Jan Cox Talk 3345

The Body Demands a Cure—The Mind Demands a Reason


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Notes by TK

Mind expects that its cause-and-effect successes in the hard sciences will apply equally and have the same success in the intangible, cultural sciences. ANY “reason why” suffices for secondary explanations; THAT a reason is expressed satisfies. If a reason is “lacking” then the hearer replaces it with his own belief/reason…which is just another reason heard somewhere else! Science answers questions of: why is the world like it is? Social science answers the question: why is man like he is? The body demands a cure (science); the mind demands a reason. (39:02) #3345

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Magazine For Surreptitious Magellans
AUGUST 29, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

One fellow who lacked passion toward any of the matters that seem to interest most men one day remarked to his self while strolling through the woods:
“I wish there was something truly extraordinary to which I could devote my life,”
and Life(who just happened to be behind a nearby mimosa tree) retorted:
“Ah, but there is my boy — ah, but there is.”

Thought a chap: “A man who talks to his self, talks to an idiot,”
and the idiot said: “Speak for yourself.”

One King spoke so often of his self in the third person,
that he began to treat his self in a similar manner.

On The Overdone Runway.
As the local god watched the creatures in his charge twirl, vamp and pose,
and he considered what primarily holds them in reasonable check, he mused:
“Habit and vanity so becomes them.”

Mused one man: “I believe you would be onto something if you could turn your own shadow into a missing-person.”

He arose (standing as tall as possible)
and declared (sounding as intelligent as possible):
“I regret – I regret I say, that I have but one mind to give to the cause,” and the cause muttered: “Thank you sweet jesus!”

“What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.”
“An ordinary person taking credit for something they said.”

Man’s Words & The Universe’s Reality Bump Heads Again.
For thirty years, as soon as he would awake each morning, one man would say:
“As sure as night follows day – day precedes night,” then one day his bed mate said: “Do you know how irritating and boring it is to hear you every morning say:
‘As sure as night follows day – day precedes night!?’” and he replied:
“You say it’s irritating and boring to hear me say that every morning,
without mentioning how irritating and boring it is that it’s true.”

In his lecture, an author said: “My goal is to be able to write like I think,”
and a guy in the audience mused: “I’d settle for being able to THINK like I think.”

Dialogue Snippet.
“Being last in line lets you have the last word.”
“But who then is there to say it to?”

While sitting alone having a brewski or twoski, a man had the thought:
“If I could willfully do some of the things I accidentally do – I’d be quite a dude.”

Having a rotten memory won’t keep you in at recess, but not taking it into account can cause you to forget where you stashed your lunch.
(“Teacher, it’s almost three o’clock – can I go ahead and punch myself out?”)

Many years ago, intergalactic time travel was possible –
but that was long before men discovered that it wasn’t possible.

On one world, the ecological balance of the food chain is so precise that the number
of active accordions is directly tied to the size of the healthy ear population.

Well, Tete-My-Tete
“No one is ever correct the first time around.”
“That’s not true.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
(The preceding conversation was brought to you courtesy of a noncommercial grant from the accounting firm of You & Your Partner.)

Offers one chap: “The only thing funnier than most conclusions is their premises.”

The titular leader of one flimsy expedition proclaimed to the others:
“Remember! – we’re all in this together (except for those of us who aren’t).”

One man refers to the voice which he and everyone else hears in their head, as:
“My better half,” a term, about whose sincerity, the voice is uncertain.
(And a tree intruded: “Would termites lie to you!?”)

One man’s prediction: “In the future everyone will be named: ‘Hey you!’”

One guy says he is thoroughly convinced that in another life he was the Piltdown Man, and when someone pointed out that the Piltdown Man was a fraud,
he immediately replied: “Exactly!”

On one world they decided that the really stupid would have to have a license –
but they encountered a small problem: no one could spell: l, i, s, – l, i, e, – license.

Unrelated Rhyme.
Being consistent
will get you a biscuit
when you get into heaven.

One man discovered that continually shouting: “We’re on the right track now! –
We’re on the right track now!” will keep most of those around him from ever realizing that he has no train.

It is reported that in the galaxy just north of here the young people grew so vicious
and vociferous in their denunciation of the previous generation as being hypocrites
that the elders held a general meeting after which this statement was issued:
“All hypocrisy on our world is the result of becoming over thirty years of age,
and we suggest that the younger generation either come up with a cure for aging,
or else start making yourselves bullet-proof now.”
(A reminder that these intergalactic stories can at times be so unreliable as to not rule out
the possibility that this actually occurred in some earthling’s nervous-system.)

One guy says he is finally at peace with how he is –
after confidently concluding:
“If Life wanted me to change – Life would make me change.”


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