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Excerpt:  “The ordinary mechanical nature of Life has produced you in the only way possible. It has filled you full of dreams, beliefs and opinions and told you that this was knowledge, and from this accidentally acquired hodgepodge each man unknowingly constructs his own personal sense of reality. But such concepts are individual inventions, unique to each man (with slight collateral over-lapping occurring only in areas of immediate mutual concern). From the dawn-of-the-intellect a few men have recognized this subtle sham and have struggled to free themselves from its unprofitable grasp, and this is The Work.

The Work is thus no contemporary mystical scheme, although the methods involved are as pertinent as the current pressures that continue to captivate those who seriously hunger for freedom and tranquility. No man is the single source of Real Work, and there have been many paths for this unnatural journey. But if pigs trek to a slop-less land they will always want their money back. Thus, there are dreams of magic for the weak and impotent; vows of obedience and fidelity for the lazy, and hypnotic assurances for the sleepy. But what remains for a sane and serious man? Is there something of value and practicality still extant among the ashes of religion, and amidst the bombastic fireworks of the pseudo-mystical ?

Human language is indeed one of the intellect’s greatest achievements, but vis-à-vis The Work, its means of communications are sorely lacking. Language based on the normal workings of the mind moves in the static world of maps, while The Work operates in the living world of experience; that is, with energy itself—the unstable face of objective reality. The words are confounding, but greater yet is the startling, unrecognized distance between men’s speech and experience; more perplexing still, the unnoticed gap between their dreams and reality. Those of The Work struggle to learn that which other men consider worthless, and ignore that which others highly prize. It is all a question of need and intent. The Work is what many of you have dreamed of, but even slight exposure may very well prove to be the cure for your idle curiosity.

You are all quite ordinary;

you are all goddamned fools.”