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Men Feel Need to Defend “Ignorance,” Never “Understanding”


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Notes by TK

All men are “armed” with words, ready at all times to defend their positions when attacked. Men only feel the need to defend “ignorance”, not knowledge, especially first reality fact. Understanding requires no defense. To Know that secondary reality knowledge exists only in and for man’s mind, is the only Real knowledge. (42:23) #3360

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Instructions For After-Market Rewiring
OCTOBER 3, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Long, long ago, once the words that now incessantly flow through man’s head
like a river, had adequately addressed his survival needs and had no other specific responsibilities, they began to back-up like an overflowing river and just as occurs with such a waterway, they began to cut a new channel in man’s mind, a channel that became his second-reality; a realm that exists only because man’s words created it.
Not understanding this is what some have labeled: being asleep, unenlightened,
in captivity, in needless suffering;
realizing the whole affair is what the certain-few (wittingly or not) are about.

A father gave a son another example of: “When you may immediately and profitably walk away: “You may do so when someone opens their remarks with the words:
‘Here’s something I’d like to share with you…’”

“If you can’t be different – be drunk.”
“Hey – what a coincidence that you would say that,
for that’s precisely why I get drunk — to be different!”

Thinking about events of the world and the conditions of one’s own life
gives those people something to think about who do not think about waking-up.
Unrelated Message.
Just because the phone rings doesn’t mean you have to answer it.

A chap paused in his reading and ruminated: “How often poets have proposed:
‘Men lose what they love the most,’ but that can’t be so –
just look at men and stupidity.”

One father served a son this religious news.
“Any voice you naturally hear in your head is that of a lesser god, believe me –
MUCH lesser!”

You can’t rise above the energy to which you react.
(E.g. if others bug you – YOU bug you.)
“Pa pa, does one of them really cause the other?”
“On the level at which ordinary minds perceive Life,
nothing directly causes anything else (except of course for words).”

Men commonly say they want to “do god’s will,” which is their unrecognized admission of wanting to do what their consciousness most wants to do (which is):
grow in understanding, not blindly worship some imagined, external force;
men also say that they want to “please god” – when again what they really seek
is to satisfy their consciousness’ above noted desire.
(Surprising what one three letter word can camouflage, huh?!)

To be of ordinary mind is to only think about those things that you hear other people talk about.
(It’s having mental snoring reinforced).

The just-barely civilized wear clothing to evidence their state;
those a bit more cosmopolitan don impressive-sounding opinions;
(the man-who-knows, goes naked).

During a period of low scenic stimuli, the driver of the bus said over his shoulder
to the passengers:
“Well one thing the dumb don’t have to do is – play dumb,”
and a chap in an aisle seat said:
“I don’t see the point,” and the driver muttered:
“I think you just gave yourself away.”

Maturing in the city: The journey from childhood to blandness.

At a certain intersection, a man stopped and studied:
“If one name for progress is ‘tomorrow,’ and regret can be called ‘yesterday,’
then what connection should I be making between progress and regret?”
(Everyone in the city enjoys seeing a brokenhearted chimp dressed in a tux.)

In the window of a small shop in a large city hung a sign with three variations of
a similar two word announcement, each of which in turn,
had been marked through to make way for the one that followed (to wit):
“Brain Cells,” which was crossed out and replaced below with:
“Brains Sell,” which too was drawn through and followed by:
“Brains Sail,” (and after that last version, the sign fell silent).

Whenever someone of ordinary consciousness tells this one man that they don’t
like him, he will say that he understands – since he doesn’t particularly care much for that part of him visible to those of ordinary consciousness.
If you stand at the mouth of the valley that leads to Dodge City – and look –
the only thing you see is Dodge City.
“Well any damnfool knows that!”
You better check with your bus driver on that.

The Only Health News The Neo-Minded Need.
Forget sin –
forget guilt & shame,
forget psychological traumas,
and forget about man’s inhumanity to man and the environment,
a real person suffers but one pain – an upset stomach.

“You think you’re so smart!”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“You know, compared to you, you’re about to convince me.”

One man will only speak on the phone (or otherwise engage in communication)
IF he is absolutely certain of who he is talking to.
(P.S. He has never experienced such certainty.)

To a few,
being an elephant in a hurricane is preferable to being a flea on a sunny beach.


Everybody wants something from you — except the man who has it all.

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