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On the Way, “Corrective” Comments Are Always Critical Ones


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Notes by TK

Religion and politics act like audio “dog fences” keeping men in their respective yards. There is no possible ‘corrective’ comment you can have about civilization that can help you wake up. (39:36) #3367

(This was Jan’s last talk. He died from a long illness on 11/5.)

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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OCTOBER 28, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

To the calm area of his consciousness, one man said: “I’m glad I could find time in my super busy schedule to meet with you like this in private,” to which it replied:
“‘Could find time to,’ hell! – could-remember-to is more like it.”
Today’s Lesson In Compassion.
As long as a person is allowing Life to automatically speak for them (even though their lips may be moving) you have no basis for picking on them personally.
When a rooster wakes you up too early in the morning, who do you throw your shoe at? – the sun, of course! (Get your enemies straight.)
In the city, forget the noise of the automobiles, it proves a real challenge to pedestrians for them not to constantly cringe at the blaring sound of radios coming from the cars.
A son asked a father:
“I assume from your previous comments that being compassionate and tolerant of others plays some important role in my struggle to awaken,
but how is one to develop such ability?”
“Ultimately, as always, through understanding what is going on with Life,
but more specifically would be for you to refuse to passively accept the thoughts which mechanically appear in your mind about other humans which seem to represent your personal feelings, but which are no more than the noise of passing traffic (that is: collective man’s perfunctory inner life) and certainly not anything personal or meaningful to you.
All in all: the certain-man’s secret weapon is to resist all that is natural to his own nervous-system temperament; to become a kind of alien to his self, an outlier to his own inner being. That is the way of the rebel, and the only path to freedom.”

In his ongoing campaign for literary fame, one man makes it an iron clad rule to cease whatever writing he is currently working on whenever he runs out of typing paper.
(He says he hopes someday to become a mystic and apply this same technique to his thinking.)

When problems arise within humanly developed systems, blame will be laid on the systems rather than the men involved. (Even lab mice require encouragement,
no matter how oblique its form.
Also note: The mortal system known as Psychiatry has taken this approach to a point far beyond any rational definition of the word, extreme.)
One man’s mind was recently beset by this ponder:
“Can anything truly informative ever be said about man by man,
or is all that he can say about the matter at best, merely entertaining (primarily in the forms of spoofs, satires and case histories!?)”

A chap so mused: “Why will people readily dismiss something unfamiliar to them
on the basis that it can’t be of any importance if they’ve never heard of it before, but never reverse that notion and consider how many things have never heard of them,
and what that says about them!”

To “attend” to a troubling mortal matter by the certain-man’s definition is to:
Deal-with-it-properly, an approach (as questionable as it may sound) much superior to ordinary men’s attempts to “cure” strictly human problems,
efforts which never achieve even the level of being merely-adequate.

The ruminations of one man resulted thus:
“If all talk is at its heart metaphorical, then in one sense would not the mooing of cows and the bleating of sheep be even more precise statements of their essence than is literally perceived!?” And upon realizing the propriety of his musing, he also immediately recognized the sound of human speech for what it really is.
A father cautioned a son: “Don’t let your thinking get uselessly entangled in notions of mortal conspiracies and hidden agendas behind some human activities;
understand that there is always something more-than-is-seen to everything
in the unique mental-only world of man.”

A fellow in a hunting cap offers his version of: The Big Question:
“Is the fact that humans get through each day being as minimally conscious as we can be a negative comment on consciousness, or a complimentary one on the body?”
Neurons may be the most intelligent entity in the Universe (as per their own definition), but they are not smarter than Hormones,
(although there is a forgotten myth that tells of a painting once produced by an artist which would correct his grammar, but you know how unreliable myths can be don’t you!?)

Obviously, the greatest thing you can give a parched man is water, and a starving man, food, but what is the greatest thing you can give to an unwitting man?
(“A new way to spell, ignorant?”)

Update Concerning Proverbs, Axioms & Clichés.
The reason there are so many maxims on the subject:
“What makes the world go ‘round” — is because no one knows what does.
Coronary: So-called, conventional wisdom exists to help cover up the fact that conventional men have none.
A man once asked a mystic:
“Do people like you know things that people like me would like to know –
if we knew enough to know that?”
(Who wants to handle that one?)

As long as you take being alive personally and seriously,
Life has you by the mental short hairs, and trying to pull away only makes it worse.
(“No wonder I hurt at both ends!”)

A father spoke to a son apparently about matters political:
“Another choice-cut example of the normally unrecognized intangible tango
twix hormones & neurons, civilization & the unmannered, instinct and words,
is men commonly denouncing a political leader for being deceitful, devious,
and without scruples when such are the very traits needed in a physical leader.”
When you know how to employ thinking in the special way of the certain-man,
you can start out thinking about most anything, even the most inane of subjects,
and it’ll still lead to something worthwhile.
When you can do this, you not only never know what’s around the next mental corner, but you also never run out of corners (like everyone else does by age twenty).
(“Being awake may not make you live forever, but it can seem like it.”)


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