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Individual Invents—Collective Resists, Accommodates, and Ignores


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Notes by TK

The individual is the innovator; the collective (after initially resisting it) adopts, systematizes, embellishes, promotes, and defends the innovation, but cannot invent. Once the innovation becomes embraced and encoded into the status quo it is useless to the neural rebel. It is to be discounted as mere storytelling and ignored, for it will get the seeker nowhere. (30:09) #3366

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Rebel’s Account Books Are Always Smiling
OCTOBER 24, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

A man asked a mystic:
(“Your sort has always claimed to be involved with efforts to become more conscious, but I’ve got a question for you: If your activities are based on some real possibility,
why doesn’t Life have everyone so involved?” And as frequently occurs, the mystic was pleasantly struck by the unwitting impertinence of the question.
Only those want to awaken who perceive themselves to be asleep.
(Aka: You can’t force a cat to be a cat who insists he is not a cat to begin with.)
A related legend says that the whole notion of there being some “secret knowledge” evolved from the experiences of the first men who stumbled on the fact that their consciousness could at times be of such a different quality & scope as to make their everyday one unacceptable by comparison, but when they attempted to tell other everyday people about their discovery – none of them were interested, and this knowledge has historically remained in the mental hands of but a few.
If somebody doesn’t want a particular thing when it is offered to them,
and they eventually forget the details of its original offering, you can see how this easily morphed in folklore into the idea of there being secret knowledge.
You can’t talk to a man about waking-up and walking over into the sunlight
unless he thinks he is presently dozing in the dark.
(“Pa pa, this is really all about the potential goings-on inside of you, and not about
activities occurring between you and other people, correct?!”
“You could not be more insightful, oh son of mine.”)

And in another galaxy was once a planet on which everyone was born alike,
and the only ultimate difference between any of them being whatever each individual said there was.
(“Don’t be ridiculous! – of course I know who I am –
didn’t I just describe myself for you!?”)
Cosmological Update (Of Sorts).
The elusive cosmic dark-matter which physicists cannot locate,
can be clearly seen in man’s inner space, it consists of words:
the intangible sticky-stuff that holds his entire second-reality together.

An abandoned myth tells of an ancient magician who had the ability to both catch and pass along lightning (a feat however, which he seldom engaged in; him being a magician, he was no dunce).
Moral: It’s nothing to waste-your-time, but more to squander-your-understanding.
The inner-rebel does not try to cross a desert with his water pouch leaking.
(“Pa pa, didn’t old Uncle Rasmus used to call ordinary people, ‘leaks’?”)

Legend tells of a world on which periodically appeared not mystics, prophets,
and gurus, but men who could untangle rolls of confused, knotted twine.
(Which some saw as yielding the greatest profits.)

Although many thought they would never live to see the day:
one man finally appeared in his self.
(Smack dab in the middle of Istanbul, you might say.)

Once a man is securely inside his self, he never again utters words suggesting what might be a difference between him and everyone else.
At the party exclusively for those-who-know, removing one’s coat removes one
from the party.
(Aka: You don’t quack at a chicken convention — not if you’ve spent your life becoming a duck.)

There is a legend of a bewitching land far away where lived two groups of people:
one, high up on a mountain top in the bright light, and the other deep down in a valley, trapped in shadows; and one day one of the groups heard this legend and thought: “This certainly does sound familiar…….haven’t there been similar stories in the past, just presented in different verbal guise?” And upon hearing them think this, the chap relating this legend and claiming original authorship thereof, became quite indignant.
Words can not only direct you to mountain tops,
they can also dash your brains out in valleys below.
(Note: All stories in this series are taken from the Grimace Brothers Blue Book Of Phooey Tales.])

One guy’s personal shibboleth:
“If you can’t keep breathing, you’ll never get out of the coffin.”

A man attracted to metaphorical intrigue asked the author of a certain
metaphysical imagery:
“In your symbolism of the certain-man’s metaphysical journey being a train
running from Paris to Istanbul, with Paris representing man’s natural-born state of consciousness, and Istanbul, a more expansive one,
can you in ten words explain this to me?” And the writer replied:
“Okay: Paris is your stomach and Istanbul your frontal lobes.”
The man took this in and appeared to mull it thoroughly, then finally said:
“Are you counting, ‘Okay’ as part of your reply?”
Moral: It is more profitable to converse with some men than with others.

Says one man: “Probably the neatest thing about being part of the military is that
any time you don’t know what your proper course of present action should be,
all you have to do is snap to attention, smartly salute, shout out a subservient, ‘Sir!?’ – and – Bam! – you’re instantly relieved of any personal responsibility.”)
(A trick no doubt picked up from how humans are forced to deal with Life, wouldn’t you say.)

“Okay,” writes a guy, “I can accept the Law Of Gravity, and I’ve come to grips with
the Conservation Of Energy, but what I still can’t deal with is your claim that among
the ordinary, those who most passionately speak as though they know what is
going on are those who do not; no matter how I try, I simply can’t handle that one.
Sincerely,” etc.

Man’s ordinary mind is not wired to be much interested in good news
(unless it concerns some positive financial matter) –
favorable info about his own mental processes however, is generally ignored
(except by that certain-few).


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