but once it gets into the Yellow Circuit and is talking and dreaming about that which has never happened, that’s another.  It is no big spiritual trick to be able to see that you have been jealous in every relationship you were ever in.  The big question is have these jealous daydreams ever come true?

You can only deal with that which is actually happening if you are involved with This.  Jealousy, hostility, fear — the basis is there.  But once it gets up in your head, it is serving another purpose and can become well removed from the original biochemical purpose.  If somebody comes up and tries to cut you, I would advise you to cut them first.  I’d advise you to run.  But until that happens, paranoia is unprofitable.  Until you catch your mate in the midst of a baseball team, jealousy is unprofitable in a real biochemical sense.

Now I’d like to address the repeated questions about astrology which I receive.  I could easily become a recognized authority in astrology.  I could take what little I know about it, and I could use it as a teaching method.  But also, I could use any religion.  The point is, astrology and everything else presently accepted as a meaningful system, is dead.  No one has any understanding of how it was originally used.  I tell you that as an unconditional, across the board fact.  All religions, mystical authorities, and followers do not understand any more than your Uncle Fred, who may be a liberal alcoholic or an orthodox idiot.  He does not know the jargon or technical aspects of, say, astrology, but his basis of understanding is just as valid. While for an authority, it would take many days of lecturing to explain this basis, your Uncle Fred would probably say something like, “Hey, some people do, some people don’t.”

If you believe that you are reading something about astrology, zen, any mystical form of any religion, and getting something from it that is in some way compatible with This — you are wrong.  I will go ahead and tell you in advance:  if you belong in This, you are wasting your time.  Nobody teaching any identifiable system understands any more than your Uncle Fred — nobody.  No one teaching a system with any heritage to it understands it, I mean at all.  Only the person who invented it understood it.  All the major religions were strokes of genius, and astrology, I assure you, was a stroke of genius.  But now it is absolutely useless; it is worthless.  That is not an attack on it.  If you think you are interested in astrology or the I Ching, or playing the Tarot cards — it is a waste of time.  If you want to do that, go ahead.  But if you belong in This, you will begin to understand that there are no dead heroes.  There is nobody dead who understands what you need to know.  If they are dead, it is over with.  I know it is heartbreaking — I do. I am not being funny.

I am not making fun of those who are still interested in such things.  Don’t take it personally, if you can help it — if you can See it.  If you do take it personally, goodbye.

Let me just give you a general, strong suggestion:  something to do that will create a more conducive background for your pursuit of This.  The first thing each and every morning, you should go up to the bathroom mirror and smile.  Smile until it is non-forced; when you get good you can do it in about a second.  You start off and you can feel when it is not right.  Especially looking at yourself you know it is not right.  Then do old actor tricks.  Try and make your eyes sparkle.  Just take a couple of seconds until you are really smiling — you should do that the first thing every morning.  If you begin to personally be able to distinguish what I have said about the difference between funny and humorous, you can be humorous toward you (since for a long time, you still take yourself seriously).  If you can, find this beautifully seductive and profitable satirical groove and get in it.  Look at yourself and do a satire of you.  Do a satire of you and the partnership’s idea about you — that is, things about, “Ooh, you lovely rascal, you lady killer, how in the world have you held out, fifty years old, most of your hair, god, what a…”  And of course, you women can do it a lot better than men because most of you women have been doing variations of that for years.  Once you find how to be humorous toward your own partnership, it changes the hormonal balance in the body.  Go in there first thing.  I don’t care what kind of feeling you are apparently saddled with when you awaken, just run down there as fast as you can and make faces at yourself until you get it.  The smile.

How about the belief in life after death?  Now, in fact, I never say anything about that.  I just say, “Hey I can’t keep you alive forever and to hell with it.”  So you could, from a certain view, say, “That is true.  That is a waste of time.  Those who believe in life after death are very weak people; their belief is irrational. There is no proof whatsoever.  Even if it is true, so what?  They are wasting their energy.  They should be trying to fulfill something now rather than worrying about a possible life after death.”  You missed the point. It is not a psychological or spiritual gambit.  Those who believe in life after death are biochemically affected by that belief.  It is a biochemical effect that Life needs or Life would not have put into Man the belief that there is another life after this.

By and large all religions are based upon some form of belief.  “There are things that our religion teaches which are not physically manifest — life after death, godly retribution, or even the idea of karma. These cannot be seen by the physical eye, but our great leader, our past leader, my culture, my religion, teaches that this is true and I feel it is true — whether I can live up to it all the time or not, I just know it is true.  I have faith.”  Apparently there again is an easy target for a rationalist.  Even a secular humanist could say, “Hey, faith?  Faith is for children.  It is imaginary.”  But it is not.  Remember, imagination is real. What about religious symbols?  There are those who are affected by it, and it does not happen through some vague spiritual message they receive.  It is not even through something “psychological.”  Symbols have a biochemical effect on them, the power of which is attributed to the gods.

How about a little more.  Suppose you are walking down the street and suddenly here comes a band waving your country’s flag.  People are marching and playing music; you turn around and realize you almost feel like crying, although you consider yourself apolitical.  You look around at other grown people there that just suddenly stop, and you see they are getting misty-eyed too.  They are waving this piece of fabric with weird symbols on it; they are playing this music; people are marching with guns and everybody is in step, looking very serious.  And you can say, “I don’t believe in it.  I disapprove of it,” but suddenly you’re about to cry.  It’s the same thing as a religious symbol.  It is an ordinary flow necessary in Life, and it has produced a biochemical change in you.

Here’s another one.  Currently, the science of particle physics is probing on a smaller and smaller scale.  Scientists are discovering that the kind of equipment it takes to make those measurements is interfering with the phenomenon measured.  The closer they get to observing it and measuring it, the more they are interfering with it.  Whatever measurements they make are then no longer valid because part of the measurement is the observation of it.  It is similar to the way in which a thermometer cools the soup it’s measuring.  Science is not yet there, but it is also true in astrophysics.  (There is an example of this already extant, and that is Man’s attempted spiritual life — worrying about the gods.  Man is trying to map or measure that which is so large, his observations are interfering with the validity of that which he is attempting to observe.  But that is another story.)

My question to you is:  what is the possible, actual use of any measurement — of any mapping?  Any? If that which is accepted truth now in the world of particle physics has its parallel in all phenomena, what is the use of any attempted measurement?  You do realize that by measurement I am not speaking just of volume or breadth.  I’m speaking about any identification or naming.  If, in the naming itself, the mapping is going to in any way interfere with the validity of that which is being measured (in the full sense of MEASURE) what could be the possible use of any measurement?  You might even wonder what the purpose is of my mapping this for you.  Do you get the feeling I am cutting away at a gangplank, and you are on it?  What if we cut the gangplank away until there’s only you and what you’re standing on, and just when you think you are a goner, the ship sinks?  Say amen.

This will sound unrelated, but consider that ordinary living is like being in a gigantic river.  Everybody is thrashing about, but everybody is still being carried.  You can thrash about, or not thrash about.  The sun comes up, the sun goes down.  Friday comes and goes.  People are born, people die.  You can stay home and worry about it, or you can go out and gambol through the fields.  Apparently you can either go with the flow and simply float along, or apparently, you can attempt to stand up in this river and to move about on your own — to even swim against the current.  These choices have, in various ways, been pictured in all religions.  Some say real progress is to give up fighting the inevitable, to learn to float along and at least keep from hitting all the debris.  To stay away from everyone thrashing about, hollering, “We’re going to drown,” or, “I want to go somewhere else.”  So one goal is to find out how to get over to more peaceful eddies off the main river.  Another point of view states that there are ways in which you have to take a stand; that if you are going to be a real person you have got to give up floating and stand up in this river.

All right, here is what is not recognized.  Let us say that those are the two great general philosophical or religious/philosophical views of what is possible.  Do you see that in the attempt to stand up and even to move against the flow, the motivation to do that comes from the flowing river?  This brings up another question.  Where are you going to find something to resist within a closed system?  Where can you turn? Where do you go from here?  Say amen, but only if you understand it and you mean it.

I want to conclude with one other comment about the great wide wonderful world of basic biochemical reality behind Man’s apparent measured, mapped, made up, invented, imagined (and quite real) mental and psychological reality.  Have you ever given any thought to your reaction of approval or disapproval to an idea or phenomenon?  (You could use this as an indicator of how much of This you have actually absorbed within your muscles, mind and respiratory system.)  Remember the last time you discussed at length the style and presentation of a musical performer whom you liked or disliked.  It’s not the only example:  offhanded criticism of writers, movies, and artists is common.  In essence, you said something to the tune of, “I don’t like so and so, and give me a second, I can tell you why.”  It sounded as though you were making a real commentary, and you were not.  You were missing the whole point, because here is what is happening.  Music is a molecular phenomenon that goes through your ear, into your brain, and has a biochemical effect.  It is either pleasing, or it is not.  And nobody is fit on this earth to continually Remember that.  Hardly anyone is wired up to even Hear me talk about it.  And yet it all seems so complex. “How is it that so many people can like modern art?  It is unbelievable to me.  In fact, I’ll tell you why…” — and you missed it.

It’s just talk, talk, talk, talk; measure, measure, measure, measure.  And that which is being measured is being distorted.  It can be a holy book or the funny papers, and you look at it.  And from some part of the electromagnetic spectrum, heat, light and sound waves go into you, molecules move around in your brain, and you find what you are sensing to be pleasing or displeasing to the system — not the brain, not your personality, not your analytical faculties.  It is simply pleasing in the same way you put in chocolate ice cream and it goes, “Oooh;” in the same way as when you have an orgasm and it goes, “Oooh;” in the same way you lay down when you are tired, “Ahhh.”  It is far too simplistic, is it not?

You might as well be doing multiplication tables as criticize, if you are involved with This.  You might as well be picking your nose or combing your hair.  What I am talking about is a molecular effect that happens inside your nervous system.  The whole world is partly responsible for transferring energy by analyzing that; by taking a dot and turning it into a mountain range.  Humanity takes the obvious and measures, divides, and maps it to such a degree that it is no longer obvious to anyone.  I am not attacking humanity; that process is necessary for everyone else.  You are subject to it yourself when you start with This Thing and for a long time afterward.  Come on, folks.  If it were not obvious, it would have never been divided up, analyzed, rerouted, renamed, then renamed again, then criticized, then renamed, then criticized, (and then the critic is attacked).  If this process were not necessary, the simplicity of it all would have kept humanity in such a place that we would have no higher circuits.  We could not go forward while apparently going backward.  I could not talk about simplicity while using words that at times become complex.

Simply look at that which every day, almost every minute, you and this partnership inside of you is apparently studying, pondering and analyzing.  Everything that is coming into you begets molecular activity, and with every comment you make, you have clouded what should have been the issue one more time.  Every further measurement you make takes you further from where you are attempting to go.  And to leave on that good positive note, I ask you again:  where can one turn?

You are wired up — you and everyone else:  dogs, worms, robins, popes, rabbis — so that that which affects your nervous system enough in its pre-wired proclivities comes to your attention.  And the system either likes it or it doesn’t.  What a terrible world it would be if things were that simplistic and you understood it.  Right?