Jan Cox Talk 0196

Drop the Past


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Tape 196, Feb 13, 1986, runtime 1:18
Notes by TK

 Diagram # 71 video grab

Diagram # 71 video grab

 “You’ve got to drop the past”

Comments to newer people re: letters seeking to spill “tales of woe” plaguing the writers and asking for the secret to abate same. The past is absolutely of no consequence. Reference Diagram 1 with new element: Juncture Box (Diagram 71). You must utterly forget the past; realize that it is a biochemical condition.

“Loose wire” expanded to Juncture Box where the box is the perimeter outside of which there is no past. Metaphor of the “yokel”–everybody is “born down on the farm”; a country bumpkin from the Line down. To do This thing is to become “citified”, civilized, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, cultured. The Few cannot revert to the farm and maintain city ways; your yokel heritage recaptures utterly–to believe otherwise makes you an idiot.

The feeling of being “priceless porcelain”: fragile emotionally/physically–overly sensitive. This is a kind of fear (of being overwhelmed by life). The Few must be able to accept the “mortal minimum” when confronted by what seems to be an impossibly difficult course of action. This is to ask the question: “Has any other human been thru this and survived?”. If the answer to the question is “yes” (and it always is) the answer is at hand: end of subject–you must submit without comment. There is no “superman”.

If you should find yourself “back on the farm”–at least keep your mouth shut.

The human fascination with and apparent supremely immediate importance of what is truly unalterably irrelevant. Example of financial planning so ubiquitously advertised that can be utilized by only a tiny minority of people. The other end of the spectrum: taking things as “meaningless” that are truly of greatest significance. Example of antinuclear demonstrators seen on TV in a bar by good ole down-home bricklayers –they cannot make any connection. Relation to the need in This thing to expand one’s horizontal connections–to be able to understand the extremes of Life’s nervous system in its natural functioning.

Everybody “down on the farm” lives a life of “crisis control”. Crisis control is the basis of their programming. This is not an option for the Few.

“If you Understand more than anybody, how can you be hurt, insulted?”