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If Personality Is Unsubstantial, So Must…


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Notes by TK

Despite man’s overwhelming preference for sugar-based foods, note that the most popular sellers today are all “sugar-free”; this is a prime example of secondary reality. Also: the bearded guru, pillar of society and revered by all, is refused service indoors (for hygiene concerns) and asked to order at the “drive-up window.” Another: your equals look down upon you and refrain from assisting you in some minor way (say, give directions when “lost”) while your “betters” often will go out of their way to help. All there is to man’s individuality, his personality is the thought of the moment. Just another passing thought. To realize this is to be liberated, to feel/understand the at-root unsubstantiality of “I”. (38:12) #3364

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The Only Do-It-Yourself Project For Those With A Self
OCTOBER 19, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Something neat that occurs once you’ve entered into the struggle to be more conscious is that you can now be even less conscious than everyone else.
(Kinda like you’re not really ugly ‘til you look in a mirror.)
There was once a little boat that seemed to have sailed away from all danger,
but eventually it made verbal note to itself of the fact, and – Blam-o! –
before you could say Starboard – it was back again surrounded by danger –
all because of it making useless note of it having not been.
(Sorta like looking in a mirror and seeing how ugly you are and then mentioning it to yourself!
Now you’re double ugly, and have made it more difficult to get un-uglied.
“When the hell are you gonna learn to SHUT UP!” shouted some guy, alone in his room.)

The routine sounds of Life’s activities flowing through man’s ordinary consciousness are much like the sound of a dog barking in the night: a man’s instinctive inclination is to throw something in its direction (in this case) – toward his attention.
It is nothing more than the thoughts Life endlessly feeds your mind that drive
your consciousness out of the yard and into the city streets.
Note: Thoughts which you can produce, won’t have this effect.
A mother banged on the closed door to a son’s room, calling out:
“Stop that noise! – I can’t bear it! – what are you doing in there?”
Men pick on their relatives because of the molecular resemblance.

The Dreams Hormones Produce In Neurons
vs. Hormones’ Own Reality.
One guy called and reported a naked woman trying to break into his house,
and when the authorities arrived and couldn’t find such a person, the homeowner said: “Well, a man can dream can’t he.”
(“That reminds me of the first time I read something about man being asleep,
but through certain efforts, being able to awaken.”)

Amidst a really nasty episode in the numerous ups and downs he experienced in
his passionate struggle to achieve that special state of consciousness,
one man said to Life, point blank – and quite aggressively:
“Look – you’re wasting your time trying to frighten me out of doing this,” and upon hearing the word, “frighten,” Life fell to the floor in a helpless heap of laughter – which allowed the man just enough time to make his escape – except for the fact that there is no where to go outside of Life.
(“Aw,” he said, as he sat back down on the ground, “I knew that.”)

One man has a theory that the fewer questions you ask about mechanical devices
(like your car) the fewer problems you will have with them;
he says that if this proves out, he can’t wait to use it on his thinking.

A man who lives alone sometimes hears a voice coming from somewhere in his house that will utter a vague word or two; he says he has always felt that the proper way to deal with the situation was to not respond.
(“Was he talking about his house, or his mind?”)

Many people’s enjoyment of parenthood is due to the pleasure they receive in having someone around to whom they can feel intellectually superior.

As part of an out-of-court settlement, the local god agreed to pay the man off in
either grief, or the ability to bear grief.
“Which will make me the most popular?”
“Aw come on! – you know the answer to that.”

“Men will talk about matters in which they have absolutely no interest
just as long as they eventually get to talk.”
“How could you ever possibly prove that?”
“Just listen to people talk.”

Not only do foolish people ask serious questions, they also expect serious replies.
Thus does the eternal wheel of seriousness & foolishness turn – IN MEN’S MINDS!

Why does everybody want to write a novel?
Because everyone has a dream of the life they’d like to lead.

One man’s picture of Hell is a place where for all of eternity they continually

Criticism’s rewards are what drives horses to trample worms so as to increase their stock with physicists.
In the second-reality of man’s mental city, what goes up has no limit –
it can keep going up and up and up just as long as a man will think about it
(likewise for going down).
There was once a King who, in an effort to subdue any potential foes before they
had any chance of overcoming him, starved them:
he starved them on Mondays,
he starved them on Fridays,
he starved them in the summer,
he starved them in the winter,
Oh – how he starved them – but it did not a bit of good,
for as he continued to eat and prosper, so did they;
a ruler cannot be separated from his subjects,
this is why no ideas originating in your ordinary, sleeping mind can awaken you;
you must get outside your natural, neural kingdom;
in the consciousness of the certain-few is an unexplored territory –
it is a land of freedom – of unbelievable inner freedom.

The less possibility there is that any particular creature will ever go free,
the less it matters what you specifically say to them.
First poetry – then problems in logic – and finally back to poetry
(actually to super poetry.)


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