Jan Cox Talk 0141

“Do I Matter?” (New Assurance for Humanity)


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Jan Cox Talk 141, Jan 17, 1985, runtime 1:57
Notes by TK

“PROVISIONS FOR COMFORT” J. reads letter from one of Group re: treatment and address of This Thing at Life of Life (impersonal) level vs. individual/personal level. “Do the low level details of our ordinary existence count for any value at the larger level?” e.g. does Life notice and heed individual life tragedies and triumphs?

J. narrows question to:
1. Does Life take “me” into account. Do “I” matter?
2. Can this accounting be understood?
These questions are really a request for “provisions for comfort” –the traditional function of religion. This Thing is now moving toward a new level that approaches the more traditional domain of religion as it wears an increasingly public face. But for The Few of This Thing, there is no answer to the above questions; there can be no provision for comfort. A moot question for Those who see.

The Yellow Circuit is nearly fully developed. One more generation and it will be complete. A new circuit has already been initiated. Religion offers comfort by faith. Psychology offers comfort by “guilty association” and “unconscious motivations”.



Document:  141,  January 17, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

There is a voice arising in all of you from time to time which asks where all of this is headed.  It is the voice that asks the question, “Does Life take me into account?”  In other words, does Life take an individual into account?  And if it does, is there any way in which this personal accounting can be understood?

I have painted a very large picture for you historically and culturally.  I have drawn you closer and closer to this picture, even to the extent of using subatomic physics as the basis for my descriptions.  The detailing has become so intimate, that at times you may be tempted to entertain the voices in you that say, “The more sense This makes, the less it makes, on a very individual level, because I see people starving and people born deformed.  I see children mistreated.”

The basic question, “Does Life take me into account?  Do I matter?” is still at the core of ordinary consciousness, with “I” as its center.  Man, in the same way that a cell is limited to the physical confines of its membranous walls, is limited by Line-level consciousness.  The primary concern, the way humans are neurally wired, the way they are supposed to be wired, is a concern for “me.”  “My suffering.  My problems. My needs.”  Not withstanding the fact that a person’s verbal capabilities are apparently in touch with a type of mass wiring that says, “I am concerned about suffering in the world.”

The answer remains limited to how conscious you are of you.  Left with that, any response would necessarily be infused with cynicism, at an ordinary level.  Anyone listening to my words would either agree and say, “Yeah, you’re right.  Life is unfair.  Man is a selfish creature.”  Or, for those wired in such a way, as to disagree with me, they would simply accuse me of being a cynic.  “That’s not the way things are.  It may look that way, but that’s only because of your negative, cynical attitude.”

The answer to such a question, can be nothing but dissatisfying at the ordinary level, recalling that universal satisfaction would be Life’s knell.  The answer to this question depends upon whether an individual has extraterrestrial Sight, extradimensional Sight.  A cell cannot understand the working of it’s host organism, as long as it is confined to its native, natural boundaries.  This is no mere allegory.  No mechanism, no process can conceive of itself at its own level, hence humanity, at its own level, Line level, regardless of time or place can never answer this question satisfactorily.

It should also be obvious to you that religion has never attempted to answer the question, “Do I matter?”  You are sophisticated enough to know that this is not the purpose of ordinary religion.  It’s purpose has been, in a sense, to provide .pacomfort for the initial shock of the Primal Flow reaching into the Blue Circuit.

More recently, as the level of consciousness has gradually moved upward, the age of psychology has emerged.  Like religion, it attempts to provide comfort rather than answer basic questions.  It is simply the language in which it is couched that has changed.  Instead of demons, you have “unconscious traumas.”  But the message is the same:  “It’s not your fault.  Everyone’s in the same boat.  Pay at the desk.”

Neither approach can be satisfying, however, it is not the fault of religion or psychology.  Each of them is a product of what Line-level consciousness, in its time, was capable of doing, regardless of when or where you are born.  Nothing and no one understands itself, at its own level.

Should you meet a person with a nervous system ignited beyond Line level, and he were to answer the question, “Do I matter?” the response would not be satisfying.  But you cannot look to the source and say, “I didn’t receive the answer to my question.”  It is a matter of what you are capable of understanding, the way your own nervous system is wired to receive, process and transmit incoming information.  This is not an excuse for any ancient religious figures, much less myself.  Once you reach the point of understanding this, in a particular way, then the enlightened figures become almost superfluous.  You simply See the answer.

Many of your voices are in varying degrees of continual rebellion against the kind of details I present, as I push you closer and closer to this enormous painting, as I continue to point out many of the finer, delicate details.  It sometimes reaches the point that you may, dependent upon how you are neurally wired, rebel against it, on the basis that I am extracting all the spirit, the passion.  I am quite aware that this detailing continues to affect parts of all of you.  Furthermore, many of you have interpreted my words as being harsh; that I was trying to create a kind of unfeeling, unspiritual universe.  I am quite aware of this.

Those of you attracted to This already have the potential within your own wiring system to do “good works.”  To feel that, “I want to do good, and surely that’s what This Thing is all about if it’s the real thing.”  If I used the approach of encouraging you to engage in good work, humane activity, if I said humanity is suffering, you are suffering and it’s our duty to assist the gods, or the great cosmic forces to eradicate suffering, poverty and unhappiness, you would drown.  And though all of your Line level wiring would vibrate in approval of those words, nothing new would happen, for these words and ideas are already extant.

A shift in direction is now upon This Thing.  It is now upon this part of the planet.  Even though This is operating at a different level, I have told you that which cannot be proved except by your own experience. I have told you things that Life has not told anyone else, although you can equate today with any other time in history when particular religious figures attempted to expand beyond Life’s then contemporaneous level of understanding.  I have told you that which Life has never told anyone.  It’s not because of me and it’s not because of you, individually.  It’s because Life is taking an abrupt turn.  The Yellow Circuit, the so-called intellect of man, is about to come into a reality which until now has been no more than a dream. Simultaneously, people like you, and the next generation, will then be working on another circuit.  The Yellow Circuit is becoming fully functional, and to put it very crudely, the intellect, the Yellow Circuit will be as fully formed as is the Red Circuit.  This doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet will have a Ph.d. in all the academic subjects, but at Line-level consciousness, the Yellow Circuit will be completely formed.

Even when Life has a fully operational Yellow Circuit, people will still want to be comforted, they will still want assurance, but on a different level.  Remember, humanity has never used religion as a vehicle for instruction, however, it’s not due to an inherent weakness in that particular institution.  It’s a matter of what was necessary and proper for its time and place.  There are those who needed religion five or six thousand years ago.  There are those who seem to still need religion today, but they are operating in a different time zone in the body of Life.  There are people on this planet today whose development is actually five thousand years behind.  It’s not bad.  It’s not a mistake, but you should be able to catch a glimpse of the fact that five thousand years ago exists today, on this planet.  Not just on the other side of the world.  It also exists in you.

Periodically, individuals pop up and attempt to ascribe intellectual significance to a particular religion, reflecting the growth of Life’s Yellow Circuit.  But all you have to do is move into the Yellow Circuit and none of the explanations make any sense.  The explanations are not logical, which is, by the way, the intellect’s final and proper weapon.

The Yellow Circuit will not find religion, nor any of its explanations, logical.  From it’s perspective, you’re back to comfort by faith, remembering that this is as it should be.

Psychology, as is the case with religion, has been part of a progression, but it is still a mechanism for providing comfort.  Within the realm of the Yellow Circuit, even on a mechanical level, none of the psychological explanations or theories makes any sense.  Take for example the statement:  “The reason you are laden with guilt, fears and anger is because of the relationship you had with your Mother.”  Enter the Yellow Circuit which asks, “Wait a minute, if you’re the way you are because of your mother, then why does your mother act the way she does?  And what about her mother?”  For the Yellow Circuit, the psychological explanations are as illogical as the religious ones.  But note, psychology offers a kind of comfort, from an ordinary perspective.  An individual can see a psychiatrist week after week, month after month, talking and paying sizeable sums of money.  If you ask them, “Have you benefited?” they’ll say, “Yes, I would go without new clothes to stay in analysis.”  But if you were to ask them, “What exactly happened?” they can’t tell you.  They can’t tell you because nothing has happened.  Nothing has been done.  Nothing has been changed.  It is simply illogical, to .pathe Yellow Circuit.  Not withstanding the fact that people say it works, just as people say religion works.

Throughout history, religious figures have appeared who seemed to have a greater flow of energy running through them; they were a larger tunnel for energy flow.  They appeared at a time when the Blue Circuit was beginning to be of importance.  These figures had no other choice than to present themselves as being messengers from the gods.  Compared to anyone else in their particular time and locale, they served as vehicles for greater energy flows, regardless of how much they did understand.

Let me ask you this.  What is taking place when people going to a concert, want to jump up at the end, cheer, applaud, stomp their feet and run backstage?  There are people who seem to be willing to do almost anything.  They’ll fight the guards just to touch the performer or to get a look at him up close.  The ancient religions still surviving would say such people are demon possessed.  Even at the ordinary level, there are different capabilities for even the mechanical energy that flows through man.

Why is it that the audience is infused with energy and at the same time the performers will say, “I could have done it for free.  There is something about being on the stage, in front of an audience, when everything is just right.  It almost blows me away.”  How is it possible that both the audience and the entertainer can be receiving energy?

At times, when I speak in public, doing my verbal jazz movements, unless I put a certain kind of restraint upon the audience, a large segment of them will want to run up to me, and just touch me or shake my hand.  It’s a level that all of This finally reaches.  It always does.  It provides a kind of comfort that is not imaginary, as some of you might think.  However, it is not through comfort by faith but through comfort by knowledge that things can be understood.  There are voices in you that ask, “Am I important?  Does Life have meaning?  If I could only find a teacher who could give me a kind of emotional hug or throw me into a trance or by simply being in his presence, I would know everything.”  This is happening today in the body of Life.  But then it happens and “the experience” is over, those involved have not been comforted by knowledge.  Their experience is an accidental occurrence of a man expanding his knowledge.  Their experience is an accidental occurrence of a man expanding his consciousness, and being aware in a way that is absolutely supernatural for his time and place.  They might speak highly of their experience and encourage others to pursue that kind of condition, but it is not based in understanding.  It is a comfort based on faith.

Something extraordinary is going on here.  It is a matter of a different kind of energy.  Up until now, the energy has been directed toward getting all of you to learn something, rather than simply to have faith in something.

However, the energy that runs This Thing can be turned in all sorts of directions.  If I turn the energy in another direction, it will manifest itself in an entirely different manner.  For example, there are times when the energy flow has been directed in such a way, as to alter the course an illness might have naturally taken.  Energy can be turned in all sorts of directions, which is why I’ve told you that what humanity has historically seen as “magic,” once understood, is not merely imagination.

Even at an ordinary level, this multidirectional energy flow is manifesting itself continuously.  Today, you can turn on the television and find religious figures calling upon people to come up to the stage, saying they can heal the sick and injured.  But if any of you think their powers to heal are purely imaginary, remember, what you think of as imaginary is your own imagination at work.  You might say, “He’s not healing people.  That’s not really happening.”  It is happening.  But forget about the ideas that this “healer” on stage is in touch with the gods.  Look back to the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, a clever comedian or anyone who can get on stage and literally enthrall an audience.  People who will show up, pay good money, and when it’s over feel that they had an unbelievable experience.  From a certain viewpoint all of this sounds childish.  I have told you, nothing is wasted.  Life is transferring energy, even though ordinary consciousness must divide it up and say there is a great deal of difference between a religious figure and a rock and roll band.  They are both a part of a spectrum involving a continual transfer of energy.

Even if there were such a thing as specific instruction, humanity in general neither wants nor needs it.  The attraction to This Thing is not on the basis of receiving real information from me.  What people want is to be comforted, to be touched.  They want magic to happen, and it can be done.  It becomes an experience, and not just a one-time experience of, “Ooh, I met him, he touched me and it was magical.”  If the painting of This Thing were to be shown to great numbers of people, I could not show them the brush marks, the fine detail.  That kind of activity would not produce the same kind of growth which Life is promoting through This now.

If This Thing is made available to everyone, all of the things that you and humanity have always worried about, death and suffering, are not going to stop.  Hunger is not going to end in your lifetime.  That which seems to be injustice among people is not about to stop.  I’m not here to stop it nor could I.  I understand what’s going on.  Once you get enough glimpses, the voices that ask, “Do I matter?  Why is there starvation?” will see something at a different level.  The ordinary voices within you and within everyone, labor under the impression that understanding involves a kind of “blindness for detail.”  Those voices see This as being nonreactive or indifferent to the ugliness of Life.  That is expected, which is why I could never speak to the general public as I have with you.  It would have been dismissed as unfeeling, unrelated to any kind of growth.

Instead of the approach I have taken I could have directed your attention toward the activities of the Blue Circuit, encouraged you to go out and do “good works,” help eliminate hunger, poverty, rather than sitting around talking.  Neither you nor the generation to come will live to see any broad changes in the world, the elimination of world hunger, or the eradication of injustice in the world.  Nor will you live to see This Thing repeated.

I could have directed my energies in ways that many of you still believe in, and originally, very seriously believed in.  I could have taken the energy, and directed it toward that which you considered to be personal psychological problems, and by averting certain energies, you would have thought that something miraculous had happened.  Not hypnosis.  You would have felt very good, as though I had cured a psychological demon in you and you would say:  “I feel like I’ve been born anew.  I am an absolutely different person.  I no longer am limited to the strangling behavior that kept me limited to being me.”  No matter how confusing this may seem to you, I ask you to take a second to ponder.  What would This be now, had I done that to each of you individually?  What would This be?  I can give you a quick term for it.  It would have been an insane asylum.  It would be absolute insanity, compared to what This Thing is intended to be.  All of that is irrelevant because it couldn’t have happened that way.  But for those of you with any doubts, the energy that feeds This Thing can be directed in a different way and the outcome of that redirected energy will seem to be almost miraculous, for those observing.  However, it will not be based upon anything they understand.

Humanity might not use this terminology, but there is a need for a kind of energy that they can’t draw from a comedian, from music, from politicians, or from whatever religion they might have been pursuing.  Mankind wants a form of comfort, a kind of reassurance.  As humanity grows, it is continually bringing forth large numbers of people who are wired in such a way that the prevailing forms of assurance, the religions, psychology, become inadequate.  People convert to different religions, read each new “How to Become a Better You” book, and none of it seems to work.

Do you believe that there are going to be large numbers of people who’ll want me to sit and talk with them for several years, the way I have with you?  Is that what they want?  All this talk, all of these astounding symbols and explanations; drawing such large pictures that it seemed as though I was on the edge of explaining the entire universe; apparently leading you to the level of subatomic particles; is that what people want to hear?

Don’t get too involved with trying to take any of what I’m saying now and analyze it in a pseudo-mystical manner.  I am not about to begin to suddenly spring up as a “religious prophet.”  But I am going to begin using this energy, which is coming from tomorrow on a level that is not ordinarily available.  But it is available.  It seems extraordinary, because it’s real.  People are going to be comforted in a new way and it’s going to be partially affected by the travelling magnetic field that includes all of you.

Can you begin to understand that at the ordinary level there is no answer to the question of “Do I matter?”  Or I could say that the answer is yes, and no.  Or, the answer is no, but that is not the limit of it at the ordinary level.  Does Life know what it’s doing when it lets a child be born deformed?  Does it matter?  At that level, the answer is no, but it has nothing to do with a lack of compassion.  If you begin to See, you understand that it does not matter, individually, or it would not have happened.  But an individual person, observing the birth of a deformed child, cannot explain the rationale for such an event.

If my fictitious, reasonably insane man, someone whose circuits were activated above Line level, were to observe such an event, he’d understand everything that was going on.  How would such a person See hunger and suffering, children born deformed, children starving?  Can you imagine that he would have had no feelings about it?  Can you imagine my fictitious person from tomorrow, whom your circuits might imagine to be a great spiritual leader, transmitting and transforming energy that he could not change, could not control?  You would not have to explain a “soap opera” to such a man.  Soap operas are not on television, at the theatre or in a novel.  Soap operas are people starving, people suffering from illness, people living in slums.  But can you change it?  Can it be changed?  I am telling you, it cannot be changed. Not in your lifetime.  No one can change it.

My fictitious man from tomorrow, would not transmit energy that he could not change.  This has nothing to do with whether such a person would jump into traffic to save someone from an impending accident, or risk his life by rushing into a burning building if there was someone trapped inside.  If you were individually confronted with such an incident and you did not do something you wouldn’t belong here.  But it has nothing to do with the attempted practice of transmitting energy that you cannot change.  Neither myself, you, nor anyone else can stop hunger or eliminate poverty.

Nonetheless, there is a form of good that Life does, indirectly, through This.  It provides a new form, a continuing form, of comfort.  It offers a kind of assurance for humanity.  I don’t have to verbally describe This Thing to them or in some way prove it.  If people did feel the need for a Yellow Circuited, intellectually based rationale for this comfort, I could give the sufficient verbal ammunition.  I could provide information to the point that, people would say, “He seems to understand.  I have the feeling that he knows what he’s doing.  It felt very good, being there.  You ought to come with me the next time he’s here.”  This effect is not me.  It’s not you.  It’s Life assuring people, without their understanding, that there is somebody who knows what’s going on.

The primary voice in humanity is, “I want a new form of assurance.  I cannot understand this, but I am quite satisfied.  It is the primary voice of people who search for something new.  I am able to provide such assurance.  It’s not what people think they’re seeking.  I have tried to disavow you, shock you and shake you out of such notions as looking to me for comfort.  I have never offered such assurance to you.  If I had, as I was hinting to you earlier, the direction This Thing would have taken would be quite different today.  I would have been fired, and I don’t like to think about how Life might go about firing someone like me.

Ultimately, all of you are going to be involved whether you like it or not, in doing good work.  Though I have said, we cannot stop hunger and suffering, that does not mean that the absolutely impossible is not the direction towards which to turn your best efforts.  However you must do so from a position of understanding.  You must disavow yourself of any continuing notions you may have, that I lack compassion, or that all of this is a heartless, every man for himself, sort of movement.  Everything that has occurred here, everything I have said, has had a purpose.

A new level of comfort, related to an abrupt change, is taking place in humanity, right now.  For many people, religion can no longer provide comfort at the Blue Circuit level and it certainly cannot provide it at the Yellow Circuit level, nor is it needed at that level.  It is not what people need, and it is not what Life needs people to experience for Life’s growth.  However, there is going to be a form of assurance available, but not on the basis that I am a so-called “religious figure” and we are some kind of spiritual community. And though it will not be a “spiritual experience,” I can pass energy, I can funnel energy in a way that will provide precisely that which people are seeking.