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City Reality Explains Experience, Primary Reality Is Experience


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Notes by TK

The mind is intended for knowledge, or information. Physical world knowledge/info can be verified by the senses. In the secondary world all knowledge is unverifiable. E.g., health food supplements, homeopathy, etc. Question: can there be a knowledge that exists and yet without a living person who knows it? (26:09) #3348

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Stories For Shepherds Seeking Separation From Useless Sensations
SEPTEMBER 5, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

First Corollary: When everything looks the same – everything is the same.
Fourth Corollary: When everything looks different, the First Corollary still applies.
(And if you’re interested: the Ninth Corollary wraps it all up by noting:
“You’re not from around here are you. Leastwise your inner sight’s not.”)

Efforts by those who run the city to become super-efficient in the discharge of
their duties soon result in an even more constricted perception of reality.
It was from neurons listening to Adam without having the full story
that led to The Garden shrinking so much that he had to flee.
From one post-paradisiacal perspective, being-enlightened is in neurons simply realizing their genesis.

A hobby dependent on talk is not much of a hobby.
Correction: For ordinary people, a hobby dependent on talk is the supreme hobby.

Casual Chit-Chat Outside The City.
When two people both understand what’s going on –
they have little to say to one another.

Being staggered by the truth of things is the nervous-system rebel’s
preferred manifestation of inebriation.

After hearing yet another paean proclaiming the glory of some former time,
one guy screamed: “If the past was so great – how come it didn’t stick around!”

A chap lingering about the city limits says that the greatest pleasure (if not profit)
he has derived from talking to his self is how it has lulled him into a false sense of mental security.

Urban structure.
Culture is the cement that holds the city together.

Second-reality activities provide men with an experience,
physical reality is experience.

Sometimes when meaningless thoughts arise (as they are naturally want to do) from the old normal part of his brain, this one chap will bring his self to attention and stand-tall next to his newer unconventional neurons and say on their behalf: “We are not amused.”
Going along with the thoughts & feelings that automatically appear in
your nervous-system is like a bankrupt man accepting additional credit.

Self-Mutilation Through Speech.
“I was heartbroken,” “I was thrilled,” “I was so angry,” and so on.

Some are born lions,
some are born gazelles,
some are born worms,
others are born wrens — welcome to the human zoo.

Culture is the imaginary spit that ordinary men believe holds civilization together.

Frequently one man will face his reflection in a mirror and say:
“What do you really want to be when you grow up?”

Those too unthinking to understand what’s going on when they speak,
always strive to sound especially sincere.

Those still living a rudimentary, physical-reality, sustenance existence
MUST stay as aware of their environment as is humanly possible to survive;
but once men mentally progress and move into inner city life, their overall survival becomes dependent on them constricting their awareness.
To be of ordinary state of mind & consciousness requires that a man live as though
his motto could be: “There are certain things that I do not want to know,”
and he unknowingly tells the truth, for there are things that a man cannot know –
not and remain part of Life’s conventional herd.

This Can’t Be True! – This Cannot Be The Rebel’s Position!
“If I didn’t think of it on my own – I have no interest in thinking about it.”

All of what men call “evil” is a local phenomenon.
(“Describe it for me again, pa pa.”
“The local is what ordinary men perceive; the universal is what IS.”)

Culture is the fancy-seeming thoughts that ordinary men believe holds their minds to
the acceptable standard of sanity.
(“If I can just think of painting instead of pussy, I’ll be all right.”)

Every day one man feels that he has made at least one thoroughly new and marvelous mental discovery – and even if it could be objectively proven untrue –
he says it wouldn’t change anything.

A rebel with a predilection for music mused that listening to his old regular mind
was like giving-the-bass-some. “Yuck! Ugh!”

A father so advised a son: “There is no need to reply to snippy comments.”
“Why so pa pa?”
“Snippy comments are their own response.”

On a chilly morn as he shivered with the enjoyable thrill of putting on a warm tee shirt right out of the dryer, a guy thought:
“If only my everyday emotions could feel as good as my skin does at times like these.”

Exposition Of Supra Story.
All that men label as “stupidity” is a local phenomenon.
(“That’s delicious! [if I’m understanding aright] it’s saying you can only see yourself as being stupid
if your consciousness is somewhere other than firmly amidst tangible reality. I love it!”)

The other day the regular part of one man’s brain said to him:
“If you’ll show me yours, I’ll show you mine” and he said:
“Hell – you’re just saying that ‘cause you ain’t got one.”

For thousands of years humanity has solemnly repeated the phrase:
“No faultless work has man ever seen,”
but has it ever occurred to anybody to get man’s eyes checked?

As they stood on the porch looking out across the open plains before their house,
a father posed this one to a son:
“How old do you have to be to eat only what you enjoy?”
And the son wondered: “Is he talking about food or thoughts?”



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