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Rebel’s Non Auto Thinking Elusive Because It Arises Automatically


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Notes by TK

The ordinary mind has another mode from the automatic one. Without it man would never have become civilized; technology would be impossible, and morality moot. All non-physical misery arises from automatic thinking. The non-auto mode goes unnoticed because it interjects/arises in an automatic fashion! The neural rebel invokes it willfully. The effort to awaken involves the continual monitoring of automatic mode. (47:51) #3355

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Info For Those Committed To Mental Independence
SEPTEMBER 21, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

“Look! — It’s A Rodent!” — “It’s An Allegory!” —
“No, It’s Something Worse!”
A couple of beavers were leisurely floating around on their backs in a pond
on a lazy summer day when one of them said:
“Wouldn’t it be great to have human consciousness,” and his pal asked:
“Why?” and he replied:
“Well, just think what a conversation starter it would be:
you could walk up to a girl in a bar and say: ‘I’ve got something really special:
it is both a spear and a shield,
a wound and a dressing, an ill and a cure, a disorientation and a compass’ –
imagine how impressed she’d be,”
(but his bud was thinking: “Yeah, she might be, but what kinda big deal is that,
after all, she’s only a beaver, for chrissake.”)

Once the boy had become old enough to be interested in how men
commonly conceive of Life, and was displaying the burgeoning ability to
grasp uncommon perspectives there about, the father said to him:
“Man’s idea of god is the cry of his consciousness to comprehend itself” –
the lad went off alone and studied this comment for a considerable time —
then returned to the elder and said:
“Well, since you’ve said it, it seems obvious – but it produces a fresh question:
Why did I never realize this on my own?”
(And the elder reminded the lad that the mind can only speak of itself in metaphors,
and that forgetting this puts all obviousness beyond the immediate mental pale.)

You have to remember where you are to be anywhere profitable.

No matter how well stocked he’d become with thoughts,
one man’s mind still worked the night shift in addition to its day time duties.
(“A real eager-beaver, I guess you could say. Har har!”)

“At one time the struggle to achieve enlightenment was considered
a most serious matter.”
“When was that?”
“At the time when everyone who seeks it starts out.”

One man’s motto: “Accept no approximations” keeps him both out of second-reality, and far from Knowing-what’s-going-on-ville.
(“That’s not funny!”
He didn’t say it was.)

The sign above the check-in counter in Corpulent City says:
“If you’re round – stick around,
but if you’re flat – get back.”

A reader sends in a question for Professor Explosion:
“Herr Professor: Can it ultimately prove disconcerting to realize you have
wasted your entire mental life in ordinary thought?”
Based on advice from our Legal Department, Professor Explosion will no longer respond to such inquiries from our readers which does not include
proof of their own ordinariness.

If an awakened man did produce a system to awaken it would be a patchwork quilt, composed entirely of his own original patches.

Back during the early survival-comes-first days, men fought over food,
but now that they are civilized and living in the city, they have nothing to fight over – so they make up stuff and fight over nothing.
(Note: The above sentence can be considered an operational definition of man’s most common and respected Institutions.)
Game Time!
Question: Why do humans have such large heads?
Answer: So they will have plenty of room to wage war in case no one else shows up.

A mind not in conflict with itself is not a normal mind.

Pertinent apparently to one of today’s news items and previous stories we’ve reported, a lobbyist for the Intercontinental Beaver Society has sent us another
official complaint. (Received & noted.)

And by request, here anew is a definition of: Awakened Consciousness: Consciousness without the ordinary side effects.
Collateral Matter: Most insurance companies will not cover treatments that
normal minds prescribe for themselves.
“Why is that, pa pa?”
“Untangle for yourself this short and non complex matter and you will have gone a long way in cracking-the-case & solving-the-mystery.”
To a worm, a chimp’s ability to conceive of more complex concepts seems a
side benefit of anthropoidal consciousness – and to a chimp,
man’s ability to talk about his concepts is an added benefit of mortal consciousness,
and to carry this progression to the next level, consider that at that point, the additional benefit to consciousness might be in the ability to shut up while still being
fully conscious.
Tacit Truism Of The More Conscious.
Benefit is as benefit does.
(“Hell! – everybody knows that – it just keeps slipping our minds. Damned ole slippery minds!”)

Singers who perform songs written by others do so because they feel insecure.

(In case you might be further interested):
In one land there has recently appeared a new masked & caped crusader,
who gnaws his way into the core of injustice & insensitivity, and who,
(as witnessed by the bold initials displayed proudly on his chest: “T.G.U.B.”)
calls his self: The Great Unifying Beaver.

The father earlier reported on, later spoke again to the son regarding the matter previously mentioned:
“Any mental cry for help exemplifies a hunger for greater understanding,”
and the boy responded:
“But under some conditions could it not be a cry for additional physical powers?”
“It would not be the same, since men know that the latter is not to be.”
“Perceptive men, you mean!?”
“What other kind are worthy of our dialogues.”

The inner-insurgent only talks with his self when he has a self worth talking to,
and when he has a self capable of voicing worthwhile words.


Jan’s Daily Auspicious News
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