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The Absolute Necessity for a Perceived Enemy. Resistance Is key.


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 Diagram 1 Nervous System 

Diagram 1 Nervous System

 Diagram 75  Bias

Diagram 75  Bias


Tape 202, Apr 3, 1986, runtime 1:51
Notes by TK

The absolute necessity of a perceived enemy: no resistance = no growth/change. An absolute perception of resistance is necessary at both the external (e.g. man’s general folly and ignorance) as well as internal (The Partnership (TP)) arena. You and The Partnership as the C and D force Kings (in the Regal Collusion story) are the basis of internal resistance. The E force King furnishes the meeting place: somebody else other than You and The Partnership present and participating (not as mere intermediary) in the whole interaction.

This is the activation of higher circuitry. If C overcomes D in a person/system (or vice versa) he becomes a fanatic. The energy furnished by The Partnership is “used food” and is always insufficient to nourish higher circuitry. Nourishing energy for higher circuit activation must come from outside the visible/audible spectrum of the senses: YOU must produce it. Here are some “methods” for doing same.

The “Great Yellow Monkey Wrench” approach/method (YMW): yellow circuit relation. The YMW is used to “tri-leg”–to force a third leg onto everything your observe with the binarily based senses. Make the binary into the triadal: the good/bad basis of all perception must be forcefully split by the Yellow Monkey Wrench. Ref: Diagram 1 with line drawn in below horizontal line representing the innate structure of all ordinary perception/facts containing an anti-element in order to exist–a fundamental division which must be “tri-legged” by the YMW: put a third leg on a two-legged fact.

The “Premeditated” approach/method (PMA): relation to prayer. The PreMeditated Approach has two stages (plus a “1.5” stage)–premeditating or planning what you’re going to do or desire (as in prayer) and a second stage, performing/acting on same. The first stage for the ordinary precludes the second stage in that it generates its own resistance–its own short circuit–and goes no further.

Consider the biochemical basis of prayer. Why do people want to pray? For The Few the second stage is possible but must “fake it ’til you make it”. The conditions of no meat, drugs and alcohol are part of the second stage and have been arbitrarily forced by J. on the Group to save time and wasted energy; you ultimately would have come to them independently, necessarily if you progress in This Thing.

In the PreMeditated Approach for The Few, you first premeditate/plan an action beyond the range of possible failure (which the ordinary are incapable of doing) by not talking to yourself about it. Next comes stage “1.5”; “I’m unable, presently, to carry out the plan–but it remains on the agenda” end of discussion (huge comma). Second stage: premeditation = action–i.e., no premeditation necessary or acting is premeditating.

By prayer the ordinary attempt to engage in the first stage of the PMA–but its efficacy is lost in the natural biochemical resistance-structure: “Dear God please don’t let such-and-such happen to me” conjoined with the fear that it is going to happen anyway–the non-understanding/non-acceptance of inevitable processes of Life’s Growth.

Question: What is there to actually resist in a closed system?

“Individualists” as Life’s growth energy vs. the growth mass–both are necessary.

Performer/audience phenomenon relates to the dominant/submissive type division/heat exchange. The norm for the ordinary: part of biochemical, genetic makeup.

Being a “good person” as necessary for This Thing–i.e., being no hindrance to anyone. This is the only true morality–i.e., profitable to Life’s growth. Real Goodness is that which is beyond C force and D force and has connection to no resistance.


See if you can find a possible symbiotic relationship in The Partnership. What is there to resist in a closed system?