Diagram 007

Diagram 007

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 Diagram # 007 illustration

Diagram # 007 illustration


   ” Here is a piece of something that is intentionally misdrawn.  For a good reason it is not absolutely accurate.  It is incomplete.  In the fields of biology and medicine it is known that, through certain chemical processes, the blood is cleansed as it continues on its circular course through the body.  But this drawing reflects something that no scientist knows and I am going to tell you why. Neuralize my drawing of the whole nervous system.  I presented it as having an upper, a middle, and a lower level, and these divisions are close to the reality of what passes for the intellectual, emotional, and physical activity of man.  I have also told you that in the round area representing the head, the entire diagram is repeated in miniature.

     A non- chemical process extracts something from the blood of man.  What I am telling you is literally true, but remember that the drawing and my descriptions are not complete yet.  What I am describing would normally be called a physical function of a person’s system.  As long as you are alive your blood is traveling in a circular movement, and blood must flow through a filter.  As the blood passes through each of the filters I have drawn on this diagram, a part of a certain substance is filtered out.

     You will note that as the blood travels upward and reaches the upper level of the nervous system, there are two possibilities. One is the blood can flow straight, and the other is the blood flows through another little filter.  Even though I drew them in such a way that it appears that the blood has a fifty-fifty chance of going either way, that is not a true reflection of what occurs.

     In the past I have told you that an electrical energy runs an absolute course within you, and, when it hits the Horizontal Line reflected in the diagram, instead of saying, “Oww,” it says, “I”.  I’m going to tell you something “worse.”  When your blood flow reaches this Horizontal Line, the substance I mentioned is gone, and when the substance is used up, its absence is what says, “I”.  At that moment there is a sensation of an “I”.

     At Line-Level consciousness there are people who have some knowledge of this, but they take it, as they must take everything else, as being a literal description of some literal phenomenon and they limit it to that.  Thus they miss the true value of what I’m telling you.  They miss the value because they assume they understand all the ramifications.  But the ultimate ramification of this knowledge would be an understanding of “I” — at Line-Level it’s impossible for any system to see itself at its own level.  Scientists can describe how a rat remembers things, or they can in some small way tell how a human remembers things.  When you get higher and higher in the system and get right to what would be eye (“I”) level, a system cannot perceive itself.  It is literally impossible.  There is no scientist, there is no psychologist, there is no priest walking on this planet, who has any conception or perception of what he is, and I am telling you why:  the substance I mentioned has been completely filtered out.

     To activate the higher areas of the nervous system requires a certain ingredient which is ordinarily physically missing.  The very place where a person is attempting to grow is starving.  You produce the substance needed — everybody produces it — but the substance is all used up before it can flow above Line-Level consciousness (the Horizontal Line).

     Consider the old story of The Last Supper and all the other stories throughout the ages concerning blood sacrifices.  I don’t mean to tell you that if we had someone like Buddha here and you drank his blood you’d be activated in your upper nervous system, although I’m not saying you wouldn’t be.  But, even if you were, think about this:  how many seconds would it be good for?  If you did ingest enriched blood, after cycling once it would run right back through your filtering system, and you couldn’t get the substance above the Line again.  Everyone in the world is arranged so that this substance is used up by the time the flow reaches Line-Level consciousness.

     I never attempt to give you any particular description of what it is like when you get your own taste of being conscious on a higher level, but here is a short one.  Suddenly you feel as though you have just come out of a groggy dream, and you realize that you have been running a high performance car on low octane fuel.  You now have the sensation, “For the first time I’m being fueled correctly.”  Suddenly you feel like you may be normal.  (But remember, to have reached above Line-Level consciousness and See what is going on in the first place, you had to throw out so many “things” that “you” are no longer “you”.)

     What if your involvement with This Thing is the attempt to change the structure of your blood?  What if you are trying to feed that which ordinarily can’t be fed?”  JC talk 0021