Jan Cox Talk 0129

The Continual Report


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Jan Cox Talk 129, Oct 18, 1984, runtime 1:58
Notes by TK

Life is constantly giving reports thru every human voice. Everything is a lesson, but not the immediate, obvious lesson. Must continually remember to see the context, to not take sides. Life is issuing constant, periodic reports; not the final report and not the only report. You have the duty to refine everyday energy/refrain from participating in ordinary energy transactions. Loosen your grid connection, lessen the tensile strength connecting you to others/everything. When you Understand, you have nowhere to lay blame.

People are drawn to band together under the banner of a feeling. Communal syndrome. A piece of this impacts the Group, but you cannot wallow in it; must resist communal feeling and submission to ordinary authority. Soon will recognize that you simply have no choice but to refine energy. You become a hotter outlet for the growth of Life.

Comments on questions and suggested topics of psychological nature submitted by Group: Fear to approach those you’re attracted to. Role playing. Body language-relation to RED Circuit has direct input vs. Yellow Circuit “last to know”; connection w/ etiquette and military regimentation, proscribed conduct–has a real attraction to the ordinary/business interactions between Group members: must be individually responsible, scrupulous in your relations. Relates to sense of duty, which admits no excuse, no explanations and self-announced intentions of propriety.

Disappointment is another behavior. How to maintain enthusiasm: make all small aims into The Aim. “Stalemate” in relationship when Kyroot love paper aim is pursued: what glimpse does this give of ordinary relationship? How does new food come into a closed system? What does Life eat? Can’t really be closed system. How treat others outside Group? don’t be combative…ever. Selectivity of memory: relation to Yellow Circuit selectivity and repetitiveness.

Behavior w/ terminally ill, dying, friend or relative: must verbally relinquish all imagined debts. Pure sex vs. love: no such thing as pure sex since Yellow Circuit must be involved. Closest approach to be made to pure sex is to rein in the Yellow Circuit to your partner only, don’t let it wander. Focus Blue Circuit and RED Circuit attention onto your own genitals. Hate: a word for growth transformations.

Understanding as a known feeling of growth; I x 3 where I is a triaxial unit of perception. One day the realization will strike you with great import: the mind is about the size of a matchbox!! You can only think what you can think!