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Verbal Jazz and the Molecular Transport Company


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Jan Cox Talk  162, June 20, 1985, runtime 1:27
Notes by TK

Stratigraph: if man were truly responsible for himself (a self product implies he has access to every conceivable, possible information) and to therefore change would require a yet further new input of info which cannot, by definition, exist since man is totally self determined. Example of absolute free jazz as new information incomprehensible, too radical. Neuralize the difficulty Life has to provide new info, i.e. play free jazz and listen to it at the same time.

Transportation = communication. In primitive times physical transport was required for communication, but in a sense this is equally true today at the molecular level –today the MTC (molecular transport company) is necessary. Transport from “external” molecular activity to “internal” activity. This is true also for transfer of the energy of This Thing, except more AMV12 is required in the receiver. The expansion of AMV12 is paramount consideration.

New circuitry above the Yellow is also the physical expansion of AMV12 rather than an actual new circuit per se.

Approach to expansion of AMV12 via daydream/running static. Daydreams are a by-product, a waste product;remaining after AMV12 is exhausted in the brain. If AMV12 was not exhausted, i.e. the running of pure primal flow thru the Yellow Circuit there would be nothing to fuel daydreams. Consider relation to “stopping of thought”. Daydreams are who you are, how you know who you are (coupled with seeming external supports such as “yes, that’s my Fred”–says Mary).

Enough enriched blood in the brain = stopping of thoughts/daydreams. The ultimate forgiveness is forgetting (i.e. not remembering) and requires maximum use of AMV12 in higher parts of the Yellow Circuit. Daydreams support hostility, guilt, suffering.

Mechanical transport = mechanical communication and should be resisted. Excessive talk by humanity about their experiences is Life talking to itself, attempting to explain to itself for future reference, not useless activity–it is necessary to Life.

There is not necessarily always a “right” thing to do in a given situation, but for The Few there is always a most efficient and profitable thing to do.


What is it in you that is physically, mechanically transported, hence mechanically communicated, that is impeding the expansion of AMV12 in your Yellow Circuit?



Document:  162, June  20, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985             

     Let me begin by laying out a scenario based on what Life makes a man believe he is.  It is an accepted fact in the ordinary world that Man is conscious and knows what he’s going to say and do; that within certain limits, he is responsible for what he is and how he reacts to his environment (which he perceives as separate from himself).  It’s also accepted that Man is rational and operates in his own best interest.

     If Man truly does act responsibly in his own best interest, he takes advantage of all available information of relevance to his process of self-development.  If what Man believes is true — that he is a product of himself — each reasonably sane person avails himself of every piece of information concerning himself, Life, the operation of the human mind, the human spirit, the human heart and interpersonal relationships in the stock market.  “I am what I am.  I’m not perfect, of course, but I’m using all possible information.  Everything I’ve ever heard, everything I have read, all the experiences of my life have come together.  I use them on a day-by-day, moment-to-moment basis, helping to establish who I am, what I believe and think and how I am about to behave.  I use all possible information and continually scan the information I have.  I am therefore putting forth the best self that I can be.”  If that’s true, absolutely new knowledge or information would have to be introduced into the system before a change could take place. But talk of Real change in an individual under these circumstances or premises is fallacious.

     A person who wants to change in spirit or radically alter his personality, feels that something is presently wrong with himself.  Therefore, each and every person who says he wants to change or better himself, from the most educated and sophisticated at the top of the mechanical hierarchy of Life on down, hasn’t made himself the best he can.  If people acted responsibly in developing themselves and had access to all available information, there would be no need to change.  Each person would use all available information and make himself the best possible.  So a person who wants to change either isn’t responsible enough to avail himself of all possible ordinary information or all of the necessary information isn’t available.

     If you’re indeed availing yourself of all the current information, where will new information come from? And if you’re already availing yourself of all that you perceive, how are you going to digest, metabolize, or even hear new information?

     These questions relate to one aspect of what occurs here.  Neuralize your feeling that something has changed in you since you began your involvement with This.  What has happened?  The information from This Thing isn’t transferred directly from me to you.  If it were that simple, I could transfer it to everyone.

     I could compare what I’m doing with This to a jazz performance:  not giving a music lesson, but telling a parable.  The epitome of free jazz is playing something on the spot which has never been heard before. But, when looked at in a certain way, it’s the unknowing attempt to answer the question, “What am I going to say next?”  A song is announced and the musician picks up his instrument and plays the song through one time.  If you know the song, you’ll go, “Da da,” and hum along.  Then, according to the standard progression of music in America, the rhythm will stop and whoever takes the lead begins to “improvise” on top of the chords.  In other words, you can hear the melody underneath the chords; you can whistle along and tell, in a sense, that they’re still playing the same song; but now the musician’s attempting to write a piece of music at that moment.

     In terms of jazz, that improvisational creation is the limit of what ordinary middle class humanity can tolerate in terms of spontaneity.  Whether in jazz or another presentation, it’s always best to announce what you’re going to do, and then improvise.  That helps the crowd along.  Even the Pope is announced; and according to religious literature, the gods even announced themselves.  There are those who attempt “free jazz,” where one man starts a riff; and when it’s really sounding good, five or six guys come out with a drummer and rhythm section, look at each other and simply all start playing.  Nobody announces a key, no song, everybody just plays.  But that music hasn’t attracted a very large audience in this country.

     Through this jazz example you can begin to See for yourself what I’ve been faced with in presenting This; and what you will have to face when it begins to spread to others through you.  I can’t draw an absolute parallel, but free jazz in This would be me appearing and just stringing words together that made no sense.  The words wouldn’t be gibberish, they’d actually be words from the dictionary, but the sentences would go on and on and make no sense.  You could call it new information and say, “That’s something I’ve never heard before:  “Peanuts truck flying sweating tomorrow.”  I’ve never heard that.  I don’t know what it means but that’s new information.  I’ve never processed that.”  But again, that kind of free jazz wouldn’t attract a large audience.

     Let’s go from that extreme back to what I was referring to as “middle class jazz.”  To appeal to ordinary middle class humanity, you must talk in a manner that makes sense.  The person must appear to have something to say:  “I know most of you people are upset.  Most of you feel Life is nothing but one long train of suffering; a great wheel of torment.”  It all makes sense.  He’ll talk about how he prays to the gods and tries to help the people’s cause, and the people say, “Oh yeah, we know you do that.”  Then he says, “And sometimes it doesn’t work.  But I am here to tell you that the gods want you individually to do such and such.  The gods now want you people to start contributing every other piece of food that you grow in your fields to the priest.  Four times a day we want you to put yourself in a certain position and mumble this prayer…”

     In their time, all biblical scriptures sounded like bad news.  The only punch line was, “Do what the gods told me to tell you to do, and when you die you’ll go to the brain cell of the gods (or heaven, paradise, etc.)”  But if that was different from the standard religious activity of that group of people, it would sound like new information.  It would make sense in a linear fashion.  But that kind of information isn’t going to change anything.  The words are restructured, but the concept or information is old.

     To relay a message, you apparently have to state a theme that people are familiar with.  But then you can’t convey new information.  When stating the information in the context of a familiar theme you have the same situation that everyone is faced with while sitting in churches, psychiatrist’s offices, or metaphysical cult meetings.  The information could be written to sound as though it’s new information, but whether the text says, “Thou shall do so and so,” or, “thou should not,” the information is of no Real value.  Though the words may appear to sound different, the information was already available.

     In presenting This you must tread a very thin, almost nonexistent line between free jazz and sounding as though This makes sense and is setting a kind of premise.  But the premises involved with This must occur vis-a-vis a task of constant Neuralization.

     Neuralize what Life has to do to grow.  Look at the purpose humanity is serving.  Something’s nervous system is expanded or is more conscious than yours.  Try to See what Life has to go through on its own when it makes humanity talk and daydream; when Life makes humanity theorize, attempting to find a particular orientation.  Life is pushing itself into the realms of four or five dimensions, expanding like the sound of a real free jazz player, if we cubed him.  It’s attempting to expand through This Thing.

     Direct your attention to the concepts of transportation and communication.  Transportation equals communication at Line level, once you See beyond the molecular transfer of one voice to one human ear. Many people refer to this era of history as the “age of information,” as we’re absolutely dependent upon the communication of information.  But turn your attention back to the early 1900’s.  Imagine a person in that era who had a business concern, such as trying to wrap up a corner of the wheat market.  His firm was located in New York and he was trying to buy all the available wheat in Nebraska.  In 1900, transportation was required to communicate between New York and Nebraska:  someone was handed an order or a check and put on a horse.  Wars were extended because of lack of transportation or communication.  Two kings may have agreed to end a war, but it took four weeks to relay the message.  A whole bunch of guys rode in tandem, in line on horseback getting the message from one place over to West Vahalia, or to the other side of Russia.  In one place all the fighting was stopped and the kings were out whooping it up and drinking, while a thousand miles away both of their armies were still slaughtering each other, from one viewpoint, for no reason.  The war was over, but what else could they do?  The message had to physically be transported for anything to be communicated.

     It would now appear that those days of horses are bygone.  Large sums of money can be transferred on computer screens across the ocean in an instant and people can now turn a profit in a matter of seconds.  So you might think that the matter of transportation equalling communication died with your ancestors.  But I submit to you, “Nay, nay.”

     Turn your attention internally, and I’ll refer you to a new concept.  Actually the concept is old.  You just didn’t know it had a name.  I call it the MTC, or Molecular Transport Company.  Without looking up the term in the dictionary, “transport” means “to move something” (let’s assume we all know as much as Noah Webster).  Efforts to expand your Understanding involve the MTC.  The attempt to extend your own internal communication requires a physical act of transportation.  Also, Life’s attempts to expand the communication between apparent individual systems and the entire system of Life itself likewise require the MTC.

     I’ve pointed out to you that a molecular change in your senses in necessary for a transfer of energy or information to occur.  Nothing happens to or for the human organism until the MTC has done its job (whether it’s ordering up another beer or the gods telling you to watch out for the burning bush).  And, the same is true for Life itself.  All interactions require molecular transportation.

     Any new information available to you seems to come from an external source.  For instance, I’m standing here talking and it sounds as though something external is being transmitted to you.  You pick up external information from your involvement here, which makes you stay with This.  This apparently external energy has now turned a large number of you into irreversible addicts and you want to hear more.  So apparently some kind of communication has taken place between me and you.  But actually, a pleasurable and profitable molecular alteration has occurred in you.

     For any true alteration to occur in you, beyond the realm of normal ordinary activity, there must be a metabolic acceptance of new information in your nervous system.  This Thing can’t be some kind of cult or mechanical hero worship.  For This to have an effect, there has to be a chemical alteration in you, a molecular transfer which serves the communication of new information not previously available to you. You can’t merely listen to tapes or read something I wrote thereby taking in the information with your five senses, because no Real molecular change will take place.

     The passing of new information and the alteration may occur simultaneously or otherwise.  When you move beyond binary consciousness, the question of order of occurrence is moot.  It just appears to ordinary consciousness that one thing must occur before the other.

     Ordinary humanity would not respond to This as you have.  I could book myself into a large auditorium in any large city in this country and advertise free drinks and food if they attend.  People would show up and I’d talk; but no one sitting there is going to say, “Not only was that pleasurable, but what I’ve heard has changed my life beyond a doubt.  I don’t have to discuss it, I now See and Understand things that heretofore were just blank to me.  I didn’t know This existed.”

     The transfer of this information involves more than simple, ordinary molecular transfer.  More AMv12, or energizing substance, must be present in the blood before anyone can Hear this information.

     Throughout history apparent religious prophets have spoken about the substance in the blood, AMv12. But they didn’t know what it was, as that information wasn’t available at the time.  AMv12 was present, but it would have been free jazz for a prophet to say, “I went up on the mountaintop and had an experience which I’m here to tell you about.  A substance exists in the blood that is ordinarily depleted, keeping us in our mundane state.  Certain aspects of the higher forces of the total body of creation (not in the form of gods) are striving to distribute more of this substance in the blood to more regions of the body.  An aspect of that same being is striving to increase his AMv12 in us.  The distribution of the substance is what makes you people want to build statues and bow down to golden calf imagery; to slaughter people and animals with sacrifices; to kill people that don’t agree with your beliefs about the gods.  But you’re worshipping incorrectly; you misunderstand.  All that’s occurring is this substance trying to expand itself in Life and in man.

     Those standing around listening to the prophet would have said, “You know, I have never cared for free jazz musicians.”  Even if it were true, the prophet’s statement would have made no sense to those listening at that period of time.  It would have been meaningless.  Those people were prepared to hear about gods and spirits, and that’s all they could hear about.

     Many people’s Yellow Circuits would react when I point out that people in ancient times lacked the capabilities to Understand what we now hear:  “The people couldn’t hear it, but the prophets knew a lot more than that.”  But don’t be too sure.  The prophet still lived in his time and place.  He certainly knew more than he said and he knew more than the people listening.  But ancient prophets didn’t Understand the substance in the blood; that Life’s growth isn’t the result of gods at work.

     I have spoken in general of what’s been called by various names:  rebirth; the development of a new spirit; enlightenment; being blown away; being awakened from some kind of stuporized state.  And with diagrams, maps and descriptions I’ve pointed out that This Thing is involved with the growth of a new circuit in man.  But the growth of Life doesn’t simply involve the springing forth of a new circuit from the Yellow Circuit.  This growth requires the expansion of more available AMv12 into the brain itself.  The growth of a new circuit isn’t possible without this substance expanding in the brain.  What is needed is blood that is enriched with more AMv12.  Like other blood constituents, the amount of AMv12 in the blood is influenced by the respiratory system, the movement and lack of movement in the muscles; and is affected by and affects the affinities of the Yellow Circuit.  This substance is continually depleted within the normal workings of the ordinary nervous system.  It sets the limit, puts a cap on what anyone can See, experience, or learn in a lifetime.  But someone involved with This must expand the amount of AMv12 reaching the upper levels of the nervous system.

     You can better Understand the act of expansion of enriched blood to the brain by looking at your daydreams.  What is actually occurring with the process of daydreaming?  Is it verbal, pictorial or a combination of the two?  Why is it you can turn your attention on the voices and they stop almost immediately?  Or you can turn your attention on the daydreams and See them going on, while being aware of the fact that you’re looking at them.  What is looking at what?

     You’re been daydreaming for as long as you remember.  The only way to remember your existence at the ordinary level is through the running static of daydreams.  When you say, “The earliest memory I have is my fifth birthday party.  I remember the street I lived on; and my father just returned from the army.  I can’t remember back any further, but I can remember that party.”  You’re remembering daydreams.

     Let me tell you what daydreams are.  Daydreams are a Primal Flow drain-off:  they are a by-product or waste product of all AMv12 not used up in the Yellow Circuit.  I once drew a diagram of the physical nervous system of man:

     The circle is the brain, and the fountain is the primal energy flowing and hitting Line-level consciousness.  The flow reaches an actual physical place in the brain which is neither two nor three dimensional.  That Line represents the level of all information presently available to ordinary man.  The energy sprays up, hits this Line, falls back on itself and is recycled.  The AMv12 is depleted as it reaches Line level.  The blood is drained of this substance, and your level of consciousness is established.  You’re a rational, conscious, ordinary self-motivated being, because this substance is drained off at the Line.

     Daydreams are the waste product of the AMv12 depletion in the Yellow Circuit.  If the AMv12 enriched blood continually flows into your brain, without being stopped at the Line, your Yellow Circuit will use the primal flow to the utmost; and there will be nothing left over to fuel daydreams.

     History is replete with stories of people who attempted to stop thought, but what they were really doing was attempting to stop daydreams.  Many people spent twenty years sitting twelve hours a day motionless, with only the vague promise of:  “If you do this correctly, your thoughts will one day stop.  The pond of consciousness will be still and you will be amazed.”  That promise would not motivate most ordinary men to leave their worldly pursuits and goods behind to sit for twenty years so that “one day the disturbed pool of consciousness will be still and you will be amazed.”

     I didn’t say that as a joke:  that’s just a comma.  Notice that throughout history many people have attempted to stop thought.  Many are still attempting it.  Perhaps you bought books about it, daydreamed about it and saved money to go to a meditative retreat.  Just hearing about stilling the unruly demons of the mind sounds exciting.  But what they’re talking about is stopping daydreams.

     If you’re operating at the ordinary level of consciousness and the blood is being depleted as it should be, you’re using all possible available information, and you’re going to have daydreams.  You have voices which are the result of the AMv12 wastage, and you’ve accepted these voices as being you.  Thus “you” are a combination of the voices and what seems to be the reflection of and reaction to “out there” — the so-called environment.

     People recognize your voices and make comments on them.  Somebody says, “Yes, that’s just like you. That’s the old Fred I love.”  You call your mother and she says, “I knew it was you.  You’re the only person that calls me at seven o’clock on Sunday, once a month, you rascal.”  There seems to be a spasmodic, but usable, external support for “Who I am,” but what’s being supported are the daydreams.

     A change in molecular activity will cause the daydreams to go awry.  Such a change occurs with continuing alcohol absorption, hallucinogenic drugs or even through illness.  You may say, “I’m losing my mind.  Sometimes I sit in my room and I’m not even sure who I am.”  The daydreams are being mechanically altered, and you’ll have trouble identifying or holding a feeling of who you are.

     Since your daydreams are taken as being you, it may properly strike you that stopping the daydreams would be of great benefit.  I have referred to the voices as noise, the running static and the tiger behind the door, and I told you to abandon any ideas of stopping them.  Try to stop the noise for just thirty seconds, and you’ll realize, “I can’t, and I never have been able to stop the noise.  But I sure do think about it a lot.”  You mean you sure do daydream about it a lot.

     Doing This is not a matter of simply stopping the daydreams.  It’s more a question of the noise becoming moot.  The voices become like the noise of an air conditioner in the background.  If I stop and point it out, you hear it.  But if you’re paying attention to me talking, you don’t pay attention to the air conditioner.  Don’t worry about stopping the noise.  It will become like a tiger behind the door.  You might notice him now and then, and hear him pacing.  But if you don’t look at him or listen to him, you won’t take the tiger as being you.  It’s almost as though you can keep the door closed and the noise becomes like a radio that’s playing music or a continual news program, but it’s in another room.  As with the air conditioner you can stop and hear it, and it begins to communicate with you.  Your system and the air conditioner begin to react together.  But the time has come for you to See something beyond that.

     The idea or reality behind stopping thought is not a complete daydream of some kind.  If Life thinks it, it’s possible.  I’m giving you a back door hint.  If you had enough enriched blood reaching the Yellow Circuit, the brain itself, you would be using the amount of the Primal Flow available to you personally to the utmost.  There would be no waste product; nothing left to fuel daydreams.  This may sound a little, to say the least, abstruse, vague, or otherwise outside the realm of instantaneous pragmatic understanding.  And to that I shrug.

     Some people have asked about some behaviors they saw me exhibit.  Apparently I turned on someone and instantaneously became almost frighteningly hostile.  Then I turned around like it never happened. Someone asked, “Is that some kind of mystical trick that I can eventually do?  Are you aware that you’re able to do that?  Are you aware of how astounding that is?”  Surely I did it on purpose.  Surely I had somebody already pegged to do something untoward and appear to make me mad so I could suddenly turn on them.  Apparently every system in me was mad, and then I turned around as though it never existed.

     I’m not going to comment on any of that per se, but let me point something out.  If you had no AMv12 waste products, no ordinary negative daydreams, you could do several things.  You could turn systems on and off at the snap of your finger, because you would have no lingering daydreams about it.  You could also do something that no person on this planet can ordinarily do:  you can forgive someone.

     In all religions you’ll find the old saying, “We should forgive and forget.”  Ordinary man can’t truly forgive, because no one can forget.  If you used all the available AMv12, the enriched blood would reach the higher parts of the Yellow Circuit.  Then you could truly forget, which is indeed the ultimate forgiveness.

     Let me dwell just a brief time longer on this.  I’ve asked you to look at your own ordinary hostile emotions.  The condition of being angry, hostile, holding grudges, or seeking revenge is encompassed by an inescapable tension that holds everything together at Line level.  But, can you be angry without words? What if you continually utilize an expanded amount of enriched blood, and have no daydreams?  Can you See the damage that would do to you being hostile or being able to turn on and off apparent flows of Blue Circuit energy?  I’m not telling you this so you can turn around, be threatening and as hostile as possible, and then turn it off.  That is not the purpose of this use of enriched blood.  But through the use of an expanded amount of enriched blood, you could willfully control this Blue Circuit energy.

     Say you step in a hole.  It’s a bad day and the humidity gets to you.  Suddenly you’re a part of a negative Blue flow — you caught this D-based energy.  You might ordinarily or unordinarily feel guilt and regret:  “I just caught myself being hostile.  I can almost stop it, but maybe the hostility will wear off if I get out of the situation.  I’ll find some kind of trick to ward off that kind of behavior.”  But then you daydream about your actions and continue to suffer over them.  You’ll suffer over what apparently happened to make you angry; what somebody said or did and how you reacted.  But if you could walk away from the situation with nothing to fuel your daydreams, you would do unspeakable damage to your ability to be angry, hostile or hold a grudge.  Once you catch yourself involved with D energy you can turn it off.  You See that you’re wasting energy again; that you’re daydreaming.  If you stop the waste production, you can’t be angry.

     It’s possible to extract one’s vocal self from daydreams.  I’m not describing some simple mind trick, but a weapon to discover the nature of consciousness and its operational purpose in humanity.  You can extract your vocal self and stop you from talking in your daydreams by holding your attention directly on the voices.  But you can also stop the waste product.

     When ordinary, mechanical activity is viewed by the screen of consciousness, transportation equals communication.  When messages are directed towards you, they pass into your system without interference; the molecules are directly transported into your system.  The noise from “out there” — an obscene gesture that somebody makes or harsh words — are directly transported to you molecularly. Without willful interference, the communication is mechanical and you take what happens as being a statement of reality.  Somebody says something or looks at you and you’re sure he’s snickering at you. The energy, sound, feel, smell has been mechanically transported to you and it’s running unimpeded through your nervous system.  That is mechanical communication.

     I’ve spoken about excessive talk, the mechanical running-at-the-mouth.  I’ve shown how this talk is extant in talk therapy, running home to mother, running home to somebody, writing Dear Abby, grabbing a stranger at the bar and saying, “Wait till I tell you what happened to me.”  All humans engage in this excessive talk, regardless of their experiences.

     Soap operas are a magnified reflection of excessive talk.  Almost no action occurs on screen.  Instead they continually talk about action and what happened.  The soaps can save money this way, because all the actors have to do is sit on the sound stage and talk about how terrible things are.  “My brother got killed in an airplane crash in the Azores.”  They don’t have to go on location, they just sit people on that one stage and talk over and over about, “How do you feel?”  “I feel terrible.”  “Sit down and tell me about it. How did your mother feel about it?”  “She felt terrible.”  You’ll see in Life, and within yourself, a continual excessive amount of talk from people regarding their experiences.

     Can you see a use for this excessive, continual talk?  You’ll hear complaints and cries about the past and about what may happen in the future.  Or a person may continually attempt to explain himself:  “Why I did so and so.  Why did I refrain from doing so and so.  Why I will never do it again.  Why I will do it again if I get the chance.”  Excessive talk is not just some accidental foible.  The fact that everybody has to run around spilling their guts out talking about everything that has happened is not a weakness on humanity’s part.  It has a purpose.  You think that Life’s energy is being ill spent, but nothing is being wasted. Something’s going on.  Life is continually explaining its past experiences:  it’s stumbling, bleeding, falling down, getting up, getting overweight, drinking too much, going on the wagon, cutting down on food, going on a fast, outgrowing its pants, having to buy new clothes, losing too much weight, getting anemic, over eating, belching, moaning, groaning, oversleeping, not getting enough sleep.  And it talks to itself in the same way as you do.  In a parabolical, paradigmatic sense, Life is itself talking to itself as it steps, stumbles, heaves, groans and eventually grows.  Life is attempting to explain itself for future reference through you, and you take it as being you.

     Life condemns excessive talk as being mechanical foolishness or some kind of dumb hobby of humanity.  Of course that is not true, but notice that as you become more involved in doing This, you are inclined to talk less and less.  You’re not attempting to look wise, although your grandfather had a saying: “It never hurts to be quiet.  If you don’t talk much other people will think you know something.”  It’s just one of those old axioms, but why is it an old axiom?  Why has it survived so long?  Because there is some reality behind the idea of stopping excessive talk.

     Another old axiom is “A wise man learns through his experiences.”  At the ordinary level, people use all the information available to them personally.  They don’t learn from their experiences, as their experience won’t offer new information.  You can’t learn from your experiences in one ordinary lifetime, but Life learns. To Life, one individual’s life is hardly a drop of sweat on a good run.  It’s here and gone.  At the ordinary level, you can’t learn from experience, because all the information you can absorb is already available to you.  You can’t Hear anything new.

     The simple, apparent transport of words or ideas from one person to another involves mechanical transportation.  Ordinary man is using all of the information available to him and he can’t learn or hear anything new.  He doesn’t have the capacity to hear anything outside of his individual mechanical structuring.  Ordinary man isn’t wired for growth.  You’re wired for mechanical transportation, but you can expand your circuitry by allowing the AMv12 enriched blood to expand in your brain.  Unless you do this, you will not hear anything new.  Real communication entails the instillation of new information into the system, which is only possible when more enriched AMv12 reaches the upper levels of the nervous system.

     In any particular situation there may not be an objective, “right” way of doing something.  But for the Few there will always be a most efficient and/or profitable way.  You may have questions about apparent personal circumstances in your life and ask, “What is the right thing for me to do here?”  When dealing with one person and what they consider an outside situation, there may not objectively be any “right” thing to do.  The situation’s events involve the energy and movements of many individuals in Life as a whole. But for someone attempting This, the right way and most profitable way are not necessarily synonymous, although ordinary consciousness would assume they are.  Someone involved with This needs to expand their attitude concerning a most efficient or a most profitable manner.  You need to do that which is most beneficial to your growth and Life’s.