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Power of the Yellow Circuit


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Jan Cox Talk 90, Nov 17, 1983, run ime 1:30
Notes by TK

Drop all words relating to “my” body. You are not separate from the body. 

Triads: everything can be seen as a triad–having a third side. Ref: Diagram 10 of interlocking triangles. The interlocking triangles act like cogs and gears and their turning is what creates reality –all the forms of reality in motion. 

Blue Circuit and Red Circuit have no feeling of time and you can interfere w/ Blue Circuit bad mood from both ends–Blue Circuit or Yellow Circuit end. Run or think of something else. It takes effort, but it can be done. 

“The Yellow Circuit is the last to know” and this fact can’t be otherwise but it appears to be just the opposite. The only exception to this is in areas of exclusively Yellow Circuit purview–e.g., mathematics etc. Yellow Circuit is the last to know—but the first to speak. Everybody is engaged in explaining their actions after the fact. 

There are certain parts of the circuits which are only interested in change (and therefore, vice versa). The only enjoyable food is change–the only way to activate. ]
Life as felt as fierce, continuing battle. The metaphor of Life as an unbelievably exaggerated size person. Relation to old idea of esoteric group of illuminati secretly ruling the world. 

Anyone involved with This Thing must see there is only one allegiance: to the Life of Life; to its good health and continued growth.  Dropping of the term The Work for “THIS THING”. The best synonym for The Work is LIFE. 

Conality exists at national and racial levels. 

[Solid/Liquid/Gas forms as manifestation of energy levels actually visible. Relation to speed of movement.

1:25 Announcement of Group project of public presentations: Evoteck.



Document:  90,  November 17, 1983
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

    Consider the power of the Yellow Circuit as a process that transforms the living energy driving your nervous system.  Consider how you talk about things, even to yourself, even when you’re thinking about them, as some static thing separate from what’s doing the thinking.

     For example, if I were to ask you to write down a list of one word topics, you might note afterwards that the list did not seem exactly satisfying or did not seem to include what you had in mind.  Suppose one of the items you wrote down was fear.  The Yellow Circuit reacts to this bit of information instantly:  “Ah, I wrote it, I know what it means.”  But the Yellow Circuit is not equipped to see that static definition as another form of energy.  When you say, “Ah, I know what fear is.  I can describe it,” you cannot describe it in one word, you can only give a synonym.  If somebody were to ask you, “Well, exactly what do you mean?”  You would describe the perceived static solidity of this four letter word:  “Well, fear is like this.” Then you attempt to a greater degree, (although still not satisfying but relatively more satisfying, seemingly) to expand this one word.  You keep talking until the person says, “Oh yeah, ok, well I know what you mean now.”

     But if you were to no longer talk or think about anything as static and separate from what apparently does the thinking, you would develop the ability to open cracks in certain areas now functioning as solid walls.

     You can initiate such cracks by refusing the habitual usage of terms like:  “my body,” “my moods,” “my thoughts,” “my brain.”  You can begin to sense the purpose of this suggestion by becoming aware within yourself that there is no “my body” separate from what says, “my body.”  No separate unit proclaims, “I am in a bad mood.”  As far as words go, it would be more apropos to say a bad mood is in me.  It would be even more apropos to be able to do it nonverbally to yourself, but now you can at least say to yourself, “Some information has been cross fed and seems to be primarily coming from the Blue Circuit.”

     I want you to Consider the Three Forces, but more specifically the area described as triads.  (Of course, once you see the reality of it, you can forget drawings of rings).  Every “situation,” everything from you sitting alone in your room with the blues, to being in the middle of a crowd of people pushing and shoving and shouting slogans pro and con; anything the Yellow Circuit can come up with as an isolated description of its conception of reality, can be seen as a triad.  People ordinarily will see two sides.  One side could be, “Hey, well it’s me and my bad mood sitting here.”  Alright, that is two sides.  Then there is the third side of everything the Yellow Circuit does not define as being either one or the other.

 Diagram # 010 illustration
Diagram # 010 illustration

Consider the basis of triads:  these three interconnected triangles.  Each leg of these isosceles triangles is divided into five parts:  predominant, secondary, major, minor, and the balanced area in the middle.  Remember, this is a two dimensional drawing and you have to imagine these triangles in three dimensions and simply floating in four dimensional space with no up or down values.  Any circumstance human awareness can describe or conceive is a continuing turning of all three triangles.  They act as gears and cogs and touch in certain places.  Each side, each leg, of the triangle is divided into five parts and represented by different colors.  Within one triangle, say the blue, one leg is divided into blue, one leg is divided into red, and one into green.  One end, say the primary end of the triangle colored in blue, is touching the secondary end of the triangle in red.  They are that close together.  It is the turning, the consistent turning of this triad that creates what appears to be reality.

I want you to Consider something else about these triangles, these triads.  Within each person and further within each situation as your awareness sees it, from your immediate so-called situations of family, job, or professional association, to greater situations of race, religion, nationality, there is a consistency. Within you and within what you think you can observe as different situations, these three triangles continually turn into the same positions over and over.  They fall together in these same positions over and over and give each individual person’s awareness a feeling of safety, stability, and continuity.  “I can count on who I am, I can count on the fact that all attorneys are such and such, all doctors are such and such.”

These triangles seem to fall consistently into a certain pattern, a certain relationship to each other.  You seem to be conscious but you’re being conscious in the same way toward the same things over and over and over and over and over.  That is a function of the triad:  all three of the triangles fall consistently into certain places — hence, your repeated feelings of anger or criticism toward some group of people, or your repeated fears.  What people have attempted to describe as being identified, or being captured, is simply being in an oft-repeated configuration of these three triangles.  That arrangement represents what you perceive as the reality of an expected situation.  It’s one common facet of your ordinary life, perceived by an ordinary you.

Someone asked me, “In doing This, how about using the body as a tool for perceiving reality?”  Let me drag that in, at least as a strong hint for you to pursue on your own.  “True reality” to people attempting to do This must be considered as triality as opposed to biality.  Ordinarily you can always see one of two possibilities, two alternatives, two possible answers, two forces at work.  But, it’s not the body’s job to even perceive of biality or of time.  That is not the level at which the Red Circuit works.  And neither is the Blue Circuit capable of seeing passed biality.  Only with the activation of the Yellow Circuit can a third dimension be seen.

As I said, the Blue Circuit cannot perceive of time either.  Everybody is inclined to have the blues and bad moods in some measure.  Notice that when you’re in a bad mood you have no conception that it is going to pass.  As you sit alone and miserable, the unanalyzed, unspoken feeling is, “I feel so bad.  Life is not worth living.  I’m no good.  I just feel terrible.”  And there is no conception of time.  There is no conception of the fact you started feeling this way four hours ago or when you woke up in the morning. You can’t even really remember that yesterday you didn’t feel this way.  The Blue Circuit cannot conceive of time.  Time simply does not exist for those feelings as it does for the Yellow Circuit.

The Blue Circuit can find no beginning.  The kind of “mood” it’s in, as far as it’s concerned is always perceived as, “I’ve always been in this mood and I always will.  I feel rotten now, I’ve always felt rotten and I’ll feel rotten to infinity.  There is nothing to talk about.”  This is not true.  When you apparently feel a certain way, you can interfere with it.  You can interfere with it from either end of the nervous system. When you “feel bad,” you can interfere with it by simply running yourself into oblivion.  And, to the right kind of person, someone who wants to change the triadal situation within them at that moment, if he runs long enough, the “world’s worst mood” is yesterday’s news.  From one view point, that is the simpler, the more mechanical way.  But another method (the last thing that a properly Blue-Circuit ordinary person would ever stumble upon) is to use the other end of the system, the Yellow Circuit.  Plus, for those of you so inclined, it’s a lot easier.  You don’t have to get up and run, get cold and hurt your feet!  You can just turn the Yellow Circuit on this “mood” and stop it.

Since it’s all connected, the bad mood will show itself on the Yellow Circuit screen of consciousness.  Of course, ordinary people in that kind of Blue Circuit funk would have no awareness of their Yellow Circuit. But what’s going on in the Yellow Circuit when you are “in a bad mood,” is a direct reflection.  You cannot be in a bad mood while imagining all the great Christmas presents you’re going to get.  The dreams in the Yellow Circuit parallel the bad mood.  Some people will find it to be a blinding flash to realize, “Yes, when I feel bad, I think bad.”  To many people it’s a blinding discovery to find out that with a certain amount of effort they can think about something else.  It doesn’t matter what.  It is a Yellow Circuit form of getting up and going for a run.  You can get up in the Yellow Circuit and stop the “bad mood” by thinking about something else, — thinking about  anything other than what you are thinking.  You can recite the alphabet backwards while counting in the other direction from 1 to 26.  You can repeat the multiplication tables starting at 13.  You can think about not thinking about Blue Circuit thoughts.  You can think about apples.

What you should discover on your own within those three interconnected triangles is the process of energy transfer from the bottom of the nervous system, the Red Circuit, to the Yellow Circuit, the final reflection of everything at the Line of consciousness and below.  It’s what’s called consciousness, and it is the last-to-know; the last to be energized.  You should further discover that you can either think about “this” or you can think about “that”.  But Life, including funny farms, psychiatric clinics, and ordinary households, is full of people who say, “My mind is driving me crazy.”  But it’s not, of course.  The Yellow Circuit can’t do anything to “you.”  Or people may say, “My mind is driving me crazy because all I think about is suicide and stabbing my mother when she’s asleep and I’ve been having those kind of dreams since I was six years old and I felt bad then but now I even feel worse because I’m grown and I’ve read some psychology, this is just terrible.  And I think about it all the time.  And then, after the murder, I have daydreams I’m going to dress up like a woman and pick up sailors.”  You are in no way responsible for those thoughts.  There is no explanation for any of it —  you are no more responsible for those automatic thoughts than you are for the size of your nose.

So the thoughts and dreams pop up to the screen of consciousness and you find out to your astonishment that you can think what you normally think or, with a certain amount of effort, you can think of something else.  It’s simple and it’s just astounding.  An ordinary person, if shown, could glimpse this possibility — but he could not continue it.  Nobody’s supposed to continue it.  But the Few can begin to interfere with the moods and unprofitable thoughts by thinking of something else.  Just thinking of the fact you should be thinking something else will interfere and it does.  Once you know that, once you’ve seen for yourself, if you then you go back and suffer, who can you cry to?  Of course, when you’re back in it, you can cry all you want.

I want you to Consider something else.  Except within its own personal domain, the Yellow Circuit is the last to know.  The Yellow Circuit is the final juncture point that feeds electrical energy into what seems to be the mind, what seems to be daydreams, what seems to be the thought process, what seems to be human consciousness.  Other than the very limited area of mathematics which is almost singularly (although nothing is completely isolated) the Yellow Circuit’s domain, anything the Yellow Circuit has conjured up is the last to know and it cannot be otherwise.  The transfer of energy in the nervous system enters the base of the spine and travels up to the brain and the Line of consciousness; it traverses every possibility before it gets to the top of the Yellow Circuit wherein it fuels the screen of consciousness.  Can you catch a glimpse of the fact that at the ordinary level of perception it appears to be just the opposite, the Yellow Circuit appears to be the first to know?

What is it that an ordinary, sophisticated homo sapien imagines has made humanity more “humane”?  Man’s intellect, of course.  On that basis humanity proclaims it’s salvation to be education.  Statistics show that the vast majority of people in prisons do not have masters degrees — and almost no service stations and 7-11 stores are held up by Ph.d.’s.  So it seems to be defensible to say what’s needed is more education.  In fact, the vast majority of people in prisons do not even have a bachelor’s degree, over half do not even have a high school education.  So there would seem to be proof positive that what carries humanity into a higher realm of being more humane, more decent, more caring, better human beings, is more education.  And, of course, they’re talking about feeding the Yellow Circuit.

Back to what I pointed out to you:  the Yellow Circuit is the last to know.  How can that be?  How is it, at the ordinary level, nothing exists to a person until he is “conscious” of it?  It is not, in fact, a reality until it happens.  After it happens, a person then becomes conscious of what actually occurred through his physical means of perception.  “Because of what I perceived with my eyes, ears, touch, and smell, I can now participate and I can criticize.  I can comment on it because now I am conscious of it.”  And the Yellow Circuit is the last to know.  If that’s not clear enough, here’s one more hint:  If it were up to ordinary consciousness to keep your whole organism alive, you’d be out of luck.  You’d be dead.  So which end of the organism is the first  to know?

Beyond that, when the question reaches what seems to be the more esoteric and less physical, the more difficult it is to perceive what you are conscious of.  You might hear someone say, for example, “Listen, I want to straighten you out about something you said.  Now listen, I put up with a whole bunch of crap from you but it’s gone too far and I want you to hear me.”  Apparently we have two civilized people engaged in some kind of important nonphysical intercourse:  “I want you to listen to me.  Are you listening?”  “Yeah, yeah.”  “Because this is serious.  Do you remember last week when you said so-and-so?  You told me to go do so-and-so?”  “Yeah.”  “Did you or did you not say specifically to go over to 511 Walnut Street?”  “511, that’s what I told — is that what you heard?”  “Yeah.”  Apparently you’re observing a very specific, nonphysical situation.  If I stopped such a situation, people would ordinarily say that this is strictly in the realm of personality.

People could not be talking about such things, could not be operating in such an area were it not for human consciousness.  But those are the same people that cannot tell what they are going to say next. They cannot tell what pictures are coming next.  They can’t even tell what words are coming.  The Yellow Circuit is the last to know; but simultaneously from the ordinary level, one would insist (and I could make a good case for it), that it’s the first to know.  It is the one place you can directly touch, such as educating people out of lives of crime, making all of humanity more humane by feeding the Yellow Circuit in one way or the other.  At the ordinary level, the Yellow Circuit conducts the electrical energy to this screen, and it’s the last to know.  But does it not appear to be the first to speak?  If you listen real quick, does it not appear to be the first to act?  You’ve got to listen to that fast though because it can appear, “Well no, the body did something or my feelings did something.”  You can ask a person, “Did your body just do that?”  “No, I intended to do that.”  “But didn’t you suddenly get mad?  You and that guy were discussing a business deal and suddenly I saw you get tense and I thought you were going to get mad.”  “Oh yeah, I know what you mean.  I was playing a head game with him.  I was trying to throw him off guard.  I did that on purpose.”  It’s an after-the-fact explanation.  Nobody can explain himself before the fact.  It is simply a fact, and you’ve had all your life to observe it.  It’s one of the beginnings I might say, of going from childhood into adultery-hood.  (That is an old joke.)  Can you remember?  Can you see it in children?  You can tell that Life is taking good fittings and getting the inseam just right — “Little Freddie, why did you do that?  Don’t just sit there and pout.  Now we’ve talked about this before.  You’re going to have to grow up.  You can’t just sit there and clam up.  I’ve told you not to ever do that and you’ve heard me.  Now, I want to know just one thing, just tell me why you did it.”  (No answer from the child).  “Listen, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s when you start that.  Don’t just sit there and clam up.  Tell me why you did it!”  Then the adult finally throws a fit.  To describe the form of what transpires, finally adults scare the child into talking.  In some way the child catches on — “they get madder when I say nothing.”  And, in fact, they encourage, they say, “Well look, just tell me.  I mean if you forgot, I know I told you fifty times, I know how forgetful you are, if you forgot just say you forgot but don’t sit there and stare at me like a zombie!”  And so finally the child says, “I forgot.”  And the adult says, “See it wasn’t so hard.”  This is the first stage by which children  learn to explain themselves after the fact.  Life insists upon it.

Consciousness can explain everything, but it can explain itself only after the fact.  But what seems to be the source of knowledge is the last to know.  Do you get close enough to smell why you can’t say what you’re going to say next?

Consider this.  Certain parts of the circuitry of the human nervous system are only interested in change.  And since there are certain parts of the circuitry interested in change, then there are other parts which are not.  I picked the word change to be as simple and direct as possible.  Don’t look for any secret allegory, there are parts of the circuitry within everyone whose only interest, the only way in which they can be activated, the only kind of food they seem to enjoy, is change.

I warn you in advance to consider the following neither too specifically nor too allegorically.  Picture again all of not-I, all of life, as a temporary map of another person unbelievably exaggerated in form and size.   Except for those apparent timeouts, like sleeping, happy hour, weekends, and coffee breaks, the rest of each person’s life is spent on a fierce battlefield.  And only someone able to see above the Line can See the consuming warfare.

The part I don’t want you to choke on is the picture of Life as a map of another person exaggerated in form and scale.   Consider further the widely held assumption that some secret group of people actually runs all of humanity.  Remember, I am not talking about anything you ever read about.  I’m just bringing this up because it fits; it points to a place.  What if there were a supreme commander of human life?  What if he had arranged, if he had this kind of power?  Never mind whether or not this scenario is true. Suppose a couple of this commander’s brothers and in-laws run Country X and Country Y, and he is intelligent enough to know through experience that you cannot ever stop where you are; that everything must grow or it’ll wither and die.  So, he assembles his sycophants and says, “Listen, things have reached a certain plateau.  I want you guys to start a war.  Make some announcement.  Country Y, announce that at the end of the last war Country X annexed part of your border with Country Z and now you’re mad.  And because you don’t want to attack Country Z, you’re going to lob some bombs over Country X and tell them you’ve had it and you’re going to take back that annexed land.  And you…” he addresses the brother-in-law running Country X, “…look, as soon as Country Y starts, you shout it was intended to be your land and you’re not going to put up with this.  And both of you, get out there, kill some folks, stir up the economy, get rid of some of the dead fodder.  It would just be good for things.”

Now watch your own voices because I am  pointing out something based upon reality.  What if this were true?   Can you conceive of a man somewhere running everything and directing his brothers to wage wars with each other?  Can you consider it?  Can you picture one guy running Country X and the other running Country Y; they go to war as directed; yet they get together once or twice a month to eat, drink and  kick up their heels?  But in public they denounce each other.  They get their people killed and it goes on and on and on.  Then the commander in charge of everything says, “Well, the economy is in a lot better shape than it was,  plus your people are about worn down, so stop the war.  Just surrender.  Tell them you give up and we’ll have somebody else attack you next year.  See how things go.  And you guys over here, just kind of lay low.   Tell your people everything will get better and this was just a temporary setback.”

Can you conceive of that very process transpiring inside of you right now?  How about — can you consider it’s gone on since your birth and will continue until the time you die?  And can you then consider that this warfare goes on in Life just as it goes on in you?  Yet, sophisticated, civilized people are continually denouncing warfare as the obvious manifestation of the barbaric nature of humanity and what is needed is to educate the masses:  “People would not be killing each other if they had more education.” Remember, when it gets up to the Yellow Circuit, it’s too late.  The Yellow Circuit is the last to know what is really going on.

I did not go to all the trouble to conjure that scenario for no reason even though my purpose may not be immediately apparent.  So, I’m going to run the risk of tripping you up in your own voices and push it a little further.  Don’t listen to the voices you harbor about some secret group somewhere running all of Life. Those stories are in the nervous system of men now and always have been — they reflect something else. What you should first be aware of is how those stories vibrate and strike a chord of “meaning” in the nervous system.  Of course, there are many ordinary people for whom this myth vibrates in a certain way, so that their reason for being alive seems to be to expose the grand, secret society, or religion, or race who are really behind everything.  You should simply realize that within the nervous system, from the Line of consciousness down, voices respond to the stories of secret conspiracies and say, “Ah, that would explain a lot.”

I’m running a risk because I’m having to fight your memory of what you’ve heard.  Then I have to walk the Line, drag it out, and then try to quickly make you look somewhere else brand new — so that you’ll vibrate in such a way as  to respond, “Aha.”

Try as best you can to forget the issue of conspiracy involving people and countries.  It’s all going on inside of you and in a way, it’s going on out there.  But then the ordinary Level of consciousness says there is no explaining the madness of humanity.  Only, the fact is, there is no madness.  Nothing is being wasted.  There is a continual interchange of energy, a continuing interchange; a bartering process and nobody knows it.  Every time you blow your horn at a car that has already passed, pat a dog, read pornography, you’re engaged in an exchange.  You’re bartering.  You took in something and you passed something on.  Energy is only a word, but it is constantly in motion.  It’s all around you.  Suppose you read something a world leader said about he will never do so-and-so until such-and-such happens and you reply, “He’s the one causing it!”  Your response to the newspaper did not take place in a vacuum. Something real happened.  To a degree your solo response is still alive.  You took in energy and you can’t see it.  “I just sat there and read it and thought, I got no real interest in that kind of thing but, I just thought, well, you know, what insanity.”  And you turn right around and pass some more energy.  In fact you would say, somebody jumped in and asked, “What are you doing sitting there talking to yourself, talking to a newspaper?” — “Ah it was nothing.  I was just bored and didn’t have anything else to do.”  The exchange of energy continues.  You might  then silently attack yourself for talking to a newspaper.  There is no stopping it.

Anyone involved with This must begin to see the one allegiance, and it is to the Life of Life.  Your one allegiance, is to the continued growth and good health of Life.  You must feel it for yourself.  Although you cannot entertain any criticism of your forefathers’ religion, race, or beliefs, you will still cultivate only one secret salute and that is to the flag of Life and that is it.  All else, all the little allegiances, are irrelevant because there is only one allegiance:  to the triality, the totality of everything.  There is only one thing to salute and that is the flag of Life.  There is only one thing to give allegiance to and that is Life’s continued good health.  Which, of course, does not include criticizing.  If you’re going to be part of the self-criticism circuit of Life, you are not serving the circuitry that activates change.

Another question:  “Could randomness be the evolutionary blue print toward harmony?  When a social upheaval occurs, does it unleash energies not normally available that can affect certain people in such a way as to make their hunger for This Thing more acute?”  Yes.  By the way, let me point out to you, we’re right now in a nearly bland “time out period.”  There is no straight line.  And at least after the fact even at the ordinary Level of consciousness, people can observe upheaval in process.  And remember, “the blands” are not at the cutting edge of the circuitry which energize change.

Another question someone asked, “Is it possible to view, to see, only energy?  If so, could it appear or does it appear in three ways?”  What seems to be the basis of reality, the three sides of any part of any triad, even the three parts of the three parts that make up the triad can be seen from a four dimensional viewpoint.  One example readily available to consciousness is that you can see the three possible sides as manifest in the form of a solid, a liquid, or a gas.  You can see energy manifesting itself in one of these three forms.  If you remember high school physics, you know that each of these forms are variations of the other two.  You can go from one to the other and back again.  But we’re not discussing high school or even post graduate physics.  We’re discussing something that ordinary consciousness cannot see.  But energy can be seen.  Energy is manifesting itself through people, and it can be seen as a solid, liquid, or gas.  You might find some connection between the three circuits and the progression from a solid to a liquid to a gas.  It’s a picture of how refining energy makes it faster.

Here is an observation someone wrote me.  “A phenomenon which puzzles the quantum scientist is how one seemingly isolated event has a direct effect on a supposedly separate isolated event.  Because of this they conclude that obviously the two events are not isolated but rather there seems to be a connection between them.  The puzzle to them is how this connection seems to be simultaneously instantaneous and yet they have no way to reconcile that one event can communicate its information to another event with such a total disregard for the fact it’s supposed to take time to do anything.  But they keep considering this on the basis one event must communicate or relate to another instead of considering the possibility that a third, unseen phenomenon may be communicating to them both at the same time.  Sort of like any knowledge or awareness that I may have becomes a part of the individual cells that make up me. This is an even more interesting phenomena.  Somehow collectively the energy amongst the groups of individual cells is able to congeal into a simple entity called consciousness.  Which from this view point is the total composite of all the cells themselves.  Hence, a possible accounting of how it is that all the cells could become aware together simultaneously and on a larger scale, and how it is that a man in Country A and a man in Country B both see and become a part of the same thing at the same time.”

Let me refer you back to the fact — if you could follow that — that the quantum physicists have observed that one event simultaneously — instantaneously — has an effect on another.  Now take that, and quickly shift it internally and ponder the question:  What are you going to say next?  “I don’t know.”  “Ok, but were you surprised by what you just said?”  “No.”  “Right.  What are you going to say?  Anyone can explain thoughts and actions after the fact.  But what if you weren’t the last to know?  Or, what if you were the last to know, but you were the only person who knew that?


Find and write down your own words for the forces, e.g., ‘modifying, reforming, converting’ for C force, etc.