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An Unrecognized Food Chain


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Tape 200, Mar 21, 1986, runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

Man as the “translator” of Life’s own inaudible voice. The word “karma” and “reincarnation” as a reality mirrored/translated thru man. You hear/see more than the word in This Thing: the substance behind the word. Neuralize Life introduces “inhuman” transmortal realities through  such words.

Consider what is the genetic basis for a continuing life after life: the continuity of Life based on “what is good” (man’s words) but for Life’s inaudible voice: “What is profitable.” The great and continuing problem of morality disappears in the understanding of Life’s inaudible message of “what is profitable?”

Ref: diagram 74: “good”–activated circuitry in the brain vs. “bad”–inactivated circuitry. The brain circuitry fingerprint that is “you”.

Life will do anything once. But man’s functioning at the individual level is not part of this. You can’t do anything just once.

The “Fall” of man: the constant struggle to overcome an “innate spiritual inadequacy”. Man’s translation of Life’s inaudible, transmortal voice saying: “what could be more profitable for growth?” The struggle always to flip the “D” card over to the “C” side.

The only two great possibilities of spiritual efficacy: Comfort or Information. Of the two, only information offers the true comfort–that is, non-binary information.

“If it moves…poke it!”



Document:  200,  March 21, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986                     

In the beginning, people are inclined to expect some sort of spiritual passion from This Thing.  Everyone is accustomed to some sort of “show-biz passion.”  Surely, if there is a reality to a kind of secret personal work that a man could do on himself, it would be a very passionate affair.  But you should realize, the ways in which I have described the life of Life and the body of Life are no mere allegory, although the descriptions themselves do not explain anything.  This is not anthropomorphism revisited.  Still, you can begin to see everything going on in Man’s life as an attempt for Man to be a translator of Life’s own inaudible voice.

If no one is really responsible for what they are doing, would not the concept of karma, as it is defined, be a truly unjust law?  (The old idea of karma is not simply a deranged notion.  And it is not simply that it is humanity’s imagination, because imagination is real.  I am asked about karma, but I cannot use any map or idea that is already in people’s ordinary consciousness.  For those involved with This Thing, the idea of karma is a waste of time, because it is common currency.)  There is a reality to the idea of karma, and it is a prime example of Man operating as a would-be translator for aspects of Life’s voice inaudible on the ordinary level.  If you can reach a certain point, you begin to hear things that other people do not hear, and I do not refer to voices.  Then you can hear people talk of such things as karma, but you Hear Life speaking in a particular way — you do not hear people.  For thousands of years, humanity has spoken about the idea of reincarnation, and Life is talking about something.  The idea of “karma” is a reflection of something real on another level.  Life uses the tongue of man to translate ideas that ordinarily are inconceivable to mankind.  What could possibly be the trans-mortal reality, closer to the radical level of Life itself, of that which comes out in the tongue of man as “reincarnation”?

Life is not stagnant; it is either going up or going down.  Humanity speaks of what is good and bad, but Life is speaking about what is profitable.  Man speaks about so-called morality, but can you see that Life is talking through Man about what has proven in the past, and what is proving now, to be profitable?  If you had some understanding which rearranged the way in which your cortical neurons operate, and you had a continuing knowledge of the fact that Life is seeking to do that which is profitable for itself, then you would see that all concepts of morality are not going to teach you anything.  For you involved with This Thing, it is not a matter that such a concept is wrong or foolish, but that you do not have time for it.  If you can see that all of Man’s talk about that which is good is Life speaking about that which is profitable, all the binary confusion you have will be gone once and for all.

The profit in this for you is to understand that all sensations of problems are rooted, apparently, in the voices, the motivations in you that seem to be continually speaking about that which is good.  That is true for ordinary people — it is not true for the Few.  At the ordinary level, it is the continuing feeling of self-condemnation and guilt which gives rise to the need to be told what to do — to be given rules for correct moral behavior.  You might notice I have not prescribed any morality for you.  To try to “do good” always leaves the possibility of doing that which is not good.

 Diagram 74

Diagram 74

In this map of the brain, the shaded part represents the highest point in your nervous system.  It is that which constitutes “you.” This is the place where your brain is operating; where you are wired up.  If the shaded part of the brain is that which is activated, there is also a symmetrical side that is not in operation.  At the ordinary level, if there were not the apparent reality of conceived opposition, the mind would not function.  There can be no conception of “that which is good” without the conception of “that which is bad.”  An idea of goodness cannot reach an ordinary person’s consciousness unless the already wired perception of its opposite exists in them.  If you have a continual understanding of that and you get beyond the realm of good and evil, you begin to see that Life does not operate in opposition to itself; not on the level that Man does.  Life in general does that which is profitable.

Life will try anything once, but that’s a lot more than can be said for people.  If you have tried something once, you have tried it five times — and if you are over the age of 30, it is by now into the hundreds of thousands of times.  And that is just your more obscure activities.  Those things more common to you, you have tried billions of times.  It is only people who need to be told (and only the Few who can hear it) to never think the same thing twice.  Also, don’t ever do the same thing twice, unless you’re getting paid for it…or to keep from frightening the children.  Life does not need that directive; it repeats something only if it is profitable.  Of course, what is profitable for Life may not coincide with your idea of what is profitable. Please note, there has been more than one war.  Killing did not stop with Cain and Abel.

If there was any real profit to morality, you would not be interested in This.  You would have goodnessed yourself into some other state.  You would have no questions, and nothing would disturb you.  it is not that the concept of morality is wrong, it is inefficient.  The idea of morality is appropriate for ordinary people, but for the Few it is less than nourishing.  It will not die out next month, and I am not trying to stamp it out.  But if you can see beyond the idea of morality, the very core of what now seems to be your dissatisfaction will be swallowed up by the understanding of morality’s basis.

There is that which has proven to be necessary in certain areas of Life’s body which is less profitable in other parts of its body.  Time is not lineal on this planet, and there are people living in different time zones.  I am not referring to being separated by minutes and hours.  There are people in this country who are living in a different century, and there are people in other areas of this planet living several centuries behind.  Even so, the evidence is right before you:  this planet is beginning to live more and more in one time zone; Life is moving in that direction.  People may decry the injustice of the simple life of the Aborigine corrupted by missionaries from civilized countries, but there is something else afoot.  Things are moving towards one time zone at an accelerated speed.

If you can see beyond good and evil, you can hear Life, in a sense, speaking of that which is beneficial to its own growth and health.  People are not mistreating one another.  The apparent conflict between moralistic values is no conflict at all.  It is the operation of a living system, a food chain yet to be recognized by ordinary consciousness.  The suspicion of this food chain is coming out through Man in certain areas, but at some future date if this becomes accepted knowledge, it will no longer be true.  If the potential of my description becomes realized, it will no longer be profitable.  The kinds of things I have been saying will then only be good to wrap a fish in.

Everyone suffers to some degree over a feeling of moralistic outrage or guilt.  And at Line-level consciousness there is no way out.  I can say that you cannot be religious or moralistic and do This Thing, but without the understanding and ability to be TRULY religious and moralistic, you can only get so far in This.  You would only be able to get a step away from where you are and you would trip and fall.  But true religion has nothing to do with the words religion and morality.  As long as you believe that you need to do better, to live morally, you also have the specter of backsliding and failure on your shoulder.  As long as you are operating at Line-level consciousness, you will continue to hear your own DNA talking to you about that which is good behavior.  In that condition, the best you could hope for is half of salvation:  half the time you would be happy.  If you die, half of you would go to paradise.  At the very best you are only talking about a 50% degree of success in trying to live by moral precepts.  At that level, at best you would be half of a great person.  How far removed does that sound from your present everyday existence?  (And the wise ones among them said, “Verily, verily, not too far at all”.)  But then the ordinary would say, “That may be true, but I can still have my dreams, and have hope to do better.”  This is not anything new.  The DNA code in the genes of our earliest forefathers and foremothers were dreaming of being a better person.

What is new to understand is that it is not a matter of what is good in a moralistic sense.  It is a matter of that which is profitable, and it is not you or someone else speaking of it.  It is Life’s inaudible voice made overt and physical through Man.  To Understand on that level is to be freed from that kind of dichotomy.  And yet here I am, talking about this matter; is that not amazing?  Does that not make you want to stop reading this and go on down to the beach and retire?

Notice that Life has said, through humanity’s religions and would-be mystical systems, that the gods in some way made Man evil.  Or else Man did something to become condemned to evil and the pursuit of one’s religion or spiritual belief is the attempt to perfect oneself.  But it is all based upon a struggle to overcome one’s internal inadequacy.  All over the world, in slight variations throughout the body of Life, the idea persists that Man is here to oppose the evil in himself.  What Life is saying through mankind is that humanity could be functioning in a more profitable manner.  I offer you an example:  one of the greatest tasks that you could set for yourself would be to absolutely resist all of the anger in you.

If somebody you know suddenly has turned on you unjustly, and everything in you rises up to take immediate overt action, you can step aside from your ordinary reaction.  You can find yourself in that very place (and you’ve only got split-seconds) where everything in you is wired up to be angry at some comment that was made about you, and see that you are a part of an unrecognized food chain and you are supposed to take action — and you just stop it.  For many people, this can be a real moment of addicting epiphany.  That’s when it is all going to hit you; it will surpass any drug experience you have ever had.  It will surpass any so-called mystical experience you ever imagined or read about, because anything you read about was in binary terms.  I hate to go into these sales pitches.

To find out that biochemical and electrical energy is continually being transferred from what seems to be one person to another is to see that there is a kind of neural transmission going on, unrecognized by ordinary consciousness.  Your particular kind of acceptance and transformation of all forms of hostility is proper; it is sane.  No matter if you are attempting to be mystical and your particular system believes that the greatest directive is, “Don’t hate your fellow man.”  Everybody agrees with that, but when your fellow man hates you, you have to hate him back or you’ll go nuts.  And you cannot be a good religious person and be crazy, so you have to keep your sanity and go ahead and be angry when you are supposed to be angry.

Then you suffer over it.  “I shouldn’t be angry, it overcame me this time.  I should do that which is good.”  If an ordinary person could cease repaying hostility with hostility, they would go crazy.  Their wiring system would fall apart.

Energy in the form of hostility is supposed to make you molecularly transform, then transmit anger.  But if you can see it, you cannot handle it; you can refuse to entertain the internal voices.  You can be conscious outside of this absolutely mechanical, but absolutely proper, behavior going on.  Then you understand why, throughout history, there have been people who did not know what they were talking about regarding anger.  They could not suppress anger and they were not supposed to.  Once you experience the reality of this, then you understand why ordinary people apparently present some kind of sermon or commentary on the need for us to love one another; tears come to their eyes, and to the eyes of their listeners, and they all want to hug each other.  And yet nothing seems to change.

When you can keep yourself separate from your mechanical behavior, you’ll never forget the first time a person sends hostility to you.  You’ll always want to send that person a nonexistent four-dimensional card of goodwill every time you think of them, or at least once a year.  When you remember the first time that you really Saw what was going on — that this other piece of Life’s body said something to you or about you and it went in your system and you stood aside — you will have a recollection of feeling for that person:  “How splendid it was that I knew you.”  You might also understand some of those stories throughout religions about great prophets being tempted to fall into the lower regions of the earth, or going up on forbidden mountaintops and wrestling with their counterpart.  Exotic stories exist of a conspiracy between a great god and a great anti-god, which relate that the two gods are not really at each other’s throats.

How about my story of two kings of warring countries who were yet good friends.  Nobody knew it except themselves and their retainers.  The two kings would get together and have drinks and plot who was going to win the next war.  To keep control, they would point out to the public the potential danger of the enemy, and how good it is for the economy and the spiritual and physical life of the people to stay in a state of readiness, if not overt war.  But since these two kings knew what they were doing, they would not kill any more people than needed to be killed.  If the population of young men began to go down, they would go back to shouting matches and sword waving.  But then the people would get too fat, the economy would become sluggish, and it went from saber rattling back to fighting.  These two kings would get together at least once every weekend and plot out the next skirmish.  Of course, I shouldn’t dwell on that.  That sort of thing is good for a nervous laugh, but some people are wired up to get almost frightened to death with that kind of notion.  Don’t worry, I just made the story up.  At the ordinary level, there is no conspiracy going on between people.  But when it comes to what Life is doing, don’t take any even money bets.

Someone once asked me, “If you could identify a real C Force area in someone’s wiring, is it not possible that C could be very closely connected to their D potential?”  To use my detailing of the three potentials of this eternal dance, there are C, D, and E; and the D would seem to be that which is not immediately profitable.  I mentioned the idea that humanity has been put here to struggle against evil, to improve itself.  That struggle is in attempting to step to the other side of the wall which divides C and D.  If an ordinary person is angry and hateful of people, they think it is a short step to salvation from this imperfection.  At the ordinary level, that which appears to be evil is only separated by a line from its exact counterpart.  The history of mankind is replete with people professing to be up to some good, but suddenly they begin killing people in the name of what is good.  (And the cynics corner says, “Amen; how true, how true; the folly of man; tut, tut.  I’m glad I’m not one of them.”)

All of the desires, in you and everyone else, to do that which is good, is the desire of Life to do that which is profitable.  And there is nothing to suffer over.  There is no one who can whip you into some condition of doing that which is good.  You have to personally get the circuits in you to a time zone not now extant in humanity.  Then you will do that which is profitable; you will be growing faster than Life is, and there will be no question of, “Am I doing good, am I helping my fellow man.”  Then you are living in a different time zone wherein Life is helping itself do better.

Religions operate by providing either comfort or information.  Religious people are not comfortable because they are only a thin wall away from being not “what they are;” they are always one step from being non-good and thinking non-good thoughts.  They carry a continuing cloud of guilt.  It is the continuing genetic feeling of incompletion coming out through Man’s lips as being a moralistic imperative to do that which is good.  And it is not the fault of your generation or of anyone’s culture and religion.  With this Thing, Life is up to a kind of unnatural stirring in the highest regions of man’s nervous system.  A few people can begin to collect information that is not binarily based.  And that kind of information then draws together these two aspects of either comfort or information.  The comfort in This Thing is understanding.