Jan Cox Talk 0139

Spherical Loops


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Jan Cox Talk 139, Dec 27, 1984, runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

The 3 flows as Spherical Loops (SL) in all possible combinations–not a linear progression or sequence. Example that even Yellow Circuit-centered people are not exclusively so. Same for Blue Circuit and RED Circuit-centered. Continued use of “Big Party” analogy.

Spherical Loops as grouped into categories:
1st SL group: orientation to feeling of assurance of religious belief e.g., the blind pleasure of faith.  
2nd SL group: orientation to more specific knowledge.
3rd SL Group: directly seeing reality, no theory.

Spherical Loops’s as areas of assistance to Life’s growth and expansion. 1st area: religion-spiritual/psychology (feeling). 2nd area: mathematics; need to know specific knowledge; first awareness of the underlying paradigm/map which explains everything. 3rd area: physics. Sight = no more questions of maps and theories.  There’s nothing to say. “There it is and there it is”. Tracing of the history of J’s development/interaction w/ Group as example of the 3 Spherical Loops.

Pointing at the next phase: public introduction. ]
Holiday Present: Re: the 3 flows. Reality of “3 forces” doesn’t exist outside the 2nd Spherical Loops of Assistance—SLA— (outside a mathematics of This Thing) just as “Gods” don’t exist outside the 1st SLA. To extend into the 3rd SLA, there is actual evil. Evil is the continuing waves in Life itself of unprofitable action. But Life at its level can’t stop this anymore than you can check them at your level –because nothing proceeds in a straight line.

To do This Thing you must align yourself w/ the 3rd SLA and oppose all D modes (solitary, unprofitable action). To take This Thing public requires a laying out of the 3rd SLA physics–bypassing the mathematics (2nd SLA)–while somehow retaining the trappings of the 1st SLA. Needed now is a “new” religious story; a new “laying on of hands” w/o leaving out the physics.

You must never ridicule, criticize or hinder Life’s manifesting of its own expansion regardless of its apparent feebleness, crudeness or transitory nature. Such is the job of every other area of the “party”: to furnish Life’s resistance. Example of retarded children in school being called “dunderheads”, “dumbbells” etc. then emergence of new jargon of “underachiever” which elicits scoffing at “those foolish intellectuals” changing names but not the reality of retardation.

You must not scoff or criticize or you are assisting evil. You should be continuously aware of the need of the voices to criticize and resist (1st SLA). Next is the understanding: its not you, don’t take it seriously (2nd SLA). Finally, no resistance whatsoever; based on direct sight of what’s what (3rd SLA).

“The Right Angle Surprise” You can always take a right angle perspective to whatever engages your attention at any given time. Another dimension reveals itself. Directly related to Neuralizing.

Saying in ordinary life: “open enough doors and you’ll find what you’re looking for” is apparently true. What is never considered is: open enough doors and be able to see …and you’ll find the answer. The fallacy of mere compilation and arrangement of knowledge, extrapolated to supposed ultimate understanding. If you could see– you’d notice each bit of information is the same—points to the same ultimate Reality, the same seamless fabric.