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Word Use: for Information, Sociability, & for Dominance


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Notes by TK

Men use words in 3 ways: to convey information; to be sociable (promote social stability); to establish dominance. The latter two vastly predominate, with will to dominance being preeminent. (38:27) #3356

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Underground Synopses For Those With Unaligned Synapses
SEPTEMBER 23, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

After lengthy consideration of what he’d always thought of as being his thinking,
one chap began to see it as letters being written to him by someone else;
he then tried to contact the area of his brain responsible for this to tell it not to
bother contacting him any more, but found it had an unlisted number and address.
(Rumor has it that another man did contact that part of the mind that sends the letters,
and asked it to include erotic photos of itself with the next batch.)

The simple compose allegorical fables with animals representing man;
the more sophisticated pen them letting technology & machines stand in for humans;
an even more evolved version would probably have man symbolizing his self.
(Medical Caution: If in the past, you have experienced any weakness in the seams
which hold your head together, it is best that you do not think about this.)

After a bout of heavy reflection, one man went to a mountain cliff,
stood on the edge, and peering out into the depths of the infinite, said aloud:
“Life, there is something I want to say to you – and I am well aware that you could justifiably slay me for what I am about say, but…” and Life immediately stopped him, noting that there was no need for him to go any further with his comment.

A chap just outside the city courthouse speculates:
“Once a man understands words, what he says after that in his everyday life,
he loses interest in.”
(Hint: Most men do not know how to properly talk to their self;
their basic error is in believing that it is them doing it.)
Ordinary thinking: A form of starvation that never ends.

One man watches TV just so he’ll have something to bitch about;
another man reads the newspaper for the same reason,
and still another guy gets the same purpose served by just being aware of
the stuff normally flowing through his mind.
(Psycho Alert: If you can laugh at this, you have yet to realize that it is not funny.)

The Power Of Not.
“Will not thinking thoughts make them go away?”
“Will not eating food make hunger go away?”
“Will not doing any particular thing, make it go away?”
“How about being-stupid-&-asleep?”
“How about, shutting-up!”
“I don’t think it’ll work in that instance.”

Being civilized is feeling you have a duty that extends beyond the property lines
of your own yard, albeit an illusory duty and imaginary property lines.
Advanced Version: Being civilized is pretending that you’re civilized.
(Note: At the heart of all things civilized is pretension.
[“Well in that case, I’m definitely civilized.”])

One man made such progress along a certain line that he now
has more excuses on hand than acts that need to be excused.

One of our semi-regular stringers submitted the following news item:
“Sad to report, but a working description of men labeled Philosophers could well be: ‘Those without the mental guts to go further’.”

Even If Time-&-Place Aren’t Everything, Place Can Still Be.
Only those above ground speak of premature-death.
Those asleep are permitted to talk about what it might be like to be awake,
but those awake do not have the same privilege.

Some Anecdotal History.
The first human who experienced that extraordinary state of awakened consciousness
wherein you suddenly realize what is actually going on with Life,
involuntarily exclaimed: “Oh my gawd!” –
which was adopted as the first name ever given to this grand adventure.
which consisted of just the first word of his exclamation).
(“See son, history is simple — if you don’t get all caught up in the past.”)
Some Art Related Archeological News.
Painting became possible only after men conceived of the concept of borders.
Pop Quiz.
What do these three things have in common: punctuation, boundaries, and death?
One man drew up a list of all the words he’d ever used, with the determination to
never use them again, but his mind immediately scoffed: “Don’t make me…”
and the man interrupted: “Don’t say ‘laugh’ – ’cause it’s on the list.”
Only a man who realizes what is really going on can, to his self,
verbally wrap things up in the only manner in which they stay wrapped up.
(“Pa pa, does this in any way involve cannibalism?”)
What ordinary men now define as “self sacrifice” is not what the concept originally meant to the neural-rebel’s ancestors.
Enlightened men’s bemused pity for the past is due to its impotency,
hiding behind its pretentiousness.
Time does not impress the awakened man,
(and space just barely catches his attention – some times).

A father gave a son this useful tip in a rhetorical Q & A:
“How do you know you’re talking to a futile person? —
the first word out of his mouth is ‘I’.”

Thought, Kinship & Rooming Houses.
Once he realized what had been going on in his head all this time,
one man stopped taking in boarders (even if they were his own family).

Who but a pinhead opens any letter that clearly does not contain a check!?
(“Are we still talking about letters-as-thoughts?”)

This Old Heteroclite House.
A local resident inquired of an uncommon contractor:
“Is working to liberate your consciousness like a short-circuiting of the mind,
or more like a rewiring of it?”
Collective Intelligence: The public’s fuse box.
Additional Query: Even if moving from your inherent birthplace seems improbable, does that make remaining where you are, acceptable?
For the few, the answer to that question is SO obvious that
they never even think of the question.
A memorable mortician muses: “A dead dumb question is a satisfied dumb question.”
(“I’m telling ya: nobody can put ‘em away permanently better than a man who deals with
both the living and the dead!”
“Should I take it that by ‘them,’ you refer to ‘dumb questions,’!?”)

The way to tell that you still live in the city is that the simple are always
wanting something from you –– and you try to give it to them!
(In the civilized world of second-reality, even the most sophisticated can still be mentally, shit-simple.)

The awakened man’s mind is also simple,
but in a manner quite different from ordinary men;
his became so through his efforts to awaken,
his struggle to solve-the-case stripped his thinking of all its non-essentials –
which is in fact — awakening.


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