Jan Cox Talk 3353

Automatic Thinking Leads to Regrettable Actions


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Notes by TK

Automatic thinking is not in your best interest. Every regretted action is the result of automatic thinking. (35:20) #3353

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Encouragement To Neural Self-Eroticism
SEPTEMBER 16, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Today people become psychiatrists instead of priests for three reasons:
one: it seems more up to date;
two: you don’t have to dress up funny,
and three: it pays better.
(And while there may be others, you’ll waste your time trying to think of them.)
The true sign of a sane man is that he recognizes:
“When it’s enough – it’s enough (and ‘enough’ is always also ‘sufficient.’)”
The only thing sane about an ordinary man’s thinking is its honoring of its
natural place in mankind’s collective mind,
(and if you see this as actually being sane, then you’re crazier than the ordinary).
Okay, here’s the cutting-edge deal:
for a man determined to see all there is to be seen, there is no such place as enough;
in the super-advanced reality of the man-who-knows, even the edges have edges –
all distant horizons, up close have their own horizons, and this of course is not a description of physical reality – but of human consciousness –
which is what all of these daily writings are really all about.

How One Can Be Neurally Limited Yet Hormonally Gifted.
One man says he is so dumb that if he wants to count above ten
he has to put his hands in his pockets.
(And while we’re on the subject of intelligence, here is one guy’s):
Modern Maxim For The Marginally Conscious.
“Life giveth – and Life taketh away,
(but in your case, it’s mostly a matter of taketh-away).”
Kids, who remembers the news item from 2001 about the man who brought rats
into his house to take care of the roaches?
(“Okay,” asks that reader again, “why did you attach that bit to the story ahead of it?”)
Why have a furnace if you don’t use it!?
“But it’s summertime!”
Yeah, but you knew this time would come when you installed the damn thing.
(And this time that reader didn’t bother us with another of his silly questions.)
Sensitivity In The City.
One man even puts his plastic house flowers out in the sun occasionally.
(In a realm of imaginary reality it always pays to cover as many bases as possible.)
Important Information Regarding How Ordinary Men
Never Know When To Stop.
Ordinary men never know when to stop.
About Famous Wise Men.
There was once a famous wise man who (if you followed closely enough, all that he said) continually said things which contradicted things he had previously said;
this (to those with awakened ears, and who realized that he did this knowingly)
revealed him to be all the wiser.
(“You can’t prove that!”
Did he mutter: “Thank god!” right after saying that?)

Looking up from the newspaper he was reading,
a man on a bus said to the guy in the seat next to him:
“Astrology’s ridiculous,” and his riding companion responded:
“No it’s not.”
“Yes it is.”
“Not it’s not.”
“It’s the same thing as religion – why do you defend something so foolish?”
“Because I’m a Presbyterian Sagittarius.”
“Oh! – I’m sorry – I didn’t realize.”
If you would just feed the roaches in your house adequately
they wouldn’t bother your precious food.
And this email just in from a reader:
“Why on earth did you make that item about roaches part of the story just before it!?!
Perplexed, Yours,” etc.

One guy flexed his favorite muscles and said:
“I don’t take no shit off nobody!” –
and his mind said: “How about me?” –
and he said: “Except you.”
Tip To Would-Be Authors.
If you don’t have anything of significance to say, be sure to submit your manuscript
on really nice paper.
In second-reality affairs, the container can be just as important as the cargo –
indeed, they’re one and the same.
(“I can’t see that?!?”
That’s because you’re still standing in the second-reality.)

This communiqué from a reader:
“You said recently that a man shouldn’t be concerned with his social standing,
or reputation since: ‘Everybody on this bus is a two-bit whore’ –
well I think I’ve figured out why this is:
it’s because we’re all on a two-bit-whore BUS! – that’s why!”
(And was that Life who just muttered: “You better not let me hear you say that.”?)

Astrology (amongst other things like: Palmistry, Numerology, Graphology, The Tarot,
I Ching & Cabalism) is to consciousness same as the concept of god is thereto.

For Some: The Supreme Summation Surrounding All Remorse, Regret, Contrition & Self-Reproach,
(“Did you say: ‘Self-re-roach?’” – somebody get him outta here.)
A real person has but one regret – that they are not more conscious.
Ordinary men’s thinking sees the only possible resolution of their prior missteps
as being in the past – that they should have avoided same back when they were committed, which sounds reasonable enough to routine ears, but which is (from the perspective of reality-without-edges) completely unreasonable.
It might be only fair to note that Life does not normally offer an alternative to this common view, but does permit an uncommon few to conjure up one on their own.

And finally, for all the kiddies not already too faux mature:
Mr. Strange Science’s Law Of The Day.
The past can be affected – but only by those with thinking not stuck therein.