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The Chord Progression / Where Will the Melody Move Next?


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Jan Cox Talk 147, Feb 28, 1985, runtime 1:42
Notes by TK

More on the forces as chord progression C to D to E. The progression can start anywhere but is easiest to see C to D for ordinary consciousness; you should find that interesting. Life as a song with a most obvious chord progression C-D-E: appearance of something new and exciting (fashion, fads) which turns imperceptibly to its own opposite (D), or into indifference (E).

The chord progression will always run its mechanical inevitable course w/o a personal understanding and ability to make a conscious effort/act to somehow intervene. Consider that within a given chord progression there exists a triadal vacuum point where action can be taken. A lifetime could be seen as a melody w/in a chord progression; a constant shifting of triads. Can jump in when the E leg of the triad has almost thumped down and furnish your own E, no matter how irrelevant (that’s the beauty and advantage of E vagueness: anything you do will fit). The inescapable rule is: if you don’t act, Life will.

The voices: private and public voice. Why are there only two? If everything comes in 3s, where is the 3rd voice? You have not heard it. Where is it? The two voices are always in conflict. Animals have only one voice. What possible use on a larger scale do the two voices of man have? There are exceptions on the ordinary level: in fanatics the two voices are mechanically in agreement in a limited area. There is a kind of mechanical attraction to this wiring type. This wiring creates a temporary power center (always D related) which appropriate others find attractive. Fanatics don’t wonder what to do–have no doubts (“Pass the bullets!”).

Love. The only proper word to describe the ignition of higher circuitry. The reality is unmistakable; the feeling is a kind of joy, a warm familiarity with everything. W/o a commensurate understanding there cannot be a familiarity required to sustain the experience or state of Love. There is a change in the way the Blue Circuit interacts. Relates to absolute necessity not to pass hostility with anything or anyone. Hostility destroys love.]
It is not your job to correct or instruct the others in the Group as to improvement of their mechanical behavior.

The D.C.D.C. card: distant, caring, disjunctured card. Distant: I’m different than you. Caring: self-explanatory. Disjunctured: stated admission (thru J.) that my understanding is not up to speed regarding what is going on with you. The card tacitly says: “Everything in me seems to say that you are acting unprofitably and with only ordinary awareness. I have my own similar fits and can only offer this card. I will try to give you my unconditional support and encouragement.”

Use this card with UTMOST CAUTION. Never to use the card can’t possibly be to your disadvantage.

Reading of questions/observations: “The old makes way for the new, lest one good custom should corrupt the whole world”–Bravo! The only way to attempt to raise children in This Thing and not raise up maniacs: do not allow any outbursts of hostility; no negative gossip (but remember, you’ve got to do it too!) Children must be allowed to activate their circuitry ordinarily before attempting This Thing.


  1. 5x daily for a week–act upon previous thoughts of action.
  2. Discussion of importance of nonverbal remembering of others in other cities. This is a form of Neuralizing and relates to real Love, warmth and unconditional approval. Collective effort has a real impact.



Document:  147,  February 28, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

The Three Forces, which I have temporarily named “C”, “D”, and “E”, are in constant movement, like a piece of music.  It just so happens that the names I picked out for them, C, D, and E, also happen to be notes on the Western musical scale.  We are going to explore the possibilities of all of Life being a song and C, D, and E, forming chord progressions within it.  If the key of C represents that which seems creative or constructive, then there must be two additional keys present.  Let’s say that the key of D represents something which resists our original C.  Then there is the key of E which you may think of as everything that is not pertinent to our C and D pair.

Let us arbitrarily say that the chord progression goes from C to D to E.  This is the easiest way to see it, but is, by no means, the only possible progression of the Three Forces and chords.  People have commented that they could perceive things emerge apparently in the key of C, as constructive and new, only to see them develop into D.  And people ask, “Does it not have to be otherwise also — it could start from D and go to C?”  If the latter were so, they could not see it.  You have to remember that your perception — ordinary consciousness — cuts into the middle of a song while believing it is seeing a beginning.

I’ll admit that my expositions of the dance of the Three Forces always start with C and go from there.  If I did start a description of a situation where Life was in D, it would be difficult to get your attention to focus on starting where things are apparently going downhill.  The response would be, “Who cares?”  or, “Why start here?”  You do not usually find the approach of going to the dump to watch the garbage rot so that it can produce fertilizer for flowers.  So remember it is arbitrary for me to say “From C to D to somewhere else”.

Let’s get back to the chord progression.  Let me remind you again, regardless of where we begin, we’re jumping into the middle of the song.  This song has played for the entire life of humanity and ordinary consciousness cannot see any end to it.  It sees no openings in the song, so in order to speak about it we say, “We’ll just start here.”  Let’s assume that this one aspect that we are apparently observing is in C. The more obvious progression is that it apparently goes from C to D to E.  Apparently a situation — something new in art, clothing, philosophy, religion, politics — starts out and is new.  This creates excitement (this includes those constructed to become negatively involved, saying, “This new thing is not good.”)  Let’s say you can simply see that “here is something new” and you can refrain from becoming entangled in it yourself and criticizing it.  Starting with the new, the more common way in which consciousness would observe this phenomenon, is as a support for growth, a movement of some kind of good will.  Eventually it appears to almost become its own opposite, or it begins to decay.  It’s original aim gets distorted, or the people involved lose track of its initial purpose.

As the song continues to move and shift, it evolves into that which is harder to see.  It begins to move into the key of E.  At that point there is widespread indifference, like, “Who cares?”  Or, “At one time that idea was worthwhile, then it went into decay, turned into its own opposite; now nobody even thinks about it, it is of perhaps minor historical significance.”

But that is not the only way it can go.  I could describe a situation wherein C might appear to go directly to E.  So the chord progression is not simply over and over C to D to E, C to D to E.  All combinations are possible.  It can be C to E to D to E to D to C.

I want you to See that everyone seems to be interested in why things don’t seem to work.  Critics and miscellaneous soreheads complain that nothing that begins with the stated purpose of helping humanity ever reaches this proclaimed conclusion.  On the individual level, you start out filled with goodwill, filled with hope that a new idea or undertaking will bring about fruitful results for you and yours.  But unless the one involved has understanding and can act on it, the chord progression will run its inevitable course.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  You can pray or you can fast.  You may believe that you can See the mechanical chord progression and can therefore wait for the chord to change, but this will not help either.

Parenthetically, I might point out that there are would-be schools of mysticism which practice this approach to the chord progression (albeit unknowingly).  Life is speaking through them on a very crude level and the message is:  “When the flow does not seem to be going correctly, or you cannot seem to have any affect over it, take a break.  Go visit a temple.  Find an ashram.  Lay low under the bed until this whole thing blows over.”  That is certainly not the point of This Thing, but it does have a certain validity.  To draw upon the illustrious works of Broadway, do not dream the impossible dream and please don’t fight the unbeatable foe.  You have to leave that to the Man of La Mancha.  Sometimes the correct kind of action is no action.

Without a personal understanding and ability to take some action on it, every chord progression on every level will run its inevitable course, whether it was going from C to D to E or any other variation.  (By understanding I refer to something other than the hard-wired, particularly Yellow Circuit reaction to what’s going on.  I refer to something other than your own biochemical responses at Line-level consciousness.)  Neither faith, magic charms, nor mantras, will interfere with that chord progression.  Taken to a certain level, there are limits to what any one person can do, understanding or not.  There are certain ways in which the chord progression will move on a very large scale and if you become entangled with it, you will indeed be attempting to beat the unbeatable foe.  I have tried before to disentangle you from any belief that there is such a thing as a profitable martyr.  In attempting to beat an unbeatable foe — you might as well be playing pro baseball or attempting to stop all world hunger immediately.

Picture the chord progression as being on a very large scale.  Within the chord progression itself, you would have tempos within tempos.  I am not going to tell you there is one chord progression running through Life at any given time, or that there is one chord progression running through one area of the planet, through one nationality, or one religion.  There are chord progressions going on at different speeds.  It takes three notes to make a chord.  And within the chord progression you might hold the three notes of your one chord for 12 measures.  Of course, 12 measures to Life could be 100 years.  But you can play for years and years, making up melodies that would fit in with that one chord before you ever change it.  So you can look on a smaller scale at an individual life as being a particular melody played within a greater chord progression.

I bring this up so you will see the difference between this small level where the chord progression itself is going on, and the larger scale affecting whole segments of this planet.  There are certain chord progressions that are affecting the body of Life itself.  These larger scale progressions are initially infertile ground for those of This Thing.

I will ask you to Neuralize, however, what is it that all forms of ordinary religion and would-be mystical systems directly attempt to involve themselves with?  The impossible.  It serves a purpose, but it is the impossible.  Everyone is accustomed to it.  You never think about it.  But if you hear that there is some new prophet, some new guru, some new offshoot of an organized religion, you know what they are going to be talking about.  “What do you plan to do now that you have gained our attention and you have a large following and are collecting large amounts of money?”  The answer is always, “Well, I’m going to change the world…I am here on a mission.”  Or if it is not the world, then it is a good attempt.  That is, “I am here to enlighten America.  Things are in an awful mess and I’ve been sent here to straighten it out.”  I mean, they don’t fool around.  Of course, one of the benefits of attempting the impossible is that it keeps you from attempting the possible.

A question you could pursue on your own is why religions and would-be mystics of all kinds attempt to operate on such a large scale.  The mystics and prophets are convinced that the gods selected them for greater things than just dealing with 20 or 30 people.  They never say, “I had a mystical experience, I fasted for 24 days and suddenly the gods spoke to me and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got some good people out doing work for me and I know you’ve been interested, but to tell you the truth, you’re not the strongest candidate I’ve ever had; so I tell you what, why don’t you move to a small town somewhere and see what you can do.  I don’t expect a lot, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get anywhere.'”  By now you should be able to piece some of this together, at least in general.  How fast would Life be moving if it did operate on a small scale?  When Life daydreams, we all get sick.  When it has nightmare, the whole planet shakes.  It doesn’t have small dreams.  The dreams of Life come out in human consciousness, through people who believe they are here to beat the unbeatable foe — with the help of the gods, of course.

You must begin to See and understand the shifting triadal chord progression in your personal life.  Remember I told you that nothing happens unless it is based on a 3 legged triad.  The triads are in constant motion, or else no change, real or apparent will ever take place.  You have got to See this, not just in your personal relationships, but when you walk into a store and feel as though you have been insulted, when your family doesn’t seem to respect you and understand that you have great, as yet unmined abilities.  Everywhere there seems to be a conflict, there are triads continually turning within individuals.  As the triad shifts, there is always an opportunity, a momentary lapse before the final leg gets down.  I grant you, it may sometimes be difficult to see.  Usually this lapse is greater when it involves movement of the E leg, where that which either seemed to be C or D is being replaced, or is about to be replaced with that which formerly appeared to be irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter whether it is rational.  It doesn’t matter whether it would seem to be fulfilling an overall plan.  It is only in this manner that one can profitably affect the triadal dance.  But first it must be seen.

One of the benefits of E being so vague, is that it doesn’t matter what you do, but if you do not do something, the melody and the overall chord progression is always going to run its inevitable course. Unless you can understand what is going on to a degree that is beyond the ordinary and then unless you act.  The progression will run its course and you will have missed an opportunity to control that triad.

You may think that you understand.  You may feel at times you are on the intellectual wave length with the gods.  And then almost in the next breath you have feelings of being impotent.  “Well, if I’m so smart, why don’t things go better?”  You’ve got to have some extraordinary understanding, and then you’ve got to act on it.  Just having understanding is like saying, “I hear where the melody is going and I don’t like it.”

For those of you who have forgotten, I repeat to you an absolute rule.  Whatever the situation may be, there is always a triad.  There are always three legs involved in supporting any situation.  I don’t care what it is.  It is never just you and another person arguing.  You may only see him and you, but where is E?  It is everything else.  It is everything that is not you and him.

There is no escape from this rule:  If you don’t do something about the triad when it starts to shift, then nothing will be done.  Any dream that you have that somebody else will do something is just that, a dream. Certain internal voices may, after the fact, tell you that the next time you have an argument with someone that they will see the folly of their ways and react differently.  You are wrong.  You are absolutely wrong. You’ve had your whole life to know that.

You can observe in a profitable way that there are two voices running internally in everyone.  I call them the “public” voice and the “private” voice.  Now let me ask you a question.  Why are there only two when everything else seems to be based on the triad?  Assuming I am giving some sort of hint, and assuming you are picking up on the hint, then I ask you where is the third voice?  Don’t listen to any immediate voices in you right now that say, “Oh, it’s funny you mentioned that because I had already decided on my own that I could hear three.”  No, I said there were two and that’s all you heard.  If you thought you heard three you are mistaken — the third one was one of the other two.  All you have heard is two voices.  But I am trying to hint most strongly by asking you the rhetorical question:  Why is it that when nothing happens on this level without the support of three legs, there are only two voices?  When everything else is based on the number three, does it not sound suspicious that there are only two voices?  Where is the third voice?  And I repeat, you have not heard a third voice.  If one of your voices told you that you were hearing a third voice, it was wrong.

Even though it is not uncommon to wonder whether you are hearing the public or private voice — let’s just assume that you are aware of the fact that there are two voices in operation.  And any time you can be aware of two voices, they are in some kind of conflict.  They are not singing in unison — otherwise you would not be able to find two voices.  You should Neuralize why things are arranged through humanity that there is not a single voice.  Why is it that we are not operating on the level of animals with only a Red Circuit, wherein there is no internal self-conflict?  There is no hesitation.  There is no ambivalence.  There is no division of loyalty.  Pigs do not stand around and look at slop and think, “Is this the best I can do?” You do not hear a voice in the barnyard cry out, “Not this slop again!”  Your muscles, if they were operating in isolation — which, of course, is impossible — would only have one voice.  If we could separate the crosstalk between the circuits, if I could snap my fingers and put everyone in touch with the Red Circuit operating by itself, while still being Yellow Circuit conscious to follow what I am saying and observe it, you would see that the muscles are not in conflict with themselves.  When you reach the point of having all three circuits in operation, that is no longer true.  If it were, nobody would ever trip and fall.  You wouldn’t cut yourself with a knife.  So what is it with man?  Why might things be so arranged that he has more than one voice and the voices are in conflict?  Why in the world might this be?

Of course, you have to bypass the ordinary responses such as that it is some sort of curse.  Or worse yet, that it is some kind of mistake.  Or that humanity has done it to itself.  “If our parents had treated us better, if they hadn’t tried to oppress our sexual desires — if my father had let me have a subscription to Playboy when I was eleven…if it wasn’t for all this, I wouldn’t have these internal conflicts.”  Since all of you are superior to such mundane, routine static, then you are left with a good quest.  What possible use is being served on a larger scale for humanity to have two voices which are not in agreement?  What possible purpose could this serve?  It does serve a purpose — and I don’t mean just to keep psychiatrists in Mercedes Benzes.  It is serving a purpose in the overall expansion and growth of Life.  But how?  Being arranged this way, how does it expand itself?  Why does humanity not have one voice?

I turn your attention to the reality behind the term “fanatic”.  A political fanatic would be the easiest target to point to.  He’d be someone who has all the answers.  He knows exactly what group of people to condemn.  He knows what nationality, religion, or other group of people are “the enemy”.  He apparently has no doubt as to what he is doing.  Mechanically, what you have in el fanatico is someone whose two voices are in agreement.  On a mechanical level there is undeniable power and attraction on a limited time scale in a limited area.  They could be talking about race, religion, or politics, and they have a kind of attraction.  It is real.  It is mechanical and, as I said, it is limited.  It is always in the key of D.  If it reaches the scale of a Stalin, for example, people are drawn to it, albeit within a limited area for a limited time.

A fanatic sleeps very well.  A good fanatic attempting to overthrow the world or kill all his neighbors does not have any doubts.  His voices are mechanically in agreement and he does not have any doubt. Fanatics do not go away and lock themselves in the bathroom and strike poses like “The Thinker”.  They already know what to do.  The closest they come to that is, they may think, “Well, I’m running out of bullets. Where can I get some bullets?”  They never think, “What should I do next?”  I assume you already understand this.  It is not a matter of someone saying, “Listen, have you really considered the overall ramifications on humanity psychologically, based on what you are doing?  Doesn’t it make you wonder, don’t you have any doubts, as to the propriety of the actions you are taking?”  Questions such as that don’t even make sense to the fanatic.  “Nothing bothers you?”  “Yeah, where can I get more bullets?”

It is not limited to politics.  You will find it in religion in its widest aspects and in so-called mystical cults. Somebody will pop up, the archetypical man with the turban, and he will say, “I know what’s going on.  It is quite simple.  There is nothing to discuss.  I’ve got the answers right here in my pamphlet.  Got it right here in the book and I’ll tell it to you.  And that is it.”  There is an attraction to that.  People cannot analyze it.  I’ve told you from the beginning, when I pull out these examples, it is for a particular reason.  It is not an attack on such people.  They are part of Life.  They serve a purpose.  Given the right time, the right circumstances, and the right kind of grid people, there is an attraction.  The followers feel that the person knows what he is talking about, that he has no doubts.

I have been asked why I do not speak to you on the subject of love.  Humanity did not invent the idea of love.  There is a reality to it, although what people normally refer to as love is not worthy of discussion.  I have made many apparent attacks on the notion of love to try to disengage you from your mechanical perception of it being some kind of magical thing which, if you could find it, would solve all of your problems.  Love is simply misnamed.  People have been attempting to run this thing called love from the wrong circuits.  Nobody is doing it wrong out in the ordinary world, mind you.  But for someone doing This Thing, attempting to jump directly from “what you are” into the “arms of love” will get you nowhere.  That love would “surely take me closer to the gods” and “awaken all my possibilities” may not be an unfair statement, but there is no way to directly do it unless you are going to be a fanatical follower of a fanatical idea, which is a chord progression that is stuck.  When I was speaking of political fanatics just now and I pointed out that they always operate in the key of D; many of you thought, “Yeah.”  I didn’t point it out, at the time, but the same thing is true about the religious or mystical field.  You are dealing with fanatics and they sing in the key of D.

When you start having these flashes of the nervous system being ignited above the Line of consciousness, you are hard pressed to describe it.  But after it’s over, if there is any word to describe it, it would be a feeling of love.

Which, of course, is nothing new.  In the illustrious tomes of the occult, mystical and religious that is always it.  “The gods are love, enlightenment is love, being a real person is being a loving person.”  It is older than all of us put together.  But the feeling, regardless of the word, is quite real.  There is nothing phony about it. It is not a two-thirds imaginary part of something else.  When you taste it, you know what it is.  When you taste it, you also understand why I do not talk about love.  Everything you call love, everything that humanity calls love, everything that the religions call love, forget it.  You might as well call it peanut butter.  In fact it would be safer calling it peanut butter, because as far as I know, no large groups of people have ever banded together and slaughtered their neighbors under the banner of peanut butter. But love?  Hey!  And not just large groups of people, either, because someone will be arrested within 10 miles of where you are sitting before the next 2 or 3 hours pass, for killing someone because of love. When you taste the reality of it, then you will understand why I do not talk about love.  Everything you imagined about love, forget it.  But the feeling — it is a kind of joy.  It is a kind of warm familiarity with everything.  The experience of it is what everyone else has been talking about from religious leaders, to Shakespeare, to you before you found This Thing.  You wondered, “Why is the world in such a dither…why can’t we all just love one another?”  And a few of you may have even had temporary lucid moments when you thought, “Why can’t I love everybody outside this room when I am with them, like I can sitting here at night by myself?”

Without an understanding of it, such a moment of lucidity, of familiarity with everything is just another part of the chord progression, just another religion conversion.  Someone is associated with what is, for them, a new kind of biochemical energy and apparently undergo some kind of conversion.  The whole church, the whole mystical group, the whole community of believers all hug the person when he says, “Yes, I believe in what you believe in; I see the error of my ways; I believe that love is the center; it is the answer for everything, and I am now one of you.”  And they all hug the person.  If you were there, you could look upon them and feel that it is not just imagination or some kind of mass hypnosis.  Without being cynical, you cannot expect such an experience to last.  Just because they seem to be in some almost supernatural state, you’d better not scratch their new Porsche out in the parking lot.  That is simply the nature of it.

In order to profit by such a “state” wherein one feels a familiarity with everything, a kind of preparation is required.  Humanity has often spoken of this feeling of familiarity in such ways as:  “We are all neighbors.”  “There but for the grace of the gods go I.”  “Don’t condemn someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”  “We’re all brothers under the skin.”  Life itself, using man as its spokesman, has been talking about this as far back as history goes.  But there is no familiarity with this at the ordinary level of consciousness.  A fleeting, so-called state of mysticism, conversion, or even an accidental ignition of the higher areas of the nervous system does not create, within ordinary people, any permanent feeling of familiarity with all of Life.  They just come back from it when it is over and all they can remember is how happy they were.  “I’ve never been so happy in my life.  I wanted to hug everyone there in that church, or there in the commune.  I could have found my worst enemy and kissed him.  Everything was great until I went outside and found out someone had hit my new Porsche.  Then the feeling was gone.  But before that happened, I loved everybody!”  There was no familiarity.  There was no understanding of what was going on.  Thus they were shocked back to their normal state.

In order to properly experience This Thing, you must develop this certain familiarity.  In the beginning, it has to do with changing the way in which the Blue Circuit is interacting with the other circuits, below Line-level consciousness.  The Blue Circuit can be affected, expanded laterally, below the Line.  This kind of lateral expansion below the Line correctly supports the ignition of the higher areas of the nervous system.  If you could do it the other way around, that is achieve “higher consciousness” without developing the lower circuitry, you would be some kind of unusually enlightened guru, but you wouldn’t be able to walk across the street without getting killed.  There has to be a kind of support for it.

Part of this is my insistence that in This Thing you cannot overtly communicate hostility among yourselves.  Then you find out, that you can’t go about passing the currency of ordinary hostility out in Life with anybody, or else you are wasting your time with This.  You can’t do it.  It has nothing to do with ordinary morality.  You simply cannot do it because when you do, you are supporting a crucial juncture where the wiring system is already structured to pass information.  This type of behavior renders real change impossible.

People ask from time to time about raising children in a more “enlightened” way.  This seems to be an area which begs for such attention.  But what you would do is raise a maniac.  If you were an ordinary would-be mystic and you attempted to raise a child and protect it from what you saw as the destructive, unmystical influences of the world, you would raise a maniac.  To use the term that some of the systems have used, the point of This is, for a man to “wake up” from his ordinary sleep.  That just happens to fit an easy description I was going to give you.  Nobody can wake up until they go to sleep, properly.  You might try to isolate the child.  You might decide, “I won’t let him watch any television.  I won’t let him listen to rock-and-roll music.  I’ll be careful.  I’ll take him to school every morning.  I’ll pick him up as soon as he gets out of school.  I’ll hand select his playmates.  I will cut out everything my perception tells me is nonmystical, or is nonconstructive in the world and isolate him from it.”  If it were possible (which it is not, by the way) — you would raise an absolute maniac.  Up until the age of maturity you have got to let the circuits get ignited as they are genetically predetermined to be.

There is one thing you people with children can do and you can’t go wrong with it.  As soon as they can talk, “Listen, I do not allow any outbursts of hostility — none, do we understand each other?  A few other things might pop up, like putting jelly in my shoes in the morning, but that I can live with.  If you want trouble with a capital “T”, let me tell you, I just will not stand, if you try it once it will be the sorriest day of your life, and you will not try it twice.  You can’t talk about people, you can’t gossip, you can’t ever tell me anything negative about another person, or about your feelings about life.”  And of course the first time they do it, do everything in the world to get their attention.  Throw them out of trees, hit them with cars, throw them down the steps, slap them around, insult them, do everything.  Of course, I am being a little funny, but that is what you can do.  Oh yeah, I forgot one thing, you’ve got to follow the same rule.  You understand, I mean you’ve got to do it, too, or it won’t work.

Someone asked me to comment on the popular notion that “communication” is necessary for a man and a woman to have a good relationship.  Life is trying to give a clear display of where they are standing amidst their 2-part harmony.  Like everything else, it does not, on the ultimate scale, have to do with their particular benefit.  But can you see that it might be helping Life get a sensation of where the chord should go next?  One person says, “Well, I’m singing this melody.”  And the other person says, “Well, I’m singing one that conflicts with it.”  Or, “I don’t like your melody.”  Of course, it’s all part of the same song.  Can you get a glimpse that it might be helping Life get a sensation of where the chord should go next?

If you follow music, you might want to look for a moment at jazz musicians attempting to improvise. When a jazz musician reaches a certain level, they call it “playing licks”.  That is, he is mechanically playing things he has picked up off of records.  He thinks he is improvising — and he does change around the licks perhaps.  It is not in the same order every time he plays it, but he is playing “licks”.  Real improvisation is to attempt never to play a “lick”.  It is to stay far enough ahead of your fingers, the muscle system itself, that, “every lick I want to play, I refuse to.  I will not play a lick.  The music is going so fast, and I’m so befuddled right now, I’m not even sure where I am, the only thing my muscles want to do — they are crying out, ‘licks, licks!  Let me play licks!’  I’ll stay a split second ahead of it and not play a lick.  I don’t care what I play but I am not going to play a lick.”

Can you See that there could be a parallel between real jazz improvisation and Life attempting not to play licks?  By people continually pointing out, “Well, here is where I stand,” or, “My part of the melody right now is, I love you,” or, “No, you bug me, I’m tired of you,” Life is getting some sensation about, “Well, maybe…is that becoming a ‘lick’ now?  What do I do next?”  I know not many of you like me to point this out — about Life not knowing from the ordinary level of consciousness exactly what it is doing, any more than you do.  But it is ignorance on a grander scale, which if you understand, is supreme wisdom.