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What Substantial Effort Is Rewarded for Producing Nothing?


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Notes by TK

Can a knowledge exist when no living human knows it? The Christian Bible is such knowledge to the religious, not just a belief. The bible is knowledge not personally, directly known by any, yet it is influential and impacting. Consider: what sort of effort is it that produces nothing? Example of baseball player who hits home runs but produces nothing tangible. This is the actual creation of secondary reality. (34:58) #3349

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Journal Of Joy For The Stringless
SEPTEMBER 7, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

The Great Language Debate in the city went like this:
(first speaker): “Words are signposts to the truth,”
(second speaker): “Words are to mitigate suffering,”
(final speaker): “Words are to explain experience,”
and as the audience was leaving a chap was heard to mutter:
“Don’t any of them realize that in our world, words are an experience.”
Concerning any matter in man’s mental-only world, when the talking part of his brain says that something is so, and the listening part of his brain accepts the statement,
that my friends seals the matter, and no outside claims to the contrary will change
the situation.
“Well, after all,” notes a typical city specimen, “if a man cannot rely on his own brain
to be consistent and to stand by its decisions, how could he ever make it through
this life!?” How undeniably true – concerning physical reality, but how unbearably misleading when applied to that intangible realm that exists only in his brain.
What boon hath thy brought thyself by continually rehabilitating Merlin
so that he can treat the ills of Camelot.
There is but one cure for having stepped in quicksand.
(“See here! – you surely do not have in mind: To simply step out of it!?”)
From his tree perch a swamp buzzard proffers: “If your thinking pretends that it knows what it is doing, other parts of you will pretend that they support it.”
One man’s motto is: “What more can you ask!? – what more.”

The mythology of a now extinct group says that though Life’s natural business is change, the constant disruptions inherent therein resulted in an inordinate amount
of stress, migraines and the threat of ulcers, which Life ultimately handled by
creating man and turning the job over to him.

Of what value is information that has an escape clause!?

The infantile eye/I says:
“Fate or chance ruled my parents – my own decisions will me.”
(And several cities said: “And just how is that infantile?”)

Those who worry about “man’s-attempt-to-play-god,” are sure hard up for worries.

In the common conditions of the city, don’t pity the poor,
for if you think you’re not one of them you’re both poor and stupid.

Since one purpose of words (unrealized by the ordinary) is to bamboozle man,
what’s wrong with an extraordinary man turning the bamboozlement back on ‘em!?
(As the butcher-cum-contractor of one urban mental area likes to say: “The phony-baloney
materials used to construct cities still can make a fairly decent sandwich — if you’re hungry enough.”)

An older planet told his satellite son:
“The way to distinguish whether beckoning activities are essential to you or not
is that only the non-essential ones come with instructions.”

When the sun would be high and the skies all clear,
one man would say (just for him to hear):
“The beach awaits those who await the beach.”
(And as the Mayor-cum-chef of another urban neural landscape loves to espouse:
“You can’t have fun without breaking some city rules and second-reality eggs.”)

Says one ole sorehead:
“I’ve looked at Life — and I’ve look at the alternative — and I’d like to say this:
I’d like to have additional time to make my selection.”

One man has already written the title to his next proposed book:
“The Liberating Power & Confining Consequences Of Words.”
The I.V.D.L. (International Verbal Defense League) has issued this statement:
“Were it not for men talking – words would not have gotten such a bum rap.
Thank you for your attention.
Sincerely, The I.V.D.L. Executive Board.”

Listening to the mechanical talk of sleeping people only encourages your own mind
to do likewise.

A real nervous-system rebel is whatever he says he is,
and the cutie-pie part of it is that if he actually says what he is, he’s no longer a rebel.
If you are alive and of normal perception, you have thoughts that say:
“Life’s got me coming-and-going,”
and if your analyzation of things is über normal, you ignore such notions.
Precisely what sort of claustrophobic-based hand-wringing is in order
for a train properly rolling on tracks in the mountains which are headed into a tunnel!?

If you have to urge the crowd to clap along to your musical performance,
have you ever considered that you might need work on your song & performance?

One guy of late thought: “I used to enjoy reading what other people thought,
(in fact, doing so seemed to make me think),
but now if I read what some other person thought, all I do is think:
‘They weren’t thinking.’”

At city college the most popular course in their Adult Evening Program is:
“Babble For Beginners.”

A Second-Reality Rhyme.
Who’s the losers, who’s the winners,
we’re all diners, we’re all dinners.
Bon appetite, my cannibalistic tongue – say goodbye to my foot.
(If there’s one thing illusory meals can do it’s replenish themselves.)

At the gate to one particular after-life is a testing station where you must pass an exam to gain admission, which consists of one multiple choice question with three possible answers:
“Jack says that the most important thing in life is what you do;
Bill says the most important thing is what you say;
who is correct?
(A) Jack.
(B) Bill,
or (C)?”

Scary (Though Liberating For Some) Health News.
If you get sick in second-reality — and tremain there – well is where you’ll never get.

After all is said and done
someone will surely note:
“Men certainly did say and do a lot.”