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Doing Anything in Second Reality Can Always Be Postponed


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The neural rebel wants only that his thinking be off automatic mode. (37:45) #3352

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Pointing To The Ultimate Pay-Off For The Few
SEPTEMBER 14, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Help For The Hapless – Feck For The Feckless.
If you don’t think about a particular thing long enough,
you may not ever think about it again.
Medical Clarification.
Those who don’t know how to really help
commonly commence their alleged treatment by saying:
“Now this is going to hurt at first.”
(Connected Note: Those who don’t know what they’re doing are never interested in what happens past the start of anything.)
Aesop On An Unconventional Exam Table.
A well oiled eel asked a man: “How do you expect to ever hold onto something
as slippery as the mind?”

The Human Mind: A watch normally wound so tight that it can make the pocket
it is in run.
(Aka: The dog-of-the-mind’s constant chasing after passing cars eventually so distracted attention that it began to go along with him.
Also known in another place as: When what is dropped into a swirling blender
is important enough, the blender too will begin to spin.
And ultimately known in rebel camp as:
The thoughts that Life naturally supplies to human brains are accepted well by most, but they do foul up the consciousness of a certain-few.)

If you can’t find a dictionary word for it – ordinary men have not thought of it,
and if the special-investigator struggling to crack-the-case can’t find a word for it –
he creates one.
When you see what’s really-going-on and thus know what you are mentally doing,
for the first time in your life you can make words work for you as an individual,
and not part of an impersonal, collective herd, as is Life’s unmistakable wont with ordinary men.

Even though it wasn’t fatal, and it never drove him to the hospital,
the ill one man most dreaded was his periodic outbreak of him.

A person who feels he have something to teach others will treat those who appear receptive to his ideas in one of two manners:
he will either treat them as his intellectual inferiors,
or will (since they seem to agree with his views) overestimate their intelligence.

Those who seek the highest dramas in their external life are always the ones
with the least going on inside their head.

A man trying to get-to-the-bottom-of-things is an insurgent against his own King.
(Shocking! – huh!? Not to mention frightening, unthinkable, and incomprehensible.)

The need for any particular thing to be done in man’s second-reality
can always be waited out.

So meditated one man: “If I could think up an impressive slogan for myself,
I’d surely be impressive…….. ……….leastwise to me.……………..I think?>!~?#”

On one world was a race of creatures who were born with a radio playing
in their house. (Wonder whatever became of them?)

More than anything, one man wanted to be a famous fiction writer –
but he never could even get started –
‘cause he never could make up any characters that weren’t simply him, renamed.
(“And I take it he therefore became a writer of humor – and penned the above.
Quite funny, ha,ha. Stick to the lovers of fiction. Ha, ha.”)

One guy threatened to take his self hostage if he didn’t straighten-up.
Do you believe it worked? Do you think he really cared!?

Additional Definitions.
Institutions: Collections of hacks thrown together by Life for the purpose of encouraging all men to be civilized.
Charities: Organizations charged with promoting the notion that men should
pay for the above privilege.

One way to complete a second-reality undertaking is to simply announce that
it has been completed. Hell! come to think of it – it’s the only way.

After only seven years, one man learned how to program his VCR.
Spurred on by his impressive success in this one area,
he says he next plans to tackle his mind.

Another definition of: Collective Intelligence:
The vague recollection of things never personally known.

When it comes to attempts to engage in intangible charity,
you can only give away that which you do not have.
Corollary: In man’s second-reality, there are no natural resources –
(not unless you include words).

During the recent sunspot burst, one man, for an unaccountable reason, ruminated:
“If I were someone else, would I still find me as simpleminded as I do?”

One day the King suddenly thought:
“Why is the Crown the last public institution to have a slogan?” –
and his High Priest quickly injected:
“That is because those who require tacky tag-lines and catchy clichés
to establish their identity, are the kinds of men who suck! –
and your Grace most definitely does not suck.”
(And once again the monarch was reminded of why he paid the Holy One the big bucks.)

Only involving second-reality affairs can a man put his finger on something
whilst simultaneously hitting it with an illusory hammer.

One day one man’s mind said to him: “Hey – don’t insult me!” –
and he said: “Fuck you!” –
and it said: “Hey – don’t try to make up.”

No matter his race, religion, culture or nationality,
a real man’s only loyalty is to his own understanding.

Although he’d been around them for a dozen or so years,
one day it just suddenly struck a young lad: “What the hell are adults staring at!?”

In the normal course of aging, buses begin to slow down as they approach the final stop, but that is still no proof that they have actually been anywhere.
(Unlike with everyone else, at the moment an awakened man dies,
no one has any notion of what he is thinking.)

And One More Definition.
Being Civilized: The act of pretending that you are civilized.
A reader asks: “Is being-civilized the same as being institutionalized?”

True For The Ordinary Man.
The more you eat – the more you want to eat,
the more you screw – the more you want to screw,
and the more you sleep – the more you want to sleep,
but with the certain-man, you must add to this list, understanding.

Only the specially wired few are born with this more complex hunger scheme.
(“And — Oh my god! — what a treat it is feeding it!”)


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