Jan Cox Talk 3350

Obstacles and Inequities—Always to Be Found in Second Reality


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Notes by TK

Consider a man, having arrived in Italy, who regrets having gone thru Paris on his trip, but who HAS NO PHYSICAL MEMORY of ever actually traveling thru Paris. This is what the thinking about intangible matters amounts to: traveling thru a nonexistent universe, suffering over all its perceived obstacles and inequities. (36:53) #3350

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Magazine For The Unsmitten Man
SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

More About Hormones & Neurons.
Though he never actually purchased anything but food, one man still eagerly
bought all the advertising for all the other products offered for sale.

A Good Sign?
While his health was not perfect, most medications produced in one man
only their negative side effects.

Some Bizness News (Of The Funny Sort?).
While reading a magazine article that mentioned a certain corporation’s enigmatic public image due in part to its refusal to allow its executives to give interviews,
a chap mused: “During good times, that is how the personally controlled portion of
my mind works vis a vis its standard neural connections.”

Exposés And Those Living In The City.
Everyone needs to be investigated.

Even More About Hormones & Neurons From A More Oblique Perspective. (Aka: Physical-Reality Compared To Man’s
Mental Variety. Or: Physical-Reality Vs. Civilization.)
One tribe never dressed up in weird costumes and did wild dances until tourists came looking for tribes who: dressed up in weird costumes and did wild dances.
The King gives the people what they want,
but Life makes the people want what the King can give – or:
Hormones supply neurons with nourishment for which neurons are able to
later take credit — or:
You can pretend that things are however you wish they were – Life doesn’t care – simple shit like that doesn’t bother you when you’re the guy in charge.

Veracity On The Switch-Back Track.
Once every couple of years, one man will stroll through the cemetery
just so he can smile as he walks past his grave.
In lieu of being confused — one man confuses others.
(“Anyone who tells you that words are your friend, is lying to you.”
“But what can you do?! — even then it will actually be words telling you that!?!”)

Nourishment Unencumbered.
One guy bypasses all the middlemen and eats sunlight directly.

So Why Aren’t You Laughing?
A joke-quiz which one chap particularly enjoys:
“Why are there more crazy women than men?
‘Cause men drive them crazy” – he used to enjoy it even more,
before the accident,
involving his head,
back when he saw the joke as a metaphor concerning the working of the mind,
(or something like that).

As evidence of how his efforts have moved his image of his self around in his own mind, one man now (in the ongoing movie of his life) lists his self as appearing in
such roles as: “Second Cop On The Scene,”or: “Man On The Streetcar.”

One guy always knew what was going on….as long as he didn’t think about it……ah! – what the hell: everybody knows what’s going on as long as they don’t think about it.

How Things Work.
The more of those annoying business-reply-cards stuck in magazines that you angrily rip out and curse, the fewer the publisher will insert in subsequent issues.
(The headline to this story may be missing a word?!?!)

One guy can make something out of anything –
even the most meaningless and insignificant of things.
(In his defense he says that things themselves started this.)

One man can talk for as long as he thinks.
“But everybody does that?!?”
Yeah, but he can do it on purpose.

Real Education.
One fellow named a school after his self.

One chap cannot decide which he finds the most boring in their redundancy
and predictability: clocks or calendars.
(“A hox on both their pouses,” huffs he.”)

To his credit, when in doubt – one man will say nothing – and thus never admits it.
(Which to some folk’s way of thinking, deserves a whole heap of credit.)

One man’s maxim is: “You shouldn’t sit – but if you’re gonna sit – sit still!”
(He says he’s working up to it being about moving rather than sitting
[but admits he can’t put a time frame on when this may occur.])

Inner Musical Performances.
A real man doesn’t go see others play – he plays.

One guy can think better if he has words in front of him
(like sitting before an open dictionary.
His mother just came in the room and swatted him across the back of his head
and told him he better not try to make some sort of allegory out of this.)

After reading one of today’s earlier stories, one guy says he now feels like his natural born mind is one of those irritating business-reply-cards,
but rather than a magazine, it’s stuck in his brain.

Whenever he would send someone an email that solicited a response,
one man always ends with a parenthetical: (“Just reply when you get the chance”) – which is precisely what they all do.

Although ordinary language never covers it all –
it covers all that is ordinarily necessary.
Note: The neural-revolutionist never settles for what is just necessary.


Jan’s Daily
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