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Life Is Perceiving Itself Through You


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Jan Cox Talk 159, May 23, 1985, runtime 2:00
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Life is perceiving of itself primarily through human consciousness. Your constant question should be: how is Life’s perception being improved thru me? What perceptions is Life receiving thru me? Life’s highest perception of itself is thru collective humanity. This Thing is Life’s highest dream in a sense, and the Few in every time and place are Life’s pursuit of that dream. Life does This Thing at its own level.

Every voice comes from line level consciousness and is useless for the Few. Even “seeking” is based upon the voices. Life (as does man) ponders that consciousness has 2 aspects: action and thoughts of action. There is a quality of surety in the voice that speaks which is Life’s direct voice speaking to you. All questions cease. The possibility of hearing this voice exists when the ordinary multitude of voices end.

Daydreaming is random, repetitive Yellow Circuit activity: wasted activity for the Few. One of the first payoffs of This Thing is the realization that you can think of this or that. Can substitute the growing hunger for This Thing for ordinary thinking. You can “change radio stations”. You should divert all daydreaming energy to This Thing.

The continuing concern by humanity to “impartially debate the issues” “air all sides of the question” can be seen as Life’s need for a constant confluence and confrontation of: as many flows/forces as possible or, as necessary to make the circumstance move in a kinetic manner.

Psychological explanations of behavior,(e.g. politician criticizing another supposedly on political grounds but really (say your voices) because he covets the political position or just plain “sour grapes”) are necessary resistance. But the subtle, apparently below the surface categorization and naming of such occurrences in this fashion helps Life understand itself better.

“Talking therapy” has an impact at the ordinary level because the patient has publicly uttered what would otherwise have remained in the private voice. This can cause a subtle, low level, usually temporary biochemical alteration. Relates to confession process of the catholic church. Confession is a par excellence binder to sin.

You should have an awareness of the progression/evolution of the circuits in man. The Yellow Circuit is the youngest and is the most prone to illness (just as a child is more prone to illness). Red and Blue circuits are fully mature and healthy. So-called “emotional illness and psychosomatic illness” are really Yellow Circuit-based, i.e. you can’t be emotionally disturbed without thinking about it.

You should tie the nonstop, random, Yellow Circuit activity to the query: How is this related to Life’s growth?

Neuralize: Could you perceive of any possible human activity that would pose a threat to Life’s health?


Alpha Weapon: Remove your vocal self from all of your daydreams.



Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985
Document:  159,  May 23, 1985

While you try and hold the picture that you are living within a live conscious organism — which is a fair picture — let me point out to you that Life is perceiving itself primarily through human consciousness.  So then your question should become, “By my own existence what perceptions is Life receiving of itself?”

Ordinary religious ideas have always maintained that in some way humanity has to please some external entity — the gods.  But what if your question becomes, “What is Life able to perceive through my existence?”  This is not merely the opposite of religious notions but runs at a 45 degree angle (and then some, but I’m not going into more than 3 dimensions for now).

Consider the way ordinary consciousness views man as having to please an extrinsic authority and you’ll See that “sin”, as it is called, is not going away.  Ponder this in a noncynical manner, and note that there is no widespread uprising over the fact that no religion produces religious people.  And that is not its intention.

So, it’s not a matter of pleasing some higher authority.  The corollary, of course, is that it is not a problem of displeasing it either.

What Life is getting is the highest possible perception of itself, through humanity.  Through ordinary consciousness it is getting almost a closed system.  Its perception of itself is only what the perception of the people have of themselves, on a lower dimension.  The notions that people have such as, “I’m weak, I’m no good,” are proper perceptions by one aspect of Life’s body to itself.  But if you are pursuing This Thing, in a particular place in Life’s nervous system, the question then has to become, “Based upon my existence, my thoughts and actions, what perceptions does Life have of itself?”

That changes the conditions of what would appear to be this game or trial in which some external being has placed man.  It is not that you are disappointing the gods by sinning, or contrarily, encouraging the gods by saying, “Let me help you out chief.”  It is a matter of action and thinking-of-action being the perception that Life has of itself.  And then you might wonder:  What if Life’s highest perception of itself is my daydreams?  What if it turned out, through a fluke, that you were in the highest part of Life’s Yellow Circuit?  What could you offer its growth?  Other parts of Life’s being have perceptions of itself through relatively inert matter, but the highest perception is in human consciousness.  What if its level of recognition was never any higher than yours?

What This Thing has always been, in a sense, is Life’s highest dreams.  Ordinary consciousness offers nothing useful toward the pursuit of This at its level, just as ordinary consciousness cannot activate any unused or new circuitry in Man.  Every voice that is in a person, from the fidget of your foot to random daydreams of the Yellow Circuit, comes from ordinary consciousness.  And hence, they are useless to the Few.  If there was some way I could tattoo that on your Yellow Circuit, it would make you uncontrollably dissatisfied with being routinely conscious.  What appears to be the personal pathways which brought you to This, which seem to keep you interested in matters metaphysical, matters extremely important — still are based on the ordinary voices.  Every voice in you, and everyone else, is at the routine level of consciousness, and I do not care what it is talking about.  Motivations for self-improvement, justifiable self-criticism — it’s all the same.  There is no mechanical voice that is of benefit to This Thing.

But there is a reality behind people believing that gods are talking to them.  Regardless of the semi-comedic, semi-confused historical traces of it, once you can feel your own nervous system there is a non-ordinary voice that can speak to you.  (Whether it speaks through you is another matter which I’m not going into.)  That non-ordinary voice can speak instead of the daydreams you normally have via the public and private voices which you take as being you.  The questions those voices ask are irrelevant and have no satisfying answers.  There is nothing you can tell those voices which will satisfy them.  If you could satisfy them, you’d kill them, and hence, you would kill you; hence, you would be helping Life commit suicide — which it will not allow on any large scale.  Anything those voices say, no matter how important or foolish it seems, is unprofitable.

The questions that all of humanity has:  “Should I do so-and-so under these conditions?  Sometimes I think yes and then again no…”  This is the routine voices speaking.  When you can hear that certain non-routine voice, when it has become activated in you, then there is no longer any doubt.  It is the reality behind religious conversion.  It is Life talking to human consciousness in a very direct manner.  And when you hear that in you, all questions cease.

You may say, “Perhaps most of my voices look like prune pits, but there must be one drop of nourishment in there somewhere.  In fact some of them talk about the things you are talking about so they have to be on the right track.”  Just remember the monkey locked up with a typewriter and an unlimited supply of paper.  Life will try anything, and given enough time, theoretically the monkey would finally write the collected works of Charles Dickens.  (Since everyone always says Shakespeare, I thought I’d be different.)  I’m going to give you a weapon having to do with This, but first I’m going to drag this discourse out a bit.

Life can speak more directly, and once you taste it, there’s no longer any question of morality, rationalization of behavior toward people, or quandaries.  There’s either the voices talking and you accepting them as you, or something else.  Connected to this, let me point out that all random, repetitive Yellow Circuit activity commonly called daydreams are ordinarily classified by people into a separate department.  They see it as, on the one hand, deliberate, well thought-out decisions, and on the other, sitting around with nothing to do as the mind wanders.  But it is all wasted energy for the Few.

One of the first payoffs for someone following This is to realize that it is possible to think of THIS or to think of THAT, whatever it is.  You can find out, if you have the need, that through an effort of great, great, will (I mean enough that would produce the horsepower of a flashlight battery) that you can change the channel of your internal t.v. set.  If someone has the need for it, once it is simply pointed out, they can replace thinking about, say a fear of being ill with thinking about something else.  You can even replace it with thinking about the fact that I point out that you can think about something else.  Somewhere along the way you should at least slap yourself in the forehead in the privacy of your closet.

Once you discover that, you do not merely replace such ordinary thoughts with national league batting scores.  The Few replace it with the growing hunger for This Thing.  Not that there is anything wrong with thinking about batting scores.  It’s not a matter of being suddenly able to stop all thought like some imagined Buddhist.  (Who knows what you would hear after that?  Muzak maybe, the rest of your life…)  First, simply find out that you can change internal channels.  You should be taking this Yellow Circuit activity that is always going on, out of bed or in bed with the covers up around your paws and nose — and divert it all towards This Thing.

Repetition is extant in every circuit.  In your Red Circuit are the habitual patterns of how you stand, your gestures, or the way in which you talk.  If you’re trying to make facial expressions, for instance, they are, within limits, random and repetitive.  Ordinary people would not even recognize each other without it.  In the Blue Circuit it’s the same way.  Considered as an advertising executive who at one time had a brilliant idea to sell earmuffs, the best the Blue Circuit can do to come up with a campaign for selling autos is to use the same slogan.  It makes no sense, never goes anywhere but, to return to the individual level, it produces a recognizable predictability among people.  The person you live with is short-tempered, sure, and you complain about it to other people, but if that person suddenly never uttered one more complaint — do you realize you would be out of the house within a week?  The first thing everyone does when someone acts differently is to ask, “Are you all right?”  It is a kind of random repetitiveness, within limits, of the Blue Circuit.

The central focus of those first confronted with This is in the Yellow Circuit.  However, the focus of This Thing is not ordinary intellectual activity — but it is also way above the Red Circuit.  There is also no way to get into the Red or Blue Circuits and chant or pray until someday everything becomes crystal clear.  And there is no way to intellectualize your way into it.  But from the Red Circuit, up to the ordinary level of consciousness of the Yellow Circuit, you have got to be ordinarily, routinely functional and sane as a springboard to something else.

Let me point out some more phenomena in Life that are right close to what I’m talking about and the dimension behind it.  Politicians continually speak of the need to communicate and debate issues.  That nations, even though they have conflicting ideologies, need to get together and discuss differences to avoid potential for greater conflict.  Can you see that this is a need by Life itself for a confluence or a confrontation of as many flows as are either possible, or necessary, for any given situation?  But also try and see (and don’t confine this to the external world) how common or uncommon this actually is.  How often will you see two people get hot at each other in a bar and agree to discuss the issues in lieu of a brawl?  Can you not smell that Life continually needs, at its highest point, a constant confrontation or confluence (those of you who are good might see that it is two ways of looking at the same thing) of every possible flow, input or force; or else, it needs at least what is necessary to make the scenario move in a kinetic manner?  Again, Neuralize how often this seems to actually take place in Life as a whole, as spotted about by the little dots of energy, Homo sapien and Homo sapienette.

While I’m in the wonderful world of politics, how about this.  A powerful politician’s friend is interviewed.  He used to be a friend back in college — they have known each other for twenty years.  They interview this friend, and he begins to speak about how the politician has gone astray.  About why he may have to run against him and straighten him out, tell him what’s wrong in his administration.  If you are ordinary, you might take what would be called a psychological view, and an internal voice might suddenly say, “Wait a minute.  He isn’t interested in political differences — I smell one thing:  jealousy.”  That would take, on the ordinary level, a real genius.  As though that were some kind of explanation.  It does not matter what it is called; what it is, is the necessary resistance.  I am just using one word which you could apply to many instances of someone being in conflict with someone else — jealousy.  It doesn’t matter what it is called.  There has got to be resistance, and that’s all it is.  But by having Man name such occurrences, calling it jealousy, for example, Life is able to understand itself better.

Whilst in the neighborhood of naming names, let me stop a minute in the all-so-wonderful world of psychology.  Everyone knows what talking therapy is.  At the ordinary level, everyone does know that it seems to help some people; at times out in life this talking therapy just seems to work.  Can you perceive that what has happened is that the patient has publicly said that which would have never normally been uttered and hence a subtle, low-level, and very often quite temporary, biochemical alteration takes place?  (As an aside, I could point out that one of the real jewels of the Catholic Church was confession.  I could not have improved upon how to bind someone to the notion of sin.  Life just had one of those great ideas.  But confession is a form of talk therapy.)

Beyond religion and psychology, how about the old custom of unloading troubles on relatives, discussing problems with the aunts and matrons of the family?  If there is someone you know and trust, it’s a common sense course of action to find them and get the problem off your chest.  It is all talk therapy, and can produce a subtle biochemical alteration in the person doing the confessing.  Lest you think I have led you down a path into believing that all talk is useless:  nay, nay, not to ordinary people.

Loading up to the secret weapon I am going to give you, let me point out the relative stages in the growth of the circuitry of humanity.  (It is not quite this simple, but it’s all we can talk about in words).  At one time, in you and in humanity, the power only got to the Red level.  Then someone was apparently “switched on” and the Blue level was operative, and then the Yellow.  The Yellow Circuit is the youngest, and there is something in that of prime importance that you can discover for yourself.  Being the youngest, it is the most prone to illness.

It is not dissimilar to a child.  You are aware that small children seem for a number of years to have a running battle with illness — measles, chicken pox, flu — and then something sort of happens.  Suddenly they reach an age and “whoosh”, they are teenagers.  The childhood illnesses are gone.  I have said that you had to be wired up to be potentially healthy to be in This Thing, and this is another facet of it.  It is Man’s Yellow Circuit that is now prone to illness in general.  The Red Circuit has reached a point in the western world that it is almost overdoing it — jogging, health food, low tar cigarettes, low alcohol alcohol — the point being, that you have got to be as healthy in the Red Circuit as anyone can be, to pursue This properly.

In the Blue Circuit, you could note that nowadays there is almost a sentiment that if you are in some way emotionally disturbed — neurotic or whatever — that you haven’t really tried.  There are plenty of self-help books, plenty of state-supported services; if you are emotionally disturbed, you are probably a weirdo.  Being neurotic is not nearly as hip as it was in the Fifties and Sixties.  You should be able to smell that.  The Blue Circuit, by and large, is about to the point that it, too, is healthy.

The child in the progression is the Yellow Circuit.  I might point out that what people refer to as emotional problems is tied to thought.  That is, you can’t be emotionally disturbed unless you are thinking about it.  And of course, everything being connected, there is also the idea of psychosomatic illness.  It is conceived of, without understanding it, as though the mind gets an abscess and pus runs down into the body and causes a limp or a twitch — some physical manifestation.

Before I give you the weapon, I’ll mention something tied to both the weapon and what I have just laid out.  What you should be doing is to take the nonstop activity of the Yellow Circuit and tie it to a continual query.  It is as though you have a dog on a rope tied to a stake in the ground which is this continual query.  That query is this:  How is the running static of the Yellow Circuit related to Life’s growth?  How is it related to This Thing?

Also, before I get to the weapon, I am going to answer some questions I have received recently.  Question:  Is it possible that someone can learn from pursuing an area in which they have no talent or interest?  At the ordinary level there is a reality to this.  There are people who will never have a sense of rhythm comparable to someone’s else’s, who cannot carry a tune, or to whom anything more complex than 2 plus 2 gives the vapors.  At the ordinary level everyone is limited to their genetic makeup, and nothing can be done about it.  But outside of that you have to go by my FAT theorem — forget all that.  You can’t let genetic proclivity stop you if you are one of the Few.  Of course, leave it to the people on Broadway to dream impossible dreams and fight unbeatable foes.  If you are doing it for your own reasons, it’s not that anyway.  The Few have no way to comparably judge themselves, but I’ll say this — if you belong in This at all, if one ordinary person in the world can do something, you can do it also.  If someone else alive can do it, you can do it, or you don’t belong in This.  My FAT theorem is not a joke.

Question:  I am never satisfied when I look in the mirror.  What should I do?  Well, obviously you should either change your mirror or what you see.

Question:  All my life I have felt that I was somehow different from other people, but I read that in a national survey, 90% of those interviewed felt the same way.  What can this mean?  (Need I answer that?)

Question:  What is involved when I want to ask you a question, but have no question to ask.  Is it a desire for attention?  I will point out yet another way that you can divide everyone into two, count ’em, ways:  those that seek attention and those that seek to avoid it.  In this case it can be either one if it is at the ordinary level.  (I might point out that much more can be seen between those two options — that is child’s play.)

Question:  Are there any advantages to a long-term sexual relationship as opposed to many short-term ones?  Well, besides the obvious one…there does come a time in This when you realize it is most profitable if you can locate a sustainable relationship.  On the other hand, if you realize that what is sustaining your current relationship is habit and not expansion, you have to recognize the force it exerts and free yourself from it.  But you are certainly not missing anything if, after a long time with someone, you still feel that kind of kinetic, positive growth between you.

Question:  Can things to which one is supersensitive in the environment be controlled by the mind, or is it a genetic weakness?  You have to remember, everything is genetic (although presently people are wired to believe otherwise).  At the ordinary level, the Yellow Circuit can prove that that’s not true, but where did what’s-going-on come from?  Your environment is other people’s genetics.  As far as control over a genetic sensitivity you may have, it is a matter of how much control you can exert.  There is no simple trick I can give you.  You have to find out on your own that there are some things you can control and some things you can’t.  If it were possible to cure your nearsightedness, for example, rather than buy a pair of glasses, I must tell you we are back to my old story of the man who .palearned to walk on water and it took him his whole life.  It’s a fine trick, but you can get across on a ferry for a quarter.

Question:  Sometimes I think I understand something and find out later that I was mistaken or seeing only part of the picture.  Is there a way I can find out sooner when this is about to happen?  Well, the recognition of Life’s direct voice will cure that (to quote my favorite person, moi).

Question:  Is there any way to act like one-of-the-guys in a business situation?  This was from a woman.  She is having to deal with men and there seems to be a something lacking which normally facilitates the transactions between men and other men.  This facility seems to be vastly different, if not lacking, between men and women.  Although this is changing as we speak, there is still a difference.  To address the question, the place where the difference can be interfered with most directly is up in the Yellow Circuit, because the Yellow Circuit is as young in men as it is in women.  The sexual basis is going to continue to manifest, at least for a generation, but to grapple with what you perceive that they would normally expect, I would suggest strongly you look to the Yellow Circuit.

Question:  Sometimes I forget things.  What should I do?  Sometimes I can’t forget things.  What should I do?

Question:  Sometimes I seem to be affected by things other people hardly notice.  But come to think of it, sometimes other people are affected by things I hardly even notice.  P.S.:  sometimes people seem to be affected by things they hardly even notice.  Is this normal?

Now for the weapon.  I am going to give you a trick that you can do now.  It is something that will change everything and you can do it.  Remove your vocal self, that is, you talking, from your daydreams.  I’m not telling you to stop daydreaming — simply do not allow yourself, in your daydreams, to talk ever again.  Anything else, all action, is fine.  A few of you might be good enough that you can stop it in your night dreams, at least enough to become aware of it once or twice.  Do not ever say that I didn’t give you anything.

I’ll close with a question I once posed (to which I received many answers which were all guesses, as you might suspect).  The question is:  Can you perceive of any possible human activity that could pose a threat to Life’s continued growth?…  If too much of a similar occurrence happens simultaneously.


Talk 0159 Life Is Perceiving Itself Through You
Rating 5
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KEYWORDS = Life is Alive ; perception through Man; Ordinary Voices; Radio; Flows; FAT theorem; removing yourself

Living within an Alive Conscious Organism.
By your (human) experience, Life perceives of itself.
Ordinary level of human consciousness will not activate new circuitry in Man.
Life’s Highest perception, throughout time, is in people (attempting) to do This Thing.
Every (ordinary) voice in a person comes from Line Level Consciousness.
What appears to be a kind of personal Pathway leading to This, is still based on voices at Line Level.
There appears to be two distinct sides to Man, to consciousness, to behavior…
Life can talk to Man in a very Direct manner….(as in Life talking to Jan.)
When you “taste” the Direct Voice of Life itself, there is no question of morality in it ( as a man ordinarily sees morality.)
Man’s ordinary level of voices present a moralistic/behavioral quandary.
All Line Level voices are random, repetitive, yellow-circuit activity, known as (active) day-dreams.
One must Need to (reach a mode) (of overriding the ordinary voices) if, among the Few…
(Within that Necessity) the Few must replace the ordinary thought, with hunger for This Thing…
Through a tremendous act of WILL, you can change stations…(like frequencies on a radio.)
Random, continual, yellow-circuit voices, can be diverted toward This Thing…(in favor of) This Thing.
Yellow-circuit activity is within the confines of an individual’s hard wiring…
Red circuit shows in physical posture (etc.) as Blue circuit shows in “slogans” (etc.)
The Yellow-circuit is where Man is still growing…
You cannot “diet” your way through Red-circuit or “pray” your way through Blue-circuit, to Higher Consciousness.
(Neither) can you “intellectualize” your way to Higher Consciousness, BUT…Yellow-circuit is a spring board…
(To do This Thing) you have to be ordinarily, routinely Functional…from Red-circuit upward…
Why does Life want people to continually speak, debate and communicate (divergent causes/ideas/viewpoints?)
Life wants as many possible “Flows” (convergent/divergent) energies, as is required for Growth in any particular situation.
Kinetic Expansion cannot take place in Totalitarian governments…
(So called) “Talking Therapy” experienced by people (in psychological clinical practices) is seen as generally a positive (help) for Man…
Confession at the Catholic Church also seen as beneficial to Man…
These “Talking” (releases in man) are actually creating low-level biochemical changes in Man.
On the Spectrum of disturbance (in Man,) what is still referred to as “emotional” (factoids) (problems)… are in actuality, coming primarily from the Yellow-circuit level…( Man disturbed in his thinking…)
Life needs a constant confrontation; a confluence (a juncture) of (ideas/experiences) in order to Grow…( and Man is set up to perceive and report…FOR the benefit of Life.)

Addressing Questions from the Group: recognizing ordinary “hard-wired” limits in people. Learning to operate on the F.A.T theorem…(you can Do) anything anyone else can….Two hard-wired types of people= those seeking attention, those avoiding attention. Sustainable Relationships: re-coiling modes and kinetic-growth modes… Method of removing your Vocal-Self, from your inner running static voices… Doing any Action you have to, but removing yourself from (unnecessary, unprofitable vocalizing that represents the static-voices.) 

Task question revisited: Is there anything that can possibly happen, in the course of Human activity, that can pose a threat to Life’s continued Growth?