Jan Cox Talk 3357

Hormones Hold the High Ground in Skirmish for Dominance


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Notes by TK

Religious and political conflict is not about rituals, beliefs or state concerns; it is based on the urge to dominate by making the other group submit to/adopt “our” words. That the other group’s automatic thinking conforms to “ours”. This is true of the nervous system: one part attempts to convert the other. Neurons v. hormones. Even dreams where you are in conflict with another person is a symptom of this urge to dominate via words. (38:04) #3357

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Free-Ranger’s Guide To Constructing A Bullet-Proof Neural Vest
SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

How To Tell That You’re On Top Of Things In The Second-Reality.
In that special realm, you’re on top of things if you believe that you’re on top of things.
Today announced the Secretary Of Labor & Shillin’:
“If you’re trying to sell – you’re working for somebody,
‘cause you for sure ain’t got nuthin’ original of your own to sell.”
Notes the Head Librarian:
“Reading the ideas of another can lead to them becoming your mental hero.”
“But there’s the other side: If you plagiarize the ideas of another you may become someone’s mental hero.”
Then croaked the Certified Country Crooner:
“Fill my boots full of shit,
and we’ll all sing my latest hit,
prop me up beside a bookshelf when I die.”

The Overall Employment Scene.
Everybody wants everybody else to work.

Psychology Explained – While You Wait.
ALL desires are sub-conscious.
Don’t Leave Yet – Psychology BETTER Explained!
All desires come from the sub-conscious.
(Okay, As Long As You’re Already Here):
Psychology REALLY Explained.
Everything comes from the sub-conscious…..including the desire to be
more conscious…..and independently think (which occurs in so few people
as to be of no statistical significance).
What more to the few need be noted.

As a group of kids were amblin’ down the sidewalk, one of them said:
“The stupid sure do smile a lot,” and one of his chums responded:
“So do hyenas…and chimps…and politicians,” and a woman riding by on a motorbike shouted out: “You left out entertainers-uncertain-of-their-talent.”
(Later [after they’d split up] the first kid cogitated:
“Seems to me that ‘stupid’ still covered it.”)
After hearing of this episode, a local Professor Of Insight offered this comment:
“There is an inherent danger in noting what you perceive to be a lack of intelligence
in some specific group, in that your doing so drops you down at least a rung below those you’re taking note of,”
and the lady on the bike called out as she whizzed by again (going now in the opposite direction): “Hey Prof! – lighten up! – after all,
the catch-your-own-thrown-javelin-in-your-own-sweet-mouth is the very nature of
the hooman mind,” and — Zoom! – she was outta sight.
Now a closing observation from the Neighborhood Social Conscience Coordinator: “Only the stupid care what’s said about the stupid.”
(Tell me that doesn’t jolly well cover it.)
And a reader sends this email:
“Okay (as you say): If we’re all in show business,
how come I ain’t more popular and sought-after?”
(Quite surprisingly, that’s what all the untalented wanna know.)

“If your mind’s asleep – you’re asleep.”
“Is that saying: If your mind’s on automatic – you’re asleep?”

Anyone who doesn’t realize that words have a life of their own,
are themselves, intellectually lacking one.
Sure, men speak the words and say that they are responsible for what comes out
of their mouths, but objectively look at history:
between words and men – who pushes who around!?
And one man mutters: “Sometimes words make me ill,”
and curiously, when a man awakens – they do just the opposite.

Some Economic News.
Ordinary men commonly feel their thoughts to be a drain on their resources,
while those who awaken their mind find that all costs cease.
Life seems to have expenses only to the stupid, the uncertain, those with large ears,
and all the other ordinary folk;
there is no cost-for-living for those who-know-what’s-going-on.
(“I KNEW IT! – Life and them folks are in a conspiracy – I always knew it!”)
Some News From The Game Shows.
Quizmaster: “Why dwell on the negative aspects of being human anyway?”
Contestant: “Because that’s a part of being human.”
(Cameraman, sub rosa: “Well stuff that!”)

Only the dumb are vain – but, hey!
only the dumb have anything to be vain about!
As the weekend would draw nigh, this one unusually profound town would often – leave town.

Biology & Psychology Together March On,
(Their Handclasp Hidden From Public View).
If you think weird thoughts, you’ll become weird;
if you’re weird, you’ll think weird thoughts.
When the chap who reupholsters the couches in the Professional Counselors Building was asked what was the funniest thing he’d ever heard:
“The question of why do big, souped-up engines make so much noise? –
and Zoologists claiming they can look at excrement and determine the animal
from which it came — well hell, if that’s true, why can’t they examine ideas and tell
from what type of human they emerged?”

Cop Show Update.
All habits are the same,
the names are just changed to protect the weaklings.

Said a father to a son:
“You would be much surprised to know how many unusual things
Life will allow you to do internally if you simply go ahead and DO THEM!”


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