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Shifting Forces/Catching Your Balance


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Document:  57,  February 10, 1983
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1983

Based on the kinds of observations and experiences you are having now, many of you are beginning to ask me, verbally or otherwise, for some kind of reassurance that you are doing the right thing.  You are finding that you can make certain efforts, you have experiences the likes of which you have never seen before.  You are beginning to see that I have not presented these verbal pictures as some sort of new dogma for you to embrace, but rather as descriptions of something that you would never have seen on your own.  And simultaneously you see that, left to your own Line level devices, it was not necessary, nor even proper, for you to See it in this manner.

You can find yourself in ordinary situations now, doing the kinds of things you ordinarily do, and you suddenly realize that you’re Seeing something very non-ordinary, something astounding.  Just standing there, but remembering to struggle against acting the way you would normally act, suddenly you get a glimpse of something, you see one of those cracks I have described to you.  You turn around and look at the refrigerator in your own kitchen, the same one you’ve looked at every day for 10 years, and realize that you’ve never really seen it before.

But I want you to Neuralize how delicate this all is.  You can make some kind of effort, get one of those glimpses I described,  but then some fairly ordinary occurrence can put you right back in that whirlpool of your ordinary Line-driven self.

Everyone starts out believing in magic; you start out believing that if you sit in the proper position long enough, if you brush up against a holy man, or even someone who looks like a holy man, that one day a mystical fried chicken or a zucchini casserole will fly right into your mouth.  It’s not simply a joke:  this belief in ordinary magic is based on a reality in the lower circuits.  This belief in magic is childish but it is not just childish in your life time, it’s childish down the Horizontal Line of time; it’s childish like you’re 6 or 7 years old but also like Life is 6 or 7 years old.  Because everyone is, in part, living 2000 years ago.  You are still tied to your childhood and to Life’s.

This belief takes form in people as an assumption that some form of mysticism exists that they can find and recognize.  People believe that there is somebody, somewhere, who has a secret that can be shared; they believe that when they find this  mysterious person with the secret that there will be an unmistakable aura — perhaps other people will be crowded around saying, “Here he is, here he is.”  But it is a childish, very ancient belief though it lives in your own nervous system, and it is tantamount to waiting for flying fried chicken.

I’ve spoken of a sort of balance which must be maintained in your own circuitry if you are to get anywhere with This Thing.  Many of the tasks I have given you were tied to this necessity.  For instance I have required you to stop eating meat, not for any moral reason, but because it feeds certain aspects of the lower circuitry which are no longer necessary.  But it is more than just the physical feeding of the circuits; the energy which flows through the nervous system is part of the environment, like water that flows through the nervous system is part of the environment,  like water that flows through the gills of a fish. Some of it is necessary: as long as you are alive you’re going to process a certain kind and amount of food.  But you can cease to process certain parts of it.  Just as you no longer process dead meat energy, you can cease to process and transform hostility.

You are standing in this great Playing Field, and negatively charged energy will certainly come your way whether from wife or husband, friends or strangers.  You find yourself in line at a convenience store when suddenly the man in line ahead of you starts yelling because the prices have gone up again.  He throws a fit, perhaps he’s had a few drinks, and he turns to you, seeking an audience.  Let’s say that you are of the proper circuitry, that you could have agreed with the man, “Yeah, prices are too high, this place is a rip-off.”  But you can cease to process this energy.  Even though it might have ordinarily been your role to become engaged with the situation and pass on the hostility, you can cease to do it.  It will not upset things:  it won’t tear the fabric of Life, because the energy will find another outlet.  Someone else will take it, chew it up and spit it out.

It is a matter of your Seeing that there are things that feed the lower circuitry that are natural, as natural as your ability to become hostile.  If you want a new motto to put as a temporary tattoo in some inauspicious location on your person, it would be “just because something is natural, does not mean it’s profitable.”  And the belief in magic is one of those things natural to the lower system.  Natural, but not profitable — if you belong here.  People believe that just being exposed to some form of This Thing, or just being able to sit at the feet of some religious figure for a few months would have a  miraculous effect.  But it would not.  If you cannot remember and identify this feeling in yourself, just look around at Life.  How else can you explain all the full churches and the many pseudo forms of This Thing.  You know now that I’m not denouncing any religion or system as being delusion.  People do believe that something has happened to them, but that feeling is the very real belief in a kind of crude magic — the hope for the flying casserole.

There must be a balance in the system, and to this end there must be a kind of semi-starvation in certain aspects of the circuitry:  abstention from hostility, for example.  And there is a certain refinement that is simultaneously effected by your efforts in This; as you expand and extend your system above the Line, you’re simultaneously refining the system below the Line.  You are, in a sense, refining your past.  It is not a matter of taking the Red Circuit and changing it from a savage in the wilds to a British gentleman, but a kind of enriched incivility is possible.  It is not the process of complaining that people engage in when they say they see their greed or anger or lust, but rather to simply be able to recognize one’s passions.  It is not the ordinary process of people saying, “I don’t hate people.”  Or, when their friends would differ, “How can you keep saying that when you get mad at me all the time?”  From an ordinary viewpoint all the world sees the rest of the world as composed of fools.  Everyone is involved in a continuing battle.  But you’ve got to See the reality behind the words now, that every terrible thing you’ve ever read about in the newspapers, can be read first inside your own circuitry.  You just have to See it.

You must see that nothing exists “out there”, in Life, that does not exist in you.  If you’re ever to ignite the higher portions of your circuitry, you’ve got to have the potential built into your wiring, the potential to be everyone.  I don’t mean that if conditions had been different you might have turned out to be a mass murderer, but you’ve got to be able to See, when you read about some atrocious crime, that the more atrocious it is, the more it is tied to the Red Circuit.  You feel it, you see it in yourself.  All it takes is a certain familiarity with your own system and you can See all the atrocities of the world in yourself.

You need to Consider that this place in the circuitry which believes in magic will stop many people from searching for anything real.  People feel that if there are higher forces, if cosmic powers are at work, these powers will somehow recognize their worthiness and desperation, “Here, here, let’s see if we can’t do something for this poor little man.”  It is the belief that just because a person feels a certain hunger, if he is exposed to something miraculous, then some of it will rub off on him.  But it won’t.

Miraculous things can certainly appear to happen to people in certain circumstances; throughout the world, people believe that they have touched or been touched by something unordinary.  But when such things happen, they do not take place in the part of the nervous system which harbors these dreams of magic; they take place in the higher areas, above Line-level consciousness.  Notice, I am not referring to the Yellow circuit.  Many people, when they hear this for the first time, are struck by the thought that This Thing would most readily attract intellectuals, those men or women with the strongest connection to their Yellow Circuits.  Because of their mechanical connection to the highest ordinarily developed part of their nervous systems, such men and women would perhaps appear to be mechanically closer to the domain of This.  And it may be true; but it would still be mechanical, and it still  wouldn’t work.  They would be no more adept at the Hearing and Doing of This than you people are.  In fact, they would be in worse shape, from the view of This Thing.  The point is that no one at Line level, no matter their mechanical orientation, is adept at This.  That ain’t how it works.

I brought this up because there is something related that I want you to Neuralize.  Many of you, especially some of you women, sometimes feel that you are in some way intellectually lacking.  And sometimes, even sitting here, you may feel that you have trouble following what is going on; you suspect that some of the older people here must have I.Q.’s of 200.  There’s nothing unusual in that feeling, but it is not that simple.  You must be operating right at the limits of your system.  There must be the enriched savagery down in the Red Circuit; there must be a certain kind of imposed calmness in the Blue Circuit; and there has got be a controlled, continuing attempt to activate the area above Line level, which is what I mean by the word Neuralizing.

No, it’s not a perfect parallel by any means, but you could say that Neuralizing is to the Yellow Circuit what running and exercising are to the Red Circuit of a man who has been desk bound and in poor physical shape.  It is a poor parallel, remember, for there is no real parallel for Neuralizing.  There is no way to tell you in the Yellow Circuit what Neuralizing is, for Neuralizing is foreign to it.  If you can Neuralize, you are not limited to the Yellow Circuit.

You must effect a nervous system-wide balance; including a continuing refinement of the lower circuitry.  But understand what I’m saying:  efforts focused primarily on the lower system alone — diets, exercise, etc. — don’t ignite the higher areas.  You can’t take a savage — someone who operates almost entirely in the Red Circuit — and willy-nilly activate them above Line level.  To begin with, they would be out of place sitting here; they would be uncomfortable in this society.  There might be something possible for them on the level of their own societal setting, but This Thing, as it is presented here, would not be appropriate for them.

Nor would it work for a person who operates from the endless soap opera mood swings of the Blue Circuit and accepts those swings as himself.  You should Consider that I mean by the word “accept”.  It is not to say that such a man is, on the ordinary level, happy with such an existence.  On the contrary, he may complain constantly; but he still accepts it all as being a statement of what he is.

It is only the higher circuitry that can be ignited.  This is true today and it was true thousands of years ago.  The historical religious figures you may have heard of were talking to people at Line level for their time and place.  The level was not the same as it is now, but they were talking at the highest possible level of development.

Whatever is below Line level in a person, the lower part of the circuitry, will never produce a flying casserole.  You should be Neuralizing this.  It is a part of every person, and it is almost as deeply rooted as the functioning of his heart or liver: those religious, spiritual dreams — that the gods will speak to him, work their magic on him.

The only way you will ever really activate your higher nervous system is through your own efforts.  After you have been directed to do it, after you once Hear it, you may feel, “Yes, this is it, I have no choice, I’m irreversibly addicted to it now.  And you’re back to the flying casserole syndrome: you don’t awaken the higher portions of your nervous system overnight, or through one astounding experience, it happens by sustained effort, by a continual restructuring of your entire system.  And it’s a lifelong process.

Withal, you might note that this process is speeding up.  It’s not taking as long with you newer people as it did a few years ago. If we had an old fashioned “tent” meeting and passed around a few quarts of gin, and I made everyone get up and “testify”, some of the people who had been around here longer  would say, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I can look in some of you newer people’s faces and see that you are Seeing and understanding in months what took me years.”  They wouldn’t get mad about it, maybe because you can’t get mad about anything without going back and being ordinary.  It would be a simple statement of fact:  things are speeding up.  But it’s still only by your own effort that you can See anything beyond your ordinary level.

I have taken care of some of the necessities in your lower circuits through tasks and requirements I have apparently placed on you — cutting out hostility in the group, for example.  But for the rest of it, you’ve very shortly got to understand that there is a necessary balance you must maintain below the Line.  And by now, some of it should begin to seem very unmystical to you.  You simply cannot eat 14 onion pizzas in one night and expect to be talking to the gods the next.  It’s not an unforgivable sin, and it has nothing to do with how fat you are or aren’t.  It simply has an effect on the system.  A few hours later some situation may arise wherein you might have had the opportunity to learn something, if it weren’t for the turmoil in your stomach.  It’s a matter of maintaining a certain minimal system-wide balance.  So you don’t stuff yourself every day, or get raging drunk every night.  And when your body wants exercise, you see that there’s nothing to discuss.  You go out and run — or do whatever you do, and that’s the end of it.

Some of you are quite properly beginning to ask questions on the basis of, “What can I do to keep from falling back into this fog that seems to always await me?”  As mundane as they may sound, some of these things I’ve just been talking about are a partial answer to the question.  They will not necessarily transport you instantly from that dizzy, sleepy state to one more alert, but they will help produce the proper nervous system climate for your efforts.  You cannot sit down and say,  “Yesterday I felt I was right on the verge of something, I was beginning to understand some of this.  But then I ate too much for dinner and now I feel as dull-witted as I did 10 years ago.  I feel like I’ve fallen in a cesspool and can’t get out.”

And again, there is nothing to think about here.  You can either sit there and be miserable, or you can do something.  And the thing to do is whatever you can get your hands on to do.  At the very least, when caught in such a condition, you should do something physical.  It’s simply the most expedient way to shake the fuzz off your internal connections.

I’ve told the story before about the man who hears voices of the gods.  Almost all of you now hear some of the reality in my suggestion that if that man were made to go out and run 4 miles a day for a month, his voices would disappear.  It is, at the most obvious level, a matter of rechanneling energy.  We could say that there simply wouldn’t be enough energy to fuel the voices.  That’s not all there is to be seen, but the point is that you can do something to affect your condition.  You don’t have to take it all as being you.  And if you’re to do anything here, you can’t take it all as being you.

You find yourself feeling down in the dumps one day and you may or may not have an explanation for it.  You could say your blues were brought on by something someone said to you, there may be no observable reason for it.  You’re just “out of sorts.”  But acting to establish a balance in the circuitry will always have an effect.  It’s not instant enlightenment, but your apparent “mood” will change.  With you people, running a few miles will — I shouldn’t say cure because the only cure is igniting the higher circuitry — but it will provide a most satisfactory temporary treatment.  Whatever mood you are in, go out and run 3 miles, 5 miles, and by the time you get back, you will no longer have the blues.  It is simply a fact.  Only an hour ago you were sitting there with the lights off, fighting back tears, trying to figure out what went wrong in your life.  And all you did was work up a good sweat and now you’re whistling and thinking how good it is to be alive.  You should get at least one good “hummm” out of this.  You can drain off a Blue Circuit funk like you drain a boil.  All it takes is some good Red Circuit activity.  You should Neuralize on more than one level how it is that at one moment you can be almost contemplating suicide and the next be wondering who you can call to go play racquetball.  “How can this be?  Hmmm.”  Again, this is all of benefit only to one attempting to awaken his higher circuitry.  Otherwise you’re back to the same old problem that doctors keep rediscovering in mental hospitals:  no matter what treatments the patients receive, X percent get better and Y percent don’t.  It’s the same as trying to tell everyone in the world that they would be better off if they ran every day.  Some would run, some would not.  Some would run and say it didn’t help, others would run and say it did help, then they’d start erecting statues of running shoes.

Only a few people can see the significance not only of my tasks and directions, but of This Thing.  And the greatest immediate significance to you, having been exposed to it as long as you have, should be finding out that you don’t have to suffer.  You can be so miserable, so mechanically engaged, that even suicide looks good; all you have to do is work up a good Red Circuit sweat, and it all seems like little more than a bad dream.  You can still remember sitting there an hour ago with your suffering, but it’s as if it happened to someone else.

You have to begin to See this in a serious manner, to Neuralize it, to Remember it with a capital “R”.  The whole world suffers, the whole world contemplates suicide, and the whole world has an excuse:  “I was mistreated by my family, I was cheated in business, I have been abused in my love-life.”  It is everywhere.  Classical literature, movies, plays — it’s all based on whining.  But you’ve got to find out how simple it is:  you can go out and run for a few miles and your suffering is history.

But notice also how easy it is to do nothing.  You know it’s true, yet you sit at home for several days, moping about in one of those moods and you don’t do what you know will work to stop it.  It may strike you, “I feel terrible and I know that if I just go out and run, I’ll get over it.”  But you feel as if your feet have turned to lead, like something is literally stopping you from doing anything about it.  This is part of the basis of my old description of people being addicted to their suffering.  It’s not that people choose to suffer; no one chooses anything.  But there is a kind of natural enjoyment in suffering.  Apt words, because at Line level, it is entirely natural to suffer.  That’s why it’s so hard to stop it.  But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  just because it’s natural don’t mean it’s profitable.  Suffering is a Line level duty.  And you’ve got to run from it as hard and fast as you can.

And there’s likewise no profit in adopting other peoples’ problems and suffering.  I am not speaking of the real pain involved if someone in your family dies and you are around other members of your family.  There is a pain involved in a situation like that which is real enough.  But there is nothing holy or necessary about taking or “sharing” as they say these days, someone else’s suffering.  You should be able to feel a sort of built-in magnetic field at work:  when someone starts a suffering speech, a suffering feeling, you’re drawn in involuntarily.  You  hear their story; you tell your own tales of misery, and almost before you know it, you’re in a deeper hole than the other person was to begin with.

It passes for ordinary human talk.  But I’ve told you before:  almost everything that passes for human intercourse, including humor and social chitchat, is based on hostility.  It is the passing of negative energies, and it is suffering.  Ordinary people have no choice:  they say what must be said, they transmit the energy necessary for them and for Life’s own balance.  But you should have a choice by now.

You have to manage a certain stability, a calmness, a kind of focused attention in the lower circuitry.  It’s like building a sound foundation for a house:  all the activity is up in the attic; that’s where you should be living.  You cannot be continually down below fooling with the plumbers and worrying that the foundation is about to crack and split the house in two.

You’ve got to be able to manage this type of stability, and you have to See for yourself that there are certain internal conditions that absolutely interfere with your attempts to ignite your higher circuitry.  Even if you are not really sure what I mean by “igniting the higher circuits”, or precisely what constitutes “unprofitable conditions”, yet after I point it out to you again and again, it will strike you a glancing blow, “Yes, I can’t sit around and feel bad when I know that simply running will fix it.”  You can’t sit and wait for the casserole to fly, you can’t sit and wait forever saying, “This too shall pass.”  It will pass.  You might wake up one morning, and even though you did not eat 8 pizzas the night before, you just feel “blah”.  You’ve got to See from your own observations that this falls under the category of, “Big deal, I’ve got the blahs again.” You cannot waste much more time around here putting up with that sort of thing.

You have to see that not only is there no need to suffer, you have no right to suffer.  There is nothing to suffer over.  The rest of the world is not going to become more enlightened, but neither is the world falling apart.  The world is not waiting for you to hold out your little hand and stop it from going into the sewer.  Nobody’s going anywhere, and there is no injustice to correct.  There are no wrongs to be righted.  There is nothing for you people to do except to activate your nervous system above Line level.  And when you do that we’ll have to find something  for you to do, something with no aim, no potential for success, and then do it at 247,000 miles per second.

I am going to point out a few things about the Three Forces.  Remember, I’m not giving you new dogma; this is no new theology.  These are maps, but maps which do not come from Life, and they make no rhyme nor reason to the ordinary mind.  But remember:  A map is something you use to get somewhere, and when you get there, you throw the map away.  If you use a map to get to a secret, wonderful city, you don’t walk around the city staring at the map saying, “Hey, look, Martha, we’re on 17th street now.”  I am describing to you that which cannot be seen on the ordinary level, and my responsibility to you people is to try to trick those who are able into Seeing it.  And maps are one way of doing it.

On the ordinary level, everything appears to work on a binary  basis.  The laws of physics, politics, human relationships, the struggle between the sexes, everything seems to operate in a binary manner. The ordinary mind functions in terms of good or bad, profitable or unprofitable.  People believe that if we could all just get together and abandon evil and ignorance and do what’s good and proper we would all be in paradise.  But there is a missing dimension.  If you are to construct actual models of all my maps, instead of using popsicle sticks or 2 X 4’s, you would have to use triangular sticks.  And this is what remains invisible to the ordinary, binary mind.

 Diagram # 034 illustration

Diagram # 034 illustration

     For thousands of years, this idea of Three Forces, a trilateral reality, has been filtered down through ordinary religions.  It is reflected in such concepts as the trinity of the father, son and holy ghost, and of the middle eastern terms of the creative, destructive and sustaining.  But try to remember that any one of these Three Forces can become any one of the others in any given situation.  There is no one Force you can call creative.  There is a point through which all three Forces flow, which is what This Thing is.  But there is no one place, one person, one group of people or set of theories which is, quote, “creative.” Something can appear to be creative in one context, at one moment on this dance card.  But at that same moment, if you could take another position, it could be seen as a destructive Force.  You should also remember that what can be seen from your own viewpoint in your own nervous system as positive and creative can change almost instantaneously into a negative influence.

     That which appears to be a creative Force in your life can, almost as fast as you can be conscious, turn into an indifferent Force, or into its own apparent opposite.  You can swear, to the limits of your consciousness, that you are madly in love with the girl you met last night.  You stop off on the way home and buy her a gift to show her how much you care.  Then you run home: you just can’t wait to nibble on her ears.  And as soon as you open the door, you see her in bed with the meter reader and it’s over.  It goes from a positive to a negative situation just like that; in a glimpse, as fast as your eyes can perceive the image of them in bed.  Your perception of the circumstance can change instantly and also, if you could assume the consciousness of the other people involved, they would not see the situation in the same way you do.  That which you called destructive, they would call something else.  There are no permanent names for these Forces.

     But the question everyone wants to ask is what is the Third force.  I’ve never gone into this very far before, for very particular reasons.  So for the first time, I’m going to point you in a certain direction. Everyone can perceive the First and Second forces, if only on the following basis:  the First force is what you want, and the Second force is what seems to hinder you in acquiring what you want.  For a specific example,  you may tell your husband or wife that you want to go see a movie this weekend and they reply that they’d like to but they need to work instead. On an individual level, this is First and Second force.  And there is a Third force tied to these.  It is the dimension which cannot be seen.  It is the missing piece which makes all that men ordinarily perceive seem lacking and incomplete.  Without this other dimension, everything is only a partial statement.  You have been living life with only partial sight and hearing.  You’ve been listening to the noises of Life but they make no sense to you.  You’ve been reading books on philosophy; you’ve been trying all sorts of things but somehow it still doesn’t look right to you:  there’s something missing.  That missing part is the Third force.

     If you can See this within yourself, you can See it in others, you can See it in countries, you can See it in historical periods.  You can See specific desires, and then you can See the apparent resistance to them.  And once you have these first two identified, everything else is Third force.

     Although this description will not cause instant enlightenment in you, for the time being, it is a most adequate description, a direct statement of what Third force is.  And  you make a grave mistake to just laugh this off, or say, “Now I know something.”

     All you have to do is attempt it and you can start to identify the First and Second forces in yourself and in everything you look upon.  You can turn on the news and see apparent confrontations between politicians in the capitol, or hear about one country threatening to invade a neighboring country and giving all the reasons why this action is necessary.  You can listen to their reasons and see their point of view. And right across the border the other group has a story also and you can see their point of view.  You can see the conflict.  You can see it if you begin to work your way up in your circuitry, and all of you can do this or you do not belong here.  I know that some of you have never looked at things in this way before, but you’re not really behind.  You’ve just got to start doing it.  And the scenario I just created is a perfect example.  You have one group of people who think of themselves as First force and they have apparently plausible reasons for thinking of their neighbors as Second force, i.e. the resistance to their objective.  And even though you have no real interest in their dispute, you can See that the neighboring group sees itself as First force, and the group across the border is their Second force.

     Third force is everything else, and this is what nobody on the ordinary level can conceive of, because on the ordinary level, to keep things running on course, there is nothing to conceive of!  It is the bi-dimensional level of consciousness wherein no one has time for anything but two sides of the apparent problem, if that many.  Everyone has problems on this level; it’s life or death, eat or be eaten, attack or be attacked.  If I took the group of people, in the situation I’ve just described and went through this with them, I could get them to see their desires and the apparent resistance to their desires but they would say that the “everything else” of Third force is irrelevant.  They would say that “everything else” is not pertinent to their situation,  “Why should I consider everything else?”  And of course they’re right, if they are going to remain ordinary.

     If you make the effort, you can always identify First and Second forces in everyday experiences.  And you should continually look for them, not only externally, in interactions with other people, but when you’re home alone.  Look for them internally also.  You can See what you want, then you can See the resistance to it.  There seems to be a conflict, it’s a stalemate.  You have what I have called a desire for change, and you have resistance, and then, as I have hinted for years, there is a Third force in action, a Force that no one can ever see.  And the Seeing of it, to put it crudely, explains everything.  That gets us back to the dangerous secret again, of course:  you can’t See Third force until you get above Line level and you can’t get above Line level until you See it.

     But to stay on this verbal level, to See Third force is to understand everything.  And I am telling you in a most direct fashion what Third force is.  You can identify the desire to change, and you can identify the resistance to change.  Everything else is Third force.  I have referred to it in the past as the sustaining force, but I’m giving you a new description now.  Third force is that which cannot be seen.  It could be called a reconciling Force; it can be seen as that which makes everything else possible.  Without it there would be a gridlock of never-ending confrontations.  You’d be back in your high-chair arguing with your mother about whether or not she is going to make you eat those boiled bananas — her saying, “Here,” and you saying, “No!”  There has to be some sort of compromise, some sort of reconciliation or nothing would move.  That is not the way it appears, and even though it can be described to ordinary people, they cannot see it at the moment it’s happening.

     You should take it as your new duty, at least for the time being to look for this constantly.  If there is nothing to look at externally, just look inside yourself.  You have a sudden urge to get a haircut, but on the heels of that urge, you think, “Can I get an appointment this late?”, “Can I get by another day?”, or  “Oh, it’s too much trouble.”  The examples are everywhere:  they live in you.

     This is not just a verbal game.  And don’t let the term  “desire for change” throw you off-track.  It can be something as simple as getting a haircut, not a new hairdo.  You’re just sitting there, and you decide to do something.  But immediately, if things are to go any further, there will be immediate resistance.  If there is no resistance, it is like firing a bullet that never hits anything:  it just disappears.  It’s like reading that the latest fad is to shave your head and paint a green bull’s eye on it.  You can’t even make a decision about doing it or not doing it yourself.  There is no internal resistance because it connects to nothing internally.  It’s almost sheer nonsense — it doesn’t even get your attention.  If there is any possibility for a new idea to go any further, if it is to have any life, it is necessary in the scheme of things that as soon as that desire for change occurs, resistance to it likewise occurs.  It must.  And you can See it.  You should look for this and then remember what I have told you.

     Identify First and Second forces and set them aside.  Third force is everything else — everything.  But notice how they’re all tied together.  It’s not a simple cause and effect relationship.  Life doesn’t operate on a sequential cause-effect basis.  And all three of these Forces are interchangeable.  It’s not just the First and Second and then everything else, because the Second force can suddenly become everything else, then from the murky midst of everything else will come a new Second force.

     I will say a little bit more about Third force.  When you can See the First and Second forces, there is something unique about the Third force in its relationship in a given situation.  Third force is never critical of the other two Forces.  The first two Forces are always in opposition.  Even though I described the Second force as resisting, from its own viewpoint it is active.  It sees in the situation something new that needs to be stopped before it goes any further.  So Second force sees the First force as resistant.  They are both critics and they both resist one another.  It is the Third force that offers no critical resistance.  But who in the world wants to see that?  It might explain everything away.