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The First Thing Arising in Your Mind Never Benefits Awakening


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Notes by TK

If automatic thinking doesn’t bother you, you’ll not do anything about it. Automatic thinking is the basis of your personality; it makes you witty, popular, brilliant, kind etc., and also the reverse of these. Another method of struggle against automatic thinking: never give voice to the first thing that comes into your mind in reaction to some stimulus. Indeed, don’t even think the thought. The first thing arising in your mind is NEVER of benefit for awakening. (30:03) #3359

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Pro Wrestling For The Mind
SEPTEMBER 30, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Every man who struggles to awaken becomes his own myth – but,
he doesn’t permit his mind’s conception of his life to be presented as an example of anything. (The secret word is: “Keep it to yourself.”)

It is the certain-man’s duty to exceed his less complex ancestors.

One of the prime tricks is: think about things you don’t need to think about.

If you discover an evolutionary dead-end in you, nothing out-there will remedy it. (Remember, it is in you — so forget out-there.)

You can never listen to the first story your old mind tells you about anything,
but it’s just the opposite when your new one speaks.

You can’t change until you can change – and talking about your present inability
to do so will just keep you in your current condition.

A true suitor of Life finds her to be cute, reflective, and thoughtful of others,
(in a peculiar, offbeat fashion).

You’ll never learn anything about man by looking at him individually.

In a more creative future, the inner-insurgent will provide his own
so-called free-choices.

No matter who it is knocking on your door in the second-reality,
all you have to do is answer it, and you’ve been had.

If you feel your life is coming apart – you, old dear, are ordinary.

You can’t live out your own myth if you personalize it.

As long as you have matters you feel that you must talk about – you still don’t get it. (One old timer’s tip: “If you don’t try – really try — to get it – you won’t.”)

A real rebel can’t be comforted – and even if he could – he wouldn’t allow it.

On one world, existence is its own best reward.

Unless you become privy to the totality of Life’s thinking and intentions,
criticism is a boob’s sport (worse yet, it increases the volume of your snoring).

On another world, existence is its own best proof.

It’s chemistry that clouds your thinking – the thoughts come afterwards.
Ordinary men live in the Chemistry Lab – the certain-few send their brains upstairs
to the Philosophy Department.

If you don’t talk about it – it didn’t happen.

When you can see the universal and not just the local,
your present notions of simple-vs.-complex go – Ba-looey!

Only the clueless feel badly about Life.

The King on your mental throne (through the genetic right-of-succession)
is a buffoon, a stooge, and that’s just the way these things go.
(Ergo the few’s internal insurrection.)

If, in any part of man’s second-reality, you see an Exit Door –
you my friend are trapped – and are there for the long inner haul.

A nervous-system-rebel’s definition of truth could be: “Do something.”

You’ve located the secret ballroom when you feel that all of Life could be
your dance partner.

The mental revolutionist has no loyalties.

You can profitably disrupt automatic thought’s sense of time by leisurely taking
all the time you need to consider every possible consequence that could come from you thinking whatever the thought is that is presently seeking entry to your mind.

You can’t be a true resistor if you have an identifiable position.

Life lets the ordinary see only that which is meaningless –
and then makes them believe it is of great significance.

The genuine subversive must use speech offensively: his private words to his self must be mightier than the combined public weapons of man’s collective thinking.

If the thought in your head doesn’t have an actual thinker –
you’ve got problems right off the bat.

Giving away your position through whining increases your vulnerability.

The special-investigator only studies clues he can’t talk about.

Revealing your position is suicide for the would-be rebel.

When you are in a city-state-of-mind, there is no difference in motivation,
and irritation.

The longer you go without discovering how to really think – the stucker you get.

The city code says: Always blame the non-present, and if they’re not available:
blame the non-existent (Fate, God, your past).

No talk – no capture by sham seriousness.
(The clueless are recognizable by the struggling noises they make.)

There are no unavoidable human conflicts that demand your individual participation.
He who catches-on to what’s going on becomes scot-free;
he slides naked into home, “safe!” – and is immune to all junk lawsuits.

The insurgent’s treatment for all stagnation is agitation.
For the rebel, chaos can be both a threat and a form of strength.
(And it soes without gaying that you’ve got to know what you’re doing.)

The Fungibility Of Human Uniqueness: Somebody can replace everybody.

The conflict ordinary minds perceive is chump conflict.

The truth cannot be told because part of it is that not everyone can hear it.

Everything in man’s second-reality is based on a super iffy proposition.
(“Does that include man’s mental image of his self?”)

All hostility and criticism are squanderings of perfectly good energy.

Only by independently thinking (and thinking only about necessary matters)
can a man improve his position and avoid chump conflict.

When you know-what’s-going-on, you are no longer pestered by Lord Irony.

If you feel the need to tell what kinda guy you are, you are definitely some kinda guy.

If you respond – they’ve got cha!

(Misc. Note: You can’t be any type of guy and crack-the-case.)

You can’t gain new ground if you’re constantly struggling to protect your flanks.

If you’re thinking – you’re dancing.

Without imaginary conflict in the beginning,
there would be no way of ultimately improving your internal position.

Anyone who tells you what’s wrong with you, doesn’t know what’s wrong with you.
(On the remote possibility that there is anything.)

If you feel that the goal you’re after ain’t a big deal,
then you’ll feel that failure to reach it ain’t that big a deal.

Whenever you put someone in their place – you’re now in his place.

Those who don’t-know, feel that they must always be armed —
armed with words and arguments to defend their ignorance.

If you knew what the problem was – there wouldn’t be a problem.

This extraordinary activity (trying to crack-the-case) is not about learning how to cope, but rather about realizing that you don’t have to.

Everything a man can do and think about doing – he does,
it’s just that for a few – that just won’t do.


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