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A Man Mentally Alone—Is Never Alone


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Human thinking seeks for patterns and predictability. Question: is the part of you that wants to wake up a separate part of the mind or a part of the automatic flow? It is a part of the train of thought that you can access, the more often the better for any chance at awakening. (36:28) #3362

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The Straight Dope For Non-Dopes
OCTOBER 12, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

From our: Distinction Directory.
The difference between a killer and a man-who-knows is that
a man-who-knows hasn’t killed anybody — lately.
(An entry on that same page notes that the difference between a reptile and
a man-who-knows is that a reptile has never thought about anything.
And a neurologist adds: “Our research has revealed that deep within the human brain remains a reptilian version thereof,
the full ramifications of which I personally care not to ponder.”)

In The Realm of The Civilized.
Only man’s physical behavior can conceivably deserve condemnation
(though city-fied minds are born with an inherent belief otherwise).
Mused an uncommon gazelle: “It is obviously proper for me to be eaten by a lion,
and foolish for me to think hateful thoughts about him for doing so.”

A Driveway Scene Exemplifying Ordinary Men’s Attitude
Toward The Mind They Find Themselves With.
As they stood by the first man’s car, the second man said:
“Boy – I’ll bet she runs like a top!”
“Well, I wouldn’t say that, but – she’s PAID FOR!”
Besides the gift of life, everyone is also born with a bunch of free accessories,
yet a few find the lack of up-front cost insufficient cause for them to embrace
certain ones of these.

God: A name the nervous give to chance.

Once you’ve developed your own individual mind,
a new definition of you is not far behind.
“Hold me, pa pa – I’m in a trance.”
“Don’t grab me son, we’re too old to dance.”
(Though many around them continued to whirl the Catatonia Tango.)
Question: What is the sound of a man asleep on his feet?
“Zzzzz, zzzzz, zzzzz?”
No: “Again, and again, and again,” – the same mental things, over and over and over.

(Please have all of the Nominating Committee members stand aside for an incoming Definition.)
Men Giving One Another Awards: Birds shitting in their own nests
and then celebrating the affair.

If the concept of inexplicable chance upsets you – you still have no clue.
And mused one chap: “Speaking of such matters:
for those of us lucky enough to have been born with that certain-hunger,
I can’t believe we won’t be fortunate enough to finally find dinner.”

Your neural King (and those who appear to run the routine world)
has a simple, though unstated guiding principle:
“Anyone who understands more than I do is dangerous – crazy even!
But whatever we may call them they sure as hell are not going to be supporters of
my rule; thus in the final analysis, they are expendable.”
Fact: A more conscious person must be conscious for two:
for his self, and also for everybody else.

Mistaking entertainment for information severely confuses the mind;
ordinary men continually confuse the two (you can take it from there).

One way to distinguish between cows and sheep is that cows think patriotism is the most important thing in life, while sheep believe it is fidelity to one’s religion.

No machine understands what fuels it – unless it unplugs itself from the wall
and studies the outlet ‘til it figures out what is going on.

Prayer Answered: Fortuity fully realized.

After one ole sorehead had again gone through his usual litany of complaints
regarding man – especially about the stupid things they say, someone asked:
“So if people would just shut up you could tolerate them!?”
“Yeah,” he replied.
“And if you never again had to hear their foolish babble,
you would have nothing to complain about?”
This time the grouch did not give an immediate reply, but appeared to
deeply ponder the question – then finally said: “Okay – let ‘em talk.”

This communiqué came in this morning:
“Yesterday you published an email from someone who said they make a copy of
your web page every day and then in composer, change words around until
what it says better suits them, question:
This is what our natural-born-mind does to our potentially enlightening thoughts,
isn’t it.
Yours,” etc.

Thinking And Companionship.
A man mentally on his own
is never alone.

Even when he was fully clothed, inside, one man was always naked.

To ordinary ears, a description of what is going on given by
a man who knows what is going on doesn’t sound as good as one given by
someone who doesn’t know.
(How neat can things get!?)

One guy is writing a new song: “Put Off Until Tomorrow Any Guilt You Have About Not Doing All The Things You Were Supposed To Do Today.”
(And he says he plans to have it finished by yesterday.)

Just as any broadcasting facility deserves, one man gave his natural mind
its own call letters: WDUD (in the western states: KRAP).

Publishing And Mental Image.
Whenever someone would criticize some idea one man had previously expressed,
he would smile, wave his hand dismissively and say:
“O! my latest edition has corrected any past errors.”

A reader asks if anyone knows of a physician who performs mind bypass surgery.


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