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You Must Be Pleased to Grow


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Jan Cox Talk 152, Apr 4, 1985, runtime 1:45
Notes by TK

There is an unrecognized fear for humanity. The fear of actually being a functioning part of a biotic, growing universe, a healthy, all-is-growth universe with no way out. This fear literally, physically ages one on the horizontal; causes increased alignment with D-persuasion. Increasingly one sees that “things are falling apart”, becomes set in one’s ways, “opinionated cubed”; yet this is a kind of relief from the fear.

One way to approach Love is to “hate” your own voices, even those which speak approvingly of Love. Dismissal of all mechanical voices.

Originally all religions serve to further man’s growth. Initially C-aligned: creative. True Religion is a biochemical permutation, a biotic alteration and there is no way out of it. But for any real change to occur in This Thing, the people involved must be pleased. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE PLEASED TO GROW. Consider religious laws as descriptions of behavior that would be displayed by one who has undergone the biochemical alteration of True Religion. These laws replace the average individual’s inability to undergo the biochemical alteration required. Morality is biochemical.

Chemical basis to all religious injunctions. But then religion aligns more with D as it ages; resists its own original core and thrust of encouraging change. Begins to emphasize guilt and shame (biochemical condition) which precludes growth since you can’t be pleased. “You cannot become enlightened while suffering”. There is no growth without being pleased.

Make this a new permanent tattoo: “You’ve got to be pleased to grow.” This Thing produces a biochemical mutation; you literally process food differently. There is a biochemical corridor/structure for the whole planet and humanity which corresponds to line-level consciousness and which those of This Thing who have mutated don’t fit anymore. Can’t live there now.

Everyone should be pursuing a pleasurable life hobby (related to “must be pleased to grow”). Neuralize that nobody is really doing just what they want to do (“do you enjoy your work?” –“well, it pays the rent…”).

Any New Religion would now have to absolutely reveal its biochemical basis. Define itself. New Religion would not be aligned with pure existentialism/humanism nor with ancient truths; would find middle ground, direct attention to biochemistry basis for morality, truth etc.

YOU MUST BE ENTERTAINED TO BE PLEASED. Religion as entertainment, e.g. “faith healing”. You can’t be healed unless you’re entertained.

Acting not on the basis of memory. For the ordinary, memory is everything (“how do you know who you are?”). Having no memory in understanding of what Life is up to and what is required for growth: being pleased. No criticism. Biochemistry is literally altered. Memory doesn’t operate as usual. No more natural reaction.

There is a need now for a kind of missionary zeal (a form of being pleased thru biochemical change) in any new religious thrust of This Thing. It must be related to entertainment. After Jesus and the limited group of disciples there is a restriction to entertainment. This in the understanding of the limited scope of people who can undergo the fundamental biochemical alteration of radical change. Therefore there is a need for a kind of zealousness for further development beyond the natural limit of numbers of people reached.

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TASK: From now on, everybody must sing everyday. Don’t let a day go by without singing.



Document:  152,  April 4, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

There are specific fears people can express, and other fears having no particular identifiable object.  But there is one fear that is unrecognized by Man.  It is a fear of actually existing in a biotic, growing universe.  On the surface, by any sense of reason, it should seem to be exactly the opposite.  If this is a functional, growing universe and you are inescapably a part of it, it seems you should feel some kind of relief.  The fact that nothing is broken, that things are quite healthy, and that this is a functional universe, biotic from beginning to end, is a fear absolutely unrecognized by Man.

This fear ages, in the horizontal sense, as human life ages.  As a person ages, he becomes more aligned with D influences.  This aging then produces what could be described as being the “mechanical ability to escape the fear of discovering that all is growth.”  An ordinary person growing old becomes almost a satire of his younger self, frozen into a mold of reactionary opinions, beliefs, and behavior.  This kind of archetypical old person believes that the whole world is going to hell.  No matter what you may mention, from politics to clothing, they see it all falling apart.  They are working for D full time.  It is a kind of mechanical freedom from the fear of living in a growing, biotic universe.

I want to mention that there is a way to approach love — by “hating” your own voices, including those that speak of “love”.  Of course, there’s nothing to hate.  Rather, it is a dismissal.  Learn to hate every mechanical voice in you, because they do not qualify as unconditional encouragement of growth.  An example often heard:  “I love the person I am with, and I have encouraged him to go back to school.”  But if you are ordinary, how long does that last?  “You spend all of your time studying!  What about me?”  Any expression of “love” based on an internal voice will ultimately reverse itself.

The core purpose of all religion, in its initial stages, is to encourage Man’s growth.  No matter what seem to be the teachings, all religion in its conception is creative.  You have got to be pleased to grow, but the world’s religions as they stand today are in direct contradiction to that.  In true religion, growth is a biochemical permutation.  Becoming truly religious involves a biotic alteration.  That is the beginning and end of it.  The founders of religions were like radical employees of the research-and-development wing of Life in their time.  They underwent a biochemical alteration and understood its benefit to Life, and then encouraged others to pursue it.  Not many people on this planet at any time can undergo that kind of alteration.  Later, a body of ideas solidifies and ages as do the laws of that religion.  Those religious laws simply describe the behavior of a person who had undergone that certain biochemical permutation.

Those who find themselves naturally attracted to Life’s creative growth, without any particular understanding and without that “certain hunger”, likewise find themselves agreeable to religious dictum. One obvious example recognized by most religious figures is the need to curb the excessive use of alcohol.  Such use of alcohol would be like trying to bail out a boat while shooting holes in it.  A biochemical alteration is not possible with alcohol flowing through the blood stream continuously.  Thus the law:  “Thou shalt not drink strong drink,” strikes millions of people as being absolutely correct.  You should note that every religious law on this planet has a biochemical reality behind it.

To those with a certain bent, adultery and sexual freedom seems to threaten the family unit and the fabric of society.  For some, it’s acceptable within limits, and for others, morally inexcusable.  Morality is biochemical in nature.  What at one time was strictly taboo may seem later, to the ordinary, as an outdated moral issue.  But morality is chemical and chemicals never go out of style or disappear, though they can be recycled.

Everything that ages, including religions and people, becomes resistant to change and to the direct encouragement of growth.  If you have voices that would look upon religions and find them to be oppressive, you might note that, although all religions seem to be engaged in a nonstop dance with pessimism, the followers, if you were to point it out, will not even see what you’re talking about.  Though they are engaged in condemnation of man and everything about him, the belief seems to be that ultimately goodness will prevail, through their efforts.  Initially, the core purpose of all religion is a direct encouragement to grow, but it ages and becomes anathema to the very thing that was its initial purpose.

Consider the most common and favorite subject of all religions:  guilt, shame, and a continual repointing to Man’s condition of suffering.  You must be pleased to grow.  And you cannot be pleased while being entangled in these vague sensations of guilt, unworthiness, or fear.  It is a biochemical condition that is normal to varying degrees in everyone, but in This you cannot be in such a condition and grow.  There is no such thing as becoming more enlightened while suffering.  The world is full of people who pass for quasi-saints, and their general purpose seems to be to suffer and cry out about the injustice of it.  To pursue This you must be pleased, and you cannot be pleased as long as you still believe that anything is amiss.  If your primary voices find your actions (and mostly your thoughts-of-actions) worthy of self-condemnation, you are absolutely locked into your job.

Your efforts in This will directly alter the profile of the structure by which you take in food/energy/information.  No longer will there be things towards which you have “unconscious resistance” and the need “to work out”.  The waters of the ocean in which we all swim will still be there.  What appears to be the outside surroundings will not have changed that much, but it will be no longer a battle on your part. You will no longer attempt to rationalize and analyze what’s going on “out there”, trying to make some sense out of it.  When you get to that point, there are no longer Red or Blue and Yellow circuits: everything is realigned.  Chemically, energy/information is no longer received and transformed by your nervous system in the way it was.  It’s the result of a biochemical permutation.

You must be pleased to grow.  It is only that part of Life’s body that is growing in the conscious sense. If you are under the sway of negative emotion, hostile feeling, frightened daydreams, or anything that is less than being pleased, you are working for the wrong department.  It is necessary that that work go on in the body of Life, but if you’re working there, you’re not growing in any sense whatsoever.  Ordinary people cannot only not refrain from returning hostility for hostility, they take the matter personally and hold the other party responsible — as if they could be.  But to those who have had an alteration in the transformation of such energy, it is possible to pay hostility almost no attention other than as sensory input:  you see and hear what is happening.  It is simply that the new biochemical makeup no longer transforms food within the parameters that are the ordinary level of humanity right now.

How about a practical application — why is the world filled with people proclaiming that they are not doing what they want to do?  Everyone has, to some degree, the feeling that what he is doing is not what he would like to do, but he has to “pay the rent”.  I repeat, you must be pleased in order to grow.  You can continue to “pay the rent” until the day you die, but you’re going to die in the not too distant future.  Time is not getting any longer horizontally, though you can effect it vertically in yourself.  You should pursue what is pleasing to you, any hobbies, anything of interest to you, without guilt.

In the same way that it seems natural to suffer over being alive, a man never questions the fact that he never “finds himself”.  He has no idea how he became a CPA or a roofer, but it pays the rent.  Perhaps he’d like to sit around and play the guitar all day, but his nonverbal reaction to that possibility is:  “If I did that it wouldn’t be as much fun as I think, because I would be constantly worrying about what I’m doing and feeling ashamed of it.  I would not enjoy it in the same way.”  You’ve got to be pleased to grow, and that does not exclude activity in the ordinary world.

New subject.  A new creative religion today (which, if new, would be creative) would have to reveal its own biochemical basis.  Consider the modern alternative to the ancient established religions:  Today’s so-called humanist view proclaims that Man is freed from even the illusion of the old gods, and that he can reach fulfillment alone.  A new religion would not be aligned either with humanism or with what the humanists are apparently condemning — the ancient religions.  It would now have to reveal that Man can in no way be separate from the waters in which we all swim.  It’s not new to say Man can fulfill himself by being freed from “out there”.  A truly new, creative religion would have to now direct Man’s attention, as compared to older confining religions or present humanist philosophy, to the fact that all experience is biochemical in nature.

Religion is a form of entertainment.  You must be entertained to be pleased, whether you are being entertained from without or apparently entertaining yourself.  Consider one of the more dramatic sides to religions:  the healings.  It is not just imagination.  What is called healing does take place.  A person’s biochemical structure has changed and what seemed to be illness, disappears.  Ordinary people say the person was healed, but some people seem to get healed and other don’t.  The healer might come up with some explanation, but it is simply that those who don’t get healed are not entertained.  If you are entertained, you can’t be converted.

Real conversion is in becoming a mutant.  You then act, not on the basis of memory, but on the basis of understanding Life’s goal.  Yet, how could you act if not on the basis of memory?  How could you and anything you do ever qualify as being new, if you were still acting on the basis of memory?  In an ordinary person, the memory in the muscles, the mind and the breathing mechanism amounts to everything.  What are you without your memories?  How do you know who you are?  How do you know what’s right and what’s wrong?  What kind of behavior do you know to criticize in Life?  What kind of people do you know to be your natural adversaries?  Without memory how could you function?  To do This, you cannot operate on the basis of memory.

If you did not operate from memory, you would be pleased with what Life is up to, because you would understand what Life is up to.  It is healthy, robust, and complex.  It stumbles.  It is “disspecific” and it’s growing.  You would understand this not through some intellectual effort or act of faith, or through some act of self torture in the lower circuitry.  You would understand that the complex range of human behavior exists to transform and relay the full menu of energy necessary to make Life grow.  You would then not transform energy on the basis of memory.  You might have a vague memory of how something used to upset you, but there is nothing in you anymore that would react to it.

I will close with a question asked recently.  “When people speak of heaven or of reincarnation, is it just their imagination?”  Consider the difference, recognized at Line level, between long and short term memory, and how that might be connected to what seems to be death within the body of Life.  Life has undergone its own biochemical changes along the way, Man being one of them, and understand even on a greater level that it must be pleased to continue growing.  Life does not sit around worrying about yesterday’s bad news.  What people call being dead is being forgotten.