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Never Discuss Stuff With a Group (Particularly, Neurons)


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Social science explanations based on cause and effect are feckless; fairy tales explain nothing. Yet the mind automatically accepts them uncritically just as it accepts that the cause of Cinderella’s mistreatment lies in her stepsister’s jealousy. (36:17) #3344

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Maps For Inner Livingstons Seeking The Verbal Source
AUGUST 26, 2005 © 2005 JAN COX

Everyone has a partner; his presence becomes known in the first several years of life,
and even though he is not requested – he is accepted, and instantly becomes as much a part of you as you are; indeed, the two of you become interchangeable;
so true is this that (as unbelievable as it sounds) neither of you are aware of it – still –
he is not you — he is your intangible partner;
he speaks and you believe it is you talking;
he has thoughts and you believe them to be yours — yet he is just your partner.
Everyone has a partner – but ordinary minds do not realize it — if they did,
all questions they have about themselves and man would vanish in an eye/I blink.

A King once said to his dog:
“I do so cherish our friendship,” and the canine replied:
“Our relationship is really one of the dominant and the submissive,”
and the ruler responded: “I prefer to think of it as a friendship,” and the dog said:
“That is the benefit of being the dominant one: you can think-of-it any way you like.”
(As required by international law, it is hereby noted that this story has no relationship
to a man’s consciousness and the thoughts which normally inhabit it.)

Whenever the ordinary say “I”– they get a momentary pleasurable chill;
whenever the certain-man says it, he feels sick.

After realizing that everyone wants to feel they are important to somebody,
one man who found how to tap into Western Union’s network for free, sent a telegram to every person on the planet, telling them that they are important to him.
Everyone is a mouthpiece for another party;
ordinary men serve as such beyond their knowledge;
the certain-few who come to realize it can tinker with it,
and in so doing, plug up a spot whereat they normally bleed energy.

A body with no leader ain’t got nobody.

The Peripheral Power Of Mental Augmentation.
One man has developed such strength in his head that he can blow his nose so hard,
his glass eye will pop out.
A pumped-up brain
is an awesome thing –
even if you cannot see it.

The way to tell that someone is normal is they imitate normal people.

One chap opened a school which promised it could teach you how to pass for an Enlightened person, but after an initial flurry of excitement from that segment of the public interested in such matters – no one ever enrolled,
no one believed it could be done,
no one could see how this would benefit them,
(Oh – as far as that last one is concerned, they can see all right – their little minds just don’t like what they get a glimpse of).
This marks yet another emphatic distinction between the certain-man & everyone else: he never sees anything he doesn’t like, for his primary like in life IS seeing.

One man is proud to announce that a scientific facility has been named after him:
The International Pinhead Collider.

On one world, they do not allow voice-overs to be done on documentaries by people unfamiliar with what they are describing; actors with no expertise in the area being covered cannot simply be hired to read a script, and when one man heard of this he glanced upward at the partner’s voice in his brain and shook his head in regret that
such an approach could not therein be implemented.

Everybody wants to preach – even the non religious.

One man says he frequently feels phlegm-on-the-brain,
but has yet to find a way to cough-it-up.
(“That’s what cracking-the-case & solving-the-mystery is all about, huh Paw!?”)

In making on-the-field, real-time decisions, a baseball manager,
knowledgeable of all the players’ statistics in a given situation, goes with the odds;
in making on-the-move, real-time mental decisions, the certain-man’s mind
ignores the odds.
(The Special-Investigator’s Code: “If everyone were doing it – I wouldn’t be.”)

The human mind is capable of thinking of anything it is capable of thinking of.
Just because for instance, a man can say the word “God” and describe features of such a creature, he believes that alone makes the existence of God legitimate.
The human mind is capable of thinking of anything it is capable of thinking of,
and then of forgetting the origins of the anything;
were it not for this ability, more than half of modern man’s life would vanish;
his life would consist of no more than eating, sexing and sleeping.

The Ultimate Indignity: To be unknowingly introduced to yourself.

One man believes that his brother is the source of mad cow disease;
to doubters he says: “Go talk to him for five minutes.”
When one man read that most of the cells in our body actually belong to the bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in us he thought: “Well, that explains a lot,”
and one of his neurons said: “Don’t you wish!”
One guy will frequently wipe his index finger across his temple,
then hold up his damp digit and say: “Well, what d’ya call this!?”
“If you never talk about money, people can’t tell how rich you are.”
“Based on that, if you never mention other people’s intelligence,
no one will be able to tell how smart you are, right!?”
“Try it and see.”

Don’t ever bother trying to discuss anything with a group, organization, or institution.
“Does that include clusters of neurons?”

Birds of a dumbass do flock together.


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