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The Kinetic, Recoiling, and Inert Modes of the Three Forces and AMV12


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Jan Cox Talk 154, Apr 18, 1985, runtime 1:39
Notes by TK

If any info is not exciting it is ultimately useless. Connection to E-C gate: it must be open to be excited, pleased, growing. When gate is open it can be in either the kinetic or recoiling mode (or inert mode). Kinetic = excitement of creative change; recoiling = excitement of destruction and the mechanical (enjoyment of “dastardly acts”; fascination with murder and gore).

When gate is closed: calming kinetic mode (e.g. the numbers exercise, meditation) affects all three {{IS} Impact Spectrum ??}; calming recoiling mode (boredom, ennui). If J had created a bible/manual, a consistent keystone and structure, ignorance takes on the color and taste of knowledge (mere familiarity).

It is necessary now to absolutely “pretend” you know nothing of “C” , “D” and “E”, even when it seems obviously one or the other, but now to affix and substitute one of the three modes to a recognized C-D-E situation. Need to see further refinements of C-D-E flows; e.g. C-kinetic (major) recoiling (minor) or D-recoiling (major) inert (minor) or E-kinetic (major) recoiling (minor) etc. In this way all behavior can be seen as “mathematically” correct and fitting with no pure C, D, or E.

Name for the “substance in the blood”: AMV12. This substance increases in quantity in the bloodstream of humanity with seeming evolution. But as production increases, so does its requirement for use to live, increase. The three adits (doors/passageways): refinement of the “bridge-points” at base of spine and top of spine. The 3rd adit is at the lowest point of the line of consciousness. The adits are the places where AMV12 is extracted with the last drop removed at the line of consciousness.

Our job in This Thing is to minimize this extraction of AMV12. 1st adit = physical body; 2nd adit = emotions; 3rd adit = knowledge (we seek to minimize, not stop all extraction, for zero extraction = death). First adit exemplified by ordinary concern for diet and health; 2nd by search for religion and routine emotions; 3rd characterized by the search for knowledge/answers.    

Mystical states = AMV12 escaping the 3rd adit. A scientific search for AMV12 would be fruitless since scientific searchers don’t have any AMV12 above the line. Must have the enriched blood factor above the line yourself in order to see its action.

The Isles of Articulation as really forming capes (i.e. connected to mainland). Even Isles are connected via the ocean floor to the mainland and to each other. Consider OAI consciousness as the water covering the connecting sea bottom to apparently create isles.]
“Life doesn’t grow in a straight line” is not literally true when seen from a further dimension.

Extra-dimensionality is seen now in the mathematical models of particle physics, which serves to give the conviction of same even though not moved into practice.

Must now be able to break out of the “Not-I generational wiring code: not living for your ancestors (especially your parents)” Must get over the feeling of needing to please your parents. Stop arguing and gossiping with your parents absolutely. Do nothing to hurt your parents but you must disconnect from your pervasive grid position of generational wiring code. Techniques and examples for breaking up this unprofitable pattern given. Life’s temporary blindness by its own Yellow Circuit excitement overreaction –e.g. “there’s going to be a computer in every home by 1985!!” and “conversion to metric system”.

Discussion of the “different effect” presentation of This Thing by others than J has. The effect the Group can have as concentric circles of influence from This Thing thru Life. Indication that the new phase must be done right the first time. Can’t be an “academy of learning”. Must have single focus, such as “spiritual entertainment complex”. The primarily religious format/approach is still the best effective vehicle/modus/cover to involve all three ISs for public presentation. Sight-sound-movement. Words-music-feeling.


What areas, things, activities are unnecessary for you, which use up AMV12 excessively ?]



Document:  154,  April 18, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

If information is not exciting, it is ultimately useless.  At the upper end of the nervous system, within the brain, is a gate through which energy passes.  The position of the gate determines whether the energy moves into a calming or an exciting mode.  To do This Thing the gate must be open.  Growth requires excitement.

There is, however, a further elaboration of  the E/C map.  Not only can the energies be described as either exciting or calming, they can be further differentiated into kinetic, recoiling or inert modes.  The gate could be open, for example, in the exciting state but in a recoiling mode.  Hence the excitement of destruction — the bank robber who attempts immediately upon release from prison, to hit another bank. But ordinary  consciousness comes to loggerheads with the idea of there being an absolute excitement to destruction:  “Not only are those people doing dastardly acts, they seem to enjoy it.”  I would, of course, note for you that this is not foreign to you.  It may not be part of your public demeanor, or your louder voices but, when you’re standing in the check-out line and see the headlines:  “Man Kills All Fourteen Children”, don’t you turn to page 5 for the rest of the details?  Yet your public voice may decry such heinous crimes.

Primarily, I wish to point your attention toward the excited, open position of the Gate.  But consider now, with the Gate closed, in the calm position, there can also be kinetic or recoiling modes:  Meditation and forms of prayer are reflections of the gate in a calm but kinetic mode.  Boredom, on the other hand, is the gate closed in what amounts to a recoiling mode.

There is something you should see, regarding the Yellow Circuit, the apparent intellectual function of man, and words.  Suppose I wrote a little handbook, with terms defined absolutely, and told you to commit it to memory whether you understood it or not.  I introduced a term “self-neuralize”, described it in words that made sense, and insisted, “This is the keystone, it will take you years to develop the ability to self-Neuralize, but you must know the term.”  And I continued to use it, constantly, never seeming to vary it. Do you see that very quickly, you would, every time you heard or read that term, take it as something already understood?  After the first “Ah,” the Yellow Circuit would see or hear “self-neuralize” and believe it made sense — believe it understood it.  Hence ignorance takes on the color of knowledge via words.

Your Yellow Circuit has grappled with the idea of Three Forces or persuasions.  And it believes it has some related understanding of these.  Now it is necessary for you to forget everything you thought you understood.  Pretend you do not understand anything and just go ahead with the letters C, D, and E; and then affix to it, always, one of the three modes:  kinetic, recoiling or inert.  This will set the map itself on fire.  When it seems: “Here is something that is clearly C”, just pretend you don’t understand anything about C, and then attempt to discern whether it’s kinetic, recoiling or inert.  I have warned you that there is no such thing as a pure C, D, or E, but now I’ll refine it to the point of almost tearing it apart, to where you can see beyond the map.

Just pretend, act as though,  “I  understand nothing about C, but it just strikes me that this is “C”  You’re probably somewhere in the right direction.  But then add, “Is it C in the kinetic mode, or recoiling?”  Or you might say, “Here is D, without a doubt.  It just has to be D, even taking into account my own mechanical prejudices.”  Forget anything about it being destructive, that it is trying to hold onto the past.  Don’t listen to your voices’ claims.  If it strikes you that something is D, fine, it probably is.  The immediate problem is then, to affix a mode because D is not  always recoiling.  It could be D/kinetic.  It could be D/inert.  This will bring you closer to the reality of the forces.

I suspect some of you will stumble over another possibility, — that  not only could it be C, with one mode in operation, but it could be C with two modes in effect.  I grant to you that it sounds strange and complex for me to muddy the waters further: but if you can ever get to the point of Understanding this, you become your own teacher.

It could be C with kinetic as a major mode and recoiling as the minor mode.  Then all Yellow Circuit, so-called philosophical questions such as, “Is this the right way for a person to act?  Is this constructive behavior on this person’s part?”, become moot.  C can have dominant, kinetic mode and a subdominant or a minor, inert mode, or even a recoiling mode.  D can function not only in a recoiling fashion but also in a kinetic key.  So if you take all of these so-called unanswerable questions as to, “How can you justify, much less explain this unbelievably deleterious behavior?”, you see that you’ve only perceived a part of the picture.  Because now, when you lump something together under the label D, you must remember, “I have no understanding of what D is,” and  simultaneously with that you must try and affix one or more modes to it.  You probably suspect, and correctly, that  there may be three modes to what you  are observing; but if you can just get to the point of seeing two, you needn’t worry about the third.

     I would like to turn your attention to that particular substance in the blood directly connected with the level of consciousness in man.  I am going to give you my name for it.  It has to do with a certain quite real combination, and  I could give it a truly chemical description, but it would have no meaning.  I have a symbol for it… AMv12.  That is what I have named it although it’s gone under other names despite the fact that those who named it didn’t know it.

 Diagram 35

Diagram 35

Nothing happens until there  is a biochemical alteration within the brain itself. Everything from a man believing he heard the voices of the gods to another man perceiving that he’s hungry — everything is predicated on a biochemical reaction in the brain itself.  If indeed a god could sweep down and whisper The Secret in your ear, this same mundane process  would have to take place for you to hear it.

The production of AMv12 has continually increased as humanity has evolved.  Of course the Yellow Circuit wants to hear that this increased AMv12 has caused humanity to become more sophisticated, more conscious.  But if you believe that, you are still tied up with the chicken or the egg question.  Yes, this substance causes people to be more conscious and also, no, it does not.  The question is fallacious in that it is only two-thirds of a question.

The production has increased.  That has been the progress; from the technological realm to the development in parts of the world of more humane attitudes.  But, as the production is increased, its use has  also increased.  It continues to be entirely extracted within the individual before it reaches Line level. There is more AMv12 being produced in you than there was in all of the historical religious and mystical figures.  More than in your grandfather.  But it takes more to keep you alive.  It takes more to keep you conscious than it did them…

In the diagram of the nervous system there are three adits or passageways where AMv12 is extracted. The first is at the base of the spine and some of the substance is extracted at that level in the mines.  The second adit is located at the junction of the line and circle — schematically representing the energy in the nervous system before it reaches the brain.  This outlet is in the neighborhood of the Blue level and you’d be correct in surmising that it had some connection to the respiratory system.

The final extraction is in the third adit.  Here the last trace is removed.  All three adits are in operation for a man or woman to function sanely in the ordinary world.  The Few — who must conserve this substance and persevere to have it reach above the Line, must minimize its removal at each outlet.

One means of minimizing loss down in the mines is to adopt the motto, “Forget Health.”  Just a minimal amount of AMv12 is necessary at the first adit in someone who is basically healthy.  You can’t directly control this process but by forgetting health — in the widest sense you will minimize how much AMv12 is necessary for efficient operations in the mines.  As an aside I might mention, and I’m not recommending this, that there have always been stories of prophets and gurus of notoriety.  Their behavior was dissolute — non-paralleled drinkers, womanizers, they ate nothing but candy bars, yet they persevered.  But I assume you know by now that if you  can’t do it, you can’t learn how.  And if you can do it, you don’t have to learn how.  Health amounts to taking the absolute minimum of the substance out of the blood.

When you see an article titled, “New Testing Shows that food causes cancer”, and you just can’t wait to get it home and read it, or you rummage around for sales on blood pressure kits to take yours three times a day — the AMv12 is being extracted in the ordinary way.  Th  first time you hear somebody in the office mention, “There is a new disease going around and you’ve got to hear about it because you might like it, you might even have it!”  You must keep it all at bay.

You must also understand that there is no such thing as ambrosia.  Now there are whole magazines devoted to:  “How to be a More Enlightened, a More Awakened Person,” but every article is on the basis of health and 99% of it is on the basis of diet.  They have gone from covering ideas of a philosophical or mystical nature to covering diet:  “Pancakes are good for Your Love Life.”  It is not just funny.  It is health, forward and back and you should see that there is a built-in appeal.  There always has been; it is nothing new.  Once you start addressing what people eat, or fooling around with their sex life, you immediately attract a large segment.  You’ve got all the miners, the good old lower circuit folks.  They want religion, and there it is: “Well, it is quite simple.  Here are two rules regarding sex and here are four or five (maybe a hundred and five) regarding food.”  It would keep a man busy forever; worrying about what he ate, where it came from, how to treat it, what does it have  in it.  You will keep all of the miners satisfied forever.  If you want to pick up books and think, “I’ll get involved with taking my own blood pressure.  It’ll help my aim.  Or I’ll keep looking at my tongue to see if it is the right color,”  it will be a good hobby.  But if you have a real Aim, it is not a good hobby, because it is removing more energy down there than necessary.  If you  were not wired to be healthy, after a certain point, something is wrong.  You’ll begin to feel it.  Or, on the contrary, what if one day you turned around and realized that not only are you not sick anymore, you don’t even think about being sick?

Do I even have to point out the losses connected to the second adit?   Ordinary emotions, suffering, anger, sarcasm, all help to remove the substance.  And that’s perfectly proper; the world has not gone astray.  People must be hostile, cynical, angry — it is the substance being taken out at the second adit and it’s feeding a particular place in the body of a man and in the body of Life.  The second adit is a prime passageway, where humanity, individually and collectively, plugs into certain  types of religions.  They believe:  “I have found my religion, I have found my kind of philosophy.”  But what it is, is AMv12 being taken out, being passed in Life, through this particular person apparently being involved with this particular religion.  And instead of them individually growing from it, it helps Life grow.  It passes energy.  But they don’t grow individually.  They grow in the sense that all of Life is growing.  They are expending energy in a quite mechanical, proper manner.  This substance, out of the blood, is going into that religion.

Individuals condemn themselves and parts of Life condemn each other:  “Fred is too hostile.”  “I’m fat.”  “England has always misrepresented itself…”  To condemn what you can’t even stop is as natural as breathing.  So the feeling that a human should not be involved with certain emotions is neither here nor there.  If it  were not necessary, people would not be doing it.

The Few who alter their internal biochemical structure operate with only a minimal displacement, minimal use of this substance at the second outlet.  You become just emotional enough at the ordinary level to pass as human and stay alive.  It must be extracted to some degree because the region must be fed or you  wouldn’t be human.

There is at the Yellow Circuit level, among other levels, but specifically there, that which the infra-system accepts and that which it rejects.  What is not ever perceived is that that which is accepted and that which is rejected are in continuous, simultaneous communication. This not being seen, takes out the last bit of AMv12, leaving nothing left for additional growth, for vertical ascent.  Mystical states of all stripes and description no matter under what religious banner, all had to do with some of that substance getting past that third adit.  The person experienced a temporary, biochemical alteration.  And it makes all manner of dope look like aspirin.  Of course, if it was an accidental experience they could not explain it once the substance returns to its normal level.  Nobody lies when they say, “I can’t explain it to you.  I can tell you it was unbelievably  delicious.  It was unbelievably expansive, it was just plain unbelievable.”

The real justice of it is that nobody can see this substance because their own AMv12 (which they would need to see it) is extracted before and as it reaches the Line.  No ordinary man of medicine, or scientist if they  were studying the composition of the blood — perhaps looking for it after hearing these words, can see it because theirs is already used up.  They don’t have the faculty to see it.  But it is there.  All they would find is what’s already been found, what’s already known.

I don’t know whether I should do this to you, but why not?  How about all of the stories extant in many cultures of the followers drinking the blood of their holy person?  Surely you speak in allegories again, great historians!  Still, isn’t that coincidental?  But do you not find it curious that all over the world these stories exist?

To further encourage you to not rest on any of your assumed conclusions, again  consider my statement that Life does not grow in a straight line.  What if that weren’t necessarily true?  what if the three dimensional world which appears disjointed, uncertain, and counterfluent at our level of consciousness, could be viewed from another dimension and was seen as direct and knowledgeable?  That which is apparently incapable of  running in a straight line, in what we would call a three-dimensional world, might, if you could step into another dimension of consciousness, necessarily be so.

From particle physics to cosmology these apparent extremes in scientific thought are beginning to close a certain loop.  Their purpose is not my purpose, and they do not understand the information in the way that I am using it, as a descriptive device.  But these sciences are developing models that point toward the existence of additional dimensions.  Their models are beginning to close a loop, and all they can say thus far is:  “There have got to be more dimensions or all we are doing, all of science, no longer makes sense.”

It is time for all of you to have the need and find the means to break the Not-I generational code wiring.  I would title this — “Breaking the Not-I Generational Wiring Code:  Not living for your parents, not living for your ancestors.”

Everything I’m about to mention is deadly serious.  Contemporary psychological reality claims that some kind of traumatic relationship exists between someone and one of his or her parents and it must be dealt with, worked out.  This Not-I Generational code is not a psychological function but a physical reality between you and not only your parents but also your ancestors.  Breaking the code means not living for your parents or your ancestors.

The blood tie with your parents is exceptional.  Beyond that, however, you cannot live to please them. The feeling is quite natural.  It’s not embedded only in you personally, it’s part of the grid.  Everyone feels in one way or another that if their mother found out they no longer went to church or if their father found out about their lifestyle it would kill them.  And people feel these connections with their parents even if they’re already dead.

Quite pragmatically simply stop arguing with your parents, period.  Refuse to gossip with them, refrain from passing the same energies you’ve always exchanged.  It is not your responsibility to remain tied to the generational code, but it is your responsibility to see that you should not be doing or saying anything to hurt your parents.  And it is absolute child’s play.  If you continue to believe in this huge, unresolvable problem between you and your parents you’re still inextricably tied to the Grid.  There is no reason, no excuse and no purpose in harming your parents in the slightest way.  You’re not trying to enlighten them, but don’t ever encourage verbally or non-verbally their mechanical suffering.  They are the easiest people in the world for you to not harm.  Never again do anything to hurt them.

The energy transfer between you and your parents won’t stop because they die.  Nothing stops just because it dies.  Only by willfully altering your internal mechanical connections can you break up the dance and release yourself from the Not-I Generational Wiring code.

Here are a handful you’ll find fun.  Some time back there was widespread cry that every home would soon have a computer — in every little child’s bedroom!  Within a few years you never heard it again and most of the companies went out of business.  Can you see Life being temporarily blinded by its own Yellow Circuit excitement?

Or, how about, in the not too hoary past again, the cry to convert all countries to the metric system.  Can anyone See that as Life being temporarily overcome by a fit of tidiness?  You’ve never been through this?  Sure you have.