Jan Cox Talk 3363

A Semblance of Something Substantial


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Notes by TK

 A prime example of hormones driving neurons is when you are seriously physically ill.  Thinking is overwhelmed and consciousness thereby highlighted.  The simile of thinking as a lighthouse lamp revolving inside a faceted “skull” where each thought is the lamp refracted thru a single one of, say 24 facets.  The sensation of “I” is quite substantial, but it is not: it is the momentary, sequential flash of the lamp thru but one of the many facets.  The mind “stitches” them together into a semblance of something substantial.  Being awake is to be able to separate your thinking from how you’re feeling.  (31:59) #3363

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Special Spectacles For The Few
OCTOBER 17, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Although ordinary man perceives civilization with its many institutions, cultures,
moral codes & laws, to be external to him, it is in fact, all within him:
being as movies shown on the screen of his mind, which his distracted inner eyes/I’s project onto the outside world in a thoroughly fascinating and illusory fashion.
Normal men’s insides contain only dreams (and a minimally necessary knowledge of the world outside); the man awake to what’s actually going on with Life understands that nothing exists on his outside but dirt, water, and stars, and nothing real exists in his inside at all save what he has put there through his own independent effort.
(“How can you say: ‘His own independent effort’ when you clearly understand that
nothing a man does is truly independent!”
It just seemed the thing to say there.)
No illusion can survive without a constant input of additional illusions,
and nothing better exemplifies this fact than the ordinary life of men’s thoughts,
yet to dismiss the internal, mental world of man as being imaginary and meaningless is to miss what is going on entirely; the unique feature of the mind is that it can subsist on food that would starve the body (though a few find it a menu that just won’t do).
During the time of the terrible war, with all the food shortages it caused, citizens were urged to: “Grow Your Own!” – a principle the certain-man pursues all the time.

One female singer refused to use sex appeal to sell her performance —
unless it wasn’t going well –
then she’d pull down her top and shake her tits at the audience.
(“Hey, anything for the sake of Art.”)

Overhearing a middle-aged man express his admiration for couples who’d been married for forty and fifty years without one of them killing the other,
this one chap was less than impressed and mused:
“Hell, that’s nothing – what’s amazing is that I’ve put up with me now
for seven decades without resorting to homicide!”

“Everything besides staying alive is just a hobby.”

According to one myth: Life was once a cattle herd and men cowpunchers,
then men became the herd and Life took over as herdsman,
then it went back to Life being the herd and men the cowpokes,
and back again to the reverse.
Does anyone sense a pattern emerging here?
Can anyone begin to see the mind as the mother of all patterns,
and the love-child of Life itself?

One guy quizzed his self: “Which is more grating: Hearing people discuss movies (admittedly fictional) as though they have relevant significance, or hearing them talk about politics (assuredly real) as though that activity is of actual importance?”
You can think about the thoughts that ordinarily pass through your mind,
or you can think about potential tumors in that area.

Man is always on the verge of an epidemic.

Everyone is doing the best they can,
and everyone knows this,
but everyone forgets this is true concerning some other person or group
from moment to moment.

What ordinary minds call their latest insight is whatever they’ve latest read.

Commonly when it appears that the city may be in danger, the Mayor will announce:
“It appears that we may be in danger,”
and almost as often will he do so when it does not.
In that slow moving city area of man’s consciousness it is not simply better to be
safe than sorry, but better still to be safe than found out to be a know-nothing.

You can determine that your thinking is still normal, sane and the sort necessary to successfully navigate ordinary life as long as it sees what’s wrong with other people.

Asked one man: “In the physical realm it is understandable why things ‘on sale’
may be of ‘limited availability,’ but what is not understandable is why things in the mental realm of ‘limited availability’ are never ‘on sale.’”
“Might it have anything to do with the fact that there is nothing in the mental realm?”

One clothing store’s slogan: “Those Who Rhapsodize About Death Deserve It.
(Not Open On Monday.)”

A media hip guy says he has closed-captioning for everything he says that only he
can see (he says he’s sure everyone has it, but that most people don’t perceive it
in the way he does).

If a man-who-knows was religious in the conventional sense,
and anticipated an afterlife and Judgment, his fear would not be that he would be found to have been evil in his life, but that once in Heaven, God would eventually notice him and come over and say:
“Man! – I couldn’t believe how wrong you got that part about such-&-such matter!”

No one is in great-demand; P.R. persons and the entertainment media may claim otherwise, but the truth is: no one is actually in great-demand.

According to legend, on one world, myths told men.
Statistics show that less than 1.87% of the people who hear this story will understand what it implies, and less than half of those will be glad that they did.
Mythology is man’s attempt to understand his consciousness by giving it the name of something outside his self and then through story-telling about the something,
try to figure out consciousness.

Sure sign that a prospector’s been at it way too long:
his back’s bent, his knees are shot, he has no friends outside the mine, he is in debt,
and his hands are frozen in the position of holding a gold pan even though he’s long ago forgotten what he started out looking for.

(Oh all right, if you want to you can substitute the term,
metaphysical-seeker for prospector, but it’s on your head.)


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