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Shifting Time Zones


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Jan Cox Talk 150, Mar 21, 1985, runtime 1:52
Notes by TK

Preface and brief recap of  This Thing; exposition for new people listening to tapes].
Parallel times: 3-layered “gaseous environment” analogy. We are all walking around in the equivalent of three layers of time corresponding to the three circuits. Lowest layer = past (Red Circuit); middle layer = present moment (Blue Circuit); top layer = future (Yellow Circuit). There is no escape from this gaseous environment.

Those of This Thing move about with minimum of upset. Each person has a predominant plug-in of their ” time clock” to one of these layers. Those of lowest level are seen by the ordinary as “throwbacks”, reactionary, the “walking past”. Mid-level types are seen as irresponsible, emotionally vulnerable, etc. Highest level–intellectuals. The past is not gone (otherwise no D force) Each time exists concurrently. Time level plug-in can shift within an individual (e.g. Yellow Circuit man in bar shifts to lower Red Circuit and picks fight: alcohol influence) a literal, physical shift.

The senses. Life’s circulatory system feeds us by and thru the 5 senses. The brain itself can be considered as a 6th sense (“sensory central”—(SC) Without the brain as SC man would be merely an animal. Brain is in charge of producing biochemical changes within itself (i.e. can “think” about incoming impressions from the senses). Brain can apparently reverse the flow of food; e.g. picture of a pizza in magazine creating hunger; erotic thoughts cause sexual arousal. Thoughts about action creating action.

Separation of human words from sounds. There is a biochemical power to words aside from their mere sound. Example of loud sound impact/response vs. impact/response to words. Words as food for brain: biochemical food. Sound is food for sense of hearing (Red Circuit). Words are biochemical agents, or entities: carry biochemical energy. Example of the psychologist who gives calming and reassuring words to a patient with developed phobia, and words have desired effect; words created a biochemical alteration and yet are part of the general, overall “floodplain” word-pool existing for all.

Connection to the great impact of “words of wisdom”, the effect of common aphorisms vs. something you dream up on your own. Why the greater impact of extrinsic word source vs. intrinsic word? Example of the POW who perseveres under torture by remembering the words of his commanding general rather than by an internal resolve. Consider that Life, by this mechanism moves energy around in areas where it cannot be intrinsically elicited.

Prayer as the astounding attempt to interfere with a closed system. Yellow Circuit camouflage and rationalizing of closed system realization, i.e. “how can I help myself when I know there can be no external succor?” This is a way Life can move energy where it couldn’t otherwise be distributed.

Alignment of activities with specific senses. E.g. Brain as “SC” or 6th sense interfering with sex act (a predominant function of touch, sight, smell etc.) i.e. pornography = adjudged by ordinary standards as wrong, yet the reality is it’s based on a misalignment of sense function.

Soon will see This Thing as the active attempt to surrender to higher forces. There is a reality to the word Love. Love as the word for Life’s basic message of growth. Love on individual level is a person’s favoring of growth. But at the ordinary level you cannot favor growth: “Yes, I love you but you’re changed; don’t change and I can love you.”

Must be able to feel what you understand, not just know what you understand. Otherwise you’re left with the feeling of impotence. Must be able to feel a real sense of Real Community with those who favor growth.

J. has purposefully diffused this tendency to feel community by not proposing or indicating a definitive divinity object. Must have a greater allegiance to Life; understand the necessity for conflict. You cannot approve of Life’s growth without understanding the requirements of growth. If no understanding then no feeling of Reality of Love. Some new variation of Love is always required for any time and place in the growth of a new religion. No choice in proper understanding but to favor, unconditionally, Life’s growth.

Way to pursue Love–use the voice of the not-I. Love as the voice of all that which is not-I. Must then understand that I = not-I.

J’s phrases for Primal Flow (ways in which to Neuralize PF): exceptional factor, dynamic injunction, inchoate dictum, unruly medium, unheard-of impact, unpopular stamina etc.


1. find your own examples of inefficiency by conflict of senses.

2. Speak lovingly to 5 people at shopping mall.]

(J. deletes the absolute no-meat rule. Can eat meat as much as once a week now. Also, caffeine can now be consumed, but no more than one cup/day. )



Document:  150,  March 21, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

I ofttimes present some of what you are hearing almost as rhetorical questions, but let me remind any internal voices you have to the contrary, that this is not a debating society, and I am not simply sitting around coming up with strange notions from science fiction books and saying “what if?”  I’m doing it from the basis of what the natural outcome should be for those attracted to This Thing; for those who can find out what Neuralizing is.  It begins to reach the point that I can almost plant a seed or make a small sketch in which we seem to be in agreement as to what I am talking about; I point somewhere that no one’s ever been, and then it’s up to you.  It begins to be not simply that I told you something that seems to be extraordinary; it is you filling in the blank spaces.  That is my preface for the night, if not the month or the decade.

Part of that has to do with what I am going to say initially:  I’ve been threatening to bring out more exposition on my term Parallel Times, and now I’m going to sketch it very briefly, I’m assuming that probably this term has been used in science fiction, but try and shake yourself loose from any ordinary connotations.

Since we’re talking in words and words are linear, I must of course describe it in a particular way while reminding you that, as George Gershwin and I are apt to say, “It ain’t necessarily so.”  But picture this:  it is almost as though we are all walking through a gaseous environment that is three-layered.  Picture it as cut into three levels, but three levels, understand, which can move omnidirectionally — in any possible direction they want to.  Also, as some gases would do, they overlap.  It is not simply that one level comes to a certain point and immediately stops, and level two starts and then comes to a pristine area where level three commences and number two comes to an abrupt halt.  They do overlap.  Picture that the bottom layer of time is very close to some notion of the Red Circuit; if we translate the Red Circuit into time, this is the past.  Picture this middle level, as being more related to the Blue Circuit, to what would seem to be contemporaneous time (though I can, mathematically if not otherwise, prove to you conclusively there is no absolute right-now).  Then the highest level would appear to be that which is the future — compared to the other two.  It would appear to be the bailiwick of the Yellow Circuit, which can dream, plan, and conceive of intellectual experiments that are not necessarily even physically possible.

Picture it — that each and every person is gliding through this.  You can’t get away from it any more than you can get away from your Red Circuit.  On the contrary, you should be delighted with that which makes it possible for you to hear my information, which is:  to a reasonable degree, you are floating through all three time levels without getting too upset by it.  That is, you can say, “I have my body; I have flashes of absolutely irrational, but my-god-what-fun, thoughts; I have these moments wherein I can feel in a way that is not natural, to me anyway — a kind of closeness to, or unconditional goodwill toward, my fellow man.”

It amounts to a kind of time clock.  You are plugged in, on the ordinary level, to one of these three levels of time.  This is a variation of what I have said about how, at the ordinary  level, some people are working predominantly, just by accident, in the Blue Circuit department, and others in the Yellow Circuit department, in the great corporation of Life.  But there is in this a very specific connection to time which, as I warned, I am not going into very deeply tonight.  Humanity has a notion of what is called Time, and that notion is based on a specific, unrecognized reality.  “Time” is not as simple as what the Yellow Circuit calls time.

You have, in the corporation of Life, everyone working on a time clock.  And there are some people walking about today who, although they are in touch with all three levels of time — they have no choice, regardless of what they are — have their time clocks plugged most directly into the lowest level.  In a sense, they are the living, walking, past; they make up that area of humanity which those whose time clocks are plugged in to the higher levels see as being reactionary.  Those who are plugged in at the second and third levels of time see them as being backward, uncivilized, unsophisticated, uneducated troublemakers and throwbacks, noncontributing to the real civilized aspects of society.

By the same token those plugged into the Blue Circuit time level would be looked upon by those on the top, while not quite as badly, as being a little sketchy, frivolous, and fairly hip in a cynical kind of manner, yet when it gets down to it, not all that dependable.

Everyone is plugged predominantly to one of those three areas of time.  The reason I have conjured up this picturization is that linearly it is almost impossible to talk about Parallel Time.  If I say the past is not gone, I don’t mean simply that in some kind of Hollywood science fiction manner, what you did this afternoon is still going on.  But by the same token, the notion that strikes ordinary consciousness — that there was a past and it’s over and done for — is not true; the past is alive.  If the past was gone, there would be no D-Force.  If the past was gone there would be no future; if the past was gone, there would not even be the apparently real illusion of contemporaneous time.  Everyone is plugged into it.  It’s as though, under the routine conditions of their lives, contemporaneous time is where they are living, feeling, and thinking.  But the time level can change.  I’m about to end this sketch, but let me point out how the time level can change in one person.

Here’s an example that you should be able to get a feel for.  Let us say that someone is apparently plugged in either way up high in the mid-circuit of time or up in the upper zone.  In other words, right at the top of that mid-section of time, or right at the bottom of the top section.  They go into a bar and they are dressed correctly; they are sophisticated; perhaps they work in research and development at IBM.  They stop into a bar after work where all the nice people go; the guy is by himself and he has a couple of drinks.  Remember, his whole life looked at in toto, seems to be operating at the higher levels of time:  that is where he seems to be plugged in.

He has a few drinks and looks over at one of the waitresses, and suddenly (especially after a couple of good drinks, and if he’s there by himself) he is overcome by what is commonly referred to as lust.  He may not act on it; he may tell himself, “She’s not really my type and we probably wouldn’t have anything in common.”  But what he’s actually feeling is “she’s not operating in my time.”  At any rate, he orders another drink.  To shorten the story, in a few minutes this guy is almost in a fight with some stranger, and nobody knows why.  But I’m giving you a description of why:  he’s shifted time zones.  He is now plugged into the past.  If I wanted to use a psychological description, I could say he is plugged into his past, but remember:  “his” past does not exist in that way.  He is now plugged into the past of Life, but it is not some psychological or psychic phenomenon.  You could explain it that way, in psychological terms, if we were to go back and talk kindergarten talk — you could say that there is some psychological wound in his past that a few drinks brings out.  But the fact is, he is walking around, like everyone else, in three levels of time that are moving simultaneously in all possible directions.  And he shifted time zones.  In this example, he shifted with the help of alcohol.  One thing that alcohol specifically does (and it’s one reason that people drink) is to shift where people are plugged into time.

It doesn’t matter whether this man has ever been the type to try to pick up waitresses, or whether he was ever the type to hang around bars and get into fights over apparently nothing:  none of that matters.  I’m telling you scientifically, (if I’m going to use that word much longer), the alcohol shifted where he is plugged in and now he is walking in the past.

I want you to very simply consider the so-called five senses, and to try and picture them as the food line between you and Life’s body.  It is a fuel line that enables you to operate as a competent, so-called conscious human being.  I’m talking, of course, beyond the realm of just physical food; you’re in a circulatory digestive system in the body of Life itself and you’re being fed by the five senses.  Nothing takes place in the digestive system or the brain without information coming in — that is, something which alters the biochemical status of your nervous system at that time.

I could have said that the brain itself is a sixth sense, but I decided not to do that exactly.  But I will point out that the brain could be looked at as Sensory Central:  without the brain operating as a kind of Sensory Central, man could not do anything other than act.  It is Sensory Central that makes it possible to think about the actions that the sensory input seems to want to produce.  Considering the five senses as the food line between the brain — Sensory Central — and Life’s body, the question could arise:  what comes first in an apparently closed system?  If the brain evidently can think about the information coming in and then make changes on itself, where did all this originate?  Because it was already in some kind of condition before this new information came in; so how is any change possible?  Behind that rhetorical question and crudely inchoate map, let me point out a very strange phenomenon to go along with that.  Everyone is familiar with it, but you never looked at it as being a strange phenomenon.

Sensory Central, the brain itself, can apparently reverse the flow of food.  This is a quite exceptional situation, because if we did not have Sensory Central, the information would come in through the senses and you would respond, as every other creature does, in a manner appropriate to the continued well-being of your organism — assuming it was your destiny to live another day.  Out of a cornucopia of noises you would only hear that which would be a threat to you, you would only taste as pleasant and satisfying, that which is nutritious and nonfatal to you.  It would seem to be an absolute one-way street, but this Sensory Central can apparently reverse the flow.  Even though the Red Circuit is entertaining no notions of food consumption, you can be looking through a magazine and there, through a process of ink on paper, looms an apparition of a double-layered pizza.  Just sitting there looking at it, you’re suddenly, in an ass-backward process, hungry.  Or, you can be sitting around doing nothing and begin to have erotic thoughts triggered by a picture of a naked woman, or by a woman walking by on the beach, and boy are you suddenly lusty.  The organism was not hungry, not erotically inclined, and now a picture of food, or of an erotic situation seems to have started activity in the brain and gone backwards.

Let me say to you again:  I don’t point out things in this manner to say, “Hey, I noticed something nobody has every noticed.”  You must know that there is a purpose in my posing such conundrums to you or you’re wasting your time.  There is a specific something of prime importance, of prime use, that you can discover for yourself, on the basis that apparently the brain can reverse the process of information flow, and that it differs from every other creature.  Information apparently flows in one direction from the out-there into you:  your system is wired up from birth to respond in a manner appropriate to your time-and-place; yet once the nervous system has developed to the point of producing a brain up here, it apparently can reverse the flow.  I said it was a strange phenomenon and I stand by that.

Connected with all of this:  there is a biochemical power to words that is normally unrecognized.  A psychologist somewhere has come up with a fairly recent observation that certain words seem to have a certain, very similar effect on people of different languages:  in other words, it seems to be the sound itself to which people respond.  Now, sound certainly has an effect.  The human system is wired up to respond in an appropriate, perhaps defensive manner to frightening, loud, and unexpected noises, but words are something else.  If indeed the brain itself is really a sixth sense, then words are its meat; just as hearing has sound as its food — not just sound, not noise:  it would have to be human words.  It is a biochemical entity — “words”; it has a power beyond native language and it has a power beyond sound or noise — words themselves, etc.  But beyond that, words are a conveyance for biochemical energy.  If the brain, in fact, were to be considered as a sixth sense, then words would be the fuel carried along that particular line where you are plugged into and fed by Life’s body.  There are ways in which this conveyance of biochemical energy may be flavored:  a minister pounding the podium, a good public speaker using his gestures, even the musical background in movies, all these layer words with different flavors.

Let me give one possible example.  A person goes to a  psychologist and says, “I am sane, generally speaking, and educated, but about three years ago it started and just gradually increased in intensity and frequency, and now I get up in the morning and start to leave the house but am absolutely too overcome with fear to step outside.”

The psychologist listens and then he gives the man some reassuring words:  “This sensation is not unusual.  The name of it is whatever-it-is phobia.  In fact, it’s increasing today, so do not be alarmed.  But let me point out to you — every morning in this city there is a minimum of three-quarters of a million people get up and leave the house at almost the same time.  And each day, during the time it takes for people to get to work, there is no record of anyone having been murdered or mugged in his car.  Now of course, it’s going to take awhile to work out this phobia because it’s deep rooted somewhere in your background, in your unconscious; but let me point out now — I mean, you surely came to the right place and you need to continue coming back here to see me — but right now, at least remember this:  you have lived for 42 years, and no stranger or insane madman has jumped out of the bushes and attacked you.  Until next week when you see me again, just remind yourself that you’ve never been attacked on the freeway.  I assure you, there’s no record of anyone being attacked while in his car.”

And the patient says, “You’re right, I feel much better.   Thank you, and I’ll be back next week.”  As apparently mundane and unclinical as the words of reassurance were, let us say that the patient, when those few moments were through, did say, “I feel a lot better, Doc.  It may not be gone, but I feel a lot better than when I walked in here an hour ago.”  And he does feel better.  What I want you to Neuralize is how he feels better.

Forget all notions of psychological traumas.  Something has happened physically; this goes on constantly, and not just in psychologists’ offices.  You are a part of this kind of dance going on.  What has happened is that those words went through the air, entered the patient’s brain, and created a biochemical alteration of the previous status quo.  But consider:  words spoken by the psychologist came from the same biochemical flood plain that produced the feeling of stress/fear verbalized by the patient.  In fact, all the words used by the psychiatrist were already in the patient’s vocabulary.  Everything that seemed to be transmitted in those words was in fact a native part of the patient’s biochemical flood plain; it was already there.  So what happened?  Where did the effect of the words come from?  You can’t look outside the system and say, “Wait a minute, some kind of magic took place; something came from outside the system.”

Why is it that words of wisdom, when they come from an external source, have, to say the very least, greater impact by virtue of that external source?  A prisoner of war survives torture and starvation and later says, “The only thing that saved me was remembering general so-and-so’s words to us when I graduated from military academy.  He told us, ‘It is better to die as a man than to live as a cowardly dog.'” Why does it seem to have that power?  Nobody ever says to himself, “Well, I see what’s in store for me but, listen to me, it’s better to go ahead and die like a real man than to be allowed to live like a cowardly dog.  Gee, I like that.  O.K., bring on the torture!”  Why does it seem to have that impact when it is extrinsically based?  Why can it not be intrinsically produced by the individual?

Try and Neuralize it in this manner:  it is a matter of Life moving energy around, spreading energy, making energy for growth available to certain areas that otherwise could not loose themselves from their present biochemical position.

What happens when people preach?  What happens in lectures — when someone is saying, “Here is how to have a better love life.”  You go to a lecture on “How to have a Better Love Life,” and hear the expert say “You must treat your mate as you treat yourself; you must not continually pick on someone else’s faults while you have faults,” and you say, “Yeah!  I’d have never thought about that!”  Life is moving energy around within itself, and making growth available to greater areas.

To back into the same thing from another direction, consider this, someone says, “I want to find the truth.”  And I ask you if there is the truth, then why can’t somebody find it?  Why, in these 5,000 years of recorded history, has no one said, “Okay, here it is,” and told the rest of the world.  I’ve got one possible answer for you:  the circulation of energy would cease in Life’s body.

And Consider — Neuralize — the mortal notion of prayer to a god; the idea of divine intervention.  I’ve not moved that much from the subject of words being a very specific and powerful biochemical agent, nor from the subject of the power of external knowledge.  Neuralize prayer as a kind of Yellow Circuit attempt to rationalize, and even to camouflage, man’s astounding attempt to interfere with what seems to be a closed system.  The notion that an extrinsic force — a god — can intercede in the life of man is a Yellow Circuit rationalization for something it can’t See, i.e., change.  It is the same with the ordinary concept of conversion.  The preacher says, “Do you believe in this particular god?  Will you follow the rules of this church, and do you admit publicly that heretofore you have been nothing but one walking shortcoming?” You say, “Yes, I do.”  And he says, “Praise the gods you are now saved.  You are a newborn person.”  And people say, “I can feel it, I can feel it!”  And they do feel something.  But they don’t feel gods.  They feel a biochemical change which the Yellow Circuit is hard-pressed to explain.  Within an apparently closed system, where could change possibly come from?

Can you see how certain ordinary functions and activities of the organism man might be most properly and profitably aligned with certain of the five senses?  Withal, apparent problems arise when this situation seems to be ruptured.  Take everyone’s favorite function and activity, sex.  I turn your attention to the fact that obviously some of the five senses are most properly involved with this activity:  touch, sight, hearing, smell.  If we consider the brain as a sixth sense — what activity would that sense be involved with? — thinking, perhaps.  For a new slant on what ordinary consciousness considers to be problems, what would happen if the brain and its primary activity became involved in sex?  Well, I suggest to you strongly that what seems to be psychological problems could be seen as the result of a certain sense sticking its nose in where it has no business.

Alright, I’m going to jump the spectrum.  There is a very specific way in which you could See This Thing as being the active attempt to surrender to higher forces.  Let’s take the word “love”:  there is a reality behind this.  It is not imagination and it’s not that humanity is incapable of it.  The word love is, in a sense, Life’s basic message of growth coming out through humanity.  I was recently confronted with an article about a backwoods preacher in the 1920’s and he was saying, “Brothers and sisters, are you going to sit there and say ‘why hasn’t it worked?’  I say to you that everyone looks to his fellow man.  They look for love to come from somebody or somewhere else.  But the scriptures tell us that the gods made us in their image, and that they are love, and hence we are love. You are looking in the wrong place — you are expecting that which does not exist in the places you expect it to come from.”  That is just as true as it can be — if you forget the hardwired connotations of love, gods, and religion.

Let me give you a few more things having to do with love.  On the personal level, love must become your favoring of growth.  It has to be your approval of change, but change in the sense of expansion and growth.  If that indeed is the definition, THE definition of love, at the ordinary level no one is capable of it. There it is all conditional, and you cannot, at the ordinary level, favor change and growth.  If a person says, “I love you but something is wrong; you are not the girl I married.  You are not the guy I met two months ago.  We are drifting apart; something has happened since you graduated and became an attorney; something has happened now to you since you have a successful record out; now that you have a book out that is selling.  Something has happened to you and to our relationship, that was not happening back when you were starving in a garret.”

What they are saying is, “Under these conditions I do not favor growth.  I do not favor change in you if it is going to take you away from me.”  It comes to the point eventually that you must be able to feel what you understand, or you are going to be left with a sensation of impotence in the face of the immediate need to act.  Life has always told the truth when it said love is the answer.  Real acting is getting close to love, as opposed to mechanical acting, but you must be able to feel what you understand, rather than simply understand what you understand.  Life can indeed seem merciless.  In certain areas life just apparently stinks:  people kill each other, people kill their children, people are starving on this planet.  Life feels for humanity, but it does not feel for humanity on an individual level.  Life feels for its whole structure; that includes feeling for all three time levels simultaneously.  It includes feeling for everyone, from the abstract, unfeeling, unphysical pencil pusher up in the Yellow Circuit department, all the way down to a guy in the Red Circuit mines who beats his wife every Saturday night.  It feels for its own system in toto — it must, or else it would be dead.  And there must be this apparent conflict in Life’s body or there would be no change, no growth.  You have got to be able to feel what you understand.  You have got to be able to favor growth and all it entails.  What I have attempted to do, which is what is becoming more necessary for Life’s purposes, is to point you to the necessity of aligning yourself with all of Life, to give your allegiance to everything.  But the only way you can have allegiance to all of Life, including the areas where people are starving and killing each other, is to understand, to some degree, how growth happens.  Without that, you cannot in this lifetime experience the reality behind the idea, the word, “love”.

Should an ordinary person experience something extraordinary, he has no choice but to attribute, to align, to define the experience on the basis of his previously established religious wiring system.  Your only alignment should be your approval of growth and your understanding of what is required for Life to grow.  It is only then that you can favor growth:  you don’t favor the instance of something falling apart, especially another human; nor the instance of people being in pain.  But without understanding how growth operates you cannot approve of it or understand how Life and humanity are growing.  And lastly you can have no feeling of love — the reality of it.

Here is something to Neuralize.  Another way to try and approach your own view of love would be to attempt to Hear the voice of not-I.  It would be the very voice that ordinary consciousness finds to be the source of all difficulties.  What if love were no more than the voice — the correct voice, if you could Hear it — of everything that seems to be not-I?  Mathematically, what if that’s it?  Then would you see why “Love thy neighbor as yourself” is the message of the gods and nobody can do it?

“Well, I could do it were it not for the unsavory voices of not-I.  In fact if I hear any voices in ME — urges to plunder my neighbor’s house, to steal — the voices certainly aren’t me.  I’m not responsible.  It’s either demons or unconscious motivations instilled in me by the unsavory actions of others.”  But what if love is the voice of not-I?…except you have got to understand there is no difference between I and not-I — to hear the voice and hence be in favor of change.

I have started on several occasions to refine the actual invisible reality behind what I see, what I am in touch with, what I have called the Primal Flow.  There are ways in which I could specifically approach the Primal Flow verbally and tell you that it is almost a void; that since I have now labeled it the Primal Flow, anything I say beyond that is a lie.  But I could take it from a slightly different shift, a slightly different view.  I could talk about some specific way in which it affects humanity, how it seems to manifest itself at our level in behavior, thought, and feeling.  Each of these I could have used, and may yet use, for a specific purpose.  Some of this, I suggest to you in a positive manner, might strike you — you might be able to run with it.

But here are ways in which I could divide up, through purpose, through activity, through the way in which it manifests itself at the level of humanity, the Primal Flow.  Are you ready:  the exceptional factor/the resolute principle/the dynamic injunction/the omnifarious mode/the inevitable shift/the inchoate dictum/the uncomfortable precept/the vagrant impulse/the unrestricted program/the unmerciful directive/the unruly medium/the brutal instrument/the ungracious effect/the unheard-of impact/the ungovernable energy/the unlikely code/the impolite puissance/the unmitigated experience/the unofficial virility/the unpopular stamina/the unprincipled momentum/the unraveling verve/the unreasonable zeal/the unrelenting pressure/the unrepentant spirit/the unwieldy might/the unseemly ferment/the unsparing intensity/the unsung compulsion/the untrammeled cogency/the unscrupulous thrust/the untidy expansion/and the ever popular, unsportsmanlike elan.