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Life at the Life Company: The Red, Blue and Yellow Departments


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Task – envision alternate reality


Jan Cox Talk 149, Mar 14, 1985, runtime 1:40
Notes by TK

More on the feeling of powerlessness and self condemnation. There is an unconditional freedom to put on an act, to not be yourself. All it takes is your own feeling that this is something I would not normally do. Do not do what is natural to you; not bizarre behavior necessarily. Need to rearrange the way that the mind, muscles and breath work together. This is real acting. Minimal rearrangement would be to force only the mind to do
something different. This rearrangement is a form of absolute control.

Life has been causing a whole line of religions, cults, etc. thru man, each with its emphasis on either: muscles, respiration or mind (heart, soul = respiratory).

The magnetic field surrounding the brain is an absolutely limiting factor. Limits the “I” consciousness and constitutes what that brain is conscious of. If the polar aspect (i.e. positive/negative) is weakened, this is equivalent to “ravaging the kingdom”, killing your opinions. A biochemical change. To be critical of anything puts you in the foremost ranks of the ordinary. There is no such thing as an idea, concept, name etc.: it’s a biochemical change. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is a biochemical onslaught and ravaging of the polarity (+/-) of the brain.

The alloy “snapback to shape” extended to size. When heat applied, you snapback to your original size (i.e. diminished). Cannot snapback to size when the division between + and – is broken down (size has irrevocably doubled, or more) in the brain.

“Mystical glimpses are fine but remember to change your oil and take out the trash” Forget the “blissed out swami” syndrome. Be the secret mystic, the radical arm of Life’s R&D.

Laughter w/o hostility is possible. Not laughter at someone, but at situations Life is acting out.


Can you conceive of how else the world could be? e.g. alternate reality



Document:  149, March 14, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

I continue to hint, without much elaboration, that Man is developing a new circuit; a loop in the wiring of humanity is about to be closed.  Life is already talking about this new development.  You can hear this reflected in the current theories of particle physics, at the radical edge of science.  The growth of Man’s nervous system is a gradual process, and I’m not implying that suddenly tomorrow or next week something miraculous will occur.  But do any of you smell that modern religious ideas, psychological theories and even the maps I have drawn in the past are beginning to rot?

There has been a certain linear message, a common thread running through the tapestry of humanity. All the prophets and teachers have elaborated on that message, each teacher standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before.  But that message is about to reach a dead end; the time of people believing in a great untold secret is almost over.  This Thing is about to change radically.

I have a new term for you:  “Walking Backwards.”  Some of you have already experienced the unconditional freedom brought about by simply not being you — by putting on an act.  The act can be minimal; you don’t have to draw attention to yourself or behave in any specific way.  All that’s required is to change your behavior enough so you can feel, “This is not what I would normally do in this situation.”

You can plan to act; you can script your life:  “The last thing I want to do this morning is talk to anybody, but I’m going to follow the script.  I’m going to walk right up to the counter in that 7-11 store, give a big smile and say loudly, ‘My, isn’t it a beautiful day!'”  Initially, it is quite appropriate to formulate a script or strategy.  But after a few tries you will realize that no great amount of planning is necessary — you simply don’t do whatever comes natural to you.

“Walking Backwards” takes the quality of acting a step further.  When you Walk Backwards, you attempt to rearrange the way the muscles, mind, and respiratory system work together as you act.  Once you can do that, you are involved in Real Acting.

Picture the circuitry system of Man as a three level operation — The Life Company.  The Life Company Building has three floors (Red, Blue, and Yellow).  Though all levels of the Life Company are interdependent, each floor houses a different department, with a different type of worker.  Neuralize that the muscles, the respiratory system, and the mind in Man could be likened to the Red, Blue, and Yellow Departments of the Life Company.

For any project to be accomplished efficiently, all levels of the Company must become involved.  Walking Backwards is one of the most effective frontal assaults on so-called personal problems, because it utilizes the muscles, the respiratory system, and the mind — all three departments of the Life Company.

Of course, you can produce miraculous results by simply using the mind.  The Yellow Department can decide what you will say in the 7-ll store, for example.  But such an act will have no passion.  As far as the Blue Department is concerned, acting is a sham.  The Blue Department isn’t paying attention because it doesn’t feel like having a beautiful day, but you can nevertheless speak up and give an insincere smile.

If such low level magic can be produced just by using the mind, Consider the astounding results of bringing the muscles and the respiratory system into this sham act.  What would happen if you could move differently, breathe differently, and then say, “My, isn’t it a beautiful day!”

When you are “having a bad day,” the mind daydreams, the muscles tense up and the breathing is affected.  But you can step up to the counter at the 7-ll store and minimally change what is happening in all three circuits.  Only you have to know you are acting.  It’s not necessary to take a weird stance; simply lean on your left foot instead of your right.  You don’t have to breathe loudly or deeply; once you become conscious of your breathing, you have altered it.  So, after the person in front of you pays and leaves, you step up to the counter.  You are aware of your muscles, conscious of your breath, and you deliberately say, “My, isn’t it a beautiful day!”  Suddenly, you have changed the full mechanical repertoire of you, and your “bad” morning will change dramatically.

That is not the full extent of the topic, but it’s a fair description of Walking Backwards or Real Acting. The experience of freedom could also be described as experiencing an absolute control.  One astounding aspect of not behaving in your ordinary manner is that whatever you do or say is a complete sham, and you are in control of what happens.  Yet, from the ordinary viewpoint, there is something wrong with that:  “I would prefer to be a real person.  I may not be perfect, or all that congenial, but at least I’m my own person, warts and all.”

At the ordinary level, consciousness operates as consciousness is wired up to operate; but everyone experiences a vague sensation that we are all responsible.  “I may have some bad prejudices against people, and a bad temper, and I may even have a warped sense of what good poetry is, but at least I’m being honest, I’m being myself.”  That is the ordinary opinion; that was your opinion before you came in contact with This Thing.  But in a paratopical universe where you See everything existing simultaneously, there is no difference between a sincere “real” person expressing an opinion and someone willfully expressing a sham opinion — except that the latter person has some control.

For those attempting to ignite higher areas of the nervous system, it is preferable to act in an unordinary manner.  That is the only way to act.  You cannot continue to behave in accordance with Line-level consciousness, ordinary “feelings” and muscular memories.  If you do, This Thing will remain a dream.  You may continue to come here to listen to me talk, and periodically you may think you have great flashes of mystical insight.  But if you leave here and all the departments of The Life Company — all three circuitry systems — go back to their same old operations, nothing has changed.

Since we are temporarily dividing the circuitry of Man into three systems, Consider how Life has produced a continuing string of religions, cults, and mystical schools directed toward either the muscles or the respiratory system.  The progression of these forms has not been linear — at certain times Life pushed religion through the muscles; at other times through the respiratory system.  This is still occurring.  You can turn on the TV any Sunday morning and watch good down-home preachers to get a taste of this. Religious fervor is not mass insanity or some trick Reverend So and So is playing.  Thousands of people follow these preachers; they tune in every Sunday, contribute money and fill up auditoriums.  Look at this phenomenon and Neuralize what is going on.  When the Reverend stands up, waving a book and shouting, “Man is in terrible shape, the end is near!”  What is being touched?  Life is passing along energy, but not via information directed to the mind.

Consider a prime example of something which is described on one level but actually happens on another:  mind reading.  Can you See that, if there was any validity to mind reading, there would have to be three types of reading going on?  Suppose you could just look at person and See what the muscles were talking about?  Or you noticed the respiratory system doing something in particular and you Understood what that meant?  As far as actual “mind” reading is concerned, Consider whether, if it was possible, it would be at all profitable?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.  In the meantime, I suggest that mind reading is not what it appears to be:  “mind readers” are mechanically reading the muscles and/or the respiratory system.  Which doesn’t sound quite as exciting, does it?

Let’s go back to the down-home preachers.  What level are they affecting?  What department of the Life Company are they working for?  Watch a preacher or any person in front of an audience — a political leader, a man telling you how to make a million in the stock market.  They are all working for the Blue Department.  Whenever speech comes purely from the Blue Department, people say it comes from the heart and soul.  But there is no soul; there is a respiratory system.  Observe even a speaker who, at first blush, appears to be working for the Yellow Department.  He may pass out booklets and pencils; it may appear to be instructions directly from one intellect to others.  But stop up your ears — if you’re watching television, turn the sound down — and watch his movements, remembering what I said about the respiratory system.

Whenever someone steps on stage, it’s all Show Biz, and Show Biz doesn’t happen primarily at the Yellow Circuit level.  Show business is not one of the main areas of responsibility up in Research, Development and Management; the Yellow Department understands the need for entertainment, but they turn the actual show over to those more suited to be performers — those who move around, get very excited, pant, laugh, and cry.

Likewise, Management is not going to send a ll9 pound chemist down to work in the mines, for the Red Department.  Surely he could go down there and do something, but that wouldn’t be profitable.  Sending him there would be an inefficient use of Life Company’s energy.  The people in the Red Department have big biceps and strong backs.  Working the mines is what they are suited for; the same way certain types are suited to stay upstairs doing Research.

From the Yellow Department’s view, the people at the Blue level are crazy and undependable.  But they can always come up with new advertising campaigns.  They can see the drama in anything; they can entertain people and sell even products the Yellow Department people could live without.  “One day a guy up here in Yellow invented this thing.  We keep producing it since we’ve got to stay in business, but to tell you the truth, I can’t understand why anyone would buy it.  But the people downstairs will write jingles, they’ll cry, dress weird, and are just passionate enough about what they do to sell it.”

The Yellow Department is forced to admit that they need the Blue Department, though they don’t understand them:  “I don’t really like to be around the Blue people.  They’re flaky and sometimes downright frightening.  But they have their own job to .pado, and we in the Yellow Department can’t do what they do. I don’t like to sell things.”

One of the responsibilities of the Yellow Department is the development of new products, but they can’t do the advertising:  “One time we needed a new ad campaign for some products.  One of the guys up here talked us into letting him write a jingle instead of sending it downstairs.  I couldn’t tell the difference — I don’t care much about music or advertising, but it sounded all right to me.  So we called together the heads of the departments — Yellow, Blue and Red — and let the guy do the song.  He got some real singers and arrangers; they used his words and music.  But when they got through, everybody just yawned.  I realized the jingle just wasn’t the same quality as what they ordinarily put out down in the Blue Department.  I couldn’t criticize my co-worker for trying.  But when we got together all the people from advertising and the mines (the good consumers who are our target audience), I immediately realized that jingle wasn’t going to fly.  Since then, we always send it to Blue.”

When the Yellow Department invents a product, they are not absolutely sure whether anybody wants what they’ve created.  Research was not attempting to design something that would be popular with the masses; they were just playing around and discovered something.  The Blue Department might periodically send messages upstairs:  “We need such and such, the market is ready,” or, “You showed us a product last year, and we’re almost ready to sell it.  If you could just give it one little twist, we’re sure people will buy.”  That might get the Yellow Department interested enough to think, “Well, why not?  We’ll work on it in our spare time.”  There’s encouragement in hearing, “You develop this product in a certain direction and people will definitely buy.”  But that is not why the Yellow Department works.  They may study statistics on consumer trends occasionally, but most of the time they are strictly amusing themselves.

The Yellow Department handles General Management, so it can look like they are in charge.  But marketing research and the sale of the product — moving the energy that keeps The Life Company going — is the Blue Department’s forte.  The movement of energy through the Blue Circuit is not dependent on decisions made in the Yellow Circuit.

Let’s go back to what seem to be more specifically physical matters.  A magnetic field surrounds the brain.  This is no secret; medical science can measure electrical activity occurring in the brain, but there is more to it than that.  There are positive and negative aspects of this magnetic field, which manifest as what “I” find positive and what “I” find negative.  If the brain has a positive charge on something, it also has an equally weighted negative charge, or you could not be conscious of either aspect.  Take that as simply as I describe it.  Everything consciousness views with a positive attitude is the activated side of all that consciousness calls negative.

An absolute unrecognized barrier exists in the brain:  the area or kingdom between the positive and negative charges.  One way to describe what happens physically when you become involved in This Thing is that this kingdom between positive and negative is at first weakened, then ravaged.

I am talking about biochemical action.  The realm of ideas and opinions may seem far removed from the churning noises down in the stomach and liver, but an idea must have a chemical base.  An opinion cannot be expressed without electrical energy moving through the nervous system.  The ideas of This Thing trigger a biochemical change, an alteration of the electrical charges in your nervous system.

Part of what you are doing here is biochemically deactivating your own opinions.  You are almost tearing your brain apart, but this process does not seem physical at all in the beginning.  The process seems spiritual, emotional, or intellectual.  You begin to feel less fearful, less hostile.  You notice that you do not as immediately express prejudice, and you think, “I am obviously going through a psychological growth process.”  But what you are experiencing is biochemical change.

From one viewpoint there is a specific message in all the main tenets of religious and mystical systems.  The message is that you must break down the barrier — ravage the kingdom — between the positive and negative charges in the brain.  That is the physical reality behind such phrases as, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  This phrase strikes people in such a way that positive feelings toward the word “neighbor” are conjured up.  Molecular activities in the Yellow Department have indirectly stirred up activity down at the Blue level; workers start mumbling and running around down there.  So the phrase is interpreted as having a spiritual or emotional meaning.

But can you take this further?  Can you See that if you could indeed remove the barrier between the positive and negative — between you and whatever “neighbor” means to you — you would suddenly experience the reality of what Life is talking about by saying, “Love your neighbor the same way you love yourself and treat him the same way.”  Instead of automatically interpreting such concepts as illusive and spiritual, you can view them as descriptions of an electrochemical process.

Here is something else you might Consider in relation to your attempt to break down the barrier and ravage the kingdom.  Certain materials such as alloys can be molded into a variety of shapes.  But, if the right amount of heat is applied later, they will assume their original shape.  Neuralize that you also are thermodynamically subject to being snapped back into your original form.  If your structure — your circuitry, your factory, your company — remains the same size it was when Life mechanically produced you, then a certain, measurable amount of heat will always return you to your original shape.

People ordinarily stop growing at the age of maturity.  To put this in Life Company terms, mature people seem to make changes in the organization of the departments, but the output of the factory remains constant.  Thus, you may have great metaphysical dreams — the Blue Department might be running around in circles, convinced it has found the secret of world peace or that any moment you will be able to fly — but that is required is the correct amount of heat — a call from your office or your mother — to snap you back to your original shape.  Within moments you will be depressed or cursing your fellow man as usual.

Ordinary people are continually subject to the same kind of energy transfers they have always been subject to.  Energy reversals are usually attributed to a psychological something:  “When my boss talks to me that way, it reminds me of my past failures.”  “If I were a better Christian (or Moslem or Jew), I would enjoy talking to my mother.”  But I am suggesting that you look at the physical, thermodynamic situation.

You are not immune to this phenomenon, even after you begin to put the ideas of This Thing into practice.  You may make real changes in the departments; you may improve communications in the entire company — between the muscles, the mind and the respiratory system.  But if you do not grow and increase production, nothing has permanently changed.

Everyone becomes involved in This Thing because they want to change:  “I know how it would be to become more conscious.  I would always be happy and charming, never embarrassed, never angry.  I can picture it all.”  The unspoken part of the picture is that everyone believes they can accomplish all that while remaining just as they are now.  They think that somehow they can put new growth in their pocket, slap it on their thighs or in their brain.

You can trap the Yellow Circuit by accusing, “Now wait a minute, how can you become a great mystic and love everyone while having this terrible temper?”  And the Yellow Department will send out a memo, “The temper will have to go.”  But no one means that.  What they mean is, “I’ll still be who I really am, and the rest of this stuff will have to fit on me.”  Everyone is wired up to dream about acquiring new abilities, but no one can face having to redesign the factory in order to change the size of the operation and increase production.

If you are not willing and determined to do just that, then This Thing will remain a dream to you.  Because you will always be subject to the same energy transfers and tensions which constantly plague you on every level.  One day there will be an explosion down in the mines; the next day, the Blue Department will be too distracted to work; the Yellow Department will be in an uproar because everyone is threatening to strike.  That kind of heat will bring you back to where you started, over and over again.

Can you see a connection between this phenomenon and my pointing out the absolute need to tear down the barrier between positive and negative charges in the magnetic field surrounding your brain?  If you can tear that down, you will have a brain that is functionally twice as large.  Your brain capacity would double, at the very least.  That is what I mean by real change; you would no longer be subject to the same mechanical factors.  Once this happens to you, you cannot be shrunk back to your normal size.  It’s too late.

There is an old story about a teacher who finally tells his followers, “Listen, I don’t know any more about enlightenment than you do.  I just read a book.  All of you should get away from me, I don’t know what I’m doing.”  And everybody leaves, except one guy.  The teacher says, “I’m telling you, I’ve just been making all this stuff up.”  And the guy says, “Never mind, I’ve gone too far — I’m almost enlightened.”

Picture The Life Company.  The faster changes happen in a particular department, the more controversial those changes are:  “What you people are doing upstairs is too controversial, you’re moving too fast.”  The faster things move, the more heat is produced; the more heat, the more resistance there is to the change.

I am pointing to a factor you can observe out in Life:  “We can’t let nuclear research and development go unchecked; it may be more costly than we assumed, and not just in money!”  You can also See this in yourself.  The speed of operations within the factory is determined.  The speed with which you can Do anything is thus limited:  “Let’s not get in too big a hurry.  I want to know what I’m doing here before I move.  I’ve read your books and heard you talk once or twice, but I don’t want to rush into anything.”

Initially, the continuing question for many of you is, “How can I Do something?  Can’t you give me some death-defying trick?”  As long are you are doing anything out of the ordinary for production in your factory, you can’t go wrong.  But be aware that whenever you attempt to go faster than your determined speed — to make sudden changes — things get hotter.  And when one department changes more quickly than the others, it becomes very controversial.

Change never happens as smoothly as you imagine.  The Yellow Department may send down orders to reorganize.  Suddenly, people in the Red Department will begin to drag their feet.  The Blue Department will send out memos saying, “Look, we have to shut this new department down — they’re too radical!  We don’t have enough information and we may be taking the wrong track.”

While we are on the subject of change, let me point out that you should not immediately go out and try to fool around with the zoning ordinances in the community where your factory is built.  Having great mystical insights is fine, but don’t forget to change your oil and take out the trash.  To continually Neuralize Man as simply a biochemical process is quite proper, but you still need to bathe and pay your taxes.

I bring this up in case some of you entertain and accept the voices in you that say, “I’m becoming less and less motivated in the ordinary sense, but what can you expect of somebody getting as close to higher levels of consciousness as I am?”  Throughout history, ordinary stories about mysticism have always involved someone who is removed from Life; someone in a continual state of bliss, sitting in a white robe on a mountaintop.  Such descriptions serve a purpose, but that is not what the radical arm of Life’s Research and Development Department is about.

To do This Thing, you must be a walking-around mystic.  You can’t say, “I forgot,” or, “I knew my car would freeze up without oil, but I’ve been so busy.”  You must keep your factory functioning at the absolute, first class, minimal/maximum level of efficiency.  Every department should be set up to run in an exceedingly efficient manner, so you don’t have to be continually checking.  Do any of you See this practical necessity which ordinary consciousness cannot see?

Such differences between the reality of This Thing and the expectations of would-be mystics are what make This Thing the radical arm of The Life Company.  Anyone truly involved in This has no time or need to dream about their plans; they are already part of Life’s greatest plan

Here is a practical consideration concerning the three departments.  Have you ever noticed how different types of people respond differently to questioning?  If you ask someone in the Yellow Department, “How do you do that?”  They might say, “Come back after work and I’ll explain.”  Ask a Red Department worker, and they are likely to stop everything and show you how it’s done.  But, if you ask a person in the Blue Department the same question, they almost take it personally.  “What do you mean, how do I do that?  I’m doing it wrong?  You know more about it than me?  Are you criticizing the way I do things?”

Remember that we are talking about three physical systems:  the mind, the muscles, and the respiratory system.  To carry this further, Consider what people sometimes call, “mixed messages.”  What is happening when a salesman says, “Hey, glad to see you!”  He smiles and his bow tie lights up.  He reaches for your hand, but something tells you, “This guy is not glad to see me.  In fact, I want to get away from here.  Something is wrong.”

What if the respiratory system and the mind each transform and transmit a certain type of energy; when they do this simultaneously, the message comes out “mixed”?  Can you see how this connects to the scenario of workers in the different departments answering your questions differently?

How could two people from different departments ever get along?  How could they ever work together?  Neuralize what would happen if one of the people could do an absolute, muscles to respiratory system to mind, act?  Or what if they both could put on such a sham performance?

Of course, if two people were involved in such an extraordinary act, they would have instantly upped the stakes, for there would be no one to identify, no way to define “an act.”  Ordinary people might watch these two in operation and think, “I thought I had seen shallow people, but these two are extremely shallow.”  If this ever happens to you, and you begin to feel really shallow, just remember I’m so shallow I would make you look like a rank amateur.