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To Talk About Oneself: Attempt to Develop Local Theory of Existence


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Notes by TK

Life seeks a grand universal theory to sum up existence. That is why men are so diverse in their secondary world characteristics. Note that at the primary level, humans are basically alike–physically, emotionally. Each man’s talk about himself, to define who is, is his attempt to formulate an explanatory theory of existence. That self definition is meaningless but this is unknown to him and in no way inhibits such spurious spouting re: “what kind of a guy I am”. (34:21) #3361

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Encoded Mental Minority Report
OCTOBER 5, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Passengers Should Check Their Schedules:
A Message From the Bus Driver.
“If man did not have thoughts he wouldn’t believe that he was going anywhere,
if man did not have thoughts he wouldn’t feel that his mind may not, after all,
take him anywhere.
Now — everyone take your seat,
open the box lunch that came with your ticket, and shut up!”

The Three Forms Of Satisfaction.
You can be satisfied animalistically (as by a full stomach),
you can be satisfied mortally (as by the mental dissatisfaction that comes from
being a human being with consciousness),
and there is a third way: the unnatural satisfaction that comes to a person struggling
to radically alter the effect their genetic temperament has on their consciousness.
On a typical hot and frantic day in the city, nothing is more refreshing to a few
than a private dive into their inner lake of fiery resistance.
The neural insurgent would rather wrestle a rabid bear than listen to it deliver
a discourse on morality.
(The ne’er spoken rebel attitude: “The city should’ve killed me when it first had
the chance, ‘cause now I’m gonna burn that sonofabitch to the ground [that is]
to my own neural ground.”)

One man pretends that many of the little meaningless matters in his life are of
real importance (like the brand of beer he drinks, his favorite TV channel,
which designer’s name is on his clothes, and like that).
(“Hey — I think I know that guy.”)

One day a certain non-standard lad inquired of his equally unauthorized dad:
“Which is the most fun: being more conscious, or the struggle that takes you there?”
“I’d rather not answer that………………………just now.”

Psychiatric Update.
The difference between being normal and being nuts is that in one instance
the mind seems to be doing what it should be doing.
(“Jeeze! I can’t believe you wasted space even reporting anything that obvious.”
Oh really – obvious is it now!?
“Okay – what’d you mean by that?”)

How The Ordinary Mind Is Given To Act Even In Areas Of
Potential Extraordinariness.
First, some non-routine person will discover that normally unutilized part of
his consciousness,
next he will construct a verbal map of the area, the likes of which have never
been seen before,
then he’ll show it around to others who seem interested in such matters,
and soon they’ll be trying to move onto the map, and often dragging him along
with them in their delusion.
(And a young child queried his father:
“Is this why words can’t be trusted?”
“I don’t like the way you phrased that.”
“Is that why you can’t verbally trust anybody?”
“Are you talking to me or your own mind?”)

You can be certain that if someone says the words: “God’s will,”
they won’t have anything interesting (or even mildly entertaining) to say after that.

Every answer proposed to a question regarding some matter in second-reality
immediately introduces a brand new question; this is an iron clad rule – no exceptions. Consider: Why does not this easily observable fact raise anyone’s curiosity
about the nature of this domain?

To highlight the eternal dance in the city between hormones & neurons,
a father presented a son with this ponder: “Over an average-led, sixty year lifetime, which would prove more profitable: to be an intelligent man, or a beautiful woman?”

Why Doors Have Knobs On Both Sides.
“Man’s consciousness created god, then forgot that it did,
which is what now so confuses man.”
“But didn’t god create man’s consciousness?”
“Damn! – I never thought about that! You’re right!”)
Variation Opus 3.
“Fire put me in this burn ward, and by gawd, fire’ll get me out!”
“Doctor! – I think this patient needs a psychiatrist more than a dermatologist.”

In Re Popular Culture.
The only reason a real musician would ever play a song that he didn’t compose
would be that it is fresh and interesting, or he is about to play in a group of people unfamiliar with one another, and a popular song gives them material they all know,
and can play together.
(The reason this item is in today’s News is how it clearly applies to man’s
routine mental processes and how the certain-few can improve same).

An excerpt from a book titled: Things You Could Hear Neurons Say
If You Lived In A Place Where Things Ran More Efficiently:
“If your name is Orlando, no need to try-out —
you can go right ahead and start playing second base.”

This email in this morning:
“I’ve been reading your Daily News for some time now and though I find it entertaining, I often can’t make sense of what you’re saying, but my brother says I shouldn’t worry about it — that what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.
Question: Who should I be listening to: you, my brother, or my own thinking?
(Suspecting I already know your reply) I am,
Sincerely Yours,” etc.

One man’s expansion of proverbial wisdom:
“If you are not the answer – you are still the question.”

Due to a promise he made his mother on her deathbed,
one man will tolerate more stupidity from his self than he will from others.
(“Pardon me, but where can I get a mother like that?”)


Note: The man who awakens IS his own mental mother & father.

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